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Post by Hades » Mon Mar 23, 2009 1:12 pm

It was touching to see such care and kindness within the Chicago Containment Zone, these days there was too little of that. It was both ironic and a shame that it was a non 'homo-sapiens unspecificus' and not a member of one of the so-called sentient species.

Hades backed away, quietly closing the door, and with a little trepidation he pulled one of the sofas in the lounge area upright and eased himself onto it, savouring the soft cushions and oblivious to the damp musty smell of mildew.

Hopefully that creature wold stay down in the cellar, if not, he would cross that bridge if and when he had to. that was preferrable to going back out into the hellish storm that was raging outside.

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Post by Hades » Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:15 am

Hades awoke feeling stiff and cold from the damp trousers her wore. His eyes squinted in the bright early morning light and he gasped like a man who smoked forty cigarettes a day.
Searching behind the bar for a drink he discovered the sink for rinsing glasses after they had come out of the now disused dish-washer.
Trying the tap he was rewarded with a stream of dirty brown water that coughed and gurgled spattering the inside of the chipped Belfast sink.
After a minute though the water ran clear and Hades bent low and drank from the flow eagerly. It tasted bitter and coppery, a bit like blood, from fitting in the pipe for so long.
'I'll end up with Legionnaires Disease or damned dysentery or something, the ork thought darkly but not stopping until his thirst had been quenched. Perhaps he could even have a wash.

Then the old pipes began to bag, a slow steady tom-tom drum beat echoing through the otherwise silent building.

Hades quickly shut off the tap but the pipes still managed one more hit on the drum. The ork's thoughts went to the big red guerrilla in the basement and he backed cautiously away, moving for the door and the open, sun-kissed street.

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Post by Hades » Mon Apr 06, 2009 11:14 am

Ten feet from the front door Hades could hear movement upon the stairs that led from the basement and could smell the creature's scent with his sensitive nose.
The door was thrown open to reveal the creature, which McLarren now recognised from his xenobiology classes as an Embracer. Standing tall it was near to eight feet in height, the crown of its head brushing the ceiling and must be somewhere in the region of four hundred pounds. Its fur was a deep dingy red in colour and was missing in places where the creature bore the scars of battle.

It snarled at Hades, baring its sharp canine teeth. Hunching forward to support its weight on its arms, imitating it’s mundane cousins, the Embracer surged forward several paces, halfling the distance between them. It was a threatening gesture but also one that allowed the Embracer to judge its opponent.

McLarren, quietly cursing his luck, stood firm adjusting his stance to better receive the attack. The gorilla like creature was big, but he’d faced trolls of a similar size during his Urban Brawl days and had lived to tell the tale.

Having made his threat, the creature paused. The ork had shown no fear and was standing his ground and this gave the beast some concern.
His eyes narrowed suspiciously as they locked with the ork’s. Although ready, standing prepared to defend itself the ork was making no offensive gestures. But that could be a trick.
A silence fell in the room but as it did a shrill cry echoed off the walls outside and both ork and embracer turned towards the front window…

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Lillian May Buxley

Post by Hades » Tue Apr 07, 2009 10:35 am

Running as fast as she could with one of her trainers held together with a ragged strip of tape, Lillian May Buxley, Lilly to her friends, tripped and fell.
Ignoring the grazes to hands, knees and elbows and the burning in her cheek that was accompanied by an ache as though someone had just hit her, she scrambled to her feet and started running again. Harsh laughter, that of her pursuers resounded off the alley walls urging her to greater speeds.
Erupting from the narrow passageway between the neighbouring apartment blocks she screamed, the sound so loud and shrill she surprised herself.
Four men were waiting for her at the end of the alley, one of whom had grabbed her arm and had solicited the shriek.
Lilly pulled away, kicking the man in the shin as she did.
It was his turn to yelp drawing several amused laughs from his companions.
She ran again, once more tripping on the flapping sole of her battered Nike training shoe but managed to stay on her feet.

The men were joined by the two who had been chasing Lilly down the alley, herding her towards the ambush.
Dodging between the carcasses of wrecked and abandoned vehicles that lay in the street like the bones in an elephants graveyard Lilly sprinted at a door to a small shopping precint.
The door burst open and immediately a synthetic voice announced that there was no running allowed within the mall. The voice sounded out of key, the result of damage to the PA system.
It was a voice that Lilly would have ignored prior to the shut-down of Chicago.

“Fuckers!” McLarren swore aloud at the same time as the Embracer, having silently sidled up alongside the ork let out a predatory snarl.
The two exchanged knowing looks then Hades took off for the door and ‘Red’ thundered up the stairs.

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Post by Hades » Wed Apr 15, 2009 3:16 pm

Having slammed through the doors Lilly managed to leap at the last moment seeing the makeshift barricade of tables, chairs, lockers, shelving and other flotsam that had been piled just behind the doors.
Despite the leap she still crashed into an upturned table, half climbing and half falling over the obstacle.
Feeling the bruises she once more scrambled to her feet just as the door burst open and the orks came through.
They too were not expecting the barrier however they were moving at a less frantic pace and managed to navigate the debris with a minimum of fuss.
Lilly ran on, limping on her aching leg and stumbling over the flapping sole.
Pausing briefly she kicked off her trainers and sprinted on into the mall.
Glancing over her shoulder she could see the orks spreading out, they were close now, her stumbles having allowed them to gain on her.

Shops, all dark and empty, most of them smashed and ransacked years ago lined the thoroughfare that opened up five floors above her to a glass roof.
Several of the panes were smashed and water had flooded the lower floor, making the polished marble effect flooring slippery.
In her thin socks Lilly skidded on the wet floor that was slick with algae and mould where the puddle had dried and reformed and dried again many times before.

She went down hard knocking the air from her lungs and cracking her head on the unyielding floor. Bright white lights exploded before her eyes, fading slowly through reds and purples and greens as the world slowly came back to her.

She saw, through the kaleidoscope of multicoloured blotches the harsh angular face grinning sadistically at her from behind long yellowed tusks.

Lilly tried to back away, scrambling on the sticky floor but the ork grabbed her collar and hoisted her up and pulled her in close.

“Hello, Lilly,” he said his fetid breath hot on her cheek. “You’ve been avoiding us.”

She twisted away, pulling her arms out of her sleeves leaving the ork holding nothing but her jacket. One of the other orks grabbed her instead.
Hal Jackson grinned. “You undressing for us already, Lilly? How d’you know that’s what we want from your scrawny little human ass?” he laughed. It was not a real laugh, it was a snide sneer of a laugh, completely put on but it inspired similar such noises from the group around him.

