Tales from the Infinite

Fiction detailing the ongoing events on the Homeline and numerous parallel Worldlines.

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Tales from the Infinite

Post by arcanus » Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:06 am

The Star and The Wisemen
We three kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts we traverse afar
Field and fountain, moor and mountain
Following yonder star

O Star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to thy Perfect Light
-The Revenant John Hopkins – 1857

Christmas Eve – Somewhere in Time
A large camp fire crackled in the cold night, stretching out in both directions a beach of deep ochre, dunes and hills giving the barrier between land and sea a undulating appearance. The landscape was surreal, beyond the beach a thick blanket of snow, a true winter wonderland, the occasional tree encased entirely as if sculpted from icy crystal.

Such climatic differences were of course highly improbable let alone unnatural, however in a place such as this details such as the laws of physics were largely irrelevant and terribly inconvenient. Sebastian Reynolds blinked away a sleepy fog, he had no recollection of how he had got here, among his fireside companions sat Vincent Podmore.
Sebastian looked at his silent companion, Podmore said very little keeping his own counsel, but their presence here was definitely linked to the World Jumper, what was it he’d said as they’d retired “Pleasant Dreams!”

Reynolds scowled, Podmore merely returned a tight lipped smile.

Sighing he looked at the others around the fire, three travellers clad in Arabic garb.
One a Persian, one a white man and the other as black as night, however occasionally the flickering of the firelight cast one in stone, the next in gold and the other as if carved from wood, each laughed at the others tales and jests.
Their mounts growled and grunted, impossible beasts they resembled great two legged camels with elephantine tusks and long kangarooesque tails, argumentative creatures that seemed to perpetually bicker.

If you were to follow the coast for a journey south you would arrive upon an outcropping of cliff rock which formed a natural pier, standing at its furthest point stood a figure not at all human, longish spiky blond hair was buffeted by the freezing sea winds, clad in tight black, his angular features partial hidden by wrap around shades.

His arms held out to either side, palms heavenward as he listened, listened to the wind, to the crash of the waves against the giant ghostly icebergs that drifted beyond and most importantly he listened to the great whales and their ancient songs.
He hummed, a tune that washed up through him, he had followed their song to this place, where ever it was.

Reynolds looked at the night sky, dozens of shooting stars cruised across the Heavens.
“Which one are you following?” he asked without turning to his fireside companions.

The Black traveller smiled a smile that would bring laughter to the whole world, Reynolds couldn’t help but return the compliment.
“We are following this one” he replied still smiling, Reynolds blinked as the Travellers face momentarily flickered to one of golden metal, looking down he saw that a small burning orb flared within the travellers hand.
“Magi by nature as well as name” his eyes glinted

His companions turned as a gust of wind swept across the campsite, as it stilled a blond haired figure sat beside the fire, he also smiled jovially ‘What did everyone seem to find so amusing tonight’ thought Reynolds.
The three travellers greeted the new comer, who seemed to sing in reply.

“It is time to go” said Podmore his first words since their arrival, the travellers stood “May your journeys be fruitful and your purpose great” each bowed
The blond figure bowed with a flourish “happy trails” he chuckled

As each of the three figures began to fade away leaving the Three Magi, a figure watched from the distance across the snow, stood upon a great sleigh pulled by two pure white bears, readying themselves to move on.
Through his one remaining eye he took everything in, the Magi would soon be on their way again, a jealous kings hunters were only slowed so much by the snow drifts.
‘Another tale to be told‘.

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Re: Tales from the Infinite

Post by arcanus » Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:02 pm

arcanus wrote:Icarus - 2001
Divergence Point: Technological divergence accelerates military and space exploratory sciences.
Current Affairs: Icarus has been absorbed into Centrums Green Zone over a decade ago, however the Worldline now faces invasion from an unknown Alien force.
Rendevous, The Asteroid Belt.
The spherical pods were the size of a soccer ball and fell across the inhabited asteroids in their hundreds, once they'd settled upon the ground they began to transmit.
Screens covering half their surface area stuttered to life, revealing the face of The Terran Hanseatic Leagues Chairman Basil Wenceslas.

