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The Game Room 14-06-12

Post by Keeper » Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:35 pm

(20:17:11) arcanus: The Group are sailing upon the Regal Lady, on the night prior to reaching The Port of Pillars, the vessels crew were firstly accosted by a Mermaid like creature. This creature in turn was chased away by Lord Reynolds and a serpent that had crept aboard, the serpent was promptly killed by Otto shooting it. It turned out that the Helmsman had deviated from the course and into the territory of Sea Serpents. After the events of that night, daylight revealed a Pirate ship that had picked up the Lady's trail, their ship being faster Captain Lewis reported that they would catch up before The Lady reached Port!
(20:18:17) (Reynolds): How are our preparations going?
(20:18:32) Raz: Somehow I knew it wouldn't be a quiet trip...#
(20:21:30) arcanus: Reynolds and Otto quickly established a plan, the construction of a floating mine or two, to be trailed behind The Lady, the helmsman directed by the first mate to ensure that the Pirate ship was to kept to its rear, to lure it between the explosives, Otto now races against time to complete the mines before they are able to blast your decks!
(20:21:58) Raz: How is Annette? Any progress?
(20:22:45) arcanus: After two hours the Pirate vessel has closed to weaving behind The Lady, while the Lady's helmsman tries to prevent her from gaining the chance to open fire upon your stern.
(20:23:32) arcanus: She is still Sleeping, Tiny has only left her for calls of nature
(20:23:54) Raz: Can we see how many pirates are on board, and how well armed they are?
(20:25:24) arcanus: Captain Lewis estimated that a vessel of its size would carry about 300 men, so far you've been unable to tell how well their armed
(20:27:15) Raz: And the ship is under sail?
(20:27:45) arcanus: Yes
(20:27:51) (Reynolds): How far ahead are we? And how long 'til they reach us?
(20:28:51) Raz strolls over to Reynolds, hands clasped behind his back. "Mr Reynolds sir! I have a plan!
(20:29:38) (Reynolds): Do you indeed? As have we... see?
(20:30:04) arcanus: They'll reach you within the next two hours, as you watch the opposing Galleon from the stern you see several puffs of smoke and splashes in the ocean behind, the sounds of fire drowned out by the roar of the sea
(20:30:38) Raz: "Yes, but my plan has a little more finesse"
Is the pirate ship within bow range?
(20:31:28) arcanus: Not yet, unless you were to use any jiggery pokery
(20:32:40) (Reynolds): Be careful Raz. These people may not be used to your type of talents!
(20:34:24) Raz: Well, I am a fan of jigger pokery! I was thinking of just launching a flaming arrow to try and set fire to their main-sail. That should slow them dowm!
(20:35:29) arcanus: You would need to find a way of increasing your arrow range at this distance
(20:35:40) (Reynolds): Is our little surprise for the pirates nearing completion? And what was on fire?
(20:38:30) arcanus: Otto shouts up that he's almost finished, they were firing in your direction
(20:39:03) (Reynolds): Did the shot come anywhere near?
(20:43:04) arcanus: No fell quite a way short, "There testing their range" mutters Lewis, who's watching them stoicly
(20:43:09) Raz: Also, is there a lifeboat/rowing boat on this ship? Something that could, for example, be lowered and dragged behind the ship until the little boat is within bow range???
(20:43:37) arcanus: Yes they have several rowing boats
(20:45:20) Raz: Hmmm, so how about that for a plan? Raz is lowered into a boat and pulled behind the main ship until he's in bow range and launch some flaming arrows at the sails? Or even, a mega sonic blast just below their water line.... OR!!! could he fire an arrow through water like a torpedo, with a little extra oomph in the arrow to propel it....
(20:48:29) arcanus: (What do you think Lord Roborough)
(20:49:27) (Reynolds): If you really must. But be discreet in what you do. I've seen no evidence yet that these people use arcane powers and therefore don't know how they'll react to it if it's obvious.
