The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Details and a record of the characters exploits, successes and failures within the Parallel Worlds.

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The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:29 pm


Never in the proud and golden history of Xertherus 7’s University of Methodical Buddhist Tec-Scientology had they had such a pupil in their ranks. Loud and outspoken, brash and unhinged, Otto Von Weirdigan was voted ‘The Xert Most Likely to Cause the Universe To Disappear up its own Arsehole’ by the College professors for a record 5 Thurucycles.
The reason for this will become known as I, Thermopiles the mystic Cosmoshrink to the mentally and cosmically unwell re-open the well-thumbed files of his exploits. Only fragments of his story are typed here.

On his first day of induction to the University he turned up naked to his first lecture wearing a placard saying ‘My Name is Otto, and this is how I was brought into the world and I am proud of who I am!’ On the reverse side it read ‘Ladies, any sexual favours you require of me must be submitted in writing only on the last day of every month due to my busy schedule’.

(Apparently he was most successful with the girls with this act of bravado and confidence but that’s beside the bloody point!) The Dean almost soiled himself with fury and was ready to have him cast out of the fraternity; the only thing that actually saved him (and let him continue his unorthodox ways) was that Otto had procured some incriminating phezographic evidence of the Dean’s secret liaisons with Flower, the university’s mascot duck. (I don’t think Flower will ever lay an egg again after that encounter I can tell you that for nothing! Ahem.)

By the end of the first term Otto had made himself a comfortable niche in the university, now having a plush room and study to himself (due to the professional agreement between him and the Dean.) he began to practice and investigate independently from the curriculum provided by the school and his methods (which he disclosed to me only during one of his therapy sessions) were far from the norm.

He started (or should I say continued, (how he had done this I know not)) his research in matter and particle trans-location and apparently (Bollocks!) created a time machine, of which he had used many times to add to intellectual arsenal. To get to this stage of his research he said had taken three years, and as he had progressed through this time he had become more unhinged almost as if the knowledge he had discovered in his so called ‘travels’ had drained the sanity from him.

They found him at the end of the term of his third year in the Neo Christian Church on campus, nailed on the large crucifix that adorned the nave of this religious campus. And above his head a sign that was written in his own handwriting that read; ‘If this is the price I pay for my immortality and to cleanse me of my sins, then with insight and far sight I hammer the third nail in myself.

As they proceeded to remove him from the cross they realised that he was still alive, he was placed carefully into the Levi stretcher. Whilst the stretcher was being moved to the medical wing of the campus, the medicist noticed a strange movement coming from Otto’s chest under his clothing. On further investigation of the movement my the medicist resulted in the aforementioned screaming loudly and fainting dead away, unfortunately down four flights of stairs (That they had been climbing at the time.) and collided into one of the janitors metal lockers which promptly fell on top of the unfortunate man.

Hence a mortician and the janitor with a bottle containing very strong detergent were called in to remove the remains.

What had caused the medic’s extreme shock was revealed when they finally reached the med-wing. Grafted somehow to Otto’s chest was the head of a dog! It was an Altairian Smooth Hound. (Similar to a Dachshund but creamy white with three red eyes) And seemingly it was alive and showing no signs of distress, in fact it seemed quite pleased to see them the orderly told me later.
The doctor informed me when I was called to the incident that both patient and passenger were doing very well, Otto had been near to asphyxiation and the timely arrival of the grounds keeper on his evening rounds had saved his life.

During that first night I stayed with him to monitor his sleep patterns and try to establish a link into his subconscious, this failed miserably and the only information that came from the subject was in the form of terrified rants whilst he was subjected to what I thought must be vivid nightmares.

Over the next few weeks I visited the hospital that he had been moved to. Otto was making excellent progress to full health and appeared nonplussed about the canine’s head in his chest and said that his name was Alabaster. Of his experiences he claimed that he had no memory of them and was adamant and eager to continue with his studies forthwith. But I had a flash of insight from my omni-subconscious locater implant that I activated at the beginning of every visit to Otto, a voice that sounded like him but somehow sounded more synthetic and false than this young mans baritone.

It was saying one word over and over again becoming more frenzied and unhinged, there was distinct sound of white noise crackling and shrieking in the background. The word was indistinct but growing more and more palpable by the second until the word howled and gibbered and roared the word ‘Soul Mech’. For a split second I saw Otto in the form that he had been ranting about in his subconscious terror. I left quickly, muttering my goodbyes and trying to contain my disquiet.

After that episode I had with the patient, it was brought to my attention later that he had signed himself out of the hospital that same night and had returned to his abode on campus where he would not admit visitors for over a fortnight. Strange stories were buzzing around the University about shouts, screams and commotions being heard coming from his room, and when finally X Tec security turned up and forced entry into his apartment, they found him calmly sitting on his sofa reading a book with a hot cup of choco.

