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Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 5:38 pm
by arcanus
Raz and Reynolds - Chapter L - Chachacha Changes

Events and Clues

1. The town had reconfigured (buildings changing location, and two new properties The Double Dime Stables and Lotions and Potions Apothecary
2. Peoples deformities have switched person (the Sheriff has regained his legs, while the Mayor has lost his, Gimlie the Dwarf has now become a giant)
3. The Scientist Salesman have returned to the town escaping the troubles outside, in gratitude they have gifted the town with 5 automatons to help rebuild damaged areas.
4. Raz has sensed professor Spengler however he seems distant.
5. Raz has purchased a steam whisk to make omelette from the scientists, which seems slightly too powerful
6. Due to the whisk Reynolds has to change his attire again.
7. The captured airman has mysteriously died in jail due to dehydration.
8. A number of homesteaders on the towns borders have been dragged from their homes and hanged, the sheriff has discovered the bodies of Marshal Riley's posse, with no sign of the Marshal.
9. Reynolds has gone to the Fort to confront the commander.