(20:49:30) Raz: OK, Max, is it in theory possible to imbue an arrow with "Haste", increase Raz's strength and launch an arrow through the water. The water will hold the arrow up, and haste should propel it as it won't need much propulsion. There is then a Thunderclap also imbued in ther arrow, or in a second arrow attached to the first arrow, which might blow a chunk in their hull?
(20:51:05) (Reynolds): the flaming one would be more easily explained - "just a damned fine bow sir!"
(20:51:23) arcanus: (Its entirely possible, depending on the overall margin of success you achieve)
(20:53:01) Raz: OK, then Raz will quickly arrange to be lowered in a rowing boat and dragged behind the main ship. He'll want to take some kind of shield to avoid musket fire, something like a door or barrel, and take some flame. Ideally something more flammable than normal. I reckon that increased strength, and haste in the arrow will give greater range than normal
(20:54:31) arcanus: Captain Lewis stands and looks at Raz "Your proposing to do what Sir? You'll be cut to shreds!"
(20:54:56) Raz: "Cut to shreds? By what, sir? Muskets?"
(20:55:16) arcanus: "Yes sir, Muskets and maybe even cannon!"
(20:55:37) Raz: "Hmmm"
(21:00:13) arcanus: Excellent, just making the requested cup of tea
(21:00:19) Raz: Max, I'm going to fire a test shot, from the ship. Will subtley call up the increased strength song, to add a little distance, and cast Haste into the arrow. The fire at the pirates, as a test to see what my max distance is..... [and yes, good to see you all online!]
(21:02:26) Otto ooc we have made two mines to attempt to blow up the pirate. Be careful not to arouse their attentions too much.
(21:03:17) arcanus: (Make Songs rolls for each and a Singing roll?)
(21:03:27) Raz Yeah, this a backup
(21:03:54) arcanus: Raz, also make a Fast Talk roll?
(21:06:22) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,5,4.
(21:06:40) Raz: so 10 out of 20 for the song of strength
(21:06:43) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 2,4,1.
(21:07:09) Raz: 7 out of 20 for the haste imbuement in the arrow
(21:08:23) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 4,1,1.
(21:09:04) Raz: 6 out of 11 for leadership (fast talk)
(21:09:26) arcanus: (Singing roll?)
(21:09:57) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 6,4,1.
(21:10:15) Raz: 11 out of 20 (or 23 if I use the music ability edge)
(21:14:09) arcanus: As you hum to yourself, you feels the threads of arcane sound weave around you, each floats as if caught in a breeze, this is the critical bit, where the powr can unravel and the melody fail. Concentrating you focus the wayward threads down into the arrow and the string of the bow, the First mate looks at you in a quizzical manner, which unfortunately makes him look a little bit of a dullard, then you feel the notes coelesce into a whole and its ready.
(21:15:44) arcanus: Otto make a Engineering roll (Weaponry)?
(21:16:41) Raz Raz brings the bow level and pulls his arm back, pausing to look at the first mate and wink, then draws back the taut elven string. Muscles bulge, augmented by man and mana, as the slightly humming arrow sits awaiting launch. Raz aims high up in the air, a perfect 45 degree angle, checks the wind and adjusts. Then, with a whumph, he releases...
(21:17:12) arcanus: Drum roll, Bow roll?
(21:17:35) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 3,5,1.
(21:17:40) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 5,3,3.
(21:17:42) Otto: out of 17
(21:20:25) Raz: 11 out of 15 for the bow
(21:23:00) arcanus: The arrow launches into the air, sailing out an impossible distance, before plunking down around halfway between the two vessels
(21:23:36) (Reynolds): (Reynolds will be patiently waiting, leaning on the gunwhale, waiting to see how things pan out)
(21:24:28) Otto: 'I pity the fish.' Mutters Otto as he makes final checks to the mine cable.
(21:24:36) Raz: "There, see. Now I know" says Raz to Reynolds, with a slight sulky undertone.
