The Chronicles of a Gentleman

Details and a record of the characters exploits, successes and failures within the Parallel Worlds.

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The Chronicles of a Gentleman

Post by arcanus » Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:03 pm

Etheria II - 1987
Divergence Point: Robert Boyle discovers luminiferous aether is a conduit for raw elemental forces in 1689.
This enhances the progress of science and the British Crown and Empires of Europe for the next three Centuries,
continuing the Victorian Empire towards the 21st Century.
High Manor Golf Course, Wiltshire
Gentle rolling greens adorned by sand bunkers, woodland and pristine ponds, made the picturesque grounds of the High Manor course an escape for the landed and rich.

Upon the fifth hole two dapper gentlemen surveyed the next challenge, the older man stepping up to his tee and poising himself to swing, a tall man, with a tight head of silver white hair, everything about him was sharp he sported none of the fluffy mains of his society peers even his mutton chops were neat and trimmed close.
His companion a younger man, who from his body language was deferential to the older, waited for the swing, again he had a conservative air about him, his hazel brown hair brushed neatly across and an equally tidy beard, completed the ensemble.
His eyes narrowed as the older man drew back and swung, the golf ball launched into an upward arc, a powerful shot that unfortunately overshot the hole by easily a hundred yards.

“Damn, should have used the Five Wood” muttered the old man, handing his Eight wood back to his caddy while delivering the poor man a baleful look.
Fortunately the caddy had wisely neglected to advise the gentleman on his choice, but undoubtedly was still to blame for not doing so.
“A stout shot nether the less” commented the younger
“Fawning and supplication are akin to begging” said the older man “Tools of the weak and underclassed!”
The younger man allowed himself a discreet smile, his companion was on the whole impossible, so any comment would have suffered rebuke.
He stepped forward drawing his Six Wood, a broad swing and send the ball promptly onto the green adjacent to the fifth hole, the older man grunted, the caddies gathered their tees and they strolled down towards their respective balls.

“How proceeds our plans in Cornwall?” asked the Older man
“They proceed slowly, Falmouth’s influence with the farmers is more persuasive than we imagined!” the younger man replied
“He was underestimated?” sneered the older man
“Without being impertinent you said that he would not prove difficult” retorted the younger
“Fair enough” replied the older man
“It seems his knowledge of farming and mud grants him influence, the yokels respect him”
“Hmmmph” grunted the older “Then we’ll orchestrate from the Capital, more than one committee that we can use to our advantage, we can easily strip Triganorin’s land advantage through our grasp of the law”

As the pair arrived at the hole, they spied Sir Tristan Triganorin or Lord Falmouth stroll over the top of the fairway, accompanied by his Caddie.
The two men silently awaited him until he arrived, Falmouth looked puzzled
“Morning chaps, thought we started at nine sharp?”
The older man smiled “You really must talk to your secretary Tristan, my man called last week changed to eight” he patted Falmouth on the shoulder
“Still all here now, you’ll soon catch up”

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The Chronicles of a Gentleman

Post by arcanus » Sun Jun 24, 2012 10:16 pm

Maristow House, Devon
The Rolls Royce Phantom trundled up the winding drive of the Devonshire estate, Lady Catherine narrowed her eyes as she thought she saw a building deep beyond within the woodland.
‘Curious’ she thought ‘There was never any building there before’
She turned back to the drive, eyeing the house up as it loomed towards them.

This evening she hadn’t brought a young suitor for her infuriating nephew, of late the spoiled offspring of her late brother had suddenly become quite headstrong and refused albeit politely to entertain any of the young suitable ladies.

Lady Catherine was not one to be dissuaded but she needed to get to the bottom of this resistance, she had deliberately chosen pretty if not beautiful girls as was Sebastian’s preference, but he had subtly rebuffed them all.
So what was going on she’d even considered whether he had preferences elsewhere, but no he’d shown a avid interest in the fair sex, it was something else and by god she would get to the bottom of it.

