The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Details and a record of the characters exploits, successes and failures within the Parallel Worlds.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 02, 2012 8:25 pm

'Chins up lads!' Otto stands on a bollard.

Leadership of 25
Boredom settles in as the boat slowly picks its way through the channels.
Eventually unable to shake fatigue off, you retire to sleep, knowing that things will probably kick off when you settle.
Your instincts are entirely correct; you awaken, in a haze.
The ship lurches violently, again your freefall training stops any attempt by your stomach to even consider seasickness.

Scrambling through the halls, the boat rolls again, you scramble up the ladder onto the deck, sea spray hits you in a wall of fog.
A bell rings distantly, vague shapes of people lurching around the deck.
Through the cloud of stinging spray, you can see pitch black tentacles grappling with the crews!
Make a Search/Sensors roll and Initiative Check
Search of 18, Initiative of 18
Your headware filters out the roar of the sea, which disguises the shouts of men.
Large harpoons are speared into the tentacles; fires are blazing, oil poured upon the oceanic attacker.
In an odd sense of calm your headware identifies a change in orientation for the vessel, something wooden splits.
The shouts intensify, turning you see a figure, then another come up over the side.
I will come to the assumption we are being boarded! I will quickly grab one of my Greek fire bombs (holding the fuse in my teeth so the bomb dangles there, I will turn around and rush as the two persons/creatures with a double clothesline that will hopefully knock them overboard.
(Initiative of 22 a crit! Melee Roll of 23)
I will then if successful, light the fire bomb and throw it at the attacking boat or ship.
Speeding across the slick deck, you catch the two figures a little unawares, your dense cybernetic arms smashing into them and hurling them from the deck, your scanners now running on full capacity with your headware CPU diverting additional memory to compensate for the weather conditions.
Your scan detects no sign of another ship, but it does sense other figures in the water and upon the rocks.
(Make a Dex roll and a Ref Save)
(Dex roll of 16, Ref of 19)
I jury rig the firebomb fuse to ignite very quickly so as I drop it over the side it will explode just before it hits the water.
(Use device of 28)

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 02, 2012 8:28 pm

You pitch against the railing, only the hardwired instincts ground into you over the last year and your circuitry, stop you going over.
Igniting the fuse, you hurl it into the water, a circular ring of fire erupts forcing you back, as humanoid figures wither and blacken in the turbulent waves.

Reacting to a presence behind you, Freyan ducks as your cyber arms shoot round in a fatal swing.
"Doctor, the captain is waiting"
Hurrying along the bridge, the ship continues to roll in the frenzied sea, as you clamber up the wooden ladder into the bridge.
The windows are shattered, salty wind borne spray flies around the room like insane elementals, albeit small ones.

Captain Threnshin looks moody, a layer of spray and sweat covers his face.
"We're holed in the portside hull, nothing we can't repair, but we're sitting ducks"
He turns "Time to test your flying machine Doc, take Freyan and fly on, once we've beaten off these fishy bastards and got her shipshape we'll follow"
Threnshin stares at you solemnly "That’s a promise!"


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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Thu May 10, 2012 9:18 pm

I’m going to have to sit down and write out my character sheet again with all of the amendments. I’ll show you the original and the updated one so you can see I haven’t been cheating! I will also have to confirm my characters levels in what too as I haven’t got a copy of it here!
What do you mean by formulas mate? Sorcery?
‘You had better Captain’ Otto winces as the spray of a large wave that swept through the broken window momentarily blinds him.
‘Not for my sake, but I would personally return here and exterminate these fucking half fish if you and your lads come a cropper!’ Otto slams his fist on the waterlogged table.

‘That’s a promise from me! Good luck Captain’ Otto slaps him on the back and turns and rapidly makes his way to the ornithopter stowage on the main deck.
‘Hurry up Freyan!’ He calls over his shoulder. ‘They’ll be closed in a moment!’