(21:25:33) arcanus: The crews sniggering turns to a look of surprise at the distance fired, "Mighty fine shot, Master Raz!" coughs the Helmsman
(21:26:28) (Reynolds): Well, now we know how far we can let Otto's little contraption go before it's out of range Reynolds gives Raz a reassuring pat on the back.
(21:27:24) Otto: 'Thats right mate.' Otto agrees.'About two miles before the target!'
(21:27:39) (Reynolds): I guess all we have to do now is wait!
(21:27:41) Raz: "So where is this wonderful contraption, then??? Or as Burke would say, con-crap-tion" snigger, "i miss burke"
(21:27:43) Otto winks at Reynolds
(21:28:32) Raz Raz adopts a wistful look and gazes into the middle distance
(21:28:47) Otto: 'Already in the drink I gather?' Otto looks around the deck for the mines.
(21:29:25) Raz: "Drink! Now that's the first sensible thing you've said! Bosun, fetch a tot of rum!"
(21:30:13) Otto: 'Does it help wi yer aim?' If so, make it a barrel maybe?'
(21:31:39) Raz Raz shoots Otta a withering stare... or rather, attempts to.
(21:32:11) arcanus: As per Otto's instructions the contraptions are moved to either side of the port and starboard gunwhales
(21:32:18) Otto: 'I'm only messin' wiv ya!'
(21:32:49) Raz: "Proof is in the pudding, prof, let's see what they can do."
(21:33:10) Otto It would have been done as I said. To appear like the ship was jettisoning cargo to increase speed.
(21:33:35) Otto they would have had to lose cargo for the ruse to work.
(21:34:00) Raz probably could lose some of the cargo that reynolds worked out doesn't sell
(21:34:07) Otto: 'Relying on you to back me up mate.' he pats Raz's bow.
(21:34:22) Raz: "don't touch the bow"
(21:34:36) Raz: "no-one touches the bow, ok?"
(21:34:51) Otto: 'Steady fella!' Otto backs away in mock surprise.
(21:36:03) Otto: 'Did we manage to get up all of their crap Seb?' Otto asks.
(21:36:04) Raz: "Just sayin'... the bow of an" raz covers his mouth to whisper "elf" before resuming "is like an extension of ones body. you touch my bow, and you may as well touch my big man, if you know what i'm saying..."
(21:36:24) arcanus: Casting flotsum over the side the mines are dropped along with redundant crates and barrels
(21:37:12) Otto: 'Oh ok. So are you telling me your 'chap' needs string to keep it up?' Otto asks with a genuine interest.
(21:37:45) arcanus: (Maybe an elf thing )
(21:37:48) Raz: "You may have a 'chap', Otto... I have a god!"
(21:38:50) Otto: 'I know that for fucking certain mate.' Otto sneers. 'You have been worshipping it each night on the upper deck here!'
(21:38:58) Raz: "Anyway... how long til they're in Mine range?"
(21:39:25) Raz: "Well, it's been a while! not much action around in a warzone and on a ship..."
(21:39:31) Otto: 'Your range?' he asks.
(21:39:42) Raz: "mine range"
(21:40:03) arcanus: All make Perception rolls?
(21:40:19) Otto: 'Ah sorry. Thought I was still in Germany for a mo.' he answers.
(21:40:29) Raz: "zer gut"
(21:40:42) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 5,1,4.
(21:40:46) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 2,2,5.
(21:40:54) Otto: out of 17
(21:40:59) Raz: 10 out of 13 for visual perception, out of 18 for aural perception
(21:41:12) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 2,6,5.
(21:41:22) (Reynolds): out of 13
(21:44:19) arcanus: Otto Spots: The pirate vessel swings to port cutting into a diagonal path across the stern of The Lady
(21:44:53) Raz: (which end is the stern?)
(21:45:01) arcanus: (The back)
(21:45:04) Otto: Back
(21:45:15) (Reynolds): (land lubbers!)
(21:46:05) arcanus: Raz make a Listen roll?
(21:46:26) Otto how far out are the barrels?
