Chapter II - The Defenders

Details and a record of the characters exploits, successes and failures within the Parallel Worlds.

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Chapter II - The Defenders

Post by arcanus » Sat Mar 27, 2021 11:09 am

Houston, Texas - 1962
In a matter of mere hours the travellers had received a sharp warning of the underlying threats that lurked within and plagued this Earth.

The air was eerily still as if the sudden storm had swallowed any breeze, it had descended with frightening ferocity appearing in minutes, mauling the main street and its buildings.

Each of the travellers ignored their blood splattered clothing from their earlier skirmish with the other threat, the Walking Dead.

They stood within the courtyard of the three story tenament block, off the main street, the scene of the kidnapping in Vincent's vision, each of the travellers took in the scene, whilst trying to ignore the danger screaming at their senses.

Wrathchild surveyed the scene, his observation that of an experienced crime scene investigator, he noted presences or things hovering on the edge of his vision, however he focused on an item that lay on the courtyard floor beneath the balcony.

Standing braced himself his ability to sense the emotions of people or places as much a curse as a boon, feeling his way past the atmosphere of pain and horror he sensed recent anger, malice and fear, which grew stronger the closer he edged toward the external balcony of the building.

Proudmore replayed the kidnap scenes through his head, the for this place uncharacteristically well dressed assailants, the urgency with which they hurried the child along the balcony and he noted signs of furtive movements in the shadows of the courtyard below.

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