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The Chronicles of J.P

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 12:09 pm
by arcanus
J.P could tell that beneath the calm and somewhat cold exterior of Lord Pevensy was a vexed mind.
He had reacted with intrique and a small degree of a larger impatience to the news that the documents obtained from Bradford & Barclays had led to yet another map and therefore a trip to Madrid for Lord Sebastian Reynolds.

J.P's senses were ringing, this was the first time that he'd actually spoken to his ernstwhile employer or master and the man unnerved this, there was something predatory about Pevensy, he was most relieved to end the Ether call to a reassuring nod from Reynolds.
Arcanus wrote:Make a Sense Motive roll?
However J.P's mind had begun to hatch plans, his encounter with Brom's henchmen had left him exposed, never having a great desire to learn more martial skills he began to consider how his Pharmaceutical and Ether knowledge could even the odds.

A dark smile crossed J.P's lips.

Long Shadows

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:25 am
by arcanus
Location: Serp Corum
The meeting with Pevensy had gone better than expected, the Lord had appeared pleased with the teams results and had even commented that any attention from the London Constabulary would be well and truly directed from J.P.s activities.

Lord Reynolds had immediately started his own line of enquiry into the location of Doctor Sullivan Bennet, the inventor of the device, along the thought processes that he might well have began production of the machine, something Reynold's was less than keen on.

For Von Staffenburg's part he felt a score was to be settled with the Crime Lord Brom and had already vocally suggested that they start to know thy enemy, J.P had not been disagreeable to this as Brom's men had roughed him up and after all he had a reputation to maintain.
Wouldn't be good for any West End scum to learn that he had been bested, Criminal honour needed to be served.

However matters needed to be attended to, no point building a small but florishing enterprise on Shaftsbury Avenue if he wasn't going to keep an eye on it and with that he had Sam drop him off.

Location: The Shaftesbury Public House, Shaftesbury Avenue, The Captials West End.

Upon arriving back at the Shaftesbury the news that greeted him was possibly the worst he could have received, Lily had been found murdered.
Kat was both furious with him but relieved to see him, his silence and their inability to find him had made them fear the worst for him.

In the dingy upstairs bedroom above the pub, J.P looked at the angelic, blue face of Lily, her elfin face surrounded by dirty blonde curls, looking peaceful in her sleep the mar upon her were the angry red marks around her throat.
J.P felt sick, his mind spun, although that could well have been the fact he'd smacked his head no less than three times on the black tudor roof beams, which deviously hid among the also dark wood ceiling.

The Chronicles of J.P

Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 7:21 pm
by arcanus
Location: The Shaftesbury Public House, Shaftesbury Avenue, The Capitals West End.
He'd set Rosie to work straight away, having been away and the girls holed up, J.Ps section of Shaftesbury Avenue had been unavoidably vulnerable and predators had started to encrouch, Toms standing on his corners, dealers in his doorways.

Rosie had given several of the Toms and pimps a hiding, although come away very bloody.
However a further appearance by HCM had cleared the area, the entirety of Shafesbury Avenue now knew of the murderous stalker and Toms, Pimps and Dealers had scattered to their bolt holes.

J.P kept the girls in groups, Rosie guarding them, while he stepped up the perveyance of chemical stimulation.
Sat within his attic laboratory and finally relaxed, he'd had to put in some serious time and clandestine meetings to protect his cash flow, it was fair to say he was well and truly knackered. His leg was also truly killing him, which couldn't be good, bloody crocodile.

He turned his attention to his latest thoughts for Chemical Improvements, the ability to see in the dark, solutions to enhance strength and speed, however such things were beyond his current references and laboratory.
Time to hit the Universities and Etherscope.

The Chronicles of J.P

Posted: Fri May 06, 2011 12:10 pm
by arcanus
Location: Royal University College Medical School, The Cruxiform Building, Gower Street, London
During his academic travels, JP had made the acquaintance of a junior medical researcher by the name of Cartwright Miller, it was he who kindly provided him with access to the College Medical Schools laboratory facilities.

It was there that he could analyse the bloods taken from Lily and Cassie Hope.

Not one to miss an opportunity JP had starting a conversation with Miller concerning the augmenting of human attributes, he had become very conspiratorial but commented in secretive tones.
However intrigue getting the better of him he suggested that JP speak with Professor George Bufford Eleigh.

The professor in turn couldn't see JP due to an incredibly busy work schedule but did invite JP to dinner at his townhouse in Harrow, that evening.

The Chronicles of J.P

Posted: Fri May 20, 2011 9:56 am
by arcanus
arcanus wrote:However intrigue getting the better of him he suggested that JP speak with Professor George Bufford Eleigh.

The professor in turn couldn't see JP due to an incredibly busy work schedule but did invite JP to dinner at his townhouse in Harrow, that evening.
arcanus wrote:Make an Academic and Occult Influence roll?.

Re: The Chronicles of J.P

Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:48 pm
by arcanus
The Shaftesbury, Shaftesbury Avenue - The Crown Capital
It was late Lily's wake had turned to revelry and then the mixture of jobbing actors, petty criminals, loose ladies and stage hands had staggered off into the night, with no recollection for the night being a wake at all.

JP had retired to his room in the pubs attic, his mind now firmly fixed upon his conversation with Harry and Tisbury, an expedition to Madagascar.
He had sent a note to the Magdalene with all haste and rather pleasingly had received a note in return with equal haste.

His plans for potions and concoctions were coming fruition, he opened the note from Lord Reynolds

'Dear JP,
Lord Reynolds is keen to understand the details of your proposed expedition!
Please prepare a proposal to assist him in understanding the return on his investment.
Yours sincerely
S. Brocklesbury'