(21:47:01) arcanus: How long a line did you attach to the mines?
(21:47:49) Otto about 700 metres
(21:48:11) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 1d6 and gets 4.
(21:48:21) arcanus: 400 meters/yards
(21:48:31) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 4,4,2.
(21:48:39) Raz: 10 out of 18 for listen
(21:48:44) arcanus: Otto roll 3D6
(21:48:54) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 5,4,6.
(21:50:06) arcanus: "Mr Reynolds" says Captain "These strange contraptions are worrying the men?"
(21:50:50) arcanus: Otto second 3D6 roll please (Sorry)
(21:51:01) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 1,1,2.
(21:51:53) Otto: 'Not as worried as they will be with a fuckin cannon ball up their arses!' Otto interjects harshly.
(21:52:09) arcanus: "Its Tom Foolery sir, mutters one of the fearful crew looking at the captain
(21:52:37) Otto: 'Where?' Otto looks around.
(21:53:00) Raz: "I know what'll sort these lily livered laggers out" thinks Raz, and he bursts into song!!! One of his rousing sea shanties to life the spirits of the men!
(21:53:08) Raz: [group performance]
(21:53:11) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,6,5.
(21:53:13) arcanus: Both Captain and crewman turn and frown at Otto
(21:53:25) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 5,3,2.
(21:53:43) Raz: 12 out of 17 to play a rousing shanty to lift the crews spirits
(21:53:43) (Reynolds): Hey Hum Reynolds thinks silently. Worrying the men, Captain? How do we think we might be able to allay their fears? Perhaps cut the mines loose and let the pirates stroll on over?
(21:53:58) Otto ignores the look and sings along with Raz.
(21:55:14) arcanus: Lord Reynolds make a Fast Talk or Diplomacy roll +4 (whicher you feel is more appropriate)
(21:56:17) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,5,5.
(21:56:29) (Reynolds): 13 out of 15 for Diplomacy
(21:56:49) arcanus: Is that 15 including the +4?
(21:57:14) (Reynolds): 19
(21:57:40) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 3,4,2.
(21:58:17) arcanus: roll 3d6
(21:58:29) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 4,6,3.
(21:58:29) (Reynolds): me?
(22:00:25) arcanus: "What the hell is going on" shouts the Captain in exasperation, however his wild eyed look as he turns and looks at Reynolds
(22:00:38) arcanus: Otto and Reynolds make a Willpower roll?
(22:00:56) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 3,6,6.
(22:01:43) arcanus: Is cut somewhat short as he looks at the now somewhat cold and slightly malevolent Reynolds
(22:03:02) Otto: out of 16
(22:03:28) Raz: Does my jaunty song seem to be lifting the spirits of the crew?
(22:03:46) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,6,3.
(22:04:02) (Reynolds): 14 out of 13 for will
(22:06:29) arcanus: The shanty which is more like a warsong, rapidly travels through the crew, Captain Lewis seems to struggle but gives in and breaks into tenor song, Otto belts it out and even the implacable Lord Reynolds has no choice but to join the verse, it is only Sam who dosen't feel the need to join in
(22:09:19) (Reynolds): Bloody Raz!
(22:11:13) Raz Raz smiles as he sees that finally Lord Reynolds has given up the fight, and has let the rhythm into his life!
(22:11:17) arcanus: Raz: A curious song is coming from the Pirate ship, also its pace through the water has dramatically increased.
(22:12:06) Raz Raz closes his eyes to focus more on the song. Has the ship accelerated through magical means? Or is there a torpedo of sorts?
(22:12:10) Raz: listen roll
(22:12:14) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 5,2,3.
(22:12:20) Raz: 10 out of 18
(22:12:21) arcanus: Everybody spots that the Pirate ship is now rapidly gaining
(22:12:26) Otto: 'frigging in the rigging, Frigging in the rigging cos there's fuck all else to do!' Otto sings, looking meaningfully at Raz.
(22:12:48) Raz: "You're not my type, shipmate"
(22:12:55) Otto: How far are the mines out?
