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Fiction detailing the ongoing events on the Homeline and numerous parallel Worldlines.

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Post by arcanus » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:32 pm

Terra V - 1995
La Tour Mercure, The Bank of the River Seine, Paris

The luxury apartment tower shone from a combination of mirrored glass, chrome and marble, an edifice of contemporary lines and design.
The penthouse apartment rocked with the clash of tempestuous rage.

From his vantage point within the master bedroom the watcher, observed the clash with interest, an interest from many levels.

“BATARD” raged a particularly alluring maiden
“QU'EST-CE” bellowed his counterpart within this World Line.
He watched as the girl hurled a particularly fine piece of Chinese crockery at his other self, watching not the object but the movement of sound, visible to him as readily as anyone else would observe clouds in the sky.

The whoosh of the vase moving through the air, the swell of sound as Raphael moved to avoid collision and the cacophonous eruption splintering the air, as the china exploded against the chrome balustrade surrounding the outside balcony.
He winced, his elven hearing a hundred fold improved over that of a simple human, the Chorus swam around him, ever welcoming.

Raphael turned back from watching the remnants of the vase plummet some sixty floors into the River Seine, only to receive several slaps to the face, and again stared at his beautiful if not psychotic girlfriend, stared at her in disbelief.
In reply she scratched his face "Êtes-vous fou" he said in a state of shock.
Although Raphael was adamant he wasn't going to the U.S, he had thought it best to run it by his fiancée Jeviene, unfortunately he'd neglected to take into account the ballerinas explosive temper coupled with unbridled jealousy.
Which was ridiculous as she made Parisian models appear mundane, "ASSEZ" he bellowed and caught her hand, in an effort to prevent her from striking him again he shoved her which send her reeling across the luxury apartment.

The Watcher smiled, it was generally regarded as prudent to avoid seeking out your alternate other selves, and it could cause immeasurable complications if not harm.
However the watcher was never one to conform to rules, and this one had grabbed his attention.
However for all the wrong reasons, he was a fawning flop, enshrouded in arrogance and whimsy, but this tete au tete had showed a dastardly side to this Raphael, a side the Watcher felt familiar.

His attention was drawn back to the exchange in French "Will you stop it, I don't want to go to America I was just seeing how you felt" Raphael hissed with exasperation
She pouted at him darkly "So you don't want to leave me for some American whore!"
"Of course not" he sighed, and wondered if an American whore would be less work

"LIAR" she scream, his eyes widened, "You ave already found an American whore"
"Oh sweet Jesus" he grumbled as she hurtled into the master bedroom, the door slamming hard enough to shake the room.

The Watcher smiled as the beauty stormed past him, smashing makeup and jewellery from a great glass dressing table, pure rage flowed from her, this one could be lively.

Outside Raphael took a deep breath, poured himself a drink and as he drank it down he felt the tension drain from him, with that he took coat from the hook and went for a walk, he'd allow her to calm down or fall asleep either would sooth the storm.

The Watcher from his unseen chair watched the ballerina with lecherous interest, his smile broke into a grin as the sound of the door closing reached him.

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