Lilly was pushed back at Hal who merely pushed her away towards one of the other orks who pushed her on again, passing her from man to man each one of whom groped her or pinched her or even licked her face.
This one she pushed back, lashing with her fist. The ork shrugged off the hit but shoved her hard to the ground, tearing at her t-shirt so that it ripped open from the shoulder, down the seam to her waist.

Hal moved in close again, kicking her legs out from under her so that she landed awkwardly on the hard floor again.

He reached down pulling her short ruffled skirt up and his fingers seeking the elastic band of her leggings. Lilly tried once more to get away, unable to stop the scream which just elicited snide laughs from Hal’s buddies.

Hal yanked at the waistband of the tight black garment. “Get her arms!” he instructed as she began to flail around wildly.

Two of the orks took her arms and pinned her down as Hal struggled to pull the leggings off her kicking legs.


Moving across the street quickly but ever watchful on the doorway into the mall, Mac asked himself how he always got into situations like this.
“Cos you’re an idiot!” he scolded. An idiot with some degree of morals.

The door was ajar and Mac peered in. the orks had closed in on their quarry how was laying in a pool of slimy water. She looked dazed and one of the orks walked over to her, his heavy boots more readily finding purchase that her socked feet had.

Hades crept in glad of the sudden din coming from the orks who were now passing the frightened girl around.

He used the shadows in by the shop fronts to get closer but eventually had to step out into the bright morning sunshine.

One of the orks was now mauling the young girl, pulling her trousers off while his mates held her. That was far enough as far as Mac was concerned.
“What the fuck’s happening here?” he called loudly, already striding in toward the girl.

All six orks turned to face the sudden arrival. A couple of them were carrying shotguns and they pointed them at Mac threateningly.
The ork stripping the girl stood tall, his barrel chest swelling as he sucked in air.
He ran a finger through the mop of blond hair that nestled atop his head like the fronds of a pineapple. He recognised the newcomer, and McLarren recognised him.

“Hades!” the ork almost spat the name.
Hades shrugged at the venom in the introduction as he’d never met the man before him so didn’t know where the resentment could come from. “Morning, Hal.”

Hal Jackson, leading Banger for the Chicago Sensations Urban Brawl team. The Sensations were a corporate sponsored team, the richer of the two Chicago based squads. He and Mac had never been on opposing sides of a brawl. When Hades had last played the Sensations, Jackson was out injured having been on the receiving end of a Detroit Nightmares’ all out assault on goal that left him with multiple gunshot wounds and a severed leg.
Hades guessed he must have still been recovering when the wall went up. As he recalled the Sensations were away to Montreal Assassins at the time.

Hal for his part hated Hades. Not for any other reason than the younger ork was far more popular in the Windy City than he was. In fact Jackson had been one of those foul mouthed ungrateful players that had gained a degree of popularity and celebrity and become arrogant with it.

Hades came up alongside the ex-Sensation as the other orks looked on confused. This newcomer obviously knew Hal, although their relationship seemed a bit on edge from the tone of Hal’s voice, and the guy was an ork, albeit a pretty boy rather than a goblin, but an orks none-the-less. Did that make him one of them?

Hades looked down at the young girl. He guessed she couldn’t be more than sixteen.
Staring into her eyes he offered her his hand. “Get up,” he instructed quietly.

Lilly held his gaze for a moment, anger and hatred showing easily in her chocolate brown eyes. But she found herself reaching out for his extended hand, her soft fingers slipping into his, letting him help her to her feet. She pulled the tattered t-shirt across her chest in an attempt to cover herself, but the garment was useless.

“What the fuck are you doing man?” Hal asked angrily.

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Post by arcanus » Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:44 am

The words trailed off in Hals mouth as his vision was drawn to the large creature that cautiously strode into the mall, it was three meters high, lobster red skin, with a physical build not disimilar to a bald gorilla. Apart from its physical power the aspect that made it all the more menacing was its yellow eyes and the devil like horns upon its head.
For the creature this was a brave act, it hadn't ventured into the light of day for two full seasons, so its curiousity and instinct were very powerful.
It had seen guns before though and they'd hurt, it scratched around in the strewn wreckage and hoisted the remnants of a barrier, lofting it like a shield.

Hals orks had by this stage lost all interest in Lilly, who Mac slowly guided to her feet, as if tiptoeing through a pack of sleeping lions.
The pregnant pause came to an abrupt end when one of the orks nerve broke and he discharged his shotgun wild, Mac ducked a distracted Hals wild swing for him, in turn he pushed Lilly across the mall floor and out of the fray.

The creature in an incredibly metahuman gesture swung the barrier around, absorbing the buckshot, in true ape style it then bounced off several girders reaching the higher ground of the malls roof beams in mere moments.
One of the orks screamed as a blob of burning mucus flopped onto the side of his head and began to burn, pandemonium ensued.
The creature however wasn't escaping lightly as several wild shots had clipped it.

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Post by Hades » Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:55 am

Of the two men who had been holding Lilly, one of them leaped on Mac’s back gripping him in a bear hug, whilst Hal also closed in slamming his fist into Hades’ stomach.

The ex-Shatters player coughed as the air was forced from his lungs and grunted as Hal thumped him square on the nose.
Blood flowed freely down into his mouth and over his chin.

Mac kicked forward at Hal at the same time as slamming his head backwards into his assailants face. His kick caught Hal on the knee making him yelp and his head crunched into the other man’s cheek but he grunted and shrugged the attack off, maintaining his grip.

There was a wail of pain from the ork whose face had been burnt as he took his hand away, pulling the top layer of flesh with it, leaving the angry raw flesh beneath exposed.

Mac hunched over pulling the gripper off his feet and leaned to one side, deliberately falling, angling himself so that he landed on his opponent who finally relinquished his hold.
Hades immediately turned on him, rising onto his knees and raining blows in quick succession onto his head.
From the corner of his eye he saw Lilly standing aghast against a shop window.
“Run!” he shouted at her, then returned to the man under him.

Hal surged forward again, the feeling having returned to his leg. Grabbing the shoulders of Hades’ armoured vest he pulled the ork off his comrade and heaving with all his strength threw Mac to the ground calling him a cocksucker as he did.

“I’m a cocksucker?” Hades asked incredulously. “You’re the asshole trying to rape an innocent young girl.” Climbing to his feet, readying himself to attack again he saw one of the orks grab Lilly who had made it halfway back to the doors.