["Roamer People of the Asteroid colonies, The Human Race faces its gravest threat and darkest hour"
It is in this time of peril that we must stand together, united as one race, only through unity and order will we prevail.
Do not delay your security and protection depends upon your swift uniting with the Glorious Hanseatic League.
Only then can your safety be ensured.
Do not delay!]

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Tales from the Infinite

Post by arcanus » Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:13 pm

Parallel Minus 95XV
Divergence Point: No identified Divergence points, Worldline currently progressing through the early 1930’s and towards World War II.
In these stories there was always a brassy receptionist guarding the front office.
This particular Private Eyes guardian was called Roxy, from Jersey having crossed the bay to find a better life she latched onto Von Geller and the rest as they say is history.

Upon a bright Tuesday morning upon entering the slightly run down front office Myles Sciven, was subject to the usual barrage of interrogation that a fairly regular visitor received before thankfully passing through the office door with Von Geller Investigations inscribed in flowing black.

The owner and second employee of said Investigation firm looked up from his desk, his face only slightly expectant, his eyebrows raised as the Fixer hung his trench coat upon the stand.
Carl von Geller looked back down at today’s copy of the New York Times, society was as usual spinning out of control with the Depression crushing the poor and middle classes, whilst lining the pockets of the already rich and criminal.

Ripe pickings for a Private Investigator, recovering stolen heirlooms, protecting fallen heirs and heiress’s from their gambling depts, tracking down criminals and even solving the odd murder.
More than enough to keep him busy.
In reality his adopted home was right up his street, a time he remembered, not the lights and shine of that other place, the other thing he cherished was that the intrigue was entirely human, unlike his original home Drachen, the only monsters here were people.

Sciven brushed his suit down, satisfied he sat and delivered his broad shark like smile.
The PI didn’t respond, he sighed, returned to reading the headlines and waited, eventually as inevitably he would Scivens broke.
Wasting no time on small talk he began “G-man I have a job for you!”
Von Geller folded his paper and regarded the Fixer “It requires travel, yes!”
Sciven’s face lighted up “Of course!”
“It will be dangerous, high risk?”
“Wouldn’t be speaking to you if it wasn’t, now would I!” the slippery smile remained

He didn’t respond, “Sciven’s continued, rolling his office chair up to the desk
Sciven’s unfolded a map from his jacket pocket, laying it upon the table a look of excitement upon his face “You know this is?”
G-man given him a withering look “Berlin of course”
“When” tested Sciven
“1940s wartime, those defences were dismantled during the reconstruction!”
Sciven looked quizzically at the PI, who for a long moment seemed to become distant
“When’s the job?” he asked, still remembering
“April 25th 1945” Sciven replied, G-man winced

“Five days into the final assault, three Soviet armies attack from the North, East and South across the River Oder, they are faced by the remnants of the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, old men and boys. The Russians crush them all, the Berliners make them bleed for every inch, by the 2nd May, Hitler is dead and it has cost the Soviet’s 100’000 men”
“It almost sounds like you were there” said Sciven more slowly
G-man snapped out of his reverie “The job?”

Sciven straightened “On April 25th, an OGS Mission parachutes into Berlin during the Allied Bombing covering the Russian advance, this was the last night mission as further saturation would have hit the Soviets, you’ll go in on this flight”
Von Geller didn’t respond, Sciven’s continued “Your looking for this man” he laid a black and white photograph on the desk
“Willhiem Meldtz, an Oberleutnant in the Abwehr, he’s carrying some extremely sensitive documents that by all accounts he shouldn’t be, my client wants these documents, before they vanish!”
“Yes, in previous Lines both he and the papers disappear in the chaos, perhaps the Nazis find out what he’s carrying”
G-man considered asking what the documents were , however that wasn’t how these things worked
“Where’s he last seen?”
“He’s last seen in the Tempelhof airport fortification, with the Southern S-Bahn, this is not far from his lodgings in Tempelhof” he gave Von Geller an address
“Don’t care about him, just the documents inside the black wallet he carries”

Sciven stood, collecting his trench coat and trilby “Usual package plus rates” he said jovially
Still looking at the map Von Geller nodded.