The car drove through the gate house and into the main courtyard, her visit unexpected Turner wasn’t waiting upon the door, she stepped from the car, waving her chauffeur off from opening the door for her.
Straight back, she stalked toward the house however before she reached the steps, Turner opened the door, the hour was late and he was dressed in his dressing gown.
“I see your sixth sense hasn’t dulled with your eyesight!” she hissed, annoyed that he’d spotted her
“No madam, it has not, Her Ladyship is waiting for you in the Ladies Lounge!”
Lady Catherine frowned she had wanted the element of surprise

Lady Rebecca Reynolds also stood beside the expansive mantelpiece beneath a mirthful portrait of her father, dressed in her evening gown and shrouded for the sake of propriety shrouded by a luxurious cape.
“Evening aunty” she smiled “The hour is late”
“My dear worry about the lateness of hour when your old and grey, which neither of us are, most fortunately, pray where is your brother I would speak with him?”
“Is he not in London?” Rebecca replied mildly
“No he is not, not even in that den of iniquity” she retorted as Turner appeared with a tray of tea and coffee
“The Magdellen you mean”
“Yes, a theatre of all things, what was he thinking, Society visits the theatre it does not own them”
“Oh aunt why ever not, where are these silly rules written down”
Aunt Catherine looked thunderous, but it seemed that Sebastian’s new vein of steel had infected his younger sister, although to be fair she’d always been sassy
“Rebecca your very young and may not appreciate the sordid goings on in such places and the depths that one must sink to run one, it is a good job you have me to provide you the moral compass and I absolutely forbid you to visit it!”
Rebecca pursed her lips and mentally noted that a visit to the Magdellen would warrant a visit.
“So you’ve no idea where your brother is!” Aunt Catherine asked whilst sipping her tea
“No idea, however he has been extremely busy of late!” she responded
“Doing what!” snapped Aunt Catherine a little too sharply
If Rebecca had noticed the tone she didn’t rise to it “I don’t know aunt, however I’m absolutely confident that its entirely in the interests of furthering the estate!”
Aunt Catherine fell silent, there was little she could say to contradict that noble enterprise
Turner once again appeared “Lady Catherine’s suite is ready mil lady”
Rebecca smiled “Thank you Turner, that will be all”
“Very good mil lady”
The two women retired as the hour approached half eleven

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The Chronicles of a Gentleman

Post by arcanus » Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:26 pm

A Letter awaits Sir Reynolds within his Epping Cottage study
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The Chronicles of a Gentleman

Post by arcanus » Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:26 pm

Maristow House, Devon
It was late afternoon, although the slate grey sky and perpetual drizzle made the time of day and year immaterial.
Rebecca Reynolds stood in the grand conservatory looking across the expansive grounds, however her gaze ran along the side of the great house to the guest study.

Aunt Catherine had descended two days ago on Maristow House and literally set up camp, now one of the families solicitors Mr Stanley Goldman had arrived, Rebecca was far from happy her aunt was up to no good.

‘What would Sebastian do?’ she thought, ‘Dawn you older brother where the hell are you!’

The Chronius Mons Mountains, Noctis Regis – Mars
The Cloud Galley slew to its starboard, strong hot winds inflating its sails and driving her downward.
The passengers and crew were a mix of canal Martians and earthmen, most hardy folk accustomed to the merciless Martian winds, the passenger stood upon the galleys forecastle his weather beaten face belaying a relatively young age.

He closed his natural left eye, allowing the metal lens housed within the socket of his right to focus.
The mechanical apparatus scanned the mountains until he found them, great lounging lizards, huge bat like wings folded beneath them sunning themselves thousands of feet above the desert.

William Reynolds sucked air through his teeth in exhilaration “Parrook” he shouted, the tall hill Martian harrumphed and stood, his four arms lifting a canvas sack, containing rifles and a number of rods.