“Innocent girl?” Hal spat. “She’s a fucking human, man. What leniency have they ever shown us? They treat us like animals, second class citizens. Well now it’s our turn to take over the city, show the homo sapiens irrelevantus who’s really in charge.”

Hades shook his head in wonder. Did Jackson really believe the shit he was sprouting.
The mall was quiet now, two of the orks with their weapons raised towards the roof where the Embracer had been. The creature had disappeared but the men were unsure if it was dead or not. They split their interest between the upper levels and the bloodied form of McLarren Hades.

“People treat you like an animal because that’s what you are.” Hades scolded. “you go round raping women then you deserve a lot less than a bit of discrimination. In fact if you try and rape this particular woman I’ll fucking kill you myself.”

Hal grinned wolfishly at him, shaking his head with supreme confidence. “No you won’t,” he sneered pulling a pistol from his belt and pointing it at Hades.

Lilly was dragged closer, her demeanour now completely submissive to the point that her legs had crumpled beneath her and the ork who had her was more or less carrying her.
Hal moved across beside her his free hand taking her chin and lifting her head so he could look her in the eye. “You are so going to wish this guy never showed up.”
Lilly seemed to shrink under his lascivious gaze.

In a swift movement Mac had the marine’s combat knife in his hand and launched it at Jackson. Not weighted for throwing the weapon struck Hal in the chest hilt first, but the strength of the throw was still enough to hurt the ork.
Hal’s hand went to the point of impact as he shouted “Ow!” Hades made a mental note then – no armour.
It didn’t matter, Hal reacted quickly his pistol up and the shot rang out disproportionately loud in the empty mall.
Mac’s head whipped back in a spray of blood as the bullet gouged a chunk of flesh and bone from the ork ganger’s skull.
Hades hit the ground hard and Lilly screamed receiving a slap from her captor.

Hal Jackson returned his attention to Lilly. “Now where was I?” he grinned evilly.

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Post by Hades » Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:58 am

Lillian May Buxley lay on the cold floor in a half dream state.
Tears welled in her eyes and every now and then rolled down her cheek to drip onto the white replica marble.
She refused to react to the bastard pleasuring himself between her legs, laying there like the hunk of meat Hal Jackson was treating her like.
She tried to ignore the pain too but it wasn’t easy.

Two of the men were stood beside them urging Hal on in his conquest. Another was standing over his unconscious friend who had still not awoken after that Hades prick had given him a beating.
The final ork was standing in front of a mirror wall adjacent to the elevators applying medicated anaesthetic to his facial wound. His shotgun was slung over his shoulder.

The elevator alongside him pinged and in suspicion he stepped back unslinging the firearm. All five conscious orks stopped their activities to stare at the lift.
The doors opened quickly to reveal the red skinned gorilla like beast. In its hand it held a large red AFFF fire extinguisher, wielding it like a club.
It’s movement deceptively fast it rushed out swinging the extinguisher and striking the burned ork solidly in the abdomen like a batsman hitting a home run.
The ork literally flew thirty feet through the air and sliding along the shiny floor coming to a stop as it struck Mac’s motionless body.
The Embracer gave a guttural roar of absolute undeniable anger that left the orks momentarily frozen with fear.

Suddenly, for Hal Jackson the moment had passed and he climbed off the inert Lilly.
He kept his movements small and slow and so far all the creature was doing was standing there snarling, and it seemed to be looking beyond him.

“Hey, fucknuts!” said a voice from behind him.
With his trousers around his ankles and his engorged penis pointing ahead like some obscene diving rod Hal turned to see McLarren Hades standing there with a pump action shotgun in his hands.
Above the semi dried blood on the ork’s face where there had been a gaping hole not more than ten minutes ago there was now an angry looking red welt.

“How the fuck?” Hal cursed. It was the last thing he ever said.

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Post by Hades » Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:50 pm

McLarren had been willing to let these men go, after a damned good kicking of course, should they have put up any sort of resistance to his removing Lilly from the situation.
However, now that Halenbeck Jackson Jr. had tried to kill him, and had managed to commit the ultimate sin against a young girl then there was no way he was going to let the fucker live now.

Again the blast was loud, echoing off the walls of the empty mall so that it repeated several more times.
At such close range the shot had not spread more than an inch more than the barrel’s diameter, and shredded the flesh and bone at the nape of Hal’s neck.
Blood erupted in a thick shower from the back of the ork’s neck and the heavy head lolled to one side, opening the destroyed jugular and sending a further fountain high into the air.
Then Hal’s head slid backward over his left shoulder, the ragged tendrils of flesh unable to hold the weight, tore and the head fell, bouncing with an almost wooden sound on the hard floor.

One of the orks, watching in horror as his leader’s head rolled unevenly on the white fake marble finally turned away and threw up as Hal’s body wobbled slightly and the knees gave out so that ‘he’ suddenly sat down on his own face.

If it had not been for the massive ache in his head and the fact the Lilly was still laying on the floor, now splattered with ork blood, then Mac may have found the scene mildly amusing.
Perhaps in a few days he would have a chuckle at the image of the ork’s naked ass sitting on his own face.
Now though he trained the weapon at the other armed ork. None of them had moved, frozen in fear and horror by the combined appearance of the Embracer, the apparent resurrection of Hades and the grotesque decapitation of Jackson.

“I’ll have that, thank you,” Hades said indicating the weapon. “And all your ammo too.”
Reality crashed back in on the ork’s world and a massive surge of adrenaline flooded his system, sweeping before all logical thought and pulling in it’s wake only rage.
He swung the Remington Pump towards Hades dramatically pumping the action as he did so and letting loose like a mad man.
Three shots went off, not one of them hitting their intended target before the AFFF extinguisher smashed into his shoulder, breaking his arm and splintering ribs and throwing the man through the plate glass window beside him.
The extinguisher clanged noisily to the ground and Hades gave his unusual ally a nod of thanks.
‘Red’ gave the two orks who had, as of yet, not moved from their position alongside the prone form of Lilly, a grin that exposed his razor sharp array of teeth.
As one the two took off down the long promenade, running for their lives.

The embracer moved towards the young girl who lay inert on the cold filthy floor. It gave a compassionate whimper before it screwed its face up in anger and with a feral roar took off in pursuit of the orks.

Hades moved slowly over to Lilly, crouching down and taking her hand in his.
She remained motionless, the slow rise and fall of her abdomen the only indicator that she was still alive.
Pulling her skirt down from where Hal had shoved it so that it covered her nudity he left her for a moment to gather her knickers and jacket from where they lay discarded by her attackers.
Mac had to leave her leggings as they were scrunched up under the corpse of Hal Jackson and as such were soaked with his blood.