(22:13:11) (Reynolds): Captain, turn the ship, 20 degrees right rudder, make her come up behind us!
(22:13:13) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 4d6 and gets 6,2,5,2.
(22:13:17) Otto Laughs heartily!
(22:13:43) arcanus: The mines are now to full extension
(22:13:53) (Reynolds): Dear God!
(22:14:02) arcanus: Reynolds make a Leadership roll plus 4 to the skill level
(22:14:10) Otto: How far from the vessel?
(22:14:18) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 2,3,1.
(22:14:23) arcanus: 700 yards
(22:14:36) (Reynolds): 6 out of 20 for Leadership +4
(22:15:43) arcanus: The Pirate ship is approaching the 700 yard mark, however due to their parallel course they are parallel to the mines
(22:15:53) Otto Touching the cords of the mines and using Weird Science, he will attempt to see how far they are from the ship.
(22:15:57) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 6,4,5.
(22:15:57) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 4,4,2.
(22:16:31) Otto: out of 17
(22:16:52) arcanus: The Starboard mines haven't submerged (bobbing on the surface), Pirate ship is on the starboard side
(22:17:37) Raz: Is the pirate ship in range of me yet?
(22:18:01) arcanus: "MR BROUGH 20 DEGREES TO STARBOARD AND STRAIGHT" and resumes singing
(22:18:11) Otto: 'Bring the ship around Hard to Port!' He tells the Captain.
(22:18:27) arcanus: Yes, within range of the enhanced range
(22:18:58) arcanus: The captain immediately turns to Lord Reynolds
(22:19:47) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 2,6,2.
(22:20:07) Raz: Singing: 10 out of 20 to embue an arrow with a Thunderclap.
(22:20:17) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 5,4,1.
(22:20:21) arcanus: The Lady lurches as Mr Bough singing fiercly spins the ships wheel she swings bow to Starboard
(22:20:24) Otto: 'DO IT!' Otherwise we fail!' Otto snarls.
(22:20:38) arcanus: He still looks at Reynolds
(22:21:10) Raz: Singing: 10 out of 20 (again) to embue haste into the arrow also
(22:21:14) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 6,6,3.
(22:21:29) Raz: 15 out of 15 for the shot, aiming at the pirate ship in general
(22:22:01) Otto: 'For fucks sake!' Otto bellows in frustration as he lurches over to grab the wheel.
(22:23:13) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 2,5,2.
(22:23:22) arcanus: Swung around by the rapid motion of the ship the arrow flies wide
(22:23:54) arcanus: Mr Bough grapples with Otto for the wheel
(22:24:00) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 5,3,1.
(22:24:20) Otto: Drag it around, hard to port.
(22:24:50) arcanus: Strength roll
(22:24:58) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 4,3,6.
(22:25:14) Otto: out of my current strength of x
(22:25:26) Raz: "bit of warning next time..." mutters Raz as his magically laden arrow misses the mark by miles
(22:25:28) arcanus: 20
(22:27:15) Otto: Do I manage to do it?
(22:27:28) arcanus: The wheel spins, its pegs smacking the helmsman in the guts, the Lady lurches once again, pitching low to Port so that the swell sweeps up over the gunwhale
(22:27:49) arcanus: Everyone make HT and Dex rolls
(22:28:57) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 5,2,6.
(22:29:00) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 4,6,1.
(22:29:35) Raz: 13 out of 10 for Health
11 out of 16 for Dex. Loses his lunch but remains standing
(22:30:28) Otto: 17 and 9
(22:32:13) (Reynolds): FUCKIN WOMEN! Anyway I'm back now
(22:32:29) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 2,6,5.
(22:32:42) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 4,4,1.
(22:33:11) (Reynolds): 13 out of 10 for health - 9 out of 17 for Dex
(22:34:23) arcanus: Otto and Raz do indeed lose their lunches, Lord Reynolds is fine
(22:34:35) arcanus: Reynolds make a perception roll
(22:34:39) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 1,3,1.
