The Game Room 31-05-12

Background information for the Infinite Worlds.

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The Game Room 31-05-12

Post by arcanus » Thu May 31, 2012 9:45 pm

(21:03:58) Otto: Otto had been on the receiving end of a heavy domestic dispute with Amdea, and left their home in a black mood.

(21:05:01) Otto: 'She knew what she was getting into when she married me!' He growled as he stomped down the cobble stones of his pathway back to the kennels.

(21:06:19) Otto: 'Danger is my middle name!' he bared his teeth in a snarl as he opened the kennel doors like a bad guy in a western movie entering a bar.

(21:06:32) arcanus: The hyper rythmic pulse from Strad as he fires up the spatial matrix, as you stomp towards the kennels you feel it stab at your back teeth.

(21:07:32) Otto: <Steady on!> he barked sub-etherly.

(21:08:13) arcanus: Five large hounds, career into his legs, milling around him for no other purpose but to show how excited they were to see him.

(21:08:42) arcanus: <You said that time is of the essence>

(21:10:01) Otto: <Family come first!> he said. A guilty twinge shot through him with the memory of the argument he had just had. (21:11:05) Otto: 'Orwight Guys!' He busied himself with the dogs, scratching their ears and submitting to their licks and jumps. (21:11:54) Otto: 'Gotta dash! Be good for Mummy and the kids ok? Look after them for me?'

(21:13:15) Otto: He grabbed a large ball and threw it across the room, and as suspected they all dashed to be the one to get it first. And at this he swiftly opened the trap door and jumped down it.

(21:13:47) Otto: The sound of the howls of frustration hit him as he closed the trap door.

(21:14:04) Otto: 'Sorry guys! Be back soon!'

(21:14:25) arcanus: The jaring sensation grew more intense, far worse than normal

(21:14:36) Otto: He stopped in his tracks suddenly.

(21:15:35) Otto: 'Danger isn't my middle name.' he exclaimed in surprise. As if he had had an epiphany.

(21:16:10) Otto: He shook his head and opened the door to the engine room.

(21:17:00) Otto: <What the hell are you playing at?>

(21:17:52) arcanus: Upon the metal dias plate set into the laboratory floor, writhed a golden sphere of energy, bands of light forming the spherical

(21:18:28) arcanus: <Initiating Spatial portal as specified>

(21:19:30) Otto: <Right.> He said with conviction as he shouldered his backpack and primed his shotgun.

(21:19:43) Otto: <Ready when you are.>

(21:20:30) arcanus: (Make a Will Roll)

(21:26:30) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 2,3,1.

(21:28:52) arcanus: Taking a deep breath, he steps into the sphere. The sensation is wrenching as he's suddenly flung into the Multiverse, this ones a boneshaker

(21:29:18) arcanus: 'Definately something different about this one' he thinks

(21:29:24) arcanus: (Roll HT)

(21:29:49) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 1,6,6.

(21:30:40) Otto: <Omyfugginggawd!> he howls!

(21:32:01) Otto: 'Feels like I'm being torn apart!'

(21:36:35) arcanus: It does indeed feel like his body is being shredded as the golden beam projects Otto into the Realms, his skin pulled taunt to his face, around him the rainbow colours of an emmense nebula as he's flung through space

(21:37:11) Otto: I took a ride in a limousine
I took a road I'd never been
I met a stranger by the way
His coat was torn but his eyes were clear

Standing in a slide zone
I could be steppin' in a slide zone

He told me where a river flows
He showed me how the apple grows
He told me of a magic stream
His face was worn but his eyes were clear

Standing in a slide zone
I could be steppin' in a slide zone
Standing in a slide zone
I could be steppin' through a time zone

He went to find a shooting star
Around the bend that's where they are
I went along just for the ride
Suddenly I began to glide

Standing in a slide zone
I could be steppin' through a time zone

The air raced by there was no sound
We drifted high above the ground
And then said you know this place
And then a smile lit up his face

Standing in a slide zone
I could be steppin' in a slide zone
Standing in a slide zone
I could be steppin' through a time zone

I turned my head and looked below
And there was something there I know
Suddenly I began to fall
I looked around and tried to cal

Standing in a slide zone
He had me steppin' in a time zone
Standing in a slide zone
Falling through a time zone

Help me please I thought I said
Then something happened in my head
Music came from all around
And I knew what I had found

Standing in a slide zone
Falling through a time zone
Steppin' in a slide zone
He had me falling through a time zone
The Moody Blues

(21:40:10) Otto: Memories of the argument he had still plagued his mind even as the terrible elements tried their best to rend him limb from limb.

(21:40:39) Otto: 'Selfish fucker' He thought flatly.

(21:41:09) arcanus: As he propels through the void, the golden corona surrounding him is bombarded with silver white particles, like pearls gathering upon his form. This was undoutably the biggest jump Strad and he had attempted so far, the particles threatening to engulf him


(21:41:56) Otto: <Don't you add to my woes you idiot!> he muttered.