"We will" Threnshin says finally
Moving down the steps onto the swaying deck, the two of you unstrap the lines holding the ornithopter.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Thu May 10, 2012 9:20 pm

As Freyan finishes you clamber aboard, starting the spring loaded engines, the props roar into life.
Freyan with predatory agility runs up the port wing, as you release the clamp holding the launch line.
The clockwork winder, it unwinds and in doing so tightens the line, bracing yourselves you await the immense jerk, which comes in an almighty rush.
Exhilaration strikes you as the ornithopter rockets forward; if Freyan is scared his stoic face betrays nothing.
(Make a Pilot roll)

The ornithopter will look like a cross between a dragonfly (having four large wings) and a bumblebee. (As it has a rounded cockpit area for the two of us the seating is made so the passenger and pilot can swivel around like the test machines for the astronauts that allows us to manoeuvre inverted etc!).
I will have created a safe stowage for 10 more of my Greek fire bombs that can be dropped through a simple bomb bay mechanism! Tally Ho!
It may be some time until you receive this as the email system onboard is on the fritz!
A sense of exhilaration rushes through you, as your makeshift aircraft soars into the sky.
The black sea swells below you, a white crust breaking on top of the water, jagged teeth of rock jut from the turbulent waters.
The ocean seems to seethe with rage, at your escape.

Through the bleak cloud and fog, a dull black island, almost entirely of stone looms ahead.
(Pilot roll of 23)
‘Lets do it! Yeeehahhh!’ As the thopter shoots off!
‘Where the fuck do we need to go Thrush?’ (His new pet name for him!) Otto roars over the howling wind and deafening boom of the waves, the rain is slowly soaking both of the journeymen to the skin.
(Pilot roll of 27)
He still has quite a job in keeping the thopter on its present course.
Freyan merely looks on, as the ornithopter banks in toward the island.
"Put down on that lower stone ledge" the gray elf oddly whispers over the howl of the wind.
The craft shakes and bucks like an angry mustang, as you fight to bring the crafts altitude down, its actually harder to put down than up, with turbulent winds roaring under the metal dragonfly wings.
‘Whoa! Steady girl, steady!’ Otto wrestles with the controls, trying his hardest to prevent the squalls from tearing the wings of Betsy (his name for the ornithopter) to shreds.
(Pilot of 25)

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Thu May 10, 2012 9:23 pm

The ornithopter swings, pitching wildly from side to side.
Your face stings from speeding spray, Freyan tightens his grip, as the craft drives down through the rain.
The black shape of the stone ledge looms from the darkness.
(Make a Strength and Luck Roll)
(Strength 13, Luck of 12)
Your cybernetic arms brace, the control stick as Betty bucks in the torrent.
The craft pitches portside and swings into a roll, you explode through the cloudbank racing across a beach made of entirely of black and white pebbles, as if the world has suddenly turned monotone.

Betty struggles to stay aloft, until you finally bring her nose down, into an eruption of pebbles, sand and twisted metal.
You are lurched viciously from left to right, thanking the Creator for your physical enhancements, your brain fails to keep track of the chaotic motion, so your headware kicks in, oddly separate analysing Bettys tumbling, as if viewing a sim.

Freyan leaps, vaulting his way from the murderous spin, across the beach, your HW tracks him landing awkwardly, as if bouncing, slamming down on his chest, he struggles to get up.
Finally Betty stops, as if the fight has gone.
(18 points of damage also make a Freefall Roll)
(Freefall of 11)
Your bulk keeps you in your leather bucket seat; Betty’s nose and controls are severely mashed.
You immediately vomit, something that you haven’t done in years.
Freyan still lies still upon the black pebbles, spray lashes over the beach as if it were under assault.
Despite reinforced skin and adamantium bones, you ache like hell.

Freyan must be in a bad way then. Otto thinks. I unbuckle myself from the machine and rush over to him.
As you clamber out, your body misleads you, thinking that you are okay you start to run and fall flat on your face, as your legs give out.

Giving yourself a minute, the feeling returns, hauling yourself up you get to Freyan.
For a while the grey skinned elf, lies still, and then moans, long minutes pass as he fights to wake up, finally his eyes open to slits.

Breathing a sigh of relief, you sit back amidst the spray and rain; the adrenalin seems to seep out of you.
After some 10 minutes Freyan, gingerly pushes himself up to a sitting position, he immediately knocks back some form of draught.

Your headware chirps, sensors cutting through the rain, something approaches from above!

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Thu May 10, 2012 9:26 pm

‘Freyan MOVE!’ Otto shouts as he scatters to find some cover.
The elf stumbles, dragging himself up the sloped beach, you scramble to follow him, heading for the rocks and caves at the back.
(Make a Dex Roll)
(Dex of 16)
Freyan makes it to the wall, however you are not so fortunate.
Something big hits you at speed; you are lifting and sent rolling along the beach, some 30 feet before you stop.
There is a guttural mixture of growl and screech as a huge black shape wings its way up into the fog filled sky and turns for another pass.
(8 Points of damage)
(Fuck! Speaking of dragons!)
Max, I’m going to get to Betsy making enough noise and movement to draw the ‘creature’ to me. If it makes another strike at me I will be ready to dodge/sidestep it.

