Chronicles of a Rogue

Details and a record of the characters exploits, successes and failures within the Parallel Worlds.

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Chronicles of a Rogue

Post by arcanus » Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:24 pm

London - 1939
Canon Row Police Station.

It was 10.30 at night and the silence of the dimly lit halls of the cell block were abruptly disturbed by the heavy steps of Inspector Naithren.
Dressed in his pinstriped suit he puffed angrily upon his cigarette, behind him strolled several men from the government.

He rounded the corner arriving at his destined cell, its occupant looked up quizzically

The lead man of the government people raised an eyebrow at the hesitance of the policeman, who in turn rounded upon the trio
“This is one of the most prolific drug dealers in London’s West End, a pimp, hedonist and probably a queer!” he said stabbing a finger at the cell

The lead government man cleared his throat in irritation “You will release him Inspector, without incident, objection or interference!” responded the man with a menacing tone
The Inspector momentarily struggled with the concept before turning and unlocking the cell, the door swung inwards bringing him face to face with a smiling JP.
“Guilty as charged to the first three, a definite no to the last, I likes the ladies a bit too much” Naithren glared at him in something approaching hatred

“Come along JP you have work to do” instructed the government man
JP looked past the Inspector, he didn’t recognise the man from the ministry, however he froze as he took in the figure behind him, a figure whose face was hidden behind a high collar and concealed beneath a tall antiquated hat.
The figure nodded at JP in acknowledgement, who shivered in response.
“Come along” repeated Mr Ministry and with that the four of them left Canon Row

Bethnal Green – 1940
JP looked out of the window at the secluded green and pleasant gardens, he was a little grump last night’s air raid had damaged the neighbouring buildings to the Shaftesbury “Bloody Nazis” he muttered
“Pardon” replied Professor Artius
“Oh nothing” replied JP
“Well I think this lead is quite strong young man” he mumbled over a mouthful of rich tea biscuit and peered over his half moon spectacles “And the ministry will certainly allow you to pursue it”
“Just like that” JP replied
“Ah ha” guffawed the professor “Quite, quite, however it would appear the ministries interests and your own coincide on this one, this intelligence indicates the Ahnenerbe have taken over Wawel Castle in Krakow” he once again peered over his glasses
“Krakow” replied JP in exclamation “That’s where the latest reading came from”
“Quite so dear boy, quite so” grinned the professor

