The Interdimensional Campaign of The Third Snowdon Fusiliers

Details and a record of the characters exploits, successes and failures within the Parallel Worlds.

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The Interdimensional Campaign of The Third Snowdon Fusiliers

Post by arcanus » Mon May 06, 2013 9:35 pm

(21:01:56) arcanus: Synopsis: Having collected Annette and Sam from the Reynolds Epping Forest estates, the Witch begins its ascent towards space. Due to the size of the vessel and the thinness of the Ether, the ascent is difficult, however much to the relief of the crew and passengers, the ship finally makes its way into Etheric space.
(21:02:44) Raz: Excellent, and remind me, we are heading for Mars?
(21:03:59) arcanus: Raz has both Nirie and Annette with him, yes your heading for Mars
(21:05:01) Raz: How long has it been in game since the farmhouse incident?
(21:05:54) arcanus: Annette seems particularly put out about Nirie's appearance, its one night on from the farmhouse and the wyvern
(21:06:46) Raz: Well maybe Annette will try a bit harder now there's another pretty young thing around
(21:07:32) Raz: How has the learning of Nirie's language been going over the course of that day, any improvement?
(21:08:04) arcanus: Not significantly, still a bit of an elven babble and giving you strange looks
(21:08:32) Raz: strange looks I can cope with
(21:08:50) Raz: How about Annette's cacohpony every time she speaks?
(21:09:08) arcanus: The Chorus sounds like a mixture of waves lapping at an indefinite shoreline and the ticking of a clock, she's still as loud as ever
(21:11:06) Raz: Does Nirie seem to notice anything about Annette? She was a little tuned in wasn't she? Slightly magical?
(21:12:34) arcanus: Otto seems to lapse in and out of a dreamlike state, no Nirie seems unaware of Annette's volume, her magical song also sounds different to that of Annette's or your own
(21:21:22) arcanus: From the portholes you see an ornate drum like station adorned with a Union flag in the distance and the moon loom closer
(21:22:48) Raz: "Control, Annette, control. You must work on your control! Without control you are a power untapped, a raging waterfall of sound..."
(21:24:15) arcanus: From the civility of her quarters, paneled in fine mahogany she purses her lips, arches her eyebrows, scowls and turns her head away dramatically
(21:25:01) arcanus: "I'll give you control" she whispers, although a thunderous whisper which literally bowls you over
(21:25:57) arcanus: Upon the bridge Lord Reynolds notices that the crew have grown decidedly less agitated
(21:26:46) Raz: Raz whinces and brushes himself off, remembering how his uncle explained to him. "Annette, dearest, you have to understand.. you are an orchestra. You are the intricacies of the violin, the depth of the double bass, and the power of the cannon. All in one. But you've got to listen to the conductor!"
(21:29:47) (Reynolds): Reynolds relaxes as he senses the tension ebb away. He forces himself to stay composed as he peers into the black void. Inside all he wants to do is scream with excitement.
(21:30:06) arcanus: Another pointed look and with that she stomps off, notepaper in hand
(21:31:14) Raz: Raz takes his leave and heads up to the bridge, finding Reynolds
(21:31:40) Raz: "Y'know, in space no-one can hear you scream" he mutters to the Lord
(21:32:21) arcanus: Raz's arrival is just in time to see the Moon approach
(21:32:48) (Reynolds): Reynolds raises an eyebrow at Raz.
(21:34:52) Raz: Raz looks serious. "...that's no moon!" he says dramatically! "oh wait, it is."
(21:35:35) (Reynolds): The brow dips and is joined by the other to form a confused 'V' on his forehead. "What are you talking about?" he asks the elf.
(21:35:36) Raz: "So remind me Reynolds, why are we off to Mars?"
(21:36:26) arcanus: Sam steps onto the bridge, nods respectfully to Captain Holt "Ah yes sir, our plan of action upon arrival?"
(21:37:12) (Reynolds): Remind me Max - why were we off to Mars?
(21:41:21) arcanus: Largely it was to get Nirie away from her kidnappers on Earth, however if you recall Reynold's had never visited his estate in Labyrinth Noctis
(21:41:31) Raz: Are Elves known in this timeline?
(21:41:53) (Reynolds): Reynolds turns to Captain Holt and says, "Captain, If you could carry on with your normal routine, I do not want people to know that I am travelling to Mars."
(21:42:28) arcanus: You've seen no sign of them being native, everybody appears human, although Reynold's might be a better reference
(21:44:12) Raz: "Pssst, Reynolds. Remind me, are my kind oft found in this timeline?" Raz whispers when no-one else is in earshot.
(21:44:18) arcanus: Holt looks puzzled and steps closer to the pair, she quietly asks "Our original destination was Venus, which is the other direction, do you want us to maintain that course?"
