Libro Arcanum Mortis

Fiction detailing the ongoing events on the Homeline and numerous parallel Worldlines.

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Libro Arcanum Mortis

Post by arcanus » Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:38 pm

Ur-Arcana II – 2009
Current Affairs: Shadow conflicts between hidden Magical forces dominate this worldline. Magic is secret but utilised by groups incognito to avoid widespread panic.
Divergence Point: 1133 AD the Dragons Eclipse triggers an increase in Global Mana levels and supernatural incidents.

Worldline Data.
8 Mana Level: Low (Normal too High in places)
Quantum: 4 Infinity Class: Z6* Centrum Zone: Inaccessible. * Sheldrake Research permissions granted under Infinity oversight
Dutchtown, The City of Sanctuary – New York State.
Ruthy looked heavenward, the moon covered by charcoal black clouds meant that its was another cold, wet evening in later March, in New York State. Two hours of mixed martial arts had merely added more aches to her back, and she exerted every ounce of her will to stop from digging into her Pad Thai noodles before she reached her motel room.

Ensuring the annexes main door clicked shut she plodded up the stairs, it wasn’t until she reached her corridor than her sixth senses kicked in!

She was three meters from her door when the effect materialised, the air inside her room expanded with ionised compression, the rooms outer wall separating it from the corridor buckled as a horizontal bar of lightning tearing straight through it allowing the bottled thunder to erupt outward and slam her into the corridor wall.

She watched through squinted eyes and gritted teeth, head turned, and right arm raised to shield her face, her arms and chest stung as charms shattered with the ferocity of the mystical forces. Forces which washed over her, tore plaster from filthy walls and blew the corridor windows into clouds of shards.

Ruth Campbell stopped holding her breath, now she really ached balefully she looked down at the crumpled carton of noodles, contents sprayed down the stairs “Motherfucker!”

Her senses flared again, it wasn’t a magical boobytrap, her assassin was here in person from within the shattered gloom of her room she saw movement and power, lots of power building again ‘Shit’ she thought, her charms were gone, her own defences unlikely to shield her from that kind of power.

She braced herself, as a second thunder strike rolled from her would be killers’ shadowy gestures, tearing hungrily across the motel room and impacted against an invisible force.

Opening her eyes she noted a new figure had appeared in the corridor looking into the ruined doorway of her room, the figure wasted no time, right hand was maintaining some kind of wall of force blocking the evoked electrical nightmare whilst their left hand stabbed forwards releasing some form of bolt.
The would-be assassin grunted as several heavy thuds crashed into them, she watched as the lightning storm drained away as the attacker vanished, leaving small motes of static charge playing across metal surfaces.

Painfully Ruthy pushed herself to her feet and checked herself for injuries, miraculously she had escaped relatively unscathed, satisfied she turned her attention to her mysterious rescuer.

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Libro Arcanum Mortis

Post by arcanus » Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:48 am

The Darklands – Present
Current Affairs: One cycle before high season..
Divergence Point: An inter-dimensional sub-realm linking Argo 3 and Yrth.

Worldline Data. TL: 3 Mana Level: Normal
Quantum: 4 to 5 Infinity Class: R2 Centrum Zone: Inaccessible.

The Broken Ring.
The Darkness permeated everything, there was a thick clawing quality to it almost tangible that hungrily consumed their lights beyond two yards from their caravan.

Hate was too strong a word for Luther’s feelings as to the Darklands, however dislike or distain was fairly accurate an interdimensional wasteland that lay between Argo and Yrth and Infinity’s only reliable way of accessing the latter. The fact that from portal to portal it involved 3 leagues of travel on foot through hostile terrain in almost pitched darkness surrounded by nocturnal monsters with no modern technology reliably working was undoubtably a compelling reason for his distaste.

Still it was a pay check and his employer MythTech Inc paid well, he surveyed the scene according to the last marker stone they were less than a league from Argo side, making their way across the Broken Ring this concentric area made up of a blasted jagged landscape.
Fortunately, prior travellers had worked a road through the treacherous terrain, caravans were frequent at this time it was one lunar cycle before High Season where the predatory fauna of the Darklands entering their two cycle mating season, The Patrol and White Star had tried to continue routes during this time however they’d paid for every yard in blood, every league swarmed with predators in such a frenzy they forgot their usual fear of light.

It was one of the two annual periods where travel grew too perilous the other being Shard Storm Season where some form of mysterious hurricane like swell swept in from the outside and blasted the landscape with dimensional energies whilst whipping up razor sharp particles from The Broken Ring.

Of course, there were other times, being as the Darklands connected to the Quantum Sargasso called Yrth a Worldline periodically ravaged by Banestorms the pocket dimension was often subject to sandstorms and magically induced weather patterns.