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The Game Room 19-4-13

Post by arcanus » Fri Apr 19, 2013 9:32 pm

The Cracow Railway, Nazis Occupied Poland - Summer 1940
(21:05:11) arcanus: The train rattled along, shadows creeping throughout its carriages as the sunset, Kat sat silently across from JP pensive, while Amy fidgeted beside him
(21:06:54) (JP): "Sie entspannen Damen" says JP casually
(21:07:42) (JP): See how they react, seeing as we're behind enemy lines.
(21:08:39) arcanus: "Einfach für Sie zu sagen" replies Kat archly
(21:10:40) (JP): JP leans over and whispers "I always was a cunning linguist" into Kat's ear, smiling wickedly.
(21:11:08) (JP): What kind of army presence is there on this train?
(21:11:39) arcanus: Along the carriage you hear the curt tones of German "Tickets", she tuts but can't help a smirk
(21:14:28) (JP): Relax in the train seat, cigarette (german brand) held jauntily between 2 fingers. (OK)
(21:22:45) arcanus: A severe man appears at the carriage door, opening it he immediately states "Tickets!"
(21:24:44) (JP): Hold up our tickets, looking just as severe back at him
(21:25:42) arcanus: (Intimidation roll?)
(21:26:04) ChatBot: (JP) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,3,1.
(21:26:18) (JP): Intimidation: 7 out of 14
(21:28:24) arcanus: He is dressed in the uniform of the Polish Schutzmannschaft or police battalion
(21:28:34) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 5,1,4.
(21:29:40) arcanus: 10 out of 11
(21:31:34) arcanus: He stiffens, looking away and snaps a little more quietly "Ihr Unternehmen" (Ok)
(21:39:32) (JP): Ah, did we sort out an alibi? Or did that slip JP's mind?
(21:40:03) arcanus: Up to you, how many girls do you have with you?
(21:42:00) arcanus: I think with the potential of catching up with your parents killers you would have an alibi
(21:42:19) (JP): 4 in total. 2 would have gone over to make contact at the Moulin Rouge when reaching France, and Kat & Amy came with JP to Krakow.
(21:42:20) arcanus: How did they die?
(21:43:03) arcanus: OOC JPs parents that is
(21:43:45) arcanus: Kat smiles at the policeman, while Amy starts at his demand, receiving a glare in response
(21:44:41) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 4,6,4.
(21:44:49) (JP): It's a mystery how they died. All that was found were 2 very large puddles of blood. No other signs of any wrong-doing. No damage, footprints, anything.
(21:45:15) arcanus: Kat 14 out of 16
(21:45:23) (JP): JP was able to ascertain that the blood is that of his family, but nothing else
(21:45:39) arcanus: No bodies spooky
(21:46:09) (JP): Exactly. No bodies, but an unholy amount of blood which no man could have lost.
(21:46:11) (JP): No man...
(21:46:29) (JP): But JP is slightly unaware of his fey lineage isn't he...
(21:47:32) arcanus: Yes fairly oblivious, if I recall his powers (apart from protective rituals) are more instinct than awareness
(21:48:04) (JP): Yes. Thats right
(21:48:26) (JP): Anyway
(21:48:29) (JP): Alibi
(21:50:11) arcanus: His alibi could be as an entertainer for the German forces
(21:51:22) (JP): We're travelling from Hanover to Debniki with my 2 "cousins" as they are dancers for the occupying forces in Krakow. Highly regarded. Special request.
(21:52:36) (JP): There is a German General who has "had dealings with" these cousins before and has requested their presence... to boost moral
(21:53:13) arcanus: "Papers" he asks formally
(21:54:13) (JP): Nonchalantly hand over the repective papers.
(21:54:35) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 4,2,5.
(21:54:59) arcanus: 11 out of 12
(21:57:34) arcanus: His eyes widen slightly at the German stamp on the bottom of sheet "leider sir" (sorry sir) he says handing the papers back and leaves the carriage quickly
(22:00:44) Raz: What was the government mission in Krakow?
(22:05:23) arcanus: Twofold firstly introduce a drug to the local Wehrmacht garrisons water supply, secondly establish what the Ahnenerbe (Nazi Ayran Heritage department)are doing in Wawel Castle
(22:07:08) Raz: OK, the poison in the water shouldn't be a problem. What about the trail of the Beast? Is that (small world card) around Wawel Castle too?
(22:08:12) arcanus: Exactly that, Wawel is notable as having several legends connected to it concerning monsterous inhabitants, dragons and the like
(22:10:10) Raz: Have the bureau given any instructions on the drug? Or is that left to JP's expertise?
(22:11:54) arcanus: In your search you had periodically performed some location rituals with a pendulum over a map, finally you achieved a reading which was the location of Wawel Castle
(22:13:13) arcanus: Your orders were to concoct a drug which would put a large number of people in a suggestible state for a period of 4 or more hours, then administer it through the water supply
(22:15:06) (JP): Ok, so assuming there could be a propaganda drop or something.
(22:15:35) (JP): Well first priority is to dump the cocktail in the water
(22:15:51) (JP): get rid of that, then on to the castle alone...
(22:16:11) arcanus: The Bureau were as usual closed mouthed about the purpose
(22:16:55) (JP): Their purpose isn't that important though really JP is on the trail!
(22:17:19) arcanus: Indeed
(22:22:25) arcanus: The train charges on as night falls, the next carriage is your sleeper car

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Chronicles of a Rogue

Post by arcanus » Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:16 pm

The Night of Beltane - 1940

Thackeray Cottage, The Mendips

It was a warm calm night, feeble breezes traveled the Somerset hills and barely disturbed the long wild grasses.
The cottage lay at the end of an old cart track, the last of three farm workers dwellings, the air around Thackeray Cottage crackled with static from no known source.

