The Game Room 26-05-12

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The Game Room 26-05-12

Post by Keeper » Fri May 25, 2012 11:06 pm

(22:02:15) arcanus: Synopsis: Your in the La Torre Resort Hotel , Murcia, Facist Spain 1945, the hotel has just been assaulted by what turns out to be orks. The American GIs have given chase as the attackers seem to have abducted Wilhelm Meldtz. Annett has been shot but eventually stabilized, Otto has returned and indicated that he has an energy trace on the attackers and as you, Von Geller, Sam and Otto examine the ork the local Spanish police pull up outside the hotel.

(22:03:53) (Reynolds): Have i had any indication from VG as to his decision on the document?

(22:04:25) arcanus: (Are you happy for me to make the decision?)

(22:04:52) (Reynolds): (VG is an NPC for now!)

(22:05:48) arcanus: (In that case pushed by the current circumstances and the need of immediate allies, he agrees to Reynolds terms)

(22:06:45) (Reynolds): Bloody good Show! Right down to the immediate situation - Do our ether-comms work here?

(22:07:13) arcanus: No the lack of both Ether and network, render them useless

(22:08:31) (Reynolds): My suggestion is that we get Otto a map and some way of communicating with me while I try and track down the orks (or whatever they are?)

(22:09:43) arcanus: Von Geller: "What are we doing about the cops?"

(22:10:38) arcanus: von Geller "How about Otto goes with you, we can cover you?"

(22:11:44) (Reynolds): “A good question” I'll wonder in their direction while otto keeps a fix on them. how many cops are there?

(22:12:06) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 1d6 and gets 1.

(22:12:19) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 1d6 and gets 1.

(22:12:35) arcanus: Chuckle in total 2 officers

(22:12:41) (Reynolds): so there's deffo only 1 then

(22:12:48) (Reynolds): doh!

(22:13:15) (Reynolds): how is the hotel staff dealing with them?

(22:13:43) arcanus: Make a Perception roll?

(22:14:08) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 4,2,2.

(22:14:18) (Reynolds): 8 out of 13

(22:17:54) arcanus: The officers both clad in sharp black uniforms stop at the hotel reception, impatiently chiming the bell. Finally a harrased receiptionist appears, the officers question the young man, who answers in Spanish before pointing them towards the back of the hotel and the patio.

(22:18:31) (Reynolds): How many dead orks are there and where are they?

(22:20:07) arcanus: Two dead, both sprawled on the patio, the second nearer the road at the end of the hotel grounds

(22:21:26) (Reynolds): how do the orks appear?

(22:23:04) arcanus: Green and pretty inhuman, plus the horrendous damage inflicted by a certain Mr VG emptying a full clip into each of them

(22:24:51) (Reynolds): (He didn't think it too many!) Right, so nothing i have ever encountered before and unlikely for them too! I'll try to intercept them, see if we can't get the bodies removed!

(22:25:59) arcanus: VG gives you a nod and marshals Otto and Sam, you step out from the corner of the corridor into the path of the Lead Policeman

(22:29:15) (Reynolds): (Didn't mean to do that!) "Ah buenos noches amigos," the baron says with an obvious English accent and a broad smile. He approaches the cops. "Hablo Ingesi?"

(22:30:35) arcanus: The cops frown, the second replied "Si Senior"

(22:31:34) arcanus: The cops frown, the second replies "Si Senior"

(22:32:27) (Reynolds): "Ah fantastic! It is so inconvenient when the language gets in the way, don't you think?" he smiles. "My name is Baron Reynolds. How may i be of help to you this evening?"

(22:34:15) arcanus: "Baron" spits the second English speaking Cop, "We were informed of gunfire here at the hotel, we have problems with Socialists", the other slightly older cop looks at his partner suspiciously

(22:43:01) arcanus: Otto grunted as he helped Von Geller hoist the first Orks body up, spying the fact that Lord Reynolds had intercepted the cops they quickly carried the body over to the garden and unceremonially threw it down a slope, they quickly ran to the back of the patio to grab the second body.

(22:50:57) (Reynolds): "Socialists? Well we don't want any of those here! But seriously gentlemen we have had a spot of bother" Reyonlds checks behind him where he can see Otto and VG disappearing into the darkness.

(22:52:15) (Reynolds): "We have been attacked this evening, and one of our colleagues abducted. We have also had a young woman in our group injured."

(22:52:57) arcanus: The English speaking cop, looks startled and seems to relay this to his colleague.

(22:54:22) arcanus: "Where are the attackers now senor!"

(22:56:42) (Reynolds): "Yes, well, they have made off. One of our group spied them fleeing. I shall go and find him so that he can tell which way." I'll look for Otto and ask him which direction the went then will tell the cops the opposite.

(23:00:30) (Reynolds): (making her a brew back in a mo)

(23:00:54) arcanus: Otto informs you the direction, the patio now suspiciously clear, the direction opposite being South.