(22:35:10) Raz: Did I ever hear what was going on with the increase in speed? Magical or mechanical?
(22:35:25) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,3,5.
(22:35:29) arcanus: Definately
(22:35:41) (Reynolds): 11 out of 13 for PER
(22:35:59) Otto: Hopefully I boffed over the helmsman?
(22:36:22) Raz: Definately magical? or mechanical?
(22:36:38) arcanus: Definately magical
(22:37:22) Raz Raz will quietly utter his findings about magical inhancement to Reynolds & Otto as he wipes vom from his mouth
(22:37:30) Raz: *enhancement
(22:38:10) Otto: 'Just what we need...' he says grimly.
(22:38:55) Otto: With the move to port, is this now bringing the barrels around onto the Pirate Ship? What is it doing?
(22:39:11) arcanus: As Otto pilots, Reynolds spots from the corner of his eye, as the First Mate discreetly draws a dagger having positioned himself behind the Captain
(22:39:33) arcanus: Raz having lost his lunch, everyone stops singing
(22:40:31) Raz: I take with his lunch losing Raz hasn't noticed the first mate?
(22:40:56) (Reynolds): Well that takes the reigns off your abilities, don;t you think Raz? Time we gave these buggers what for! He turns to the first mate. Problem?
(22:41:26) (Reynolds): *don't
(22:41:33) arcanus: Thats correct, the submerged barrel line is now swinging toward the Pirate ship
(22:41:55) arcanus: Intimidation roll +4 skill level
(22:41:56) Otto: what about the floating ones?
(22:42:31) arcanus: Still bobbing along
(22:42:43) arcanus: Dexterity rolls?
(22:42:50) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 3,5,2.
(22:42:51) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 1,2,3.
(22:43:06) Otto: Towards the ship?
(22:43:07) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,5,2.
(22:43:15) arcanus: Yes
(22:43:19) (Reynolds): 12 out of 16 for Intimidate
(22:43:21) Otto: great
(22:43:34) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 2,1,6.
(22:43:37) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 6,6,6.
(22:43:47) (Reynolds): OUCH!
(22:44:01) Otto: eek!
(22:44:03) Raz: dex: 9 out of 16
(22:46:13) arcanus: The First Mates eyes widen and he looks like a rabbit in some headlights, as the Captain turns and looks at him, as this occurs you collectively hear an explosion from the Pirate ship, as a great chunks of its mid deck erupts outwards
(22:48:32) arcanus: Several canon rounds impact with the sea to The Ladys starboard
(22:48:49) Otto Turns swiftly to see what caused the explosion.
(22:49:07) Raz: before The Lady returns fire, and while the ship is steady, Raz will attempt another Thunder Arrow
(22:49:08) arcanus: Engineering: Weaponry roll?
(22:49:19) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 6,4,5.
(22:49:23) arcanus: Song magic roll?
(22:49:45) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 2,4,4.
(22:49:54) Raz: song: 10 out of 20
(22:49:55) arcanus: One of the Pirates canon exploded upon firing
(22:50:00) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,1,6.
(22:50:12) Raz: Bow: 8 out of 15
(22:50:41) arcanus: Singing roll?
(22:50:53) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 5,6,5.
(22:51:17) Raz: singing: 16 out of 23, there is a 10 / 20 as well
(22:51:24) Otto: Ouch!
(22:51:45) Otto: Where are the mines now?
(22:52:07) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 5d6 and gets 3,1,6,3,3.
(22:53:06) arcanus: Floating around 10 yards from the Pirate ship
(22:53:26) arcanus: Raz what are you aiming for?
(22:54:19) Otto: Is the ship coming closer to them?
(22:54:41) Raz: Aiming for the biggest target. If the ship is side on then the side, if possible aim for the waterline to hopefully punch a hole under water
(22:55:44) Otto: Weird Science whilst touching both the ropes: how far now?
(22:55:49) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 2,3,4.