Ever the survivor he moved quickly from body to body, gathering items of use and ammunition for his newly acquired weapons.
In one of Hal’s pockets he discovered a permit that would allow him access to Lady Catherine’s area. She was issuing permits now? Bitch was getting too big and too powerful.

Using the Embracer’s improvised weapon to smash his way into a store he found a large backpack and filled it with his booty then returned to Lilly.
She hadn’t moved, but she was shivering.

Hades knelt beside her and gently slid his arms under her back and her knees and lifted her from the ground. She seemed not to notice.

A terrified and agonised wail emitted from the far end of the mall, around a corner so that Mac could not see its source.
A macabre feeling of justice made him smirk inside.
Looking down at the bruised and defiled girl in his arms he carried her out of the Mall and back across the road to Gianino’s

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Malthalamus Curren in A Glimpse of the Past

Post by Hades » Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:29 pm

He settled the girl on the sofa, noting that she was no longer shaking, but she remained otherwise bereft of movement, her eyes glazed and vacant.
Quickly he assessed her injuries. It was mostly cuts and grazes, and he guessed the worst ones here would be mental rather than physical.
The door opened and ‘Red’ loped in, the stain of blood a dark stain around its wide, heavy lipped mouth.

The creature stared a Hades, as though assessing him as a foe once more, but as it moved its gaze to Lilly, its features softened and with an odd almost wookie-like noise it shuffled to the back of the room and down to the basement.
A sigh of relief escaped the ork.

Checking the kitchens, he found that one of the hobs and a hot plate were still working. He filled a pan with water and put it on to boil.
Whoever those people down below had been they were obviously making use of the facilities here and maintaining them too. Even one of the big freezers worked and had a few hunks of soy meat, rat, pigeon and what looked like dog.
He took a couple of slabs of the latter out to thaw.

Returning to Lilly with the hot water and a clean-ish towel, he began to slowly wipe the drying ork blood from her face and shoulders.
At the hot touch of the damp towel she moved, a slight tensing and a sharp intake of breath and then she relaxed again, though her breathing was more pronounced than it had been.

The towel wiped away the blood and grime from the young girl’s face and the Sign only now really noticed how pretty she was.
Her chocolate brown eyes although currently glazed and vacant were a rich colour with a promise of coming alive when she was more lucid.
The girl’s cheeks had flushed red with the heat of the towel but the dark bruise forming there marred the otherwise flawless skin.

Careful not to make any gestures that the girl could misconstrue he wetted the towel and cleaned the dirt and gravel from her grazed elbows and knees.

Lilly suddenly sucked in a long breath and the ork taking the towel away from her knee fearing she may have a more serious injury noticed that she was clearly staring at him.


In her mind the chase had replayed over and over, culminating in Hal’s head bouncing on the hard floor, the impact sounding like an explosion in her mind.
Then he was there again, his face leering as he forced himself inside, his hot breath stinking. Again and again she saw him violating her.
Suddenly the image faded to nothing and was replaced with a feeling of warmth and comfort.
Then Hal’s ugly face was back again, the nose at this odd angle seeming almost as big as his head.
Then the warmth, and it soothed her mind, making the ever present image of her attacker seem less threatening.
Even so the ork would return, thrusting home with a grunt, but somehow the image seemed slightly more distant.
Again the warmth and a feeling of soft fuzziness.
Hal – warmth – Hal – warmth it went, seemingly for an age but each time Hal’s image became weaker.

Then Hal wasn’t there at all. She was in what was left of a restaurant.
Not daring to move she used her eyes only. There was a figure perched on the edge of the sofa on which she was laying. The man, another ork, had her right leg over his knee.
She had felt warmth on her leg and now heard water. With a frown she finally recognised the man from the mall, the one who had been shot by Hal.

She remembered her feeling of relief when someone had interrupted Hal and his gang. She remembered staring at the newcomer who was angry at Hal, a feeling of euphoria rising in her as her saviour came and helped her to her feet.
She remembered Hal shooting the man in the head and the sudden overwhelming feeling of despair that swept all her will power away and left her unable to move.
That’s when Hal got her and…

Ow! Lilly sucked in air, hissing as the hot water soaked towel was pressed onto her grazed knee. It wasn’t really painful, although it did sting a fair bit. It was the shock of it alongside the realisation that she could feel. She had feared that she would be numb forever, just a shell of a person.

She stared hard at the ork with the towel, the man who had, in the end, saved her.


Conscious of the fragility of people who had been through the kind of trauma that this girl had just been through, Hades gently moved her leg, removed his from under it and stood, sheepishly, almost embarrassed.
The girl never took her gaze from him.
“Hi, er,” he fumbled the words, not sure what to say. “Erm… I thought I’d try and clean some of the dirt out.” He waved a hand lazily at he knee.
She smiled and those chocolate eyes, as promised, lit up.
“Thank you,” she croaked, her voice hoarse.
“I’ll get you some water.” He almost ran into the kitchen.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mac cursed at himself as he cleaned a glass an ran the tap letting the acrid tasting coppery coloured water run clear again. “She’s just a kid! A kid who’s just been through hell.”
A sudden scream from the restaurant made him rush back where he came across Red lurking in the doorway to the basement.
Lilly had backed into the corner of the sofa. Her wide eyes showed fear but already Mac could see her calming, as though she already knew she was not in danger.

“It’s okay,” Mac reassured her, “he wont hurt you.” He hoped he wouldn’t anyway.
Red gave another rapid course of wookie noises and thrust an army issue med-pack in his direction.

Mac was surprised. “Fuckin’ A, man!” the ork said, giving the big creature a friendlt slap on the shoulder as he took the pack.
Rooting around he found some antiseptic cream and gauze and plasters.
“You, eh, want to, you know?” he asked offering the bundle to Lilly.
Moving back onto the sofa she shook her head, the memories of the rape abating again the memories of this ork and his unusual companion being forced to the front of her mind.
“No,” she shook her head, her almost black hair waving slightly. “Can you do it?”
All she really wanted was for someone to touch her in a way that gave her reassurance, and the memory of her mother putting the antiseptic cream on her knees after she had fallen off her bike were comforting.

Mentally giving himself a slap on the face and reminding himself that she was the one who had just been traumatised, Mac knelt beside the sofa and went about his task.