(21:48:37) (Reynolds): Reynolds turns quickly to Raz, "No, not that I am aware." Then he turns to Paige. "Hmm... that will be somewhat inconvenient. No proceed to Mars but keep my presence quiet please."
(21:49:58) arcanus: She nods and returns to her position overlooking the brass consoles of the bridge, leaning over and talking quietly to Lily
(21:50:22) Raz: "Perhaps we should retire so as not to arouse the crew?" suggest Raz, "I noticed a rather nice vintage bottle of something in my quarters..."
(21:50:59) arcanus: Sam nods appreciatively "She's grown up well, that one" he says almost fatherly
(21:53:09) (Reynolds): Reynolds nods to both Sam and Raz. "The executive lounge, gentlemen." He waves his arm indicating the door. As they leave, he glances back towards the young captain and smiles.
(21:53:41) Raz: Raz also glances back to the young female captain and smiles, not to be outdone by Reynolds.... Again!
(21:54:15) arcanus: As the three of you depart the bridge, the starboard portholes grants you a view of the moon, absolutely enormous, Raz is emersed in a great pulsing beat, one that suggests chaos and lunacy
(21:55:41) Raz: "Reynolds... can we stop there on the way back? It sounds..... awesome!"
(21:56:27) arcanus: The executive lounge sits upon the dorsal of the ship, view ports granting a view of space on all sides
(21:56:47) arcanus: Pheeel can you describe the lounge
(21:57:14) (Reynolds): "I'm sorry Raz? What sounds awesome?"
(21:58:33) Raz: "The moon, man... the moon. It sounds...intense. We should stop there. We should. Can we? Can we stop? PLLLLLllllleeeeease?"
(21:59:21) (Reynolds): The lounge resembles something that would look fitting in the First Class section of the Titanic. Plush carpets, dark wooden panelling and furniture, lots of brass fittings etc etc.
(22:02:58) Raz: I guess we'll kick back, open up the liquer cabinet and while away the hours
(22:04:43) (Reynolds): Reynolds looks out at the large orb of Luna. "Where's Anette?"
(22:04:53) arcanus: Reynold's watches as Raz begins to case the liquer cabinet
(22:06:48) Raz: "She was in her cabin last I saw, getting all tetchy about Nimrie and not listening to what I'm trying to teach her. Scotch? It's so frustrating. She's got so much potential but won't pay attention! How will she ever learn if you don't listen Raz!?"
(22:07:05) Raz: "I mean, Annette"
(22:08:31) (Reynolds): Reynolds grins at the Freudian slip. "Nimrie? Why is she stressing about her?"
(22:08:39) arcanus: Raz can hear her carcophany below decks
(22:10:00) arcanus: If you recall you also have one Lieutenant Xavier Tiley aboard as well
(22:10:42) Raz: "Why do you think? Another fit female on the team, and this one has more mysteries than Scooby-Doo's friends. Probably A's time o' the month, if you know what I mean..."
(22:11:22) arcanus: Reynolds make a current affairs roll?
(22:11:39) (Reynolds): Reynolds nods at Raz's offer of a Scotch. "Actually Raz, I can hear you speaking English words, but i have no idea what you are saying!"
(22:13:01) (Reynolds): current affairs - which aspect?
(22:13:16) Raz: "Hey Tilly! You must-a heard of Scooby Doo and his mystery crew?", all the filtered oxygen helps delivery the alcohol, as Raz is none to aware
(22:15:14) arcanus: Popular Culture
(22:15:30) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,1,4.
(22:15:38) (Reynolds): 11 out of 13
(22:18:22) arcanus: Tiley closes his mouth, it appears not so much at the marvel of space, but the technological marvel of the ship
(22:19:02) arcanus: Reynolds has absolutely no idea what Scooby-Doo is
(22:19:52) arcanus: He turns looking at Raz with a look of utter confusion, it is a look that Raz is often greeted with
(22:20:39) Raz: "I'll take that as a No, the other world Tilly probably wouldn't know either. Chin-chin!"
(22:20:58) Raz: Sit back and relax, taking in the trip, and the free booze!
(22:21:23) (Reynolds): Reynolds takes a seat as he swirls the amber liquid in his glass. "Raz, do you have any idea who was responsible for abducting the young lady?"
(22:23:06) arcanus: Tiley shakes his head, gratefully accepting his glass of scotch before sitting, muttering "The other Tiley, what's he talking about!"
(22:23:52) Raz: "wish one, annette or t'other one? *hic*. I fink it was a nasty man, who wanted some rumpy-pumpy!"
(22:25:20) arcanus: Sam looks at his watch and then at Raz "A little swifter than normal"
(22:26:40) (Reynolds): Reynolds shakes his head. "Raz has probably had a dream with you in it, Mr Tiley. One where you obviously knew this Scooby-Doo fellow is."
(22:28:11) Raz: "Wha- i can't 'member is why that pritty little half elf was wiv that other man... that one... y'know. The german"
(22:29:11) arcanus: "I belief he refers to Herr Medtz" adds Sam