With his room intact and with no obvious indication or evidence of any disturbance the security team with an embarrassed ‘sorry’ left him and promptly sued the University for time wasting.

The last two years of University life for Otto were a maelstrom of reckless fornication, intense personal study and outright contempt for his peers; he was constantly at odds with all the instructors especially with the History professor Arnold Lintenburgen. Who he had thought practiced history like a ‘twat’ (His words not mine.) and that the professors knowledge was flawed to incompetence. The professor was unsettled by the fact that Otto talked about ancient history in the first term, as if he had actually been there. And how he disclosed information that had never been recorded in any archives but invariably made sense in the grand scale of things.
But that didn’t stop Arnold laying Otto out with a punch for his impudence. The moral being, don’t ever disrespect a teacher especially when he’s an obsidian belt nano-kara-sumo instructor in his time off.

Well, those are a few examples of Otto’s escapades. As I write this he has left the University with full honours on all of his given subjects just a week ago. Before he left I managed to glean a little more information from him of his experiences. To cut to the chase (as I have a luncheon appointment with my secretary.) he is certain that somebody has been watching and following him on his ‘Travels through Time’ as he calls it. And he is certain that it is a soul mech of himself (Which of course is impossible) and that it has been created to stop him from doing some great task he has been born to do.

There you go Harry, a classic example of delusions of grandeur, or is it? I hope this memo has helped you in some way in your psychology thesis and you can draw your own conclusions of the instability and fragility of the human mind. Take care of yourself son.


P.s. Bear in mind that they never found out how he put the last nail in! And no forensic data supports an accomplice in this. So keep your mind open at all times!


Contrary to the aforementioned report, Otto has time travelled and although he has memory of most of his experiences there are a few that come to him in fragments. The time machine he created malfunctioned a year ago (three years after his stint at university) unfortunately trapping him ten years into the future. The machine has been cunningly hidden and Otto hopes (and believes) that the parts he requires can be found so he can continue his research.

To that end, he has been taking jobs as a field researcher for various companies and corporations; this has taken him to many of the Outland worlds where he has basically used the jobs to conduct his own investigations into the essential components he needs for his time machine. Due to his sometimes erratic and abrasive nature Otto has few friends, his best friend being the dog that is grafted to his skin.

Otto is in essence a good person; he hates to see regimes and points of view enforced onto civilisations and is a tolerant believer in the Dualist Heresy. It seems he has had the common sense (or is just waiting for a good opportunity) not to oppose the Empire in any shape or form yet, but working in the Outlands has fuelled his hatred for them. Otto feels that technology is a very special gift that needs to grow with the developing world, and is not to be thrown upon a technologically inferior world like an orphan without guidance. And the needless killing of the helpless inhabitants for the complete domination of their home worlds makes his blood boil.

‘People and worlds must develop and evolve at their own speed without some dirty great big red bastard stuffing it down their throats’.

So, his quest continues….


A tall man, Otto stands at six feet and two inches with short brown hair and piercing green eyes that almost seem to look through the people he sees and addresses. The small wire framed glasses accentuates that fact.

A long vertical scar that runs under his right eye and finishes at the tip of his chin enhances his handsome features somehow. This injury was sustained during the teleportation accent that will be described later.

He is normally very abrupt and sometimes very rude with people, but if their opinions or causes match his own in some way he will open up to them more. I mean, how can one man take on the might of the Dragon Empire?

Alabaster and Otto are symbiotic, due to an accident whilst Otto was trying to master teleportation through the use of a machine that he had devised at University. The teleporter malfunctioned and the Altairian Smooth Hound that was originally his pet (and the subject for his experiment) became a whole lot more to Otto as it was teleported to precisely the same location as the researcher and was fused to his body.

As a result Otto’s skin on occasion to shift as if independently alive, and he himself often adopts canine characteristics.

Alabaster can communicate psychically with Otto (and vice versa) and can sometimes sense things that the Xert cannot detect such as smells and also the presence of unseen things. He believes Otto will be able to create some machine that will be able to separate them from each other but secretly is happy with his lot. Alabaster is growing in intelligence all the time and fears that he will lose his gift if separated from Otto.

Otto is normally found wearing fire retardant overalls that are oil stained and bulging with tools in every pocket.

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A Cunning Plan

Post by Otto » Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:38 pm

A Cunning Plan.