“I’m Lilly,” the girl said when he’d finished. And then she cried. A big shoulder shaking sob that she found she couldn’t stop. She threw her arms around Mac’s neck and cried like a child.

Half an hour later Mac pulled a blanket over Lilly. She’d cried for ages and as the sobs had died down she clung to him.
Strange, he thought how his paternal instinct took over and he just held her back stoking her hair and found himself wondering what his own young daughter was like now.

Reaching for the med-kit he knocked if of the arm, spilling the contents on the floor.
In the bottom of the kit were some photos.
They showed several people huddled together for a group shot, and others showed the same people in ones and twos.
Then a photo took Mac’s breath away.
A young woman sat reclined in a chair, a tin cup in her hand and beside her was a man. The human was short, balding, a little overweight and even with the dark shadows around his eyes, Mac recognised him. Curren.
He checked the data on the photo. It was some six months after the Signs had lost contact with Granite and the others, including Curren.
He didn’t go? He stayed in Chicago? Why?
Hades looked over to the door to the basement.
“Red!” he called pulling the door open.
The embracer came loping out of the half light and thrust the photo at the creature, tapping the mans image.
“Curren!” he said.
Red nodded. “C-U-R-R-E-N!” it emulated, nodding exaggeratedly and looking at the ork in delight.
“This is Curren?” Hades asked again, not sure how much the creature understood. “Malthalamus Curren?”
Red spoke the man’s name again.
Mac nodded to the corpses that were neatly laid out on the basement floor. “Is he… Is he here?”

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Lillian May Buxley watched Mac through slitted eyes as he flicked through the photos, noticing the sudden change in his demeanour.
She’d let him think she was asleep after he’d taken such care to ease her onto the sofa and had searched for a blanket. Actually it was a large tablecloth but that didn’t really matter. It was the most care anyone had taken of her in a long while.

She wondered who he was. He’d known Hal Jackson well enough to call him by name, and Hal had obviously known him, but the ork’s apparently kind nature didn’t seem to fit with those kind of social circles.

Lilly watched as Mac called out for the strange creature in the basement and then disappeared out of sight.
She yawned, true tiredness finally setting over her. She’d get over today. She had before and she’d do it again, perhaps, if she held herself together she might have someone to help her.
The others from the school where she lived had been kind enough, keeping her fed and safe. She had her purpose – keeping Hal and his cronies happy.

Hal Jackson was one of Lady Catherine’s bitches. The warlord had learned that rather than fight the gangs she should recruit them.
They were offered the protection of Catherine’s troops and privileges in Catherine Town.
All they had to do was police their area and pay a tithe, which of course the gangs reaped from the local populous.
When the school-haven had been unable to pay Hal and his goons things had become violent and they threatened to kill someone.
Then he’d spotted the fifteen year old Lilly and had made a deal with the then leader of the school-haven; Hal would reduce the tax for the school so long as he got to have Lilly whenever he visited.
Faced with the option of having one of his people executed or letting Hal ‘have’ the young girl who didn’t have any connections with the other people there, he chose the latter.
Hal had given their original intended victim a beating anyway, just to remind them all who was boss, then his men had dragged the kicking and screaming Lilly into a disused part of the school and he’d raped her.
In hindsight she realised that Hal could have been much worse. He could have beaten her and forced everything, but in fact he had taken his time and coaxed the young girl into relenting.
Perhaps he had considered that to be her acceptance and let him rationalise what he was doing.

The people at the school couldn’t look her in the eye when she returned.
When Hal came the next time, a month or so later, and had once again threatened to kill someone if the tax wasn’t paid, Lilly had come forward despite earlier protestations from her peers. She had gone with Hal with only the faintest of resistance, having prepared herself for the inevitable.

The Leader of the school-haven hung himself that night.

Even so, Lilly had gone with Hal the following three times he’d come. Allowing herself to go through the ordeal knowing that her actions were preventing further harm coming to the small community in which she lived.

Although no one ever talked about it, she knew that the others felt shame. They did however ensure that she was always looked after.
It was just a shame that she’d gone out this morning, knowing that Hal was due. She couldn’t bring herself to go with him again and so she’d snuck out of the school. But they’d found her anyway.

Now, laying on the soft sofa her lids becoming heavier she glanced at the pump action gun on counter top and half toyed with the idea of stealing it and getting out of here, look after herself. Who was she kidding, no one could last alone in the zone.
She rolled over and went to sleep.

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Post by Hades » Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:15 am

Major-General Henderson strode onto the Main Communications Office aboard the Avian and spoke quietly to the dwarf who had served as his driver for two years.

To the other personnel in the MCO it looked as it often was, like two old friends engaging in small talk.
In fact Henderson was instructing the dwarf to send a coded and encrypted message to one of his ‘militia’ groups on the ground.
This particular group was based in an old Coast Guard station on the Lake Michigan shore. It was a well defended outpost, secretly supplied by the UCAS military with enough defences to keep most of the other gangs from getting too close.

The dwarf sergeant major scratched absently at his short beard and sent the message.


Klaus peered through the huge magnifying glass at the steaming tip of the soldering iron.
His steady hand guided it and the solder to the tiny wire poking through the circuit board. There was a faint hiss and a puff of smoke and he pulled back leaning into his chair back.
“Try that,” he instructed.
The full automaton glanced down at its arm and suddenly the hand folded back out of the way and the barrel of a machine gun slid forward out of the machine’s forearm.
<THAT IS BETTER> HAL said, reversing the process.
Klaus grinned. “Of course it is.”

Suddenly the military grade comms unit to his left sprang to life, gave a soft chime and an amber light flashed on the console to indicate the receipt of an incoming message.
He read it, made a few notes and then climbed the ladder to the old control room.
Perched like a ship’s bridge on the top of the building the control room was now being used as a rec space for the Signs.

Ty was there.
Klaus passed on the message.
The next window in the defence screen was in three days.

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The Curse of Remembering

Post by arcanus » Mon May 04, 2009 12:00 pm

Mac stood in the doorway, his conversation with 'Red' had been typically one sided, 'Selfish ape' he mentally chuckled to himself.
He turned his head "Selfish thats what you are" he threw the fond joke down the basement staircase, a series of wookie like protestations arose, following by that same sad crooning.
A sadness settled over the once great resturant, casting his vision back to the ravaged walls, 'Mac' looked with renewed interest.
The damage hadn't been caused by just small arms fire, no this was heavy stuff, holes the size of cueballs sat within thick old masonry.
Careful not to wake 'Lily' he gingerly stepped across the floorspace.