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Tales from the Infinite

Post by arcanus » Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:41 pm

when a Pandora's box it opened out many wild animals
Satan and all the terrible properties roam the free world
raven people who have no faith walk alone in the dark alleys and muddy
black water flowing in the grooves of life
that emerged from the grudge past long-buried
now rising again revenge
-A Pandora's Box

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Tales from the Infinite

Post by arcanus » Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:53 am

Divergence Point: Climatic and Geological statis prolongs The Jurassic Period for a Million Years, leading to limited Evolutionary progress.
Jurassic Saurians have now evolved to highly defined natural states, however there are no signs of mammaline development.
The office was a mock colonial safari affair, accented with dark primeval timbers long extinct on Homeline.
The base was made up of four elevated huts, surrounding a larger lodge which served as the residents lodgings and mess, below the elevated buildings were situated more utilitarian rectangular pods serving as garages, workshops and storage units.

The base was then enshrouded within a series of three super strong fences culminating within a solid ceramic polymer armoured wall, Rex was home to a thriving population of huge theropods.

Susan Wallace reviewed her multi-tablet taking in charts, graphs and data, her team had arrived to conduct a full Go No/Go Sign off, Infinity had established its base of operations along with subcontractors.
The Go No/Go was the subcontractors official okay, once she’d checked everything and agreed that both the financials and safety processes were in place.

Rex had recently been cleared of its Survey status, the Scouts having passed it over to Corporate and the I-cops, the Worldline had been designated an R4, available for Research and Resource management.
Her checks had already cleared the operation on safety, well as safe as anything could be with thirty ton predatory saurian’s thundering around.

It was the business model that took more in depth analysis, Rex 1 was of interest due to genetic diversity within the Saurians, the beasts produced hormones unique to them, hormones that were already having revolutionary effects on Homelines Beauty and Healthcare.
The Chronicles natural history division SuperNatural had just secured proprietary rights to produce documentaries, rather them than her Susan thought.

Susan Wallace looked up from her work as the offices door opened, she smiled as one of her trusted entered Mike Littreman, “Hi Mike, how’s Dora and baby”
Two days back from paternity Mike’s face lit up “Their great thanks boss” he chirped
“Thought we said no Transworld for a while!” her eyes taking in an email that flashed across the top of her screen, she frowned it wasn’t time for the transworld download, where Homeline send a server across to its safe satellites.
The server then transmitted emails to secure Infinity units.

In truth this was a royal pain the rear, more useless communication that could undoubtedly wait or not be sent at all, Susan envied the I-cops who visited populated Worldlines where the Company would never dream of sending such potentially sensitive messages.

However on a Quantum 4 prehistoric world it was unlikely there were any eavesdroppers.
No this was a local email, video footage from one of her team.
A small window opened in the corner of the screen, ariel footage taken from the newly authorised contragrav flyers.

Her attention moved back to Mike, he shrugged, one of those guys that loved his job, but had to remember his family
“Well I only came because I came across this!” he said handing her a hardcopy of an email
She frowned, her normal calm composure disturbed by a flare of anger “What the hell!”

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Tales from the Infinite

Post by arcanus » Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:20 pm

The Christmas Tale
The Oakshire Border, Caithness – Yrth

Despite the freezing temperature hot breath steamed from the horses nostrils.
Its rider spurred the stallion on leaning as the big horse skittered on frozen cobbles and charged towards the river ahead.
Arrows whistled over his head as both horse and rider negotiated the incline towards the riverboat that lay moored upon a small jetty, he hopped down and quickly unwound the mooring rope pushing the skiff away into the dark waters of the lake.