Amdea Stewart had been somewhat surprised to receive Otto’s communiqué, the battle of Goodland had occurred sometime ago and the telephonist had thought the brave Otto Von Weirdigan long gone.
Despite her appeals to him to take her with him, at the time he had not.
However the invitation to Centrum City found its way to her and she promptly found transportation.
Before departure Amdea appraised herself in her full length gilded mirror, for a human woman in her late thirties she was in good shape, a pleasant some would say infectious smile and a pretty face.
She had never married, having never found the inclination with any of the male folk of Goodland but until now confined to the town by simply no desire to leave.
That was until they came, the southern plains orks had once again advanced into Adracia, however this time they had moved so far north that they threatened to sack Goodland.
A mysterious group of gentlemen had arrived a night previously to the orks and led the villagers to victory, a victory paid for in the villagers blood and mortar.
The meeting with Otto had been fascinating; he had taken her to dinner.
Despite his gentlemanly overtones, she found his language a little course, but curiously didn’t mind.
Equally odd was that despite the fact that he had arranged the whole thing and taken control, he was out of sorts with this social engagement, one could comment uncomfortable.
Until he got down to discussing business, with the immortal comment “I have a cunning plan”
Then the adventure began.

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The Cunning Plan

Post by Otto » Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:46 pm


As they sat down to the meal, the candlelight played off the faces of Otto and Ameda. The light somehow created a keen glint in Ottos eye, as he started to speak his plan.
Raising a fork of roast duck and draining a glass of fragrant wine he began.
‘Ahh! Delicious!’ Otto exclaimed, ‘How was you meal my dear?’ ‘Bollocks!’ he growled as the succulent piece of duck fell off his fork onto his lap.
‘Erm, sorry about that’ Otto said with uncharacteristic sincerity. ‘I do try to control myself’ he murmured as he wiped the gravy off his megatrousers.
Ameda smiles forgivingly. “So what’s this secret plan?”
‘Well!’ Otto leaned forward conspiratorially ‘My plan is to make a lot of money in selling one of my ideas to any major company who might be interested, but I need to be very careful in how I go about doing it.’ He drops his fork into the gaspatcho soup sending a huge splash of it over his shirt.
‘Forking butnuts!’ he swore in very bad Elvish.

‘Sorry’ he murmured as he attempts to wipe off the soup from his shirt with his sleeve. ‘I’m not very good at this dating game am I?’
He sighs loudly ‘It’s just that I want to be able to make a substantial amount of money to be able to rebuild Goodland with strong defences and have enough left to finance a few engineering projects of my own and to see you again’ he rubbed the scar on his face absently.

‘I don’t want to have lied to you Ameda, the reason why I left is because of the danger that has a nasty habit of following me around that’s all. Its certainly no place for a lass like you, I didn’t want to endanger you.’
Max, does Ameda know we are off-worlders? It’s going to be hard to tell her everything about my plan!
Ameda seems to ignore every faux pax you make. “So when do we start she grins”

‘Well, what we need to do is get some form of disguise for me’ (also make a facial disguise ala inspector Clouseau you know Max)
‘And buy an absolute scrumptious dress for you!’ he winks at Ameda. ‘Then we need to do some investigating into some dinner parties for the elite, and where they are taking place. We then need to get added onto the guest list and start plying my trade and try and make a lot of money for Goodland and us!
‘I also need to talk to that forger we met in Goodland too, to make us up some fake passports’.
‘My name is going to be…..’ Otto rubbed his stubble thoughtfully. ‘Dr Theopolis Duncan Spindle’
‘What do you want to be called my dear?’ as he absent minded rested his elbow in his gaspatcho soup.
‘Bollocks’ he said in disgust…..

Ameda smiles with a warmth that you have not encountered for a long time, its pleasant to sit with someone with no preconceptions, no big expectations, someone that doesn’t require justification.
“This is fun Theo, however your much better at this, what should my name be?”
‘How about Arianna?’ Otto ponders as he reaches out to hold her hands. ‘Its not too different from your pretty name’

The Ball.

The ball is an incredibly lavish affair, full of toffs in Victoriana finery, ladies in flowing gowns.
Sweeping ballroom music fills the ballroom.
The shapeshifting formulae has worked well, your friends in the University thought it a lark that you were on a secret mission and asked no further.
Industrialists were the people you sought, so splitting up yourself and Arianna make your way around the cliques.
‘God I need a Saviour Faire Implant!’ thought Otto ‘And a tolerate rich twats chip as well’ he muttered as he lowered his head politely in greetings to all the dignitaries around him. ‘Good Evening’ he said in a voice not unlike a friend of yours and mine (T.S!) as he dodged and weaved around the splendid throng.
A listen roll of 19.
This affair is a complete anathema to you, your hackles well and truly up, your teeth on edge; you adopt your best act and smile.
Within the hour you overhear the discussions of what appear to be a group of industrialists or engineers, discussions on output, traction and profits.