His academic mind clicked in, analysing what he saw, 'There were two fights' he thought, the evidence was unclear to the untrained eye, but a Major in sciences was useful for something.
The mold growing upon the larger bullet holes was older, nature had had longer to assert her control, the small arms damage and the unknown grooves were newer, less moss and lichen.
Hades looked down at the photo, "So the question remains did you make it!", a sense of loss gripped 'Hades' strongly at that point, a sense of guilt!
When the rumour that Granite and Co had got out, had reached the Signs they were bitter and betrayed, but now, what if they hadn't.
That thought hung in the air for quite a while, while 'Hades' and 'Red' returned their vigils.

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Post by Hades » Fri May 08, 2009 2:15 pm

“Jesus!” Mac blasphemed as the full picture of the devastation within the restaurant.
What the hell could have warranted this type of assault?
A lot of the damage had been covered and patched. So this place had been reoccupied. The assault hadn’t made it to the kitchens which explained why they were still operating.

Down In the basement Hades peered into the almost pitch blackness, his nose wrinkling in disgust at the odour of decay that permeated nearly everything here.
He wanted to check the bodies to see if Curren was among them.
The lighter he used to provide light in the absence of a torch revealed a dozen dead, some bloated and rotting corpses, others looked as though they had recently perished. None of them was Curren.

He stumbled back up the stairs the stench still filling his nostrils and burst loudly into the restaurant. He made it as far as the bar and threw up.

Lilly woke with a start, sitting bolt upright, her heart pounding and the delirium of sleep still heavily upon her.
“What? What’s up?” she called, eyes wide and fearful.
“Nothing,” came the reply, the intensity telling the young girl not to argue.

Mac looked at the girl, the curtain/blanket pulled up over her shoulders.
“Get dressed, we’re getting out of here.”

Without question the girl swung her legs down and Mac noticed her bare feet.
Grabbing the shotgun he checked it was loaded and told Lilly to stay put then wandered back across the street to the mall.

There her found her old trainers, checked the size and scoured shops for shoes.
Surprisingly he found a clothing store that was only half ransacked. The security doors at the front had taken one hell of a beating. Someone had spent a lot of effort getting in here.
Cautiously he entered, shotgun leading the way, but his own efforts were for naught for whoever had broken in here had long gone. He saw why the place had been worth the trouble. The shop had an armoured fashion section that was now almost completely bare, stripped of every piece of protective clothing the looters could carry.

He hunted around for something suitable and came across some boots that looked about the right size for Lilly, and some clothes for her too, jeans, underwear, t-shirt.
Grabbing some items for himself too he then returned to the restaurant but not before piling a few items in disarray around the shop front.
There was enough left in there, mostly normal clothing but a few choice items, to warrant a return here with more bodies.

Lilly was grateful for the new clothes, the boots fit perfectly but were big and clumpy and she couldn’t get them and the jeans on at the same time so she kept her skirt. The t-shirt was a little on the small side too but aside from being a bit clip and not quite long enough to reach her waist it did cover more than just he bra.
Dirty denim jacket finished off the ensemble. Looking in what was left of a mirror she didn’t look too bad.

The ork sighed as he readied himself to leave. Red would take some convincing to leave, but Hades figured that this place wasn’t too good even for the awakened creatures heightened constitution…

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Post by arcanus » Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:17 pm

Hades wrote:The ork sighed as he readied himself to leave. Red would take some convincing to leave, but Hades figured that this place wasn’t too good even for the awakened creatures heightened constitution…
Hades prophecy was more apt than he'd anticipated, it was 'Reds' whimpering growl that alerted him to something amiss.
Slowly the ork turned, typically horror story-esque, then he saw it a large dark shape extending from the shadows of the ceiling.
It resembled an emense moth, combined with aspects of humanoid features, this one was truly horrifying, instead of some amalgamation of insect and man,
this one resembled a horrific combination an of insect with human parts trapped within it.
This including a face, screaming in pain or terror, upon its wings, Lily gasped in fear, the sound trapped within her throat.
GM wrote:Make a Willpower roll?

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Post by Hades » Tue Jun 02, 2009 6:41 am

Ha - who says Jimmy's dice roller is frugal?

Willpower: 18 10 5 5

On the basis of that roll:
Hades let out a sigh and glancing at Lily said, "Here," and threw his shotgun to the young girl knowing the thing was no use to him agianst this monstrosity.

Scooping up a broken table leg he was pleased to see a couple of screws protruding from the top end, remnants of wood still trapped between the threads.

"Okay, motherfucker," Hades said in a low threatening voice, "Lets dance!!"

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Post by Hades » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:43 am


“Goddamit, Sam! Where in the hell are they?” Lillian May Buxley paced around the room like a caged lion.
Samual Brownfeather shrugged his broad shoulders but didn't take his eyes off the road before him. He wasn't sure but he was convinced that he had seen movement among the dilapidated buildings down on the right. But that was a half hour ago, just when his shift on watch had started.
Sam moved on his seat a little adjusting the stock of his assault rifle to sit more comfortably in his shoulder. He couldn't help thinking that there was a sniper out there right now looking at his through a high powered scope, the graticule perfectly centred between his eyes.
Then again it could just have been a dog, though they seemed to be avoiding the old coastguard station these days. Many of their kin had wandered close and ended up on the roasting spit.
“Some dog would be nice tonight, don't you think?” Sam asked Lilly ignoring her perpetual pacing. She was always the same when Mac went out on a hunt or some other mission.
“What?” Lilly asked, taken by surprise.
“Dog. Wouldn't it be nice to have some meat to eat tonight?”

Lilly frowned at him. The big Salishe Shidhe indian was always hungry. “Yeah, I guess.”
It was then that she noticed how tense Sam looked. “What's up?”
Sam gave a faint nod of his head in the direction of the derelict building. “Thought I saw something. Could be nothing but, you know.”
“Want me to go get Ty?” Lilly volunteered.
“Could be a good idea,” Sam agreed.

Tyrone Beggs moved to another window and peered through his high powered binoculars. He couldn't see a thing, not a sign of anyone out there but that didn't mean there wasn't someone out there, or some thing.
“Dog?” Ty asked hopefully. There hadn't been a food drop around here for weeks and General Henderson wasn't exactly regular with his supply runs. Not that generous either.

A rumble echoed up the concrete and steel valley like thunder. No, not thunder, like a truck with half it's exhaust missing.
Ty shifted position, moving to another window to get a better view down the long approach road.
Something big and yellow was roaring up the street bashing its way through the detritus of three years of neglected humanity.
Over the angry roar of the engine Ty caught the staccato chatter of small arms fire. He glanced at Sam and Lilly. They'd both heard it.
“Lilly, tell the others and get someone up on the Fifty,” the ork instructed.

