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Fiction detailing the ongoing events on the Homeline and numerous parallel Worldlines.

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Dei Vindicta

Post by arcanus » Thu Feb 02, 2012 9:33 am

Fantastica - May 14th, 2006
Divergence Point: Prehistory, An modern day Myth parallel where Elves, Dwarves, Orks and similar fantasy races co-exist with humanity.
Current Affairs: Wide scale non-human unrest plagues the American East Coast, leading to increased racial tension.
“Bobby Ray, Bobby Ray Cyrus” came the voice from just outside his dressing room door, a serious authoritative voice.
“Yep, you’ve found me” replied the Country Singer, bathed with sweat, ‘Bobby’ had just finished a two hour set, in the Pheonix Theatre in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Bobby turned as the figure entered, Bobby was a large specimen even for his mixed race fortunately he’d retained enough of his human heritage to took rugged rather than the usual ugly, his head topped by mop of golden hair gave the singer a boyish charm.

The man who entered wore a sharp edged, charcoal grey suit, his hair cut utilitarian short.
“I’ve, ah, paid all ma taxes, an I ain’t been in trouble for years” drawled Bobby

“We’re not here about that Mr Cyrus” replied the man, ‘damn spooks gave Bobby the shivers’
Agent Rundle looked at the boyish country singer, taking in the powerful frame bestowed by his ork parentage .
“Nice little setup you’ve got here Bobby!” observed the agent.
Bobby tensed, as did Agent Rundle, the latter acutely aware of the reassuring bulge beneath his left arm.

“What do you want” grated Bobby, a melancholy sense descending over him, before the agent could answer he continued
“I ain’t been no trouble, in fact I’m making people happy, normals happy”

Rundle watched ‘Cyrus’s’ body language, Bobby was a normally large specimen for his race, sadly this meant that he matched a body builder in terms of power, that and the characteristic savagely explosive temper.
“Actually Bobby, we’re here to help you” replied the agent quietly
“I’ve heard the stories, you lot don’t help Elder Folk” retorted Bobby
“You aright in thar Bob?”, came Emi-lou’s voice though the stage door
“Bobby, some ones out to kill you, we’re here to protect you” replied the Agent

Bobby Ray Cyrus, Country Singer and half ork, blinked several times in stunned silence.

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