The Caverns

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The Caverns

Post by arcanus » Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:16 pm

(21:04:48) (Niamh): Right - Velek and Niamh have just braved the treacherous orc infested caves and beaten the horde into submission. After which they brought forth their dark army and became rulers of the kingdom. :D

(21:05:03) arcanus: Right back had to put big one to bed

(21:05:28) (Niamh): is tat a euphemism for having a shit?

(21:05:34) arcanus: Nice try

(21:05:45) arcanus: ;)

(21:06:55) (Niamh): Hurumph.... synopsis then please meester

(21:08:00) arcanus: If I recall you had made your way through across the large cave, encountered a large river shark like creature and made the pebble beach on the other side, you had then ambushed a raft of orcs, brutally slaying them with some ferocious archery

(21:08:29) (Velek): Don't forget the large crab.

(21:08:51) (Velek): And we managed to find a small chest in a sunken boat

(21:10:22) (Velek): You at work Phil?

(21:10:36) (Niamh): I am now, yes.

(21:10:50) arcanus: That's right the crab if I remember was particularly troublesome and you hadn't opened the chest

(21:11:38) (Velek): Ouch!

(21:12:14) (Velek): Was the chest a pain to open?

(21:13:42) (Niamh): Niamh frowns, then scowls at the chest in the hope that the venomous glare is enough to destroy the lock.

(21:17:38) arcanus: Wiping sweat and crustacean gore from their faces Niamh and Velek examined the chest, the latter having dragged it from the submerged end of the damaged old rowing boat, the wooden chest although tarnished and mouldy had a sturdy brass band around it and what appeared to be a complex puzzle lock

(21:18:48) (Niamh): When the scowl proves ineffective she turns to Velek and smiles sweetly like an expectant child.

(21:21:06) arcanus: (Velek make a perception roll?)

(21:21:15) ChatBot: (Velek) rolls 3d6 and gets 6,3,4.

(21:21:39) (Velek): Is there any weakness at all to the wood?

(21:23:22) arcanus: Undoubtedly a significant blow would split it

(21:23:38) (Niamh): (whispers) hey mate - don't I owe you subscription fee?

(21:27:08) (Velek): Hefting his blade in his right hand and dragging the chest so it is lodged between the rock face. Velek takes careful aim at the right hand edge of he chest, and brings the weapon down on it with considerable force.

(21:28:17) (Niamh): Niamh stands back as Velek swings his sword. She will be scanning the river entrances for signs of more orcs.

(21:29:50) arcanus: (Make an attack roll?)

(21:30:44) ChatBot: (Velek) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,3,2.

(21:31:28) arcanus: (Sword skill?)

(21:32:16) (Velek): 18

(21:32:42) ChatBot: (Velek) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,1,4.

(21:33:23) (Velek): It will naturally be a controlled swing.

(21:34:40) arcanus: An ear splitting crack echoes throughout the cavern, causing the pair to wince

(21:35:22) (Velek): Cursing under his breath he assesses the damage he has wrought.

(21:35:29) arcanus: (Both make a Will roll?)

(21:35:38) ChatBot: (Velek) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,3,5.

(21:35:46) (Velek): out of 12

(21:35:47) ChatBot: (Niamh) rolls 3d6 and gets 4,1,1.

(21:35:56) (Niamh): 6 out of 11

(21:41:19) arcanus: Within Veleks vision a circular pulse of purple energy erupts from the chest, picks him up and hurls him roughly across the pebbles, Niamh merely feels a slight breeze and acrid scent, wondering what just occured

(21:42:46) (Velek): 'Well, that didn't work...' Velek grumbled and shook his head.

(21:42:54) (Niamh): Niamh wrinkles her nose at the stench and runs after Velek, dropping to her knees beside him. "Are you ok?"

(21:43:35) (Velek): He slowly and shakily gets back to his feet.

(21:43:48) (Velek): 'I think so.'

(21:43:55) arcanus: Through his thick head, the old soldier remembers or recalls an old feeling, that of his ancient sword now deep within the Northern sea

(21:44:51) (Niamh): Niamh nods thankfully as she stands. "Think we need a bigger sword," she chuckles.