(23:00:59) arcanus: (okay mate)

(23:07:15) (Reynolds): "South," Reynolds says conspiratorialy. "And my friend has described their vehicle. He says it was dark in colour, and had an old luggage trunk on the back and that one of the side windows was missing. Perhaps your most excellent services could be employed in hunting down the bastardos who have kidnapped our friend?"

(23:09:34) arcanus: Make a Diplomacy roll?

(23:09:54) (Reynolds): Diplomacy = 15

(23:10:02) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,1,6.

(23:10:08) (Reynolds): 12

(23:10:35) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 6,5,5.

(23:10:43) arcanus: (ouch)

(23:11:04) (Reynolds): isn't that a crit fail?

(23:12:33) arcanus: The cops look anxious "A description of your friend senior, time is of the essence?"

(23:13:25) arcanus: (It certainly is)

(23:14:00) (Reynolds): I shall give him a description of the senior stage manager of the Magdeline, including some completely true but massiviely unimportant facts about him!!

(23:15:41) arcanus: (Chuckle) They both turn and hurry out of the door, heading for their car, it wheel spins and careers off onto the road South

(23:16:22) (Reynolds): "Otto! Where have those green skinned bastards gone with our man?"

(23:17:10) arcanus: "Headed north" bellows von Weirdigan from his position on the epatio

(23:17:49) (Reynolds): Do we have any transport of our own?

(23:18:23) arcanus: Nothing of your own

(23:19:52) (Reynolds): Back to my room as quick as poss and grab my gear, yelling to otto and Raz that I'm going after them. Then I'll go outside and see if there are any cars nearby.

(23:20:26) (Reynolds): Otto and Raz are invited (Raz if Annettes condition allows)

(23:22:57) arcanus: Otto joins you, while Raz says he's catch you up. Von Weirdigan has already hotwired a car parked beside the hotel, Sam clambers in the back.

(23:24:03) (Reynolds): I'll let Otto drive as he has a better idea where we are going than I do. Has either of them got a street map of this place?

(23:24:32) arcanus: No, the only map between you is of Berlin

(23:24:57) (Reynolds): (just answering a call of nature mate )

(23:25:37) arcanus: "Their energy readings are still traceable, although we haven't much time" he mutters as he guns the engine, the car seems to be struggling and creaking

(23:29:23) (Reynolds): (christ she's in a grump tonight - just come on this evening but apparently that has nothing to do with it!)

(23:30:38) arcanus: (Chuckle, I know the feeling)

(23:32:03) (Reynolds): I'll check my gear as we go, make sure all guns are loaded etc. When we get were Otto is taking us I'll jump out first and make sure the coast is clear, Sam to cover me. If Otto could wait in the car and monitor this energy signal then give us a blast on the horn if it starts to move away again.

(23:34:08) (Reynolds): (this looks very good with the style set to black!)

(23:34:49) (Reynolds): "How was Annette doing, by the way Otto?"

(23:37:43) arcanus: The car hurtles down into dark country lanes, Sam replies "She appears to be in a satisfactory condition sir, Master Raz is still worried"

(23:39:09) (Reynolds): "Hmm, I'll bet!" I say giving Sam a knowing look! "Where the bloody hell are we? Oh and what the bloody hell are Orks?"

(23:40:44) arcanus: Sam: "South East Spain sir"

(23:41:22) (Reynolds): "And these orks?" this time he looks to Otto.

(23:43:30) arcanus: Otto: "Orks, beastly bastards, imagine Neaderthals who just constantly kill each other and anything else in their way, until something bigger comes along, kills some of em and takens over"

(23:45:44) (Reynolds): "Nice! Not local? I guess not. But what could they want with our Herr Meltz? Perhaps the papers weren't the only secret he was carrying?" Are we close yet?

(23:48:56) arcanus: Otto: They got about ten miles ahead, with all the fuss over Annett, I ope he is useful if not he won't last long"

(23:51:08) arcanus: Otto: "Definately not local, odd I'm no bloody expert but don't think they usually ave the brains to jump worlds!"

(23:51:46) (Reynolds): "Then somebody must ave jumped them!"

(23:52:30) arcanus: Otto: "Just what I was thinking, takin a risk though, obviously don't care about discovery!"

(23:54:01) (Reynolds): (cool mate. good place to stop and as it is coming up for midnight i think i might call it a night - but this has proved an ideal method when all else fails! I'll copy everything here and post it on the forum as the next installment! I have posted a new Waterwitch post whilst we have been playing too! Perhaps we might be able to do this more regularly for our characters solo sections!)

(23:55:21) arcanus: (Just about to say the same, works well, a bit of a live extension for solo character work, if you want to continue over the weekend just give me a shout)

(23:56:08) (Reynolds): sounds good to me. (evil bleeding creature notwithstanding!)

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