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The Interdimensional Campaign of The Third Snowdon Fusiliers

Post by arcanus » Wed May 22, 2013 9:44 am

Ether Flyer The Witch – 200’000 Miles beyond the Dark Side of the Moon
He tapped his foot, this folk band were good in a sort of shindig stomping fashion, curiously they were all short, which Raz decided he wouldn't hold against them.

In fact looking around the circular wooden tavern, he was the only person of stature in the place, very strange, still the vibe was jovial bordering on slightly rowdy, his kind of place.

His attention was drawn to a repeated clanging sound, carrying across the Chorus, slightly peeved he turned his attention and slipped into near wakefulness.
This was an altogether more depressing place, reminiscent of Berlin with the angry sound of small projectiles ricocheting off metal and stone, he frowned within his dream ricochet.

Raz'eal Sephiroth awoke with a start, looking out of the porthole into the blackness of the void, his multilayered vision picking up dozens if not hundreds of small objects hurtling toward the ship, just as steel shutters closed over the portholes.

Raz shook his head “and what was all that Herons and the Bog palaver” he muttered

Paige Holt had barely slipped into restful sleep when she heard the clanging on the hull bringing her back to the land of the living, she rolled over and cursed.
‘Meteorites’ she mentally muttered, “Bloody meteorites” she vocally grumbled pulling her clothes back on.

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The Interdimensional Campaign of The Third Snowdon Fusiliers

Post by arcanus » Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:22 pm

The Witch's bridge was illuminated by back up gas lamps casting the consoles and screens in an eerie light, accentuated by the green glow of the ships controls.
"Hells teeth" Paige Holte swore
Lord Sebastian Reynold's stood to the rear of the compartment deep in thought, having mastered the curious art he cast these very thoughts out into the receptive head of Otto Von Weirdigan.

'Ships such as The Witch are reinforced to shoulder meteorite impacts, how have we suffered so many hull breaches' he mentally enquired
<Ah that yer Lordship is an easy one to answer> Otto mentally replied as he stomped across the outer hull
<The flare carried a high degree of thermal electromagnetic energy, this caused the ships hull to expand and contract beyond its stress tolerance>
'And in simple English' Reynolds chided
Inside his space helmet Otto shook his head <The flare heated the ship up and then she cooled down too fackin quickly, when that appens things go pop>
Reynold's frowned thoughtfully
<The real questions are ow did the flare reach us so quickly and ow did it carry so much heat so quickly>
'Your thoughts'
<Probably something to do with the Ether, might provide a form of rapid conduction>
'How long before you seal the engine breach'
<Give us a bleedin chance almost there if elf boy doesn't keep stoppin and checkin is hair>

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The Interdimensional Campaign of The Third Snowdon Fusiliers

Post by arcanus » Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:26 pm

The Heleos Space Station
High within the control tower Sir Harold Graffon cast a critical almost accusing eye over the great circular decks below, the pinnacle of the British Empires space empire The Heleos space station was looking a little tardy.