I’ll find Ameda amongst the throng (unless she is busy talking to somebody) and beckon her over with a smile and a kind gesture. Is there any topic in particular these engineers are talking about so I can express an opinion? (A positive one for them without betraying my real feelings? Ha ha!)

Arianna politely excuses herself from a group of ladies, for a once timid telephonist, she seems to be embracing the challenge, admirably.

The topic of conversation that drew you to the group, was the fact that they were working on a form of automotive racing venture, however that they had had problems with traction and gaining greater output from the steam combustion engines.
‘Ah, good evening gentlemen!’ Otto said in a deep booming voice.
(Charisma 19 Diplomacy 11)
‘Its always a pleasure to meet like-minded individuals!’ he added as he lit a fat cigar. ‘I’m Doctor Theopolis Spindle and may I introduce my wife, Lady Arianna Spindle’

‘I couldn’t help but overhear about the splendid work that you achieved on the Orville Dam, and I would like to congratulate you on such a great feat of engineering’
Backslapping and congratulations always help to grease up these self-centred bastards Otto thought.
He catches Ameda’s eyes with a loving smile and a wink before turning his attention back to the tycoons.
(Make a bluff roll)
If I have a deed point I’ll use it mate.
14 mate.
A moment of confusion runs through them as you can see them think ‘Spindle, do I know that name’, then humanoid nature kicks in.
“Ah Dr Spindle, of course”, good work last year “Yes we’re very proud of the dam, you overheard our chat about the engine, flummoxing us a little, what!”
(Make a Mechanics roll) - Mechanics roll of 25
Having to remember not to launch into a debate about Quantum Physics, Starlight Particles or anything else, you recite your detailed findings of the Combustion Engine.

“Why Doctor Spindle, we hadn’t realised we had someone so eminent in our midst’s, my name is Dr Craft says a shorter portly man, this is Professor Carmen (A taller individual) and Mr Edimus (A Gnome)”
“We’re working on developing a smaller but faster combustion engine for the purpose of racing” says Camen, “However we can only achieve one or the other, reduction in size but also power or maintain the size and gain the power, both impractical for our purposes, what”

Otto shakes Craft’s, Edimus and Carmen’s hands ‘Sirs, maybe I can help… And I should with my extensive knowledge should be able to make an engine which doesn’t lack in power (in fact will be more powerful) even when the engine size is reduced.’
Using Psychology of 17 I will read their reactions. See if one of these buggers isn’t a plant.
I would have briefed Amdea to keep an eye out for people listening in and spying on our conversations.
Nothing seems to betray the presence of watchers, either the three doctors are very good actors or they are genuine professors.
‘Well gentlemen, here is a rough outline of my plans…………..’
With and engineering roll of 24 I will give them a rough outline on the engine, with enough information to interest them greatly but not enough information for them to be able to go a create it!
I keep watching their reactions with an 11.
Carmen shakes his head, I can't see that working Dr Spindle, his colleagues follow suit.
"Perhaps we should meet for breakfast, and go over some proper plans."
"Theo would love to meet you for breakfast gentlemen", interjects Arianna
Mentally you groan as she says "Shall we say 7?"

"You old dog Dr Spindle, you didn't tell me you had a lovely such as this,” says Craft
‘Craft, I thank the heavens above every day knowing I have Arianna by my side’ Otto gives her an affectionate look.
He turns back to the party, with his confidence overflowing ‘I can assure you that it will work! And I would be honoured to join you gentlemen for breakfast to show you exactly how!’

Excellent Otto thought, we have whetted their appetite!

‘If you would excuse me Sirs, my lady and I have to do the rounds. I look forward to your eminent company in the morrow. So until then, fare thee well!’ Otto gives a small bow to the entourage and turns to Ameda. ‘My lady?’ He offers his arm to Ameda.
As they walk and smile and nod to people, Otto whispers in Ameda’s ear ‘It wasn’t an act when I said that it was wonderful having you by my side you know.’ ‘But 7 o’clock?’ He laughs heartily ‘You mean to torture me!’

She smiles a warm smile, since you went back to collect her, her confidence has grown and so has her prettiness.
Slightly frustrated with the etiquettes of Gothica, you go to your separate rooms, you sleep fitfully although awaken a couple of times, something you put down to excitement.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:53 pm

The Meeting.

Seven O Clock arrives very quickly, you move through the red carpeted and wood clad halls of the Harborough Gentleman’s Club, to a conservatory where your new associates sit.
Each springs to his feet.
"Spindle, excellent" Says Craft, "we'd like you to meet our financier, Mr Taylor".
At the far side of the breakfast table is a half-orc, powerfully built, a tweed suit and large gold rings on most of his fingers.
"Ello Dr Spindle" he says with a gleam in his eye.
‘Hello Mr Taylor!’ Otto shakes his hand firmly. I’m going to have to be careful here he thought………………….