“Is that a school bus?” Sam mused.

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Post by Hades » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:44 am

The bus jerked to the right as it bounced off the hulk of a parked car.
McLarren Hades cursed as he fought the steering wheel. She was a bitch to steer with one tyre gone and one wheel buckled inward.
The screams of his passengers had died to whimpers and he was kind of glad that he wasn't so distracted.
Pulling on a chain overhead he cursed again. Instead of the deep resounding blast of the horn he got nothing, although he hoped the deafening roar of the engine would be enough to warn the others that he was coming.
His eyes began to sting with the irritating smoke flowing back from beneath the bent and twisted hood and filling the passenger compartment.
An SUV with the roof hacked off pulled up alongside the bus, the man beside the passenger letting loose with his assault rifle before the driver was forced to pull back to avoid another wrecked vehicle.

“Anyone hurt?” Mac called over his shoulder.
There were twelve of them, the survivors of just one more little enclave that had struggled to hold itself together inside the CZ in the face of roving gangs, rampant bugs, starvation and more recently Lady Catherine's recruitment drives.
There were also two other members of the Sign's Gang.

Before anyone could answer, if any of them had heard him over the din of the motor, he swung the bus around crashing it into the wall of the coastguard compound so that the vehicle did a good job of blocking the entrance.
The ork leaped from his seat and yanked the door open. “Everyone, out!” he yelled.
Suddenly the deafening beat of the .50 calibre machine-gun mounted on the roof of the compound hammered the air above them, even raising dust from the parking lot below. It spat it's lethal rounds out over the heads of the terrified people being ushered out of the bus and towards a door that was yanked open by yet another ork.

Not looking at the approaching vehicles for a brief moment, Lilly leaned out from behind the plate steel gun-shield and flashed a smile at Hades as he turned from the bus and looked up to see who was manning the gun. He smiled back and saw the sudden change in Lilly's expression. He was too late to do anything.
The rocket struck the back end of the bus, lifting that quarter a few feet off the ground. The ball of fire from the high explosive round caused the fuel and air inside the tank to expand violently. The tank split and the fuel ignited, sheathing the back of the bus in flame and scattering shrapnel in every direction.

Hades coughed and then winced as a searing pain in his side took his breath away. As he began to scramble to his feet, adrenaline powering his muscles he noticed the long chrome tube protruding from his abdomen. His sigh was inaudible over the screams of the people he had just rescued and over the noise of the gunfire coming from the roof and the street beyond the flaming wreckage of the bus. “Shit!” he muttered, annoyed.

Beside him a young dwarf lad, maybe fourteen years old lay dead, his body broken by the blast. Anger welled up inside Mac and he turned like a predator towards the attackers on the other side of the barrier.
But the bus was aflame now, there was no way he was going to come out of the other side of that in any fit state to fight.

The smoke was thick in the car park and Lilly couldn't make out what was happening. Neither could she see beyond the billowing smoke that the gentle wind was blowing in her direction.
“Shoot!” Lilly cursed as she climbed out from behind the gun emplacement and scampered towards the door.

Below in the chaos of the parking lot Tyrone Beggs was helping the refugees into the building. He saw Mac's face full of anger an hatred and put a hand on his shoulder.
“Easy, Mac,” he warned in a calm tone.
“Fucking Volk!” Mac fumed, the woman's name all the explanation he was going to give to his friend.
It was all the distraction Ty needed as he quickly grabbed the blood slicked length of tube, and simultaneously pulled on it whilst shoving Hades back out into the open.
Hades gave a yell of agony as the jagged edges of the metal ripped through him. He swayed, his energy deserting him but before he could fall Ty grabbed him and yanked him, in slamming the reinforced door shut as he did.

Other members of the Signs were putting up heavy steel shutters to block the ground floor windows.
Hades collapsed to the dusty ground, coughing up blood.
One of the new-comers rushed forward to help.
“Leave him,” Ty instructed.
“But I'm a doctor,” the man declared as he knelt down beside the injured ork.
“Leave him, doc,” Ty said again, voice too loud, his tone too sharp to convince the doctor.
Eventually Ty grabbed the man's arm and hoisted him to his feet. He stared into the man's eyes. “He'll be all right, doc. Just leave him.” This time the doctor seemed to realise. There was no hope for the ork, a stomach wound like that would kill him for sure here, with no facilities, no operating theatre. He would be just another of Chicago's victims.

He had no idea.

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Post by Hades » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:49 am

Lilly ran into Crossroads on her way down from the roof and he handed her a shotgun. “We've got someone approaching the side entrance,” he said.
Lilly knew he meant for her to come with him, help defend the south side of the compound. She grimaced as she took a step towards the front, wanting more than anything to check the Hades was all right. But she knew what had to be done, she knew she'd have to go with the ork and help. She'd given her oath to the gang to help defend it.
Quickly she followed Crossroads.

Ty pulled back around the corner of the wall as he changed magazine. The fucking Volk, as Mac had put it. What a bunch of ass holes. Human supremacists. Bigoted ass holes, he corrected himself. The trouble was, he knew from the stories he'd heard from frightened refugees the Underground had managed to smuggle out of the city, that the Volk had a lot of men. And once they got their teeth into you, they just kept coming.
Swinging back around the corner again he fired controlled bursts out at the enemy who were swarming into the parking lot like ants. Holy shit, he thought, there's so many of them.
The block wall beside his head exploded as a bullet ripped through it. He felt a sting on his forehead and then the trickle of blood as it flowed down his temple and cheek.
Quickly he ducked back out of sight of his attackers.
The ork felt someone behind him. “How's the guts?” he asked.
“I'll live,” Hades replied savagely. “How's it looking?”
Ty looked at his best friend and shook his head. “Man! We're fucked if they keep this up. They've got a lot of folks out there and some heavy ordnance too. Three to one, them to us I guess. Sam's keeping them busy with a few others at the front door, but this place wasn't built to withstand this kind of assault. Won't take them long to push us back to the main offices.”
Hades nodded his understanding then peered around the corner. “That guy with the red bandanna. He giving the orders?”
“Yeah. I keep trying to put him down but he's a slippery fucker!”