He sniffed dismissively and marched through the oak double doors into the main promenade hall, as he entered his face grew thunderous, his withering gaze turning to the proceedings contained within and in particular one of his junior administrators.
“Mr Clifford” he barked
The man turned from overseeing workmen and servants, looking quizzical
“Mr Clifford where is the band” he snapped
Clifford for his part looked confused “Band Sir?”
“Mr Clifford I am in a state of consternation regarding the high regard with which you arrived recommended to us, I have yet to purview this supposed level of competence.
The band should be in here striking a tune, dignitaries are forthwith”
“With all due respect sir, we are having to prioritise the damage done and ensure the promenade ballroom is in working order”
“Your sense of decorum is grossly wide of the required mark Mr Clifford, Frenchies and Prussians may allow the adversities of the cosmos to unduly affect proceedings however British Gentlemen do not, the band now Mr Clifford”
Clifford turned and hurried off, leaving Sir Graffon to survey the scene and mutter “And you sir will be on the next available flyer to Earth, highly regarded indeed!”

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The Interdimensional Campaign of The Third Snowdon Fusiliers

Post by arcanus » Sun Aug 25, 2013 9:04 pm

Suffer the Children

Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them.
But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
New Testament. Matthew 19:14

Oakdale Mall – Near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
The American mall was a place of gathering, people of all ages spending money they haven’t got to uplift their lives, youths meeting up and vast sums of money flowing into the retailers and food halls coffers.

Hidden behind the stuffing machine, shrouded in darkness by power outage Kay Brown aged 11 cowered, curling herself into as small a ball as possible.
She dared not move or even cry, the things had killed loads of people, kids they’d torn apart kids ‘It wasn’t right’ she mentally sobbed ‘Not kids, not kids’, then froze as a shadow passed across the air space of the malls second mezzanine floor.

Where were the heros!

The scram jet accelerated across East Coast airspace at mach 3, fortunately internal stabilizers shielded the occupants from the g-force.
A stunned silence gripped the occupants, a televised broadcast had shown a huge robot within the mall, murder a child, actually cutting the poor wretch in two.
The dark lord sat in stony isolation his thoughts seemed elsewhere, it seemed this world of Superheroes had a dark vicious side.
His vision had reached out, from within the dark corners and recesses of the mall he looked, peering from the shadows.

The mall was an grand series of mezzanine levels, packed with shop after shop selling everything from clothes to technology, on the ground floor was a children's play park and each level had numerous food stalls.

There was blood and human remains everywhere, the power was down everything in darkness, the pristineness of it all marred by a clash of carnage and malevolent attack, a clash that just didn't seem to be right, something that shouldn't happen.

The attackers all appeared to be black robots of differing shapes and sizes, all designed to invoke fear, all predatory, some flew, others crawled and the giant ones stomped.
His vision swept from shadow to shadow, as he flitted he spied living hostages, a group that had for some reason been left alive while others slaughtered with barbarous ferocity, kept prisoners within a toy shop.

Completing another loop he almost pulled his vision back until peering from a corner of a darkened children’s shop, he spied another small survivor, scared and alone.

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The Interdimensional Campaign of The Third Snowdon Fusiliers

Post by arcanus » Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:34 pm

Etheria - The Heleos Space Station – The Space Dock
A sense of deep withdrawal surrounded Samuel Brocklesbury, his palms laid flat against the porthole as he watched in a mixture of both horror and anger the upper sections of the Heleos space station torn away.

“SEBASTIAN” he roared and pounded the glass, a rage that he hadn't felt since his service days, he stormed into the bridge, Captain Holt and Mister Gecko sensing his arrival
“We need to get after them!” he hissed
Captain Paige Holt looked out of the forward portal, taking in the burning hulks of the Royal Navy dreadnoughts, oxygen spewing from their ruptured and melted hulls, meeting the outside etheric void and sending rippling explosions through the endless night.