The half-orc looks very surprised as you easily match his supposed vice like grip, since the live-ship affair you had treated yourself to some further augmentation, enhanced musculature had been the first, beneath the illusionary Spindle, runes glowed upon your arms.
Reassessing the situation, Taylor sits "Ahem, well Dr Spindle we're very glad to have you on board"

"I represent some sporting concerns that want something new, something exciting, something that brings the awe and amazement back into sports, something for the working class, something that will make a fortune"
"Automotive racing is the key, none of this dainty horse racing crap" with that a number of patrons turn at the vulgarity, Taylor’s glare quickly turns heads back to their previous pursuits.
"The difficulty has been building this engine, we need to go to speeds never seen before, and my boffins tell me that you could hold the key"
Charisma roll of 19

‘Gentlemen’ Otto enthuses as he looks around at the ensemble. ‘I do hold the key to a faster, more efficient and dare I say smaller engine!’ He steps confidently around the room. ‘An engine that is so efficient that it will double the amount of time for fuel consumption!’ as he speaks he looks to all the gentlemen in turn. ‘An engine that will run cleaner and quieter than you could imagine!’ Otto finally comes to a stop behind the table of Mr Taylor with his hands on the head of his chair. ‘And an engine, which will beat any of its competitors to a standstill!’

‘Gentlemen, here I have the blueprint of the engine in question.’ He holds up a number of copies and proceeds to hand them around. ‘The first thing you will notice is that it is only half of the blueprint, but from this you will understand that my engine is possible and not mere ‘pipe dreams’.
‘See for yourselves’ He gestures at the engineers.
‘I do this for obvious reasons, not that I do not in any way mistrust such eminent gentlemen. But the competition has eyes everywhere what?!’
‘The competition I speak of is of course Greythorpe and Associates amongst others’ (I would have done my investigations into this groups nearest rivals hence the name) ‘I have tried on my travels to find engineers of my calibre, and until last night I thought my quest was futile’
Otto walks out from behind the desk in front of the seated engineers. ‘I am glad to see that my quest was not a waste after all’
‘All I ask is that this transaction be kept with the utmost of secrecy, no problems there I think if you want Greythorpe not involved here, the engine will be yours in every respects. I will hand over the patents to you and you will be able to name it as you wish. I assure you this will sink Greythorpe once and for all! And make you men substantially richer than you are now, which is no mean feat!’
‘I am no major businessman, mass production and factories do not interest me, that is why I haven’t already blown your company out of the water’.
‘However’ Otto adds with impetus and a smile. ‘Money does interest me!’

‘I will accept only Mithril and precious jewels, and serious bids only’

Otto sits down in the chair beside Mr Taylor. ‘What is your offer?’

“What’s yer price” replies Taylor

“150’000 Guineas”

A stunned silence fills the room.
"Undred an fifty grand", that is a lot of money, Dr" says Taylor, "I fink you will need to meet the boss and see the enterprise.

Otto stands, ‘Mr Taylor’, looking at the assembled engineers ‘Gentlemen, it will be a pleasure!’

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:02 pm

Heading North.

The flight was a windy one, the skyship the "Jackynderr", a sleek black yacht slipped through the sky like a knife.
You headed due north northwest, the sky was dark rolling with angry clouds as you raced over the mountainous terrain of Northern Adracia.

After 4 or so hours the dark cloud cover breaks, revealing a pleasant coastline, curiously the ocean is an orange red in colour, high-lighted by the low sun.
Stretching out before you is an enormous racetrack, situated on a bluff overlooking the ocean, above it is a chateau like building.
The Jackynderr banks in toward the building.
The landing is rough as a heavy crosswind travels in off the sea, nothing compared to starcasting though.
Stepping off you are greeted by two very serious looking men in grey woollen suits.
"Dr Spindle, Mr Zorranson will see you shortly"

You are escorted into the opulent house, your techno-arcane senses flair, and the place has a sizable amount of glamour to it.
Led to a plush room, on the top floor, you have a view at the rear of the house, looking out onto an ornate garden that from above has been arranged and pruned to resemble some form of seal.
Is Amdea with Otto?
I would have recommended that she stay away in case it gets dangerous. But if she wanted to come Otto would have let her.
She followed your suggestion and remained behind.

I’ll have a good look around the room. Tapping my suit pocket that has the reassuring weight of a revolver in it Otto thinks to himself that he’ll have to play this very carefully.