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The Chronicles of a Gentleman

Post by arcanus » Sun May 11, 2014 6:52 pm

Etheria III - Mahanadi, India
The Zep Freighter violently shuddered as an explosion tore upwards across its dorsal superstructure and forwards until it enveloped the bridge, destroying it.

Elemental aether having broken its containment chambers mixed with oxygen with explosive results, far below on the lower decks Lord Sebastian Reynolds looked at an uncharacteristically apprehensive Samuel Brocklesbury.
“Bridges gone” shouted Tiley over the roar as he dropped down a gantry ladder
“That presents a problem” muttered Reynolds who turned and looked expectantly at Van Locke, the fixer for his part was staring avidly at the green screen of a portable Babbage terminal.

The compartment they were situated in led out to an external walkway, meaning it’s was exposed to the elements, Sam swung out onto the gantry bracing himself against the violent convulsions that rang through the ship.
Hull plates were popped from their rivets as aether burst from pipes and sought escape, fires burned along the hull, Sam snapped from his awe, bending backwards to avoid a wrench swung to take his head off.
Sam’s foot snapped up crunching heavily with the crew man’s groin, he followed in with a forceful jab smashing the man in the face, several more laid the man out cold.
He swung back into the compartment “SHE’S COMING APART, WE NEED TO GET OFF FAST”

Reynolds looked to Van Locke, the fixer typed in a command via the consoles brass keys “LAST GATES DOWN ITS ALL YOURS” he shouted to Sebastian
Sam grabbed Reynold’s arm “I don’t think we have time sir”, the Lord nodded, thought for a brief moment and stepped over to Van Lockes console and plugged himself into the port recessed in its metal casing.
Sam lowered him down to the steel floor, “HOW LONG” shouted Tiley
Van Locke looked at his chronometer “ONCE HE’s THROUGH THE PERIMETER, WE GO” the older mans eyes widened, Tiley turned, wincing as something whistled pat his face.

The airmans hand snapped to his holster, firing wild west style from the hip he caught the intruding crew man on his forehead, the stun round flattening him against the safety railing.
Tiley peeked around the bulkhead, the telltale tings of bullets bouncing off metal betrayed more crew “WHY THE HELL AREN’T THESE IDIOTS ABANDONING SHIP” he bellowed as he unleashed a volley of stun rounds in their direction.

The Zep Freighter shuddered again, the group were flung to the floor as a further explosion ripped along the port side, the ship listed to the side and started to lose altitude.

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The Chronicles of a Gentleman

Post by arcanus » Sun May 11, 2014 6:54 pm

Babbage - Northern Raj Domain
<BLOODY HELL> roared Reynolds, the virtual world of Babbage was a maelstrom, destructive aetheric energies lashed around the construct, a ribbon of energy striking his Vendetta mask.
He threw his cloak up expanded it too encapsulate him, he took a single bound and vaulted several hundred feet into an alcove of the scope ship.
<Right where’s this vault>

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The Chronicles of a Gentleman

Post by arcanus » Wed May 14, 2014 10:28 am

Maristow House – Etheria III
Rebecca Reynolds looked out of the north window of her Ladies study, she refused to cry instead allowing a cold anger to settle over her.
Sebastian’s solicitors Goldman, Meddler and Twist had outright refused her request in ascertaining the nature of her aunt’s recent meetings with Mr Goldman.

A knock came at the door and Danver’s peered around the Georgian woodwork “Lady Reynolds would like to see you in the reception room my lady”, Rebecca scowled however a curiously warning look from Maristow’s butler gave her pause.
Getting dressed Rebecca made her way down before throwing the doors open, her aunt dressed in conservative blue started as did a tall man sitting near her, the man composed himself standing respectfully.