Sensing Sam’s animosity Gecko had stepped between them, “Captain we must pursue!” Sam snarled
“I have my ship and my crew to consider Mr Brocklesbury” she snapped back
Seth eyed Sam tensing, “Its not your ship, its Lord Reynolds and he’s aboard that” he retorted stabbing the air with his finger and gesturing to the section of the Heleos being dragged by the renegade British ship.
Paige turned glaring at Sam

“That’s what you get for putting a woman in charge” barracked one of the bridge crew, Gecko turned glaring at the young man, taking his eye off Sam for a moment, Sam flew at the man delivering a savage and practiced jab “LORD REYNOLDS APPOINTED HER YOU PIECE OF SHIT”
The man was stunned by the blow and laid out on his back, Seth had by this time pulled Sam back, when the entire bridges attention was drawn to a blinding white flash.
The light erupting from the captured section of the station, an Ether launch positioned beside it vanished presumably disintegrated by the blast

Gecko released Sam, who along with the crew looked at the scene “Who was on the launch?” Sam breathed almost out of breath
“Brave Lieutenant Tiley” replied Lily Buxton quietly breaking the silence, Sam turned and left the bridge, he knew his Lordship was now beyond his help.

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The Interdimensional Campaign of The Third Snowdon Fusiliers

Post by arcanus » Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:41 pm

Synopsis: Having defeated the Robotic terrorists, Raz and Reynolds found themselves flung back to the turbulent events upon Etheria.
(21:48:16) Keeper: Mm-hmmm!
(21:52:07)Synopsis: Through Raz's curiousity the group were flung to a wild west town, saved from the separation of the section of space station they were in.
(21:52:45) Keeper: (Damn that boy!!)
(21:55:50) Synopsis: Reynolds encountered a strange voice through his Ethercom and soon found himself in a spot of bother by a disagreement about a horse, whilst in the sheriffs custody he was approached by a mexican indian woman called La Bruja
(22:00:02) Keeper: Yes... What is the general gist of what she has to say?
(22:02:29) arcanus: She was sounding you out about Raz and yourself being able to help the town due to being different, said with a raised eyebrow
(22:02:57) Keeper: Ah yes...
(22:05:08) Keeper: Reyonds looks at woman, his brows knitted into a frown. "Forgive me, senora, but in what way can our being different possible aid this town?"
(22:05:37) arcanus: "Maam Ah don't take kindly to you conversing with a murderer!" grumbles the sheriff, to which he receives a stern look
(22:07:48) arcanus: Turning back to you she smiles "Perhaps you should see for yourself" she replies mysteriously
(22:09:38) Keeper: Reynolds turns the frown upon the sheriff, then nods curtly. "The good law man is quite right you know, I was rather beside myself earlier and indeed did commit an attrotious crime, for which the sheriff has every right to detain me. I feel it would not be right to slight the man's authority by just ignoring his apprehension of me." He flashes a brief apologetic smile to the woman.
(22:10:41) Keeper: "Was the man well known and liked in town sheriff?"
(22:11:27) Keeper: Now might be a prudent time to notice the man's likeness on the sheriff's 'wanted' board!!
(22:12:09) Keeper: If you know what i mean ;)
(22:13:11) arcanus: The sheriff blinks, as if about to protest until he realises you've just agreed with him "He was a murderous son of a bitch, who'd have only killed someone if you hadn't ended him (You do indeed notice the mans face on a dog eared wanted poster ;))
(22:15:05) arcanus: She says
(22:16:19) Keeper: Reynolds smirks. He stands, stretching like a man who has just climbed out of bed and strolls over to the poster, carefully removing the pin. "It is most fortunate that the poster states dead or alive, wouldn't you agree, Sheriff?"
(22:18:51) arcanus: La Bruja smiles almost knowingly, the sheriff spits out his tobacco "Sunava bitch" he curses, "Self defence it is then" she adds
(22:21:10) Keeper: Reynolds strides back into his cell, plucking up his coat which, in the blazing afternoon heat he decides not to wear. Feeling in fine spirits again, he turns his charm upon the sheriff....
(22:22:43) Keeper: "It is a fair, but reasonable sum upon the reward, but given that I feel the town is not financially fluid at the moment I feel my claim of said reward would be shortcoming?"
(22:23:46) arcanus: "He needs to see it" says La Bruja quietly, the sheriff sucks air through his teeth, "Oright, you bedder follow me", he pauses as Reynolds explains about the reward "Mighty generous" he mutters
(22:27:26) Keeper: "The way I understand these things, would I be right in assuming that the deceased criminals effects would become the property of the town, and what with the town not able to pay the reward, it would be an acceptable compromise that I take possesion of said effects instead of draining your coffers of actual monies?"
(22:31:02) arcanus: The sheriff looks like he going to blow a gasket, he exchanges stares with La Bruja who appears to win, seeming to fight his better judgement he strides over to a cabinet and opens it
(22:35:27) Keeper: Reynolds holds back a grin, turning it instead to a patient and polite smile. "Then, perhaps, we can go and take a look at this problem of yours!"
(22:36:10) arcanus: He produces a ragged trail coat, some old rations, a pair of colt navy pistols, belt and holster, a hunting knife and about $15 of money or jewelry
(22:38:40) arcanus: He dosen't object when Reynolds hops up onto the horse of the deadman, unhitching his the pair of you set off, taking you North West.