The trip usually took 6 hours to a day end to end, the caravans consisted of 2 to 3 escorted heavily fortified wagons pulled by Giant Scarab Beetles, the creatures eight foot long were as tough as small tanks, fairly docile if fed and largely impervious to magical energies.

White Star Trading plied the route, contracted by Infinity to safely escort Patrol, Paralabs or Sheldrake personnel in addition to their own merchants to the Trading Posts and clandestine bases on Yrth whilst bringing said personnel, interesting trade goods or research materials back.

Magically versed personnel, notably security was provided by Mythtech Incorporated a joint Homeline/Ranoc venture. Whereabouts Infinity was obsessive about maintaining the Secret and very mistrustful of Magic, it still had to deal with it and try as it might there were inevitably times where it couldn’t avoid the Secret being compromised, especially where magic or psionics were involved!

One such instance was on the Magical Worldline of Ranoc where an enterprising Merchant happened upon a visiting Homeline Entrepreneur and before they knew it, said Merchant had deduced the Secret and entered into a partnership with said Entrepreneur and MythTech Inc was born.

The businesses Main Office based on Infinities colony world Galileo (as it wasn’t permitted on Homeline), whilst its main centre of business was in the City of Rul on Ranoc, provided magical and occult support services to Infinity and provided a home for waifs and strays from fantastic Worldlines. Which was infinitely better than exiling valuable personnel to Coventry…

Neither Infinity nor Homeline governments were happy with its existence and its surreptitious recruitment of personnel, however it was another of those necessary evils especially in light of growing encounters with fantastic Worldlines, which they couldn’t always close down…

Luther watched as the wagons alchemistic lanterns swayed amidst of growing dust laden wind, he lowered his goggles and pulled his scarf up over his face, he noted Folkes, le Cogneur a Yrthian born warrior do the same whilst looking skyward. She raised her flechette wheelgun and switched on its light beam, their dwarven companion Kilmak did the same whilst Luther and the other guards followed suite.

The beams struggled to penetrate the perpetual gloom, however at their edges they noted the ghostly rag like winged creatures ‘Darkwings’ one of the Darklands worst creatures, drawn to body heat and able to drain a man to the point of cold induced death.

Each guard fired a volley, the wheelguns were purely mechanical with no chemical munitions, a large wound spring mechanism released a high velocity volley of alchemically infused flechettes each flaring with a burst of light once fired.

The loathsome creatures flittered in agitation and aversion before shrinking back into the darkness.

It was a further 5 hours having left the Broken Ring, clearing the River Rings bridge of Black Eels, stopping for a sandstorm to pass in the Hill Ring, cautiously traversing the Web Ring bridges whilst culling some of its small car size spiders fortunately once inside the Inner Rings their small arms regained functionality, before they arrived at the relative safety of the Central Circle.

Here White Star had set up a small fortified guard post build around the portal, guarded by three meter tall enchanted constructs, the Central Ring was largely spared the worst of High or Storm Seasons ferocity however the small castle keep was still a solid stone fortification.

As they approached listening to the distant shouts of the Billets, another of the Darklands wildlife, small jet black creatures that appeared to be a cross between a chihuahua and a mink Largely harmless although possessing a nasty little warning nip if provoked, their most unusual trait was their ability to imitate a single person’s voice and phrase.

Once they had the phrase they repeated the it continually although they were known to latch onto a new one occasionally, although they could be regarded as another Darklands pest they were of interest to both Infinities Paralabs Parachronozoologists and Sheldrake researchers as they seemed to be able to find voices and phrases from any number of people from a multitude of worlds. Suggesting that they either possessed some form of Cliodynamic clairvoyance or the interdimensional space around The Darklands eavesdropped on other Worldlines and the Billets were able to hear the transmissions.

As always Luther breathed a sigh of relief as they passed through the Posts outer gates and into its courtyard, powerful motion sensing searchlights swept the surrounding gloomy terrain, its construct sentries ever watchful.

The caravan leader a stalwart veteran called Medea Thais, an Argo native clambered down from the lead wagon, patted its beetle and headed into the main building, denoted by the large White Star emblem above the door. The building sat to the left of the large three-meter-tall by four meter wide archway, the portal itself currently sealed by two significant oak doors.

A short while later the Posts master Mírë Hlolth stepped out gregariously conversing in Ancient Greek with Thais who for her part feigned impatience, Luther smiled both were long time friends.

Hlolth stepped to the stone framework of the gate and its keystone, tracing a series of Yrthian characters etched deeply into the stone, in response a faint light shone between the gates, to Luther’s sixth senses Oz particles surged with its alignment.
Satisfied the Post Master dialled a combination into a safe type combination set on top of a large mechanism, a serious of heavy metal movements ended with the gates slowly swinging open allowing the caravan to pass through.