My plan is to detonate Betsy with it in the blast if I can manage it! It means we have no transport but I think the thing is buggered anyway. What was my assessment of the damage to Betsy?
(Make a Use Device, Sabotage Roll and Ref Save)
(Use Device 28, Sabotage of 30, Reflex of 17)
The reptilian form breaches the fog bank, talons extended.
Placing one of your cocktails within the mechanism, you twist and pull wires and levers.
Turning, a flash illuminates the gloom, pebbles form a cloud spraying the creature.
It lifts momentarily distracted, then bears down.
The bomb is in motion, readying yourself you move to the side a fraction too late, its talons sinking into your shoulder, tearing the cloth from it and spinning you sideways.

Betsy whines, her innards tightening and simultaneously unravelling.
Rolling into the shale, you try to bury yourself into it as the craft detonates.
(20 points of damage from beast and bomb)
Ow! I’m in a bad way! I have taken 46 points and have 23 left at the mo.
What has happened to the dragon?

Grimacing in pain, you right yourself, the dragon lies some 50 or so feet along the beach, it growls in pain.

A fell creature indeed, not a shred of majesty about it, rank pieces of feather or skin hang from its sinewy body, one of its wings is completely gone, and its has huge rents in its side.
‘OY!’ Otto roars at the dragon as he totters upright and falls to the wet shingle with a crash again.

He draws his Gucci pistol…
The creature lumbers to its feet, turning its fell eyes gleam with hatred, pain and hunger.
It bellows, a noise that becomes ear splitting as it merges with the sea spray.
It lowers its head, opens its mouth and charges.

30 feet from you, it bucks sideways as the thumping noise of a high velocity sub-machine gun tears into it, two more points of fire erupt pinning the beast.
It lumbers forward, finally coming to a halt as something tears into its head and blows it off, in a small explosion.

You slump to your knees, pain coursing through you, turning you see three figures converge and approach.
Digitally you hear "Don't worry Otto, we're friends"

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Thu May 10, 2012 9:30 pm

A figure steps up to you, while a larger figure you identify as the half-ork Tailor moves past you to Freyan.
The third figure causes you to growl, Zorranson.

The first figure, puts down his hi-tech modern hi-vel smg, and removes the knight like helmet and facemask.
"Hello Otto, Lieutenant Xavier Tiley of the Celestial Guard Auxiliary, here to help"

‘Oh just peachy!’ Otto thinks as he sits down amongst the rubble in obvious pain and confusion.
‘What the fuck are you all doing here?’ He asks wearily, his obvious anger at the presence of Zorranson sated by his pain and fatigue.
Tailor makes Freyan comfortable, while Zorranson begins to establish a camp nestled against the rock, very rapidly a large tent is erected.

"Your friends and companions were concerned, but matters drew them away"
"Celeres sent me" with that he produces a modern day med kit and sets to work.

As the evening gloom settles in, the tent seems to blend in with the cliffs, and the small group retreats inside the tent.
‘What are you pricks doing with this tech?’ Otto enquires with interest at all the equipment, rubbing his eyes and yawning from his blackened shingle seat.

"Well Celeres figured you were making such an arse of this mission you needed some help, plus I remember the stories of Scarathera from my childhood and none of them were good"
"This lot think I'm some Centrum City agent with fancy machines so don't burst the bubble, if you want me to go and leave you to fend for yourselves then fine!!"

It occurs to you that Tiley seems a lot more worldly these days; going into the Empire has obviously ruined the man.

‘I needn’t remind you that it was you personally that buggered up more than one mission in these last 10 years, in fact everyone you took part in if I can remember!’

‘I’m surprised they trust you with such fancy equipment, are you shacked up with the supply clerk in Centrum City now? I heard that he was a brown hatter!’