(22:39:38) Keeper: Pulling the stained and slighlty smelly purse from the rest of the belongings he holds it out to the sheriff. "I have no need of this, Sheriff. Perhaps the money can be donated to the church, or some other worthy cause that you might be able to think of, if you know what I mean?" hear reigns the horse around ready to follow the Mexican.
(22:40:20) Keeper: *he reigns the horse.....
(22:43:13) arcanus: After some 30 minutes of riding Reynolds becomes aware of a line of distortion running across the horizon, the wind picks up and as the three riders mount a rise, he looks in awe at twister thundering around upon a plain of glass, the column seemingly contained within a shallow crater of the glass, faces appear and vanish within the swirling wind, flashes of green lightning pulse through its core
(22:46:14) Keeper: Reynolds' mouth drops in absolute astonishment. Regaining his composure, he shrugs nonchalantly. "Now, there's something you don't see every day!" he declares.
(22:47:23) arcanus: "You say that" replies the sheriff "We've lived with that damned thing since the war!"
(22:48:53) Keeper: "Erm... which war was that? Specifically I mean."
(22:51:36) arcanus: "The war between the North and South" replies La Bruja "It still rages today in 1876"
(22:55:14) Keeper: Reynolds nods, "Of course, as I thought, but the Sheriff made it sound like it was a war that was over. Still, nasty business - war. No matter when it happens, but I can't say I've ever come across something like this in its wake before." He shudders as he sees a face that reminds his of Aunt Catherine appear and disappear back into the maelstrom. "How exactly did this happen?"
(22:57:55) arcanus: La Bruja climbs down from her pony, spreads a blanket and sits, gesturing for Sebastian to do the same, "Maam it ain't rightly safe here" says the sheriff looking around pensively "I know bob we won't be long"
(22:59:17) Keeper: Reynolds shrugs and dismounts, joining the mysterious woman on the blanket.
(23:00:28) arcanus: "In South had been fought to a standstill by the Union, in the early days they had been winning, but the Norths factories continued to churn out weapons and arm a tide of men, they met at Gettysburg, however in the days before the battle General Longstreet had been approached by a group of shaman, The Last Sons"
(23:02:41) arcanus: "They promised Longstreet victory in return for certain concessions, thinking it superstition he foolishly agreed, the Shaman providing hundreds of braves in return! As Gettysburg raged they entered the Hunting Grounds, slew its guardians and unleashed that upon the world, they released a Reckoning"
(23:05:02) Keeper: "And just... you know, to cut to the quick of the matter, Miss Bruja, you are hoping that I, or more specifically my unusual companion might know some way of stopping this thing?"
(23:07:37) arcanus: She smiles "No I don't think you'd have the first idea, the Reckoning and its storm brings dark things, such things approach our town as we speak, I was hoping you would help us in stopping them and perhaps learn who has sent them?"
(23:10:58) Keeper: Reynolds lets out a sigh of relief, thinking that that swirling mass was probably beyond even the miracles they seemed to pull off on a regular basis! "Well," he says solemnly, "we can but try."
(23:12:36) arcanus: "Good" long dark shadows pass over the rise on which you sit, the sheriff looks up warily
(23:13:15) arcanus: Make a perception roll?
(23:13:33) Keeper: "Perhaps we should return to town?" he says as he climbs to his feet.
(23:13:39) ChatBot: Keeper rolls 3d6 and gets 3,4,6.
(23:13:52) Keeper: 13 out of 16.
(23:15:33) arcanus: Your ethercom is ringing
(23:18:12) Keeper: Reynolds returns briskly to his horse and rumages around in his coat extracting the ethercom. Trying not to look at his two companions he flicks open the cover and turns the small gnurled screw to activate the device.
(23:19:19) arcanus: A rather sinister looking eye appears holographically floating over the com "Greetings"it whispers
(23:21:07) Keeper: Reynolds' eyebrows spring skyward in surprise. "Erm... hello," he says suspisciously.
(23:23:14) arcanus: "We spoke earlier it would seem you need some help"
(23:24:14) Keeper: "Oh!" Reynolds says, astonished. "Well, I'm not one to look a gift-horse in the mouth, sir. If you are offering aid, in whatever manner that may be then I would be grateful."
(23:26:34) arcanus: "We should meet, however it is difficult for me in current circumstances"
(23:28:12) Keeper: Reynolds chuckles. "Yes, I should think it would be awkward. But perhaps I could come to you? I think I may know a way, but it will take me a while. Do i have a while?"
(23:29:06) arcanus: "A little but time is of the essence"
(23:30:48) Keeper: "Then I shall waste none of what we have speaking to you now!" With that he clasps the cover of the ethercom tight and climbs up into the saddle. "We must return to town immediately," he announces.
(23:33:20) arcanus: "First sensible thing anywuns said all day" says the sheriff as he helps La Bruja back onto her pony, he looks slightly fearful as he mounts his own
(23:33:45) arcanus: (Make a Will roll?)
(23:34:41) ChatBot: Keeper rolls 3d6 and gets 3,6,6.
(23:35:03) Keeper: 15 out of 13!!
(23:37:13) arcanus: The winds howl all the louder, the scrub and bushes rusling as if hiding creatures, the shadows from the huge twister deepen across the sky, Reynolds feels a cold sweat run down the back of his skull and down his spine, he shivers fear creeping through him