What does the seal look like? Do I recognise it? The airship I arrived on, who does it seem to be allied to?
I don’t want to give the enemy a hand with technology!
(Make a Knowledge Arcanna Roll)
Roll of 12
The Seal appears to be some form of protection or luck driven symbol, your not sure, however it does seem to incorporate a family crest that you see hung above the door of your room.
Again your fledgling arcane senses detect the slightest hint of a magical presence from the crest.
The door swings open; the individual knocks as they open it.
I walk over. 'Here we go' I think……………

The blond man leads you through a series of white plastered halls, adorned with various renaissance paintings and shields.
You are led into a large dark room, dimly lit from horizontal narrow slit windows at the top of the high walls.
A well dressed figure in a dark suit turns and smiles, he is pale, with a mop of blonde hair.
"Doctor Spindle, I'm delighted that you could come, what did you think of the test track outside"
(Make a Search Roll)
Roll of 14
You feel decidedly uneasy

“Very impressive, Mr?” Otto enquires politely.
I'll have another good look around.
Search of 16
"How rude of me Dr Spindle, I am Acram Zorranson, please take a seat, would you like some refreshments"
(Make a search and Arcanna Test)
Search 17

Arcanna 26 (Crit Success of 20!)
Something feels decidedly amiss, and you thank your lucky stars for your foresight in leaving Amdea behind.
"Mr Taylor informs me that you are very accomplished and could well have the innovation we need to get his venture off the ground"
"He also informs me that you require 150'000 Guineas for your work, what would I have for such an investment Dr Spindle"
You notice that he moves across the room to the fireplace, where he stands staring into his cognac tumbler.
I give him a very rough outline on what he would have for his money. Making very VERY sure, that it is in line with the technological standard of the tech level.
Engineering of 26 so if this is an offworld investigator he won't be able to nobble me.
'Mr Zorranson, what would my ideas be put into? Your associates were talking about racing cars?'
'I smell a rat, if I need to sabotage my own work to prevent it being used then so be it' I think to myself.
What is he doing by the fireplace?
Search of 15
He quickly steps over to a wooden case, a deep red lacquer means its glows with the firelight, and opening it he turns it to your direction, revealing guineas.

"20 Thousand now, the remainder upon your handing over of the blueprints, do we have a deal Doctor Spindle?"

'Sir, before I make my decision. May I have a tour of your facility to see what your fellows are working on? So I might be able to integrate my findings into your technical abilities?' 'The work may require other machinery which you do not have access to'
He shouldn't be able to refuse this.
Diplomacy of 17
Zorranson smiles, "Of course Doctor, however I would be neglecting my duties as a host if I were not to insist that you have dinner and a good nights sleep before seeing the facilities in the morning"

"Do not forget Doctor, the facilities here are one quarter of those to be built within Newhaime just east of Centrum"

The door opens to reveal the grey suited man.

"Curso will show you a wardrobe so you may be suitably attired for dinner"

The dinner moves along amiably, as well as Zorranson, two gentlemen and a rather delectable lady are present.
(Make a Fort Save and Search Roll)
Fort Roll of 9
Search roll of 23 mate.
And a Will Save?

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:46 pm

Did Otto manage to abscond the liveship?

Well we wanted the strength upgrade.
I would have like to have looked into creating a technological fetish to maybe allow me to use spells at a reduced amount of time rather than half an hour! (Or maybe even a level higher than I am capable of. (i.e. lvl 1 Mage + fetish = lvl 1 Mage +lvl 2 spells! So I would always be a level ahead in spells.
£50,000 Gothican pounds would have went to the people of Goodlund to rebuild their homes and way of life mate, leaving a Million for Amdea and Otto to play with.
I would also like a fetish that would allow me to activate and deactivate the weight of the bonelacing, (sort of like a feather fall on it but not for obvious reasons!) It will be lethal in combat but also highly effective when traversing fragile places!
I would like to endeavour to have Alabaster transplanted out of Otto; I think he could be really useful, as I would work to make sure he kept the intelligence he got off Otto. And maybe even with surgery enabling him to speak! High priority this!
What is with the runes glowing on my arms? Is this the result of uncracking the box? And if so what is it? I would have researched myself.
But my priority think I want is the Absorption ability, the uses will be as follows: Depending on the damage absorbed by Otto he will be able to do the following:
For Example, Otto gets raked by SMG fire for 30 points of damage. His absorption takes it, and rather than each point goes to an attribute (like GURPS Supers; excellent but unfair in D20) Otto could heal somebody for 30 points of damage, or administer 30 points of damage to an enemy by a fist strike! I would like it to look like he was building electricity throughout his body as he was hit and unleashing it in a positive force. (In some cases like a lightening bolt etc)
Furthermore, we could take the ability a little further and say that 10% of the total damage could be used in skills. I.e Otto gets hit by a mace for twenty points of damage, the absorption takes it, 20 points divided by 10 = +2 physical skills for temporary use which he uses in this instance in a melee attack. The rules for it here are not exhaustive, we could always add more!
What do you think? It could be rather amusing seeing him try and beat himself up to get a few points to help with his research! (But in emergency uses only!)
Do you have any suggestions Mate? It would be great to hear from them so I could build from them.
Any news on my requests? I would like to be able with absorption to administer and heal damage equal to the absorption level if possible. But I understand about any of the other uses though. Let me know anyway what your decision is.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:56 pm