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Libro Arcanum Mortis

Post by arcanus » Thu Jul 30, 2020 9:00 am

Argo 3 - The Pindus Mountain Range, Thrace, Greece - Spring 824AD
The villa was both an ancient engineering and architectural marvel, constructed around the ledge of a mountain in the Hellenic Times.
The mercenary stood within the stepped gardens on the slopes to the rear of the house, looking around he examined the aged stone altars on the patios, each drenched with new blood.

Sacrifices were a common part of Greek Lore, as with many things in the Infinite Worlds the old ways often turned out to hold unpleasant truth, his attention was drawn to the large paved area beside the villa the air distorting , he watched as momentarily a vacuum formed and an object resembling a huge copper bell filled the space.

The hag appeared beside him, dressed in her wolfskin shawl, her skin so scarred and aged as to completely conceal her origin, her hands and mouth glistening with the blood she’d spilt for Lycaon.

The an aperture appeared on the bells surface, opened and its passengers disembarked, the first was a well manicured but hard featured man clad in a razor sharp Armani suit, the second and third 7 foot tall Cyclopopedian bodyguards, it was the fourth who was the alpha power in the equation, subservient to the suit but never the less the power.

The suit stopped surveying the scene with visible distain, his eyes hard and analysing the hag
“I hope that your rituals are not bordering upon excess” he challenged
The Hag snarled, “If you want your precious bolt hole opened before others realise then we must amass sufficient power quickly!”
The man’s face did not seem convinced, instead he turned to the mercenary “Mr Rook, I trust your stay has been reasonable?”
The mercenary nodded “I can’t complain, although the local customs take some getting used too!” he replied
He nodded “Good, walk with me Mr Rook” with that Rook fell in beside the suit as they descended a flight of stone steps leading to the front of the villa and onto a curved balcony carved from the slope that descended before it, this overlooked a breath taking but terrifying drop down the mountainside, the cyclops remained, however the stone creature slowly plodded after them.

Rook waited for the suit to speak, always let the client lead.

“Do you know who I represent Mr Rook?” asked the suit, slight alarm rang through his head, however they’d holed him up with some psychotic witch for the past week, so if they’d wanted him dead!
“I have a good idea” he replied
The suit nodded appreciatively “I understand that your people are well versed in high end inter-dimensional conflict and super normal threats!”
“That’s correct” he replied
“Good, we await an artifact from this Worlds Ural Mountains, we have a team there, who are waiting out a storm, once this is complete the object will be brought here and we can commence, we will be travelling South to Crete. Once there We’ll need your people to engage a particularly powerful entity to allow us to gain entry to an ancient site!”
“Logistically how powerful are we talking?” inquired Rook
The suit smiled “Legendary in scale, reputedly one of the Cthonic Beasts” he replied calmly
Rook merely pursed his lips and whistled, this was going to be interesting “And what of Infinity?”
The suits smile widened “Oh their token presence here will be of no consequence and they haven’t the first concept of what we plan!”

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Libro Arcanum Mortis

Post by arcanus » Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:09 pm

Argo 3, The Kairatos River, south west of Heraklion – Spring 824AD
The Worldline Argo was a brave new world full of hidden places, domains and places hidden, whilst its Mana levels were at a height that its clandestine visitors usually avoided, the price they had discovered was too great to ignore.

The subterranean ruins was no different, entering from the Astral Plane the team had followed intricate instructions which upon the ordained time had triggered a mechanism which had revolved a 5000 year old circular stone sigil within the buried temples floor.

Once the thunderous grinding had finished it revealed a passageway descending deep into hidden bowels, they had little time, its guardians would quickly intercede.

They descended into the void, passing through vertical passages crafted only through the use of Mysteries, until they reached precarious ledges, moving rapidly they thanked the Decans that nothing laired down here and awaited them.

Although the huge bestial skeletons lining the ledge and adjoining passageways gave them grim pause for thought.

Finally arriving they found the scripture’d chamber and the altar.

The offering stone had been hewn into a barrel like shape, its round top deeply routed into a geomantic grid, producing the potion the team lead intoned arcane words and the ritual began by the pouring of the draught onto those very lines.

Several leagues away in Heraklion the earth trembled, and panic started to spread among Abu Hafs Andalusian Muladis forces whilst the cities subjugated Hellenics looked to the Heavens for a sign.

In Knossos forces surreptitiously waited offshore as the Emirate Guards to the Ancient Minoan Acropolis reacted in bewilderment as ancient stone mechanisms within the palace’s foundations rumbled to life.