(21:45:25) (Velek): 'Now that thing would have helped me' he thought as he looked in irritation at the notch in his current weapon, that lay on the sand some twenty feet away from him.

(21:46:20) (Velek): He limps over and picks up the sword.

(21:46:36) arcanus: The chest miraculously remains intact, bearing only a burn mark on the right hand edge

(21:47:09) (Niamh): "Why don't we bury the chest, put the crab claw over it to mark it. we can come back later."

(21:47:49) (Velek): 'Why not indeed?' he says.

(21:48:24) (Velek): What is the puzzle lock consist of?

(21:48:37) ChatBot: (Velek) rolls 3d6 and gets 1,6,1.

(21:48:43) (Velek): Perception

(21:48:47) (Niamh): "I mean, even a big man like you would struggle to carry it where we are going," she says with a smirk glancing at Velek from the corner of her eye.

(21:50:07) (Velek): 'I'll be damned if I know where we are actually going to be honest' he says, peering into the darkness of the cavern river.

(21:50:54) (Velek): 'You had best get digging then.' he says finally as he sits on the rock and tends the leg wound that he sustained by the other unwelcome vistor in the water.

(21:53:07) (Niamh): Her mouth drops open in outrage for a moment before she sighs heavily. Niamh looks around for something to use as a shovel.

(21:53:29) ChatBot: (Niamh) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,4,3.

(21:53:42) (Niamh): 10 out of 14 for perception

(21:53:45) arcanus: You were originally heading in the direction of the orcs with the intention of rooting them out, the puzzle lock appears to made of a brass like metal, a series of squares with symbols in which are presumably moved until they form a pattern and unlock

(21:55:19) (Velek): That was upstream wasn't it?

(21:55:30) (Niamh): OOC: the good thing about being in work is - Free coffee and tea!!

(21:55:52) arcanus: It was, there is also the dead orcs raft drifting in the centre of the lake

(21:56:13) (Velek): I think the discussion was were we going to climb the rock faces or use the raft to do it.

(21:57:16) (Velek): How bad is the injury?

(21:58:44) (Velek): As he is assessing it, he will start to ensure that all of his equipment is not going to make any noise.

(21:58:57) arcanus: The injury is fairy deep

(21:59:14) (Niamh): Niamh grins, waits until Velek is reaching down to tend his leg then skips over to whisk the helm from his head.

(22:01:42) (Velek): 'Cut that out' he snarls quietly as he tightens a field dressing around his calf muscle with a grimace.

(22:02:37) (Velek): OOC: If I remember rightly, we were using a barrel to carry our armour etc.

(22:03:10) arcanus: OOC: That's right

(22:03:15) (Niamh): (Rocket man ending!!)

(22:03:45) (Niamh): Ignoring Velek she takes the helm to a conveniently memorable spot and uses it to dig a hole for the chest.

(22:04:13) arcanus: (Make a strength roll?)

(22:04:22) (Velek): He stands and walks over to the waters edge and scoops out a large handful of silt and proceeds to camouflage his exposed flesh.

(22:04:38) (Velek): Camoflage skill of 14

(22:04:39) ChatBot: (Niamh) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,4,5.

(22:04:46) ChatBot: (Velek) rolls 3d6 and gets 4,4,6.

(22:04:53) (Niamh): 12 out of 12

(22:05:35) (Velek): He doesn't linger on the shore line.

(22:05:50) (Velek): 14 out of 14.

(22:07:47) (Velek): 'Niamh, attach some cordage to an arrow and get that skiff onto the beach, if you please.' he asks.

(22:08:40) (Niamh): "Niamh, bury the treasure, shoot the raft, anything else?"

(22:09:16) (Niamh): Scowls at her ruined fingernails and she shovels shingle.

(22:09:42) (Velek): 'Indeed. Keep your voice down.' he hisses as he casts a glob of the silt at her.

(22:10:09) ChatBot: (Velek) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,6,5.

(22:10:28) (Velek): and misses.

(22:10:58) (Niamh): "got any rope there big fella?"

(22:11:02) arcanus: Chaps goin to have to call it a night, falling asleep already Pheel sorry short and the drive

(22:11:33) (Niamh): no prob mate.

(22:11:38) (Velek): 'Try the barrel' there is some in there I believe.

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