Aunt Catherine glowered with subdued anger before her veneer of pleasantness settled once gain “Rebecca my dear, you look enchanting, we have some matters to discuss, please come sit!”
“Aunt I’ll remind you I am the Lady of Maristow house, please do not invite me to sit in my own home!” Rebecca instead made her way to the sideboard and poured herself tea.
“The youth of today Mr Devin so spirited” Aunt Catherine laughed
“And what is the purpose of Mr Devins visit Aunt”
“Mr Devin has been appointed Financial Manager for the estates my dear!”
“By whom?” replied Rebecca without turning
“By me with the legal authority of the Family solicitor”
Before she reacted Rebecca spied Danver’s through a crack in the door, he merely nodded at her unseen from his vantage point in the hallway, she took a deep breath, put a smile on and turned.
“It sounds like a very good idea aunt, however could you not have discussed this before springing it upon me” she said sipping her tea
“My dear I didn’t want to trouble your pretty head with such tiresome details, with Sebastian being away so very much and no responsible adult apart from myself to act in his stead I as compelled to act”
“Of course you were aunt, what would we do without your foresight”
Aunt Catherine smiled in victory “Rebecca I’m always impressed with your maturity, I was going to stay tonight however with everything in hand I shall return to London”

Pleasantries were exchanged for a further customary hour or so, before Me Devin was escorted to a suitable office and the footmen had sent Aunt Catherine on her way.

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The Chronicles of a Gentleman

Post by arcanus » Wed May 14, 2014 10:29 am

Maristow House – The Servants Stations
It was after ten at night that Rebecca found Danvers relaxing in his butlers study, he made to stand at her appearance but she shooed him back into his seat before he had the chance.

For a good five minutes Rebecca sat opposite Maristow’s butler before she began
“My lady”
“You rarely talk, however earlier you warned me, why?”
“Did I My Lady” he replied
“Danvers I’m not stupid nor am I going mad, you most certainly did”
The aged Butler merely looked at her noncommittally
Rebecca Sighed “Danvers you can speak to me”
“Yes my lady” he replied, again she scowled, at which point he seemed to relent
“Servants aren’t meant to speak out of turn my lady and only whilst conducting the duties of the house, unlike some!” he finished a little curtly
Rebecca knew he was referring to Samuel Brocklesbury, it was an open secret that Danvers didn’t appreciate Sam’s familiarity and lack of decorum
“Well let’s suppose that this conversation falls under the duties of the house”
“Very well my lady”
“You know what my aunt is up too?” she came to the point
“I’ve a fairly good idea” he replied uncomfortably
“She means to take over Maristow”
“I think she means more than that my lady, I think she means to control the whole estate”
“Really” blustered Rebecca “You really think so, of all the nerve”
“Can’t say I agree with her my lady but I can see why she might seek too”
Rebecca frowned “You can, how so?”
Danvers sighed and looked to his lap “Your father was a rogue, a good man but a rogue nether the less, he wanted respectability for the three of you, that was why you were all properly schooled to grant the family respectability”
Rebecca nodded “You were my fathers butler”
“I was my lady, your aunt was always the proper one, your grandfather brought her up as the face of the family while your father did the wheeling and dealing once he was no longer able, all her life she’s been in society”
“That doesn’t excuse betraying the family” she replied
“Quite so, but she doesn’t see it like that, she misjudged your brother, thinking him a fop, more interesting in chasing skirts and card games, but Lord Sebastian is his fathers son, the streak of ruthlessness runs through him maybe more so, your Aunts just started to see it and it worries her”
“She thinks he's unstable”
“Maybe, my personal opinion she see’s him as risking the family name and fortune so she’s acting to protect it and of course protect her title, if something happens to Sebastian the title is gone and her place in society”
Rebecca thought on this “So she’s been unsuccessful in marrying him off, which would secure an heir so she decides she must take control of the estates”
“That’s the way I see it my lady, I could be wrong”
“Oh Danvers your being modest, I don’t think your wrong at all, what a silly woman she is, so the question remains will you help me?”
“Beg your pardon my lady”
“You anticipated what she was up to earlier, Sebastian is away and not able to defend the estates so will you help me stop her!”

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