As Hades watched about a dozen heavily armed humans ran into the parking lot, towards the vehicle garage.
“They're going to try and flank us on the right,” Ty observed. “You must have really pissed them off getting the girl out.”
“I guess so! Shouldn't have capped their el-cappo! Sorry!”
“Fuck!” Ty swore with a mixture of praise and admonishment in his tone.

After another moment watching the humans push forward Hades came to a decision. “We're fucked!” he confirmed Ty's earlier assessment. “Let's regroup at the boats.”
Ty agreed, realising that this place was lost. He limped away, the wounds he'd received about eighteen months ago restricting his movement.
Hades grabbed a HK227 from one of his fallen comrades and emptied the near ful clip in the general direction of the bad guys then scooted quickly back deeper into the building. He moved to the control room where he saw Klaus watching the monitors, keeping an eye on the attacking force.
Mac came up alongside him. “We're getting ready to bug out mate. Get yourself to the boats.”
The dwarf nodded and started gathering his tools and a few choice components he couldn't bring himself to be parted from.
Mac scooped up the mic for the mil-spec radio and dialled in the emergency frequency. “Sign One to Home Fire emergency call, over!”
With no response he called again.

“This is UCAS Containment Zone Command, who is this?”
“This is McLarren Hades. Get me General Henderson immediately,” Mac instructed, desperation in his voice.
As he waited for a reply he watch the refugees being ushered quickly towards the three waiting coastguard vessels in the covered dock. Those boats were sturdy and quick. The gang had them all fuelled and maintained ready, just ion case they needed to make a rapid departure, just like this.
If he could get the general to dispatch gunships to assist in the defence of the compound then they might just get away with not using the boats.

“I don't know how you got this frequency code, and I don't know who you are,” the voice declared. “General Henderson is not available, now get off this channel!”
“Who is this?” Hades demanded.
“Colonel Benjamin Westlake, UCAS Air Force.” the man announced proudly. “Now get off the air.”
To emphasize the point the colonel switched the frequency off.
“Mother-fucker!” he cursed.

His scowl eased as he saw Lilly come into the room, the rifle in her hands looking way too oversized.
She saw him too and looked visibly relieved. “Hey! Are we leaving?”
“We are,” Mac confirmed.

Ty came in next and handed a key to Hades. It was easier than bending down himself.
“Get going,” the younger ork order his two companions. Then he slipped to the floor pulling boxes out from under the radio bench. After that he pushed a steel plate aside and reached into a shallow hole.
What he had in his hand looked like a pistol grip, complete with a trigger and an aerial at the top.

Strangely the compound seemed dead quiet, except for the muted rumblings of the boats in the covered docks.
Instinctively Mac's hand reached for the shotgun on the bench beside him and he crouched down, using Klaus' workbench and the radio cabinet as cover.
A flicker of movement at one of the two doorways into the room drew his attention. It was the metallic object bouncing off the hard floor somewhere deeper within the room that finally alerted Hades to the real danger.
He dropped to the ground just as the grenade exploded and winced as something heavy, blown across the room by the blast, bounced off his leg.
After the near deafening boom Mac heard the cautious footsteps as the humans filed, weapons at the ready, into the room.
He crawled commando style out towards the wall, watching the boots and shoes and trainers of his attackers from under the desks.

It didn't take long for the men to come close. Mac sighed quietly. This was going to be like Urban Brawl taken to an extreme.
He jumped up mere feet from the human who flinched in surprise. When the shotgun went off it was millimetres from the man's nose.
Most of his head disappeared in a torrent of bone, blood and gore.
Hades moved quickly towards the throng of humans coming in through the door, pumping the action, pulling the trigger, pumping again, pulling the trigger.
Then the shotgun was gone, thrown at the men, distracting them for a few seconds whilst he drew his knife and crashed into the mass, fist and blade lashing out.

The snarling, brutal, raging ork caused the humans to waiver. They were used to their greater numbers inducing fear into their opponents. This lethal fury that had come amongst them was something they were not prepared for.

A gunshot, close. The bullet tore through the flesh in Hades' left arm, covering the face of the man beside him in his blood. But he didn't stop.

The sound of a fog horn drowned out the noise of the frantic fight and Hades knew it was time to go. He broke away, taking a few shots as he did so.
Some of the men who had begun to make their way towards the sound of the horn turned at the ork's thunderous approach.
McLarren bowled one of the men over, ripping the SMG from his hands as he did so. He used it to clear his path to the door, firing wildly at the men in his way, making them scatter.

He burst through into the open air, hurtling down the slope towards the wharves.
Two of the boats were already out in the lake and Mac sprinted towards the last, gunfire and a hail of bullets following in his wake.

The vessel was pulling away from the quayside before got there but the leap across easy.
The ork landed on the quarterdeck where a launch would once have been, looking like a vision from hell itself, covered as he was in the blood of many different people.

Without much of a pause Hades rummaged in his leg pocket and pulled out the strange looking pistol grip. He pulled the trigger.
On shore the earth beneath the compound shook. Moments later it erupted upwards, concrete, steel and bedrock blasted towards the sky and in the briefest of moments it was engulfed in a roiling ball of flame.
The shock wave rocked the three motor cruisers a hundred yards off the shore line.

A few feet away from the blood soaked ork a human, one of the refugees from the bus, stared at him in open mouthed astonishment.
“Hey, doc!” Hades greeted with a sardonic grin.

The doctor remained speechless.

"Mac!" Sam yelled from the wheel house. "Someone on the radio for you."

Hades moved forward through the crowded boat and took the mic. "Hello?" His voice was laced with anger.

"Hades?" came the familiar voice of General Henderson.

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Post by Hades » Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:13 pm

“Carl,” McLarren confirmed his identity using the general's forename.

“I'm guessing from the open radio calls and the very large plume of smoke coming from your place that shit and fan have something to do with it?”

“You could say that.”
There was no humour in the ork's reply and Henderson paused for a while before speaking again.
“Did... Did you get her?” he asked tentatively.

There was yet another pause as Hades considered how he and his companions were about to get screwed over again. “Yes, general. I got her.” As he spoke the words he looked across the aft deck of the vessel to a young girl, maybe the same age as Lilly. A girl who was the general's eldest niece.

The relief in the general's voice was obvious. “All right Mac. You tell your boys I'm putting the kettle on. Keep coming due north by north-east. You'll meet an escort in about fifty miles.”

Hades didn't reply. He felt a cool hand slip into his. Looking down he saw Lilly's smoke stained face looking back up at him.

“Oh, and Mac?” came the voice on the radio.
“Yeah?” Subdued, tired.
“'Kay.” He sighed and Lilly squeezed his hand tighter.

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