Dark Future

Fiction detailing the ongoing events on the Homeline and numerous parallel Worldlines.

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Dark Future

Post by arcanus » Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:57 pm

Rikers Island.
A robotic unit traveled the network of gantry railings that covered the cavernous ceiling.
A digital address flooded the sub-audio headsets of the watchful guards
<Arcane prisoner transit commencement>
Each guard blinked as their laminate armor suits began to emit a fine mist of salty water, coating the armors surface
They looked down upon row after row of mechanized cubes, each containing a lime green sphere, each encasing a figure.
The unit stopped and descended upon an articulated track until it stopped before one of the cubes, maneuvered forwards engaged the cube and then elevated it from its cradle.

<Subject: Humanoid>
<Critical Data: Subject magically active, direct manifestation capabilities>
<Status: Protective Long Sleep>
<Assessment: Capabilities not fully understood, considered extremely dangerous>

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Game Room 16-08-13

Post by arcanus » Fri Aug 16, 2013 10:58 pm

(21:48:09) Keeper: Wherever you like - I'm thinking he travels a lot so no permanent place of residence - but he mixes with the alternative crowd a lot and also with certain branches of the catholic community due to his knowledge of the darker side.
(21:49:32) arcanus: Hmmm okay
(21:50:19) Keeper: loo break while you are having a think
(21:50:28) arcanus: Okay
(21:55:56) Keeper: back!
(22:01:07) arcanus: Luxx awoke into darkness, his night eyes adjusting quickly enough revealing the old dark interior of a church.
(22:01:45) ChatBot: Keeper is now known as (Luxx).
(22:04:34) arcanus: The last he recalled was negotiating the coastal roads of Albany, storms lashing out from the thunderous Atlantic.
(22:06:45) (Luxx): Bleary eyed he stiffly rises from the pew into a sitting position and looks around, unable to prevent a loud yawn from echoing around the quiet building
(22:07:46) (Luxx): Is there anyone around?
(22:08:35) arcanus: It feels as if he's been asleep for several hours
(22:08:47) arcanus: Make a Perception roll?
(22:09:03) ChatBot: (Luxx) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,3,2.
(22:09:19) (Luxx): 10 out of 14
(22:10:20) arcanus: You can see gremlins creeping around, but no humans as far as you can see
(22:12:03) arcanus: Gremlins: Small spirit creatures, picture malevolent pokemon
(22:12:38) (Luxx): Gremlins? Luxx rubs at his eyes, thinking he is half asleep still - or is he dreaming that he has just awoken? He grimaces when he feels his cold wet clothes and thinks that he probably wouldn't dream that!
(22:12:39) arcanus: The World was flooded with them following the Flywheel event
(22:13:45) (Luxx): Are these things nasty - or just annoying?
(22:15:09) arcanus: Strength in numbers, they can be dominated, in fact the latest craze is for kids to dominate them through quasi mystic tricks
(22:15:24) arcanus: Make a Will roll?
(22:16:10) (Luxx): Why am i getting images of poh and onni?
(22:16:24) ChatBot: (Luxx) rolls 3d6 and gets 1,6,5.
(22:16:26) arcanus: Or Pikachu
(22:16:40) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 6,6,2.
(22:16:44) (Luxx): 12 out of 14
(22:18:19) arcanus: Each of the gremlins has absorbed the midnight blue of the shadows, sharp yellow eyes peer from the darkness
(22:19:18) (Luxx): Do I remember why I ended up in this particluar church?
(22:20:44) arcanus: Yes, the rain got too miserable, plus you were sensing high levels of psychomatic energy building which wouldn't be comfortable for one such as you
(22:21:48) (Luxx): Is it warm or cold in here?
(22:23:55) arcanus: Pretty cold, although dry and dusty
(22:25:31) arcanus: The gremlins chitter as a door opens deeper within the church
(22:26:17) (Luxx): Luxx pulls his coat tighter around himself, and casts a wearisome glance the gremlins' way. "This place got any heating?" he asks rhetorically then turns to look over his shoulder at the open door.
(22:28:47) arcanus: "Hello" the accent one from Maine, the silhouette of a man, torch in hand
(22:30:18) (Luxx): Casually Luxx slips his hand under his coat seeking out thr P226 he normally has tucked into his belt. "Uhm... Hello?" he says, his voice gravelly from sleep.
(22:31:28) arcanus: As the man flashes the torch around his garb betrays him as a priest, "Ah, are you alright son?"
(22:33:40) (Luxx): Luxx gives an ironic chuckle. "I'd like to think this was one of the few places I could say I am, Father. I'm sorry if I disturbed you, man."
(22:38:19) arcanus: The priest seems to relax, swinging the torch to the leaded windows, "A grim night to be sure, not often I get lambs seeking shelter"
(22:38:21) (Luxx): His hands slowly slides away from the pistol.
(22:40:19) (Luxx): "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust. Psalm 91, verses 1 and 2 i think?