Will 15
It is later that night as you sleep that you really sense something is wrong, you awaken as something sharp strikes you in the neck.
Slightly disorientated, you shake the sleep from your eyes and senses, as see a figure recoil across the room.
Its eyes flash, a faint red, as you feel a drowsiness wash over you, shaking this off, you see it has collected itself near the fire place of your room.
What is it?
I grab the oil lamp to my side and hurl it at the thing by the fireplace.
Throw of 17.
Sadly mythology points the way, the creature snarls, and its vaguely humanoid face contorting with rage as it moves away from the fire.
Its darts across the room in a zigzag fashion, heading straight for you.

I grab the blanket, which I have been sleeping in, and I hold it like a matador, for when it comes in range I want to wrap the blanket around his head. Thus disorientating him for a while. Melee roll of 16. Giving me time to find my gun!
(Make an Initiative Roll)
Initiative roll of 17
And Strength Roll
What is my current strength with the implants I have at this time?
Roll 2D6
4 mate
What has the rune key done to me mate? I would have researched it.
Make a Biophysics and Research roll.
Current Str is 15 (+2)
Biotech roll of 28
Research roll of 17
Then my Strength Roll from previous is 12.
It has replaced your arms with some form of biomechanical augmentation, its similar to genetics, nainites and techno magical but not quite any of them, your strength various fluctuating from a slight enhancement to massive increases, your arms seem to frequently reconfigure themselves, developing additional servos etc.
Do I manage to wrap the blanket around its head?
The creature springs towards you; in a toreador fashion you swing the blanket in an attempt to wrap its head, however the creature is too quick ducking under the attack, and swiping you across the face.

Claws rake across your flesh, however they are met by the impenetrability of adamantium.

'Arghhh!' Otto roars with shock and pain. 'You bastard!'

He attempts to grab the creature around its neck with a hand.
Melee of 13.

What is this thing? Can I see a face?
Incidentally with the oil lamp, it wasn't lit anyway!
Roll Strength and Initiative.
Initiative of 16 & Strength of 6.
You end in a mad tussle, as fangs and claws lash around, ripping clothing, but not achieving a great deal.
You break from the frantic thrashing around, and circle each other.
(Make a Will Save)
Will of 16
You feel slightly drowsy, as the creatures eyes seem to grow larger. Teeth bare as he flings himself at you once again.

Otto shakes his head to clear the feeling and as the creature advances with a 22 for melee he socks the creature in the face. With a Strength roll of 17 hopefully the blow will knock him backwards, giving me time to get my sword! The pistol shot will be far too noisy!

Swinging you strike the creature in the face, it staggers back slightly confused as its nose has burst open.
(Make an Initiative Check
Initiative of 14 mate

Darting across the room, you pick up your sword.
(Will Save)
A Will Save of 16, I will attempt to keep the bed between it, and me giving Otto an advantage.
Howling in frustration, the creature shreds the sheets upon your bed.
Shaking its foul influence, you ready yourself as it lunges forward across the bed it arm colliding with one of the bedposts, shattering it.
With a melee roll of 14 I will slice at the creatures throat attempting to cut its head off
Does Otto know what this is? As the bedpost would come in handy!
I think its safe to assume he's got a fairly good idea.
With the shattered bedpost in his left hand and the longsword in his right he will spring at the vampire over the bed and attempt to stake it in its heart.
Ooops melee roll of 6!
Both of you spring, however it is quicker, your movements are slow and cumbersome highlander.

Its clawed hand sweeps, catching you across the face, skin splits across your cheek, spewing blood across the room.

(Not more bloody scars!) He thinks as he grimaces in pain. He roars in rage as he crashes across the room scattering books and clothes pell mell!
Otto will attempt to sweep its legs out from beneath it. With a 9! Bugger!
'Ah a spot of luck' you think, as its gets its legs wrapped in the bedclothes and stumbles off the bed onto the floor.
The sheets shred as its vents its fury and runs at you.

Right! He thinks 'Take This!' He shouts as he boots the vampire full in the face like a world class Brockian Ultra Football player!
With a 23! Better!
Hopefully with the kick the bastard will reel onto his back! Luck of 15
Then I will with a Concentration of 12, and a Melee attack of 17 attempt to stake the tart in the heart!
The creature flies backward, blood spewing from its mouth, it crashes backward.