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The Interdimensional Campaign of The Third Snowdon Fusiliers

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The Weird West 1876
The trio rapidly made their way back to town, both Reynolds and the sheriff looked furtively across the landscape, ghostly slate grail trails streaked the sky projected from the monstrous trapped whirlwind.
The landscape seemed affected by a perpetual heat haze and within the blurred disturbance, things seemed to lurk, only La Bruja seemed unaffected by the fear that swirled around the riders and Sebastien Reynolds did not like this one bit.

They raced into town, curiously Sebastien noticed that the tension seemed to subside to a slight niggling worry when they crossed the boundary, mentally noting this his attention was drawn to the ear piercing but familiar shrieks of Annette Garrets outrage.

This told him two things – obviously Annette had woken up and that the bane of her existence Raz wasn’t far away from her, Reynold’s sighed looking up to the rooms on the saloons first floor, as always it was going to be long day!

Etheria - The Heleos Space Station – The Space Dock
Sat within her ready room Paige Holt looked at the transcripts delivered via the Heleograph, her appeals to other captains had come to naught, the Witch was still damaged from the sun flare and hours were ticking by.

If Lord Roborough was alive and aboard the hijacked section of the Heleo’s station his captors were getting clean away, however the other captains were in as bad if not worse state than her, many of the vessels had suffered the same in the storm, others had been damaged in the assault and then there were those who just didn't want to get involved.

It was easy to be angry with them, many of them owed her father but she was captain now and debts were cleared, plus they’d witnessed Her Majesties ether dreadnoughts destroyed in the space of minutes, why would any right minded captain pursue the perpetrators of that.

It was several moments before she realised someone was knocking on the deep red Martian spruce door, the rich wood panelling the bottom half of every wall, while fashionable
William Morris dressed the top, the brass electric chandelier swayed as the ship moved within the still intact space dock.

“COME” she shouted and her First Mate opened the door, his face told her more bad news
“The work teams completed the hull repairs, but the aetheric flow mechanisms are on manual” he reported
She shook her head, the flow mechanisms regulated the flow of Ether back onto the ether screw providing propulsion, on a regular sized flyer the screw could capture enough etheric medium along to propel the ship, but the Witch was too big, left to their own devices the screws would push her at a quarter of the speed it would take months to get anywhere.
“They were fine, the flare didn't damage them”
“No but the Strigan colliding with the space dock gave us a mighty jolt, caused more mess inside than we thought”
Paige closed her eyes a headache was beginning to brew over her eyes, the merchant flyer the Stigan had maneuverer to get out of the firing line during the assault, only to be caught in the explosion of the HMS Hornblower, an explosion which had crippled her ether screw and hurled her into the space dock.

