The Fallen.

Fall:  1: to drop down wounded or dead; especially : to die in battle d : to suffer military capture
Fall:  2: to pass suddenly and passively into a state of body or mind or a new state or condition
Death:  1: a permanent cessation of all vital functions : the end of life --
Death:  2: the state of being dead

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."
-Albert Pike

"The report of my death was an exaggeration."
-Mark Twain, After reading his own obituary, June 2, 1897

In the harsh world of the 2050's, the oppressed, dispossessed and criminally minded have entered the organised black activity of Shadow Running.
By the very nature of this endevour, death is a constant companion, whether noble or murderous those that have fallen are presented here.

Officer Ray McCoy.
D.O.B:   ?    D.O.D: 4th March 2055.
Epitaph:  Detective McCoy - A cop and an uninitiated combat mage from Dallas/Fort-Worth.
I was tranferred to New Orleans for a while because of a case I was working on.  That is when all his trouble started. Although my stint with the Church was brief it was very eventful: On my first outing with the Runners, I ended up being abducted and placed on an orbital platform, the purpose being that myself and the other runners had been set up as terrorists who had hijacked the station.
I had recently begun investigating the insectoid incursion into New Orleans, shortly after meeting up with my companions again, I met my demise.  But it took a Fifth Grade Initiate to do the business and I gave the bitch a damn good kickin' for her troubles too!

Appendum:  Detective Raymond McCoy was killed in the line of Duty while acting on transfer from Dallas/Fortworth PD to The New orleans Metropolitan Security.  His death came about after NOM Tac teams and associated specialists engaged what appear to have been (Meta)Human Mutants in the Louisiana Bayous South of the Cresent City.
This statement was taken from an interview with his Shade 1 year after his death,  the Interview was conducted by NOM Department of Paranormal Magi on the 21st March 2056.

To Protect and Serve.

Ralph Hino.
AKA: Bishop.  AKA: Johnny Pope.
D.O.B:   ?    D.O.D: 17th June 2056.
Epitaph:  Forthcoming.
Appendum:  The Celebrity Shadowrunner known as Bishop was found dead in Chief Seatle Park in Tacoma District.  The gargantuan Troll who in addition to his parts in various low-budget Sim-Pics was reputedly also a Shadow Operative, had sustained large scale injury from military weapons and ammunition.
However forensic examination has also revealed injuries inflicted by a large animal, at this time believed to be a Dracoform and large scale trauma from a potentially devastating fall.

Further Commentary:  Professor Bernard Krannz Senior Researcher within the Biological Research Campus of MIT&T, said today that "MR Hino had been one of the only candidates to have successfully accepted Dermal Thickening of a density of four times greater than a bull elephant.
The loss of such an exceptional Subject was tragic."

[I wouldn't worry too much doc,  intel coming from the CZ says that Jonny Pope may not be so dead after all] -- Bioman --

Charles Monroe.
 AKA: Carnun.  AKA: Cardinal.

D.O.B:   ?    D.O.D: 16th June 2055.
Epitaph:  Forthcoming.
Appendum:  The Shadowruner known as Carnun is believed to have made up one third of a quasi-legal organisation known as the Church.
The end of the Church at the hands of an Aztlan Border Patrol aircraft over the gulf of Mexico was believed to have been the death of the runner called Cardinal,  however rumour from New Orleans now allows us to believe that Carnun was none other than the Cardinal.
Carnun's body was found alongside Bishop's in Chief Seatle Park in Tacoma District, his death was caused by what is believed to be a powerful Mana based spell of Shamanic origin.

Source: David Wilmhurst III - Presenter of CAS most Notorious killers: 2058.

[Another Lazarus,  just after this Slitch was put down he was sighted in three or four locations, including Aberdeen & the CZ] -- Hellcat --

[This individual was a former(?) employee of Transys Neuronet,  makes you think dosen't it] -- Ruthven --

[Interesting,  very interesting!] -- General Chang --

La Coste.
 AKA: Croc.  AKA: Mr No  AKA: Paranoia.

D.O.B:   ?    D.O.D: 17th June 2055.
Epitaph:  Forthcoming.
Appendum:  Follower of Crocodile, the giant Ork known as La Coste was the third to die upon the fateful day of 17th June 2055.  His body was recovered by Aztechnology Security personel who responded to the crisis by virtue of being in the area,  these same security were reputedly later set upon by a Ninja like individual who escaped with the corpse.

Source:  Unknown: He never did find out what that damn hat did.

 AKA: Sledge.

D.O.B:   ?    D.O.D: 10th September 2056.
Epitaph:  Forthcoming.
Appendum:  It was a dark day that the Touton Macout Troll 'Vodun' arrived at the Echo Tower facility within the Chicago Containment Zone.  Within the space of 24 hours he had murdered and sowed the seeds of anarchy,  his death was (in the minds of many) too quick, at the hands of a UCAS AF Drone.
The ceremony to inter his remains was to throw them from the roof of the tower as food for the crows.

D.O.B:   ?    D.O.D: 12th September 2056.
Epitaph:  Forthcoming.
Appendum:  A man in his early 70's, Alfie was cantankerous, moody and drunk..
Fitted with one of the prototype cybernetic Tactical computers, Alfie made his name as the 'Shootist' in the Illinois State Circus,  in 2054 he returned to the shadows, being involved in the 'Plague of Paris' and finally being trapped within the CCZ, where met his demise at the hands of UCAS Special Forces.
In true great Alfie style he still bested 4 of the UCAS's finest,  His last action was to give his killer the finger.

The Duke.
D.O.B:Fall 2015    D.O.D: 27th September 2056.
Epitaph:  Forthcoming.
Appendum:  The mysterious fop called 'The Duke' was encountered by the Sign's gang in the Chicago CZ in September of 2056.
During his short time with them he ingratiated himself, however his oddly charming ways belay a nature of murderous intention,  an addiction, some would say fetish for blood and a unrivalled propensity for treachery asnd betrayal.
His death occured during the incursion into the CCZs Aztechnology Pyramid,  where he was captured and sacrificed.
Some have said that this prevented his murder by his fellows had they eventually found out his true intent.


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