Lunging forward you rotate the blade, smiling you chide yourself for borrowing that one from Enailis, with a downward stab, you thrust in below its ribcage, the creatures eyes bulge and it looks around stricken.
(Make a Will Save)
Will of 19 mate.
The creature’s eyes flare, as it meets your gaze.

Steeling yourself you shake its attempt to influence you.
Your move!

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:59 pm

Strike it across its face, forcing its head to avert his eyes from me!
Melee of 15 Fortitude of 9
Its head rolls to one side, at that point the door to your room opens.
Zorranson bursts in, accompanied by several men.

"DOCTOR step away from the beast"

He moves swiftly across the floor, gripping the creatures face in both of his hands.
"Doctor I have little in the way of apology, please forgive the behaviour of my brother!!"

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:05 pm


Otto Steps back.

'Your Brother Sir?' Shaking with rage and shock as he wipes the blood from his face.
'I think you have some explaining to do Zorranson if you want any of my assistance' Otto hisses in fury. 'And if it doesn't wash I wish to leave!'

The men drape heavy chains around the creature; hoisting the struggling form between them they silently carry it out of your room, like the bearers of a coffin at a funeral.

Zorranson looks drained.

"Doctor Spindle"
He takes a deep breath, fighting to compose himself.
Without asking he pours you a brandy, pouring one for him.
"My family bears a dark bloodline Dr, in some distant past my fathers line was infected by a vampiric curse, throughout the generations of my family the taint has manifested itself, all of my siblings are inflected with this condition, hence why we live this far north"

'And you expose me to this curse Sir?' Otto seethes.

So that is the bad feeling I had Otto thinks to himself.

'Elaborate if you please Zorranson’ as Otto dips his fingers into the brandy (smells it for toxins etc Chemistry 19!) and if ok dabs it on his facial wounds. He sits down on the chair in the wrecked bedroom feeling the comforting weight of the service revolver in his pocket.
"What would you have me tell you, doctor!?”Says Zorranson, as he seems to compose himself and sits.

'What is it you actually do here? I have seen glyphs and wards of unknown portent and power, and now the undead prowl the corridors of your home. Tell me everything. That is if you value my contribution to your company.' Otto crosses his arms, waiting patiently for a reply.

"I had not considered you knowledgeable of the arcane arts, Dr Spindle, your many talents grow all the more numerous"
He thinks for a moment

"Just as I've said Dr, my family has this history as it were, the local villagers and indeed ourselves need to be protected, my great grandfather began to look into the arcane arts, firstly to purge this taint and then upon failure to do so my Grandfather invested considerable efforts into learning protective magics"

He looks out of the window at the black sea

"The infected are kept in a cottage some way down the cliff below us, however my brother it seems had managed to escape"
"Tell me Dr are you skilled in the arcane, that would explain his seeking you out"
Otto sips at the brandy. 'In my search for knowledge I have come across many strange things. Glyphs and pentangles and the like, supposingly for the use in the 'dark arts'. I was going on an assumption, and it appears to be correct. I am no master of the arcane arts sir!'

'Now, Mr Zorranson. If you would be so kind as to escort me to the ship so I may depart as I feel I am not either comfortable or welcome here.'

"I can understand that Dr, however the Skyship won't be able to leave until morning due to storms"
"I am hoping that you can continue our business arrangement, despite these trying events"
I look out the window, what is the weather like?
'I will write out the blueprints for you, with these your scientists and engineers will be more than capable of creating the better engine of which you seek. However I have seen no sign of the money I will be paid for this work.'
Intimidation of 17.
I am pretty pissed off too!
It looks pretty stormy outside.

"We have another room for you Doctor, I will station a guard, although I doubt very much that you will be disturbed further, we shall discuss changes to our arrangement tomorrow"

'Very well Sir, I will accept your offer of the room and the guard' Otto stands up and proceeds to gather his gear. After that he will await being shown his room.

You settle in your new abode, still wary of this nights events.

You hear the guard settle down outside your door, before finally you settle to sleep.
(Make a Will Save)
12 mate.
The whole situation seems much improved in the morning, perhaps you over-reacted you think.
The sky has cleared, a brighter morning, a new start to business.
Otto has his morning ablutions and shaves. He dabs the cuts on his face with some after shave. The fresh sting awaking him further. He dresses and goes to his jacket to take out the revolver, checking to see if it clean and serviceable.
'Right you buggers' he says under his breath 'Time for it!' as he places the iron back in his pocket.
He opens his door and steps out.

"Ah doctor, you look refreshed, did you sleep well"

A puzzling thought occurs that there was some concern last night, but you dismiss it as perhaps a nightmare, and you do feel very refreshed.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:06 pm

Have I forgotten what happened last night?
It would seem so.

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