Fortunately the dock had taken the brunt of the impact, but now it transpired the Witch had suffered more than they’d realised “Damn it” she cursed
The speaking tube chirped beside her “Captain” reported Mr Weyly the Heleographer
“Message from a Captain McMasters, requests permission to come aboard”
‘Masters an old friend of her fathers and also a business rival’ she thought
“Very well Mr Weyly we’d be delighted to receive Captain McMasters” she replied
“Maam” came the reply

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The Interdimensional Campaign of The Third Snowdon Fusiliers

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Shellyville - The Weird West 1876
Evening began to draw in as the weary figures of Lord Reynolds and Raz’real made their way back into town, as they did they were greeted by the whistling of something akin to a train.

Rounding the buildings they spotted that the travelling salesmen had arrived, although due to the lateness of the hour they were securing the large steel plated horseless wagons.
The wagons crews were greeted by the ornithopter pilot, despite the slightly haunted feel to the town the saloon had started to crank up its piano tunes.

Reynolds snorted at the purveyors of snake oil, while Raz fought to resist his driving curiosity and go to the wagons, instead he sullenly followed the Lord up to the Church.
Upon reaching the porch both looked back at the barn in which Spengler was held, listening the clanging and small combustion bangs.

It was later that the pair sat within Raz’s basement chamber, each examining artefacts discovered in the past 24 hours, Reynolds examining the fusion of the Gul Jahok Gem to his Ethercom while Raz listened to the resonance of their collection of Spirit Glass.

He listened to the thrum and ebb of the Maelstroms effect upon the fused material, humming as he did so, then he heard it, the ebb changed along with his power.
He looked up at Reynolds who was still concentrating upon his device and sipping some colonial tea, something that he grimaced at tasting but sipped on nether the less.

“It stores magic” he said rather pleased with himself
“That’s nice” replied the Lord absently
“AHEM” replied Raz clearing his throat
“What are you going on about”
“The Spirit Glass it stores magic”
“Oh” replied the Lord

Raz then became distracted, looking at the ceiling before ignoring the further confused questions and moving back up the ladder, reaching the top he noticed that Annette was stirring in her hammock, her beauty sleep disturbed.

Stepping back out onto the porch his Choral vision flared to life showing a writhing flow of sonic colours, flashes of angry red spontaneously appearing in four or five places across the town, intermingled with the usual yellow threads. However from the edge of town deep metal grey swirls, encroached into the town, the final element to the cacophony the deep coal black of Spenglers barn.

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Re: The Interdimensional Campaign of The Third Snowdon Fusil

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Etheria II - The Witch
Captain James McMasters was an older gentleman, white hair and a neat white beard, critical eyes surveyed the halls and the captains study as he entered, he nodded to Gecko before taking a seat.
Paige Holt sat at the other end, both captains sat in silence before McMasters cleared his throat, Gecko stopping to pour him a cup of tea.
“You heard our call for help?” offered Paige
“Aye, I did”
The elder captains brow knitted, Gecko silently raised his eyebrows in resignation, they’d been here before
“Paige I came out of respect for your father” McMasters replied
“But you won’t help because I’m a female captain”
The older man exhaled a sigh “Taint womans work Paige!” he replied
“Dad taught me everything I know and you know that’s a dawned sight more than most of your male captains”
“Alright girl don’t get all stroppy, what do you want?”
“Lord Reynolds has been kidnapped, I need the perpetrators pursued”
“Are you mad, did you not see what that warship did to the Royal Fleet”
Paige responded with a frosty glare, she knew that James McMasters wasn’t one to shy away from a fight.
McMasters stood “Alright girl, repaying my debt to your old man!”
A puzzled looked crossed Paige’s face “You’ll do it just like that”
“Aye I said I would”
“So what about the womans work grumbles” she said warily
“Paige I was always going to help you, just raisin my objections that’s all” the older man smirked at her, to which Paige couldn’t help but smile in return
McMasters shook Geckos hand as he opened the study door “Anyhow the Hornets already after it” before the Witches mistress could respond he was marching down the hall back to his ship.

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