The dweller of Thackeray Cottage sat within its loft space, looking outwards across the heavens to Sirrius in convergence with Ares, the air in the room filled with a thin fog of cannabis.
The dweller sat within a circle of power, copper bowls of sanctified water positioned around the circle, strings of moonstones hung from the rafters, glittering in the starlight.

He felt the sending, it was powerful, possibly the most powerful he’d ever sensed.

Flashes of throbbing color pulsed through the sky, building pressure around his temple, perhaps too much hashish but his senses were sharp upon the ether.
A weight pushed down on him, pressure closing around him, stifling suffocating pressure causing sweat to spread across his naked body, he gasped for breath.
Forcing his head up, he sucked air through his teeth and focused, a guttural rasp scribing the incantation into the air, forcing his thin arms to motion the required gestures, his chest tightened further as the sending turned from its course, intersected by a collaboration of calls.


Somerset House, The Strand – London
Fires smoldered from the previous nights air raid, Captain Maxwell Knight stood at the great arched window of the third floor his thoughts upon the impending assault.
The office retained the majority of its Georgian opulence with the accompaniment of such modern trappings as a telephone, the minister sat impatiently fidgeting behind his desk.
Finally a flabby bald man of elder years strode through the grand double doors to the office, a smug smile and mischievous look directed toward the minister, Knight didn't turn.

“Ah the enigmatic Captain Knight” chuckled the bald man, slothfully slumping into a Regency chair, everything about his being seemed to sweat debauchery, a life filled with dark excess
The minister rolled his eyes “Let us get on, you've wasted enough time already!”
“Touchy” chuckled the bald man in obvious delight
The minister looked pointedly at the man, who nonchalantly stuffed his pipe, lit it and puffed contently
Captain Knight eyed the sky before slowly turning his eyebrow raised “Crowley its begun” his voice sharp, Aleicester Crowley rubbed his eyes wearily
“The apostle speaks, telling the Great Beast of the mysteries”
“Enough pageantry Great Beast the skies aflame and the king before the hangman” Knight replied,
Crowley chuckled “Adequate prose but a little unimaginative Captain”
“We don’t have time for games Crowley, shall I call Harvey Scott”
“Scott’s a hack, an ignorant nobleman who dabbles” scoffed the Beast
“Scott’s a patriot who commands power and won’t play games during our hour of need” barbed Knight
“May I remind you that Der Fuhrer was very interested in meeting with me, yet I chose to assist my homeland, I couldn't bear my beloved Boleskin to come to harm” Crowley responded swinging his leg over the arm of the chair
The minister stood slamming his fist down up the desk, Crowley chuckled, then appeared to sniff the air “The zenith is reached, Knight your little college should begin now”
The uniformed officer frowned “Surely it’s too late”

Crowley stood dramatically drawing himself up to his full height, brushed off imaginary dust and turned to Knight his previous levity seeming to have completely vanished
“This is merely the beginning Captain, the proofing of the dough, the assembly of power will occur upon the zenith passing”
“This sending is greater than anything previously”
Crowley shook his head “This is but a handshake gentlemen”
“For god sake Crowley where the hell did the Reich acquire this sort of power” blustered the minister
“That I don’t know minister” Crowley smiled his infuriating smile
“You’re enjoying this, always bloody game and secrets, the life of the Prime Minister is at stake” snapped the minister
“Our people are on it sir” interjected Knight
“Yes, yes of course they are” replied the government man still glaring resentfully at the occultist, nonplussed the aged Beast turned and strolled from the office.

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