(22:42:08) (Luxx): Luxx smiles. "When the world is letting off steam I like to find somewhere sturdy to wait it out. I hope you don't mind, Father?"
(22:43:02) arcanus: The priest smiles and takes a seat, slowly easing himself into a pew, "A rare thing these days" he wheezes through obvious back pain
(22:44:16) arcanus: "Someone quoting scripture!"
(22:44:56) (Luxx): Shrugging off the comment Luxx nods towards the shadows. "It seems I am not the only one seeking shelter this night, Father. Or do you have a pest problem?"
(22:48:13) (Luxx): Bit of background - Luxx is of Anglo-Canadian descent, but spent most of his life in Montreal and therefore speak perfect French.
(22:48:50) (Luxx): Not that that has a bearing on the current situation but just some trivia!
(22:51:17) arcanus: He frowns at the shifting shadows "Another of mans acts of folly, to open the gates of limbo"
(22:54:36) (Luxx): Luxx shifts slightly as another cold patch of damp clothing rubs his skin. "Erm... Father, could I trouble you for someplace I might be able to dry my clothes?
(23:01:30) arcanus: "Yes of course" he replies still looking at you a little warily
(23:06:13) (Luxx): "Psalm 56 chapter 3 verse 4 “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.” But I can assure you Father that I have no such intentions towards you!" Luxx gives the priest a warm smile.
(23:08:59) (Luxx): Casting his gaze back to the yellow eyed shadows, he mutters, "Can't give that promise to everyone here, without good reason mind you!"
(23:10:15) arcanus: The priest blinks and again relaxs, he smiles, stands unsteadily "This way", he flicks the torch around causing the gremlins to flee before leading you through an arched wooden door, down a stone passage way and into the rectory, Luxx is surprised that such an antiquated dwelling exists.
(23:13:26) (Luxx): Luxx shudders as he walks into the warm room and the warmth hits him. He quickly casts his eye over the place taking in the feel of the old room.
(23:14:05) (Luxx): Does it look as though this church may hae fallen on hard times?
(23:14:09) arcanus: In fact momentarily he finds himself a little confused, the only thing of true technological value is the priests holoscreen, paused on a 'Yankees' game, everything seems to be made of wood and old
(23:14:49) arcanus: However warmth from a hearth does permeate the room and draws the damp from his clothes
(23:15:32) arcanus: Its looks as if he probably doesn't have many parishioners
(23:18:17) (Luxx): Luxx removes his coat and gently places it over the back of a chair. He chuckles as he tells the priest, "This is my kind of place, Father. Thank you for your hospitality." He nods towards the glowing screen. "How's the game going?"
(23:21:19) arcanus: The priest having made his way to the sink, taps old coffee granules from a filter, refills the jug and filter with fresh and sets the peculator to work, "Well the Yankees obviously haven't been attending mass, as their game stinks" he chuckles
(23:21:26) arcanus: Make a perception roll?
(23:21:56) ChatBot: (Luxx) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,2,6.
(23:22:06) (Luxx): 13 out of 14
(23:24:09) (Luxx): Luxx grins, easing himself into ne of the priests armchairs. "You mentioned it being rare, me quoting scripture? Do I take it your flock is a little thin in the ground?"
(23:24:31) (Luxx): *one
(23:25:00) arcanus: *one?
(23:27:12) (Luxx): Sorry mate - habit from rping on LOTRO... they correct any mispellings or wrong words by typing it again with a * in front of it. eg. bgger me would quickly become *bugger
(23:27:32) arcanus: Ah right
(23:31:01) arcanus: Handing Luxx a mug of coffee, he resumes his seat "Ah well tis the fate of most parish churches, a few of the older souls still attend and young folks rattled by the Event, they'll be a lot in tomorrow night, the storms phantoms will have scared them" he shakes his head
(23:33:45) arcanus: as the priest speaks Luxx can feel the pressure change within the atmosphere outside, Psychomatic energy swirling above, phantoms unable to fully come across riding the mana laced storm energies
(23:35:37) (Luxx): "Thank you," Luxx says as he takes the coffee. "It's rough enough out there that you may get a biblical flood or two to bring a few more in looking for salvation." He glances upwards towards the unseen threat. "I have a feeling you may be right about theose phantoms, Father," he adds lightly.
(23:35:59) (Luxx): *those
(23:36:35) arcanus: As you turn back to the priest you realise he has fallen asleep
(23:40:20) (Luxx): Luxx shrugs as he watches the old man for a moment. He sits in the quiet for a while, just the crackle of the logs on the fire and the rain hammering at the window for company. Finishing the drink he rises and puts his coat back on, rummaging in one of his pockets. He finds a slighty damp roll of dollars and pulls out a fifty, tucking it under the empty mug before making his way back up into the cold church.

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