Riders clad in the purple tabards and chainmail of the empire circled around the riverbank, churning up the snow and raged impotently.
The sergeant watched as the skiff disappeared out onto the dark waters beyond their crossbow range, before wheeling his horse and returning to his commander, head bowed.

The Imperial commander watched the dark waters lips pursed “Worry not Newland, our quarry may have eluded us however darker things worry his journey this night”
The sergeant snarled “Tis that he escapes to Caithness my Lord!”
“The Irelnanders will feel the Emperors wrath soon enough, come let us escape this wretched snow and cold”
The imperial riders turned their steeds and charged into the black night towards safer dwellings.

The skiff drifted further out into the river fog obscuring its position, Ambrose breathed a deep sigh of relief and drew frigid air into his lungs.
He weighed the bag of gems he’d acquired and then his most important acquisition, patting it inside his jerkin to assure himself of its safety.

The water currents swirled with deliberation and drew the skiff across to the other bank, Ambrose calmed his horse and noting the furtive movement from the treeline, his hand settling upon the hilt of his short sword.

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Tales from the Infinite

Post by arcanus » Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:07 pm

The Township of Dugan - The County of Stirling
One year previously –

“How many?” Father Aspen almost sobbed
The assembled group stood upon a stone balcony, covered in a thin layer of snow, each stood panting trying to catch their breath.
“Seven” replied Aticus
Each of the group lowered their heads, seven children stolen in a single night and they’d failed to even get close to the perpetrator
“This thing is no Saint, the only gift he brings is oblivion” snarled the big dwarf warrior Thorgrim
“Apart for one” the group turned looking upon the small pretty figure of Dexy their half folk scout, her hand lay upon the shoulder of a boy of eight or nine, his face sleepy, dressed in his night gown but curiously snow upon his blue feet
“I found him wandering whilst asleep” she said softly
“Devils lead him from his bed, this town is bewitched” said Father Aspen
“Nothing so sinister my dear devout” interjected the smooth tones of Lady R , upon hearing her voice the priest seemed to breath once more and fell silent
“Then we count our small blessings and ensure this will not happen again” Aticus stated

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Re: Tales from the Infinite

Post by arcanus » Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:31 pm

The Christmas Tale
The Oakshire Border, Caithness – Yrth

Figures slowly emerged from the treeline, Ambrose scanned them searching for signs of familiarity or aggression.
Each of the figures drew their weapons but held their positions, for his part Ambrose stepped off the skiff onto the snowy bank leading his horse.
A tense silence extended between the two factions
Finally a short but very stocky figure grumbled “What took yer so long”
Ambrose rolled his eyes and trudged up the bank, his eyes accustomed to the darkness he saw the tired face of Aticus “Welcome back my boy, your journey?”
“A little fraught”
“Sticky fingers lead to all sorts of trouble” smirked a tall attractive lady
Ambrose looked to an older man stood just behind Aticus “Master Franklin I find you well”
The man slightly on the pudgy side, bald with long stringy hair framing his ears, paused thinking of a response “I’m adjusting Master Ambrose”
“Did you get it Ambrose” came a small but stern voice
Turning he looked upon the boy Wyr Winky, whom they’d found a year previous, a boy now obsessed with finding the creature and killing it
“I did boy, that I did”
“Well we've but two days before St Nicolas Mass, we haven’t much time” stated Aticus
The assembled group hurried into the trees and to their steeds, charging into the night.

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Tales from the Infinite

Post by arcanus » Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:26 am

Christmas Eve, The Town of Mulden, The Oakshire Border, Caithness – Yrth
Thick flakes of pure white snow fell upon the hamlet of Mulden, gradually hiding the red tiles of its houses steep curved roofs.
Atticus looked down the main street as the last of its residents the town light bearer completed his task of lighting the street lanterns, a flash from a mirror brought his attention to a rooftop further down the street.

Another signal from the orphanage window, the hunt was on.