Argo 3, The Ancient Minoan Temple of Knossos – Spring 824AD
From the top of sand dunes at the base of the ancient palaces ruined walls Amru al-Allam watched a wind suddenly pick up and bluster through the wild beds of ‘Ladys Bedstraw’, his attention turned back to the beach below, the sand churning and groaning like some buried titan were awakening.

The Greek wilderness was an exceptionally dangerous place, it had more than its fair share of monsters, true horrors of legend. Amru heeded the warnings of his parents that the ancient lands of Crete held as many monsters as the sands of Arabia, the Emirates guardsman kept from wandering into wilder places.

Although now Amru wished he’d heeded his wife’s warnings, he and the rest of the sentries watched the shapes move through the fields of wild grass , then he saw the hound, it stood upon a large overgrown slab of stone which rose from the long grass, marking the ridge of the hill where it began its descent down to the temple.

It was a terror, a huge hound with three heads, its drool burned and sizzled as it dropped upon the stone slab, the Cerberus Hound and its kin edged toward the Arabians hungrily, each of its heads snarling.

A horrendous groan and splitting of stone drew their attention and leaving the tasty morsels they lunged over the ridge and down the dunes, the guardsman shouted over the roar as deep trenches opened beneath the sand dunes.

The ancient temple had changed, it had raised up and then opened out, revealing a steep stone ramp leading down into a subterranean complex unseen for millennia.

From his vantage point on his command vessel Rook subvocalized ‘Go’, his officers immediately deploying, two dozen rigid raiders powered onto the beach, scores of men rapidly disembarked and surged up the sand toward the ramp.

All sorts men, inhuman giants, and robots, all of them originating from a large ship moored out in the bay, as the assault began the force was immediately attacked by a pack of monstrous three headed dogs.

Amru squinted in the darkness his eyes widening as he heard the snarls of the monstrous dogs, flaming arrows arched into the air bringing Allah’s light and revealing an army of devils in black, covering the beach.

Across the dune line and the palace walls the Muladis guardsmen began to die, silent death reached out from snipers in the rigid raiders
حفظ الله لي (Allah Save Me) breathed Amru in horror as his friend Isaam shuddered, struck by some invisible enemy great gouts of blood erupting from his back, before he had even fallen something took his head from his shoulders.

Amru turned to run but his breath was sucked from his body as the 7.62 round punched through his back and exited his breastplate cleanly.

<Sentries clear> reported the Sniper Commander, Rook did not take his attention away from his digital battle plan

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Re: Libro Arcanum Mortis

Post by arcanus » Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:34 am

Ur-Arcana II – 2009
Current Affairs: Shadow conflicts between hidden Magical forces dominate this worldline. Magic is secret but utilised by groups incognito to avoid widespread panic.
Divergence Point: 1133 AD the Dragons Eclipse triggers an increase in Global Mana levels and supernatural incidents.

Worldline Data. TL: 8 Mana Level: Low (Normal too High in places)
Quantum: 4 Infinity Class: Z6* Centrum Zone: Inaccessible. * Sheldrake Research permissions granted under Infinity oversight
The Lower East Side, The City of Sanctuary – New York State.
The apartment a modest low rent two room affair, took up the second floor above an electrical repair shop, its was old but comfortable and a real fire provided them with comforting warmth and banished the dank fog outside.

Ruthy sat nursing her second hot toddy, her charms were doing their work having healed her injuries, the vantage of Ur-Arcana’s ambient Mana levels was that they worked quickly.
Having gratefully devoured two bowls of beef stew she sat back and breathed out, her mysterious rescuer sat across the room at the dining table, a woman in her later twenties, who had not uttered a word since.

Something about her mannerisms told Ruthy she was definitely off-world, nothing physical just something about her. Once she had regained her senses after the attack Ruthy had called her local contact who for some unimaginable reason had directed her to this address to meet in what was singularly the most dangerous part of Sanctuary.

Their host was a woman by the name of Coraline or Cory, who ambled around in the corner kitchen before leaning back against the wall nursing her glass of red wine.
Ruthy looked out the window overlooking the high street, in Sanctuary the Lower East Side had a very unsavoury if not bloody reputation, it hadn’t always been so, but according to the locals in the past 20 years it had become virtually lawless after dark.

To those who knew the truth it had become home to vagrant supernatural forces, no one was entirely sure why but even Sanctuary’s largest Catholic Church The Dove hadn’t protected the area. She watched as figures flittered from door to door, either trying to elude or hide in the fog.
To her aware senses she noticed wisps of colour or energy to some, denoting power or inhuman nature.

The three women each caught in their own reverie jumped at a knock on the door, Cory sprang into action as her rescuers eyes narrowed, Ruthy noted the swirls of cobalt blue energy enshroud her hands, even her craft looked different.

He heard Cory talk around the door chain before closing the door unlatching it and letting the visitors in.

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