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Details and a record of the characters exploits, successes and failures within the Parallel Worlds.

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Homeline - IC

Post by arcanus » Fri Apr 06, 2012 9:28 pm

Chicago – Spring 2027
Subject: Leave Request
From: Infinity Investigations Division Human Resources.
Requester: Agent Caleb Black
Status: Authorised
Additional Notes: Agent Black has requested a leave request and flight to Melbourne, Australia, also requested.
The office was painted in pastel colours, clean and concise, decorated with Monet prints, not put up through an obligation but a genuine liking of Claude Monet, she’d visited his work in the Louvre on several Worldlines.
Doctor Glenda Anthrem watched as Agent Black almost robotically stood, from an equally mechanical sitting position, as usual his responses had been monosyllabic, however on a positive note they had displayed a slightly greater degree of emotion than previous sessions.

Black had stopped off prior to heading out to Australia, an agent who quite literally lived for his job, without little to nothing beyond it, his wages largely deposited within Infinity shares and trusts, the corporation merely deducted travel costs from these funds are a vastly reduced rate, after all they made a healthy level of interest on money that rarely moved..
After what was termed the event, Black was required to undergo regular, short evaluations and boy was he a tough nut to crack, a series of psychs hadn’t even dented his exterior, in the end he’d been referred to her.

The difficulty with Black was his psychic powers and the potent mental shields he possessed, shields that provided him with significant, if not monumental resistance to phsycological assessment. In short if he didn't want you to find out anything about him you weren't, and the other troubling factor was that he seemed to be further developing his own inner mental control.
Glenda’s ace in the sleeve was that she was also an Empath, able to supplement her reading of patients with a feeling, even then it was tough going with him, which was why a slight tremor of positive reaction was a big thing.

Exasperated by the slow if not almost nonexistent progress she’d recommended that his usual solitary mission status was unhealthy, that Black needed to be paired with other agents, placed into a mentoring status, one of responsibility which would force him to open up slightly.
The reports she’d heard had been encouraging of Black engaging with several members of the erstwhile team that had assembled around him.
Not that the glacial exterior she’d encountered in this assessment had shown her much sign of engagement, but small emotional responses were enough at this stage.

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Post by arcanus » Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:56 pm

May 27th 2027 - Mount Magog, The Stirling Mountain Range
Sweat poured from her body, creating a sheen over her muscular tanned form, absorbed by the Nike climbing suit.

She had ascended 230 meters of the 308 meter summit, she had torn her left shoulder muscle but pushed on anyway, only a single line and piton holding her to the rock face.
Grunting in exertion she straightened her right leg and hoisted herself half a body length up a section of smooth stone, at least the muscle tear took her mind off the ache in her leg.

An hour later she hauled herself over the ledge onto the summit, snarling in determined but relieved release.
For a while she lay on her front feeling the hot stone against her face, breasts and stomach, panting but elated she’d achieved it, it had been 5 years since she’d last climbed properly.

May 30th 2027 – The Albany Coast, South West Australia
At a depth of 20 meters she kicked her swimfins towards the Japanese WII frigate, forming the O sign with her thumb and forefinger to signal she was okay.

The dive leader gave her the thumbs up and they spent the next couple of hours exploring the wreck, until their rebreathers were threatening to recycle carbon dioxide.

June 3rd 2027 – The Bio-Life Leisure Centre, Bunbury, West Australia
The pool was full of fairly serious adult swimmers, powering their days stresses and worries away in the centres 50 meter pool.
She executed a slightly clumsy tunble turn but powered out of it with her fly kick, leg would need a little longer.
Breathing heavily she climbed out of the water having completed twenty lengths.

June 6th 2027 – The Pacific Coast, South of Bunbury, West Australia
Looking up from her arrangement, she started slightly in delight as out beyond the floor to ceiling windows and saw a trio of dolphins skip across the Pacific ocean.

Standing in her ultra modern kitchen of open spaces, redwood cabinets, black granite and stainless steel, Susan Wallace looked down to her arrangement.
It was a fact known to only her family and herself that she could make floristry arrangements, learned from her mother when she wasn’t in a swimming pool, pounding a track or target shooting.

As a young woman Susan had been one of those annoyingly physical people who excelled at any sport they casually picked up, the focus and competitive edge it had instilled in her had served her well within the walls of corporate power.

She hadn’t really wanted to take two weeks leave, it had been over a year since Calico and she’d got herself back up to speed on a professional level very quickly.
However the damned Psyches were still insisting on monthly reviews and recommended that she take her owed leave, amusingly their concern had been that she wasn’t showing sufficient signs of the mental trauma she’d suffered, denial they’d said.

The respite would give her time to think, to reconcile, something she’d apparently avoided doing for the past year, she shook her head, it felt as if they wanted her to have a breakdown, the fact that she was fine and moving on didn’t compute.
Just why did everybody have to fall to pieces, she answered her own question ‘Because if they didn’t we wouldn’t need Shrinks’

So she’d filled her weeks with serious physical exertion exploring all those punishing things she’d put herself through in her teens and young womanhood, Free Climbing, Scuba, distance swimming.
Firstly to see if she still could and secondly to avoid thinking.

She tied the final ribbon around the bouquet, not quite as good as she used to achieve, but not a bad effort, she quickly checked a report which had been sneakily sent across to her, made some amendments and fired it back.
The shrinks didn’t realise that she didn’t need to reconcile, she retained the memories of the events but none of the trauma and the author of that creation was apparently on his way to see her.

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