Father Aspen sat in his vantage point, hunkered down between two of the orphans wooden cots, he refused to blink watching the chimney, he caught the movement in the shadow black corner too late, a great blood red cloak flowed from the darkness, a clawed hand catching the priest in an upward swing and slit his throat.

The cloaked figure rose to its full height, its garment trimmed with pure although blood specked white fur trim, a hood concealing its face as it stalked towards the sleeping children.
“Not yet you son of a bitch” hissed the cultured tones of a lady who herself darted from the shadows, the figure snarled and then recoiled as three large throwing daggers cleaved into it, sending it crashing into the wall.
The figure was back upon its feet immediately surging towards Lady R, for her part not a shred of fear showed upon her face, instead she drew her sabre and parrying its attack.

The two spared delivering cuts and scrapes, before the Lady darted forwards with an accomplished fencing thrust driving her sabre into the figures midriff, it screeched, wrenched itself free and fled through the nearest door.

Torn between pursuit and sorrow, Lady R looked back upon the form of her fallen comrade and friend, before resuming the hunt!

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Tales from the Infinite

Post by arcanus » Mon Jun 15, 2020 4:19 pm

Parallel – E54-108 – Quantum 4 – Current Year 1927
“Who's that coming down the street?
Who's that looking so petite?
Who's that coming down to meet me here?
Who's that you know who I mean,
Sweetest "who" you've ever seen,
I could tell him miles away from here.
Yes sir, that's my baby
No sir, I don't mean maybe
Yes sir, that's my baby now
Yes, ma'am, we've decided
No ma'am, we won't hide it
Yes, ma'am, you're invited now…”

- Lee Morse (1925)

The Chicago East Side, Armour Square
The sky grey, Michigan’s famous winds carried trash along the squares avenues, knocking on the neighbourhoods doors and rattling its windows.
It was nearing the Witching Hour, Mahoney sat at is desk his back to his offices main window, the only source of illumination a flickering streetlight outside.
He winced, his brow tightening as his spirit glass talisman thawed against his chest, her enamour washed over him. Taking a deep breath, he mentally recited his mind resilience mantras, his mental protections enshrouded by the charm pushing her out which elicited a playful chuckle.

He fixed her a glare the back of the office was completely hidden in darkness beyond the streetlights reach, her eyes shone red as they reflected the slivers of luminescence.
She moved from lounging to standing in a fluid motion and glided to his desk, his head now clear he returned to the police reports “Not afraid I’ll give you a little nip” she jibed
“Not while you want somethin sister” he replied without looking up “Fact I seem to recall you didn’t take so well after sinkin your pearly whites into my shoulder” he chuckled

She humphed, that was true he had tasted vile she swanned across the room, scarlet red dress accenting her curves as she glided “If your bored, go bother someone else” he added
She spun a look of faint anger crossing her brow, her eyes shining red again and sending a painful twinge across his temple, in mock drama she slapped her hands down on the desk, starring at him, after only moments she broke
“So what have we go!”

“Well the Outfits definitely connected to Caron’s disappearance” as he began he turned two photos around to face her, the left she knew one of her Covens movers Grayson Carson, the other a black and white photo of a priest.
She frowned “The priest looks like an older Caron” she murmured
“Yep, however that’s Father Donald Spanelli, owes his allegiance to the Holy See and The Outfits bookkeeper”

She lit a cigarette the blue smoke windowing towards the ceiling, her eyes narrowing in a predatory way “So what does it mean” she added finally
“Not sure but knowing the Outfit, its nothing good, we know they’ve been trying to capture vamps, no offence”
“None taken” she glared
“Looks like it wasn’t to complete a public duty and they’ve come up with the goods” he gathered the police report and photos back into their manilla envelope
“Now if you don’t mind, I need to get some shuteye”
She stood motionless, arms crossed lingering on her smoke as he retrieved his trench coat and trilby from his coat stand
“I’ll drop you home!”

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