(21:43:23) Otto: <Can we hold?> he asked Strad nervously.

(21:43:46) Otto: Last thing he wanted was a widow and fatherless kids.

(21:44:36) Otto: <Arrgghhhhhh!> The corona pulsed and threw him pell mell through the vortex.

(21:45:17) Otto: 'Worse than the Gnomesis Ride in Corpse Park this!' he thought.

(21:46:20) Otto: 'Fuckin' rip off too!' (21:46:23) arcanus: <Your almost out of communication range, clarify hold?>

(21:46:44) arcanus: (Make a Spacer roll?)

(21:49:08) arcanus: <Not sure what thats all meant to mean, clarify can we hold?>

(21:49:16) Otto: <Ahh Maker!> Otto's voice began to slur. As with the sheer force of his projection through deep space he began to black out intermittently.

(21:49:26) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 1,6,4.

(21:51:10) arcanus: <WHAT THE FACK IS ALL THIS BOLLOCKS> roars Sting

(21:52:44) Otto: <Tryna, ascertain tha ver thing ya dick!> he murmured in obvious discomfort, fear and pain.

(21:54:30) Otto: <Wha's happenin'?> he said weakly to Strad.

(21:56:36) arcanus: <Spacial Beam is narrowing due to projection distance, this places extensive etheric stress upon your form>

(21:58:42) Otto: <Arghhhh!> He bellowed. <So that's what it is!> he added sarcastically.

(21:59:12) arcanus: <Do you wish to abort>


(22:00:19) Otto Let the dice decide mate.

(22:00:28) Otto: Will? (22:00:39) arcanus: (Indeed roll)

(22:01:22) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 3,5,1.

(22:01:36) Otto: <No No keep goin'>

(22:02:05) Otto: <Carn't fuggin' stop now>

(22:03:07) arcanus: <Very well be warned this will likehood hurt>

(22:03:11) arcanus: <A lot>

(22:03:42) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 1d6 and gets 2.

(22:03:52) Otto: <Abort, abort! Carn't risk it!>

(22:03:59) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 2d6 and gets 2,6.

(22:04:38) Otto: <Need ter plan this afresh..... ABORT!>

(22:04:53) arcanus: (8 points of fatigue, you currently have 14)

(22:05:05) arcanus: <Very well, hang on>

(22:05:27) Otto: Visions of his family blur across his mind like curtains of spider webs in the etheric sky..

(22:06:08) Otto: <YOU ON THE OTHER HAND WON'T BE!>

(22:07:12) Otto: <Shuddafuup!!> he howled in obvious distress as he suddenly emptied his stomach.

(22:08:54) arcanus: Momentarily Otto spied a cylindrical platform made of green glass, some way in the distance.
The concentration of pearlescent particles now covered his golden aura which in itself seemed to be degrading, he seemed to be flipped up in direction as the beam whipped and recoiled. He then shot backwards far more rapidly than he'd even travelled in the past.

(22:09:25) arcanus: <FACKIN CHARMIN YOU WANKER>


(22:11:56) Otto: 'Yaaaaaaa!'Otto screamed in unbridled fear as he was dragged back like a cosmic yo-yo!

(22:14:14) arcanus: He surged through the void, as if plunged into a pool of frigid water, he collasped onto the dias as the golden beams stopped they're rotation, the sphere collasping and steam hissing off his form.
The trapdoor swung open and a figure scambled down into the lab, hissing with pain as she touched him, the steam scolding her, never the less she hugged him, tears rolling down her cheeks.

(22:14:43) arcanus: "You stupid stupid stupid man" she sobbed and she clutched him tight, rocking his shaking form

(22:15:52) Otto: 'Oh I'm so sorry darlin' he slurred as he weakly wiped the vomit and blood from his lips where he had bit his tongue badly.

(22:16:08) Otto: 'Stan' back' he warned.

(22:16:52) arcanus: Tentatively she stands and backs away

(22:17:36) Otto: Otto keels over onto his side, destroying the work table and hitting the ground with a thunderclap of sound.

(22:18:43) arcanus: <Miss, he will recover from the Dumpshock, might I suggest a cup of the beverage you call tea>

(22:19:48) Otto: <Leave the prat to stew in his own juices I reckon> Stings voice projected out of the engines vibrations.

(22:20:15) Otto: His voice is strangely normal.

(22:20:30) arcanus: Amdea gives Strad a cold stare, "This is your fault" she scolds, "I told you to protect him" <Miss I ....>

(22:21:23) arcanus: Amdea dosen't move, instead taking a seat opposite her husbands labouring form

(22:22:58) Otto: <Yer carn't blame the piano lav. It was your 'usbands choice. And ol' ivories ere was doing as e was told!> Stings voice rose in defence of Strad.

(22:23:30) arcanus: She pouts, as he appears to be returning to normal, "Who is that?" she hisses

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