"If you call being rescued buggering up a mission, hmmm"

"I hadn't expected flowers Otto, but shittiness is not becoming"
"I'm a member of the Celestial Guard now Otto, Celeres pulled some strings for me to be sent to help you, once he found out what was happening"

Tiley goes on
"After the Live-Ship, I knew I could never go back, if the Empire had found out about me they would have ordered me neutralised, to protect Gothica's interests"
"So Celeres spirited me away, hid me in the order, then signed me up as an auxiliary pilot, after a year as a member of the Guard I automatically become a citizen of the empire and no longer liable for neutralising"

"However I'm not a citizen yet, which means I'm risking a lot by coming back, for you!!"
‘Alright mate, I was only joshing’ Otto stands unstably and pats him awkwardly on the shoulder.
‘What do you know of what I am doing here? And what is Zorranson doing here?’
Tiley relaxes "Celery has some contacts here, who gave him a call"

"I know your here because of something to do with a woman, Celeres seemed to think your married"
"As I'm a native and he could sneak me in, I had to work my way through people who you'd associated with, and Zorranson turned out to be your employer"
"He seems intent on helping you, thinks he owes you, righting a wrong or some such"

‘I am as good as married in their eyes yes’ Otto lowers his voice ‘and maybe that will happen in the future’ he adds with a smile.
‘But if we don’t find a drug or herb which can cure the malady she has contracted thanks to that bastard’ He gestures with his thumb to Zorranson ‘She’ll be dead and I won’t get the chance!’

‘I am very glad to see you Tiley’ Otto says in all honesty. ‘Just watch those two ok?’ He ambles over to the makeshift camp and promptly collapses in a heap there. Losing consciousness.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Sat May 12, 2012 8:32 pm

You awaken in the morning refreshed and not as sore as you thought you would be, you notice several modern dem patches scattered across your torso.
Tiley is already up, Freyan is also busily moving around the camp; Tailor begins to dismantle the tent.

"What’s the plan of action?” hisses Zorranson, an animalistic caste has settled over his face.
The cold whisper of Freyan’s voice replies, "We head to the village of Veto, in the north east reaches, there we can get the lay of the land"
Zorranson turns, beginning to busy himself "Zorranson" states Freyan
The tycoon turns
"Your nature becomes harden to control, does it not, you are closer to the source!!"
"I will be fine" he sharply replies
"If you are not, matters will be quick and final, especially where we're going!"
"Yes I know,” breathes Zorranson sorrowfully

Otto busies himself over a little bit of breakfast, but listens carefully to the exchange between the two men.
(Listen Roll of 15)

Is he a vampire? Otto thinks.

'What kind of place is Vato?' Otto says aloud, standing and stretching out his sore and aching body.

Zorranson looks up "Vato is Freyan's home village, it lies up within the first crags!"
Tiley hands you an SMG "I would give you some armour Otto, but I don't think it'll compete with yours"
He does hand you a fresh set of clothing, along the lines of Victorian hiking gear, with a cunningly concealed hi tech lining, he also hands you a number of derm patches.

The camp is dismantled, Tiley throws a capsule into the deflated tent and it immediately begins to dissolve, neither of Gothicians comment.

"Lets get this done,” says the lieutenant, and the small party move off, into the highlands.

'My word! Haven't you changed!' Otto exclaims as he shovels down a bit of bread and cheese.
'Give me enough time so I can change!' he gestures to the clothing.
He steps out from behind a rock. 'Right! Lets be off then!' He says with his clean clothes on. The other clothes were decidedly worse off!

"The Celestial Guard does that to you Otto" Tiley replies
Moving off you begin to hike across, slate grey stabs of rock, precariously making your way up into the highlands.

'I suppose it would!' agrees Otto 'Why are we so armed if this is Freyan’s village we are going to?' Otto trudges achingly up the hill path. 'Surely its safe?'
"No where in Scarathera is truly safe Otto, put that with the fact that my people are extremely weary of strangers" replies Freyan

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Sat May 12, 2012 8:40 pm

(Make a Spot Roll and a Ref Save)
(Spot of 18 and Ref save of 18)
As you climb you are reminded of some gothic horror, you encountered a few back in Centrum.
Several times you have to avoid jagged spines of rock that threaten to slice clean through your boots, their colour and consistency that of the surrounding rock.
Similarly the party avoids biting creatures resembling heavily built ferrets that dart out of rocks to snatch a pound of flesh.

You approach a huge natural archway, the stone and surrounding cliffs made from the same spined black stone 'perfect place for an ambush you think to yourself'
As if responding to your subconscious thought your sensors move from passive to active, a topographic scan of the terrain starts, another sense within you, one based on your years of experience tells you something’s amiss.

Freyan and Tiley have also stopped.
"TAILOR stop" you shout

As lines spring from the darkness of the cliff walls, each line carrying a weighted end.

The lines moving at blinding speed and seemingly of their own violation wrap around the big half orks legs, hoisting him in the air and penduluming him down the face up which you have come.

Freyan darts left, knocking Zorranson to the floor, as foot long stakes explode from hollows in the walls, again your sensors detect chemical residue upon the shafts.
(Make an Initiative roll)
(Initiative of 23)
Spinning you track Tailor as he is swung up in the air and hurtles down toward the rocks
With a spot roll of 15 can I see if these strange magical lines are originating from the same place?
Also would I have made a fetish by this time for me to speed up the casting of my spells?
They originate from opposite points in the cliff wall.
(Your casting times have improved naturally).
I cast Tensers floating disk (speed cast using a deed point) also with this deed point I want to be able to upgrade the weight the disk can carry. I think its 50ibs per level. If needs be I will expend my remaining deed point to increase it further.

I will throw the disk so it homes in to Tailors chest and will slow his descent and eventually stop safely.
(Sorcery of 15, Concentration of 22)
(Melee attack roll)
(Melee of 12)
Does it look like an intricate magical trap?
(Detect Traps of 15)
(Make an Arcane Sciences (Spellcraft) Roll)
The disk speeds out, unfortunately missing Tailor, but it does snag one of the ropes jerking it left.
Tailor crashes down, however instead of landing upon his skull he impacts on his shoulder, a sickening crunch resounds through the pass, your medical diagnostic programs already running analytical estimates.
The ropes haul the unfortunately Tailor, swinging him up and them down, the movement in itself is agony for him and another scream leaves bloodied lips.
(Make a Ref Save)
(Ref save of 16 & Spellcraft of 18)
I will try and get the disk back under Tailors chest, to act as a cushion. He should not hit the floor now.
(Arcane Science of 19)

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 15, 2012 8:39 pm

Tiley turns, his HVSMG whines and fires, a line of firepower cascades into one of the ropes disintegrating it.
Another rope launches out, slapping you around the side of the head, but failing to grab.
Tiley is knocked back as a further shower of darts takes to the air, again your sensors flicker acknowledging a mana fluctuation around him, as a shield erupts around him.

'Celery has protected you well, you think to yourself'

With a sweep of your arm, to strengthen your connection to the disk, looping it downward and with a thump, under Tailor, the remaining rope pushes in an attempt to break the disks hold, until Tiley regains his footing, aiming and severing the second.

Freyan dances with a further pair of ropes, winding them up around his spear, at which point they snatch it out of his hands and into the air.

Holding Tailor aloft, you turn, your assessment of the trap is quite simple, some form of detection formula combined with an animate rope formula.

You stagger as three of the stakes crash into you, the upper most explodes upon your chest, the next lower glances your ribs while the third, takes a chunk out of your waist.
(6 Points of damage)
Ahhh! I yelp in pain as I get back with Tailor. ‘Everyone back off! It’s a detection trap’ Otto shouts.
I will try to ascense the detection radius of this trap with a 17 spellcraft roll.
Quickly analysing where Tailor was and the mana fields you detect the traps circumference, the ropes are still extended however and alert in a serpent like manner.

The black arch looms ominously overhead.
It is barely mid afternoon, but the sky darkens above.

"We must reach Vato before twilight" breathes Freyan, eyeing the trap warily.
Can I now find the central point of where the magical trap is coming from and disarm it?
(Spot 18 & Spellcraft 19)
This would appear to be the only route, short of climbing back down the entire cliff.
The ropes seem to emanate from within the rock, however you do detect a mana pattern within the ropes.
(Make a Sense Motive roll)
(Sense Motive 26 Crit of 20!)
There is a similarity between the mana pattern and Freyan.
‘Freyan? Would you people have devised this trap?’ Otto grunts as he places Tailor gently on the floor.
He then peers intently at the area again from a safe distance.
Can I destroy the trap?
"This is the path to our village, so yes they could well have set this trap"

It looks difficult to destroy, however it does occur that you might be
able to deactivate it.
(Spellcraft of 14)
(Make Spot, research and concentration rolls)
(Spot of 16, Research 27, Concentration of 14

Reaching out with your arcane senses, you look for a long time until the pattern of the trap is readily apparent.
It takes a while to establish contact with the pattern; several times you mystically touch it for it to become ethereal once again, until on the fourth attempt you grab it.
From then on it is a simple process of tracing the pattern to its anchor and deactivating it.

The ropes retract into the walls, now inert, however you know you only have so much time.
(Make a Ref Save)
(Ref of 18)

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