(22:56:18) arcanus: They are moving parallel to them, although the surface mines are bobby menacingly towards them, curiously you can see musket fire which you first think that they are rather suicidally trying to shoot the barrels, then you work out that their trying to snap the line.
(22:56:33) arcanus: Both ropes are their maximum 700 yards out
(22:57:04) Raz: does my arrow hit?
(22:57:14) arcanus: Attention having drifted towards the Pirate ship, the First Mate lunges for the Captain
(22:57:40) Otto: If I was to detach the floating barrels, would they head towards the ship?
(22:58:20) (Reynolds): draw my pistol and shoot the bastard!
(22:58:21) Otto: Do I spot this happening?
(22:59:22) arcanus: The arrow rockets across the gap, striking the ship on its side, an almighty roar accompanies the impact spewing chunks of timber into the sea
(22:59:37) (Reynolds): (fuckin hell she's in a shit about something else now! gone to bed but up there huffing and puffing and stamping her feet - oh and there goes a slamming door - BITCH)
(23:00:11) arcanus: Reynolds: Fast Draw or Dex, then your shot?
(23:00:13) Otto: Take it out on the first mate Mate!
(23:00:23) arcanus: Otto Perception roll?
(23:00:36) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 1,5,6.
(23:00:40) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 1,4,5.
(23:00:52) (Reynolds): 10 out of 17 for dex
(23:00:58) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 1,1,2.
(23:01:12) Raz: nice roll
(23:01:29) (Reynolds): 4 out of 17 for the shot!
(23:01:44) (Reynolds): thanks
(23:01:46) arcanus: Something vomit worthy coming
(23:02:15) (Reynolds): Otto - consider it taken!
(23:04:04) Otto:
(23:05:17) arcanus: Reynolds roll 3D6
(23:06:38) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,3,1.
(23:07:33) arcanus: Damage roll please
(23:08:05) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 2d6 and gets 2,5.
(23:08:15) Otto: Max, a plan. If I was to be able to shoot one of the floating barrels in such a way, so the explosion in the one barrel would act as a propellant (i.e a torpedo) making the cluster of barrels rocket towards the ship?
(23:08:17) (Reynolds): 7+2=9
(23:08:50) Otto: Like a huge fucking Catherine Wheel?
(23:09:29) arcanus: Grand total of 23 points of damage
(23:11:52) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 1,2,4.
(23:12:16) (Reynolds): 7 out of 10 for Health - think i keep my lunch!
(23:12:45) arcanus: Otto watches as Reynolds hand flicks from within his coat, no sound utters from the pistol which has appeared. The shot strikes the First Mate through his cheek, which promptly destroys the entire opposite side of his face, a disgusting mass of pulp, sinew and teeth slops onto the deck
(23:13:19) Raz: nice shot!
(23:13:39) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 6,4,1.
(23:13:48) Raz: 11 out of 10, Raz hurls again
(23:14:10) arcanus: The shot would require a sizeby destructive round to trigger the effect, but yes your confident you could launch the mine at the ship
(23:14:12) Otto: Otto's eyebrows quiver rapidly as he nods his approval to Seb.
(23:14:25) arcanus: Everyone make Dex rolls
(23:15:07) Otto: 'Raz! Cam over here!' Otto shouts over to chaos of noise and the sea wind.
(23:15:13) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 2,4,5.
(23:16:12) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 4,2,2.
(23:16:25) (Reynolds): DEX = 8 out of 17
(23:16:31) arcanus: The Captain looks in shock at the deadman as he finally topples and slides unceremoniously along the deck
(23:17:02) (Reynolds): Captain, I believe the ship remains yours!
(23:17:30) Raz: Raz snaps out of his gag-fest and rushes over to Otto. "Raz make boom boom?"
(23:17:57) Otto: 'Yes geezer, yes!' he enthuses.
(23:18:01) arcanus: "YOU HAVE MY THANKS MR REYNOLDS" he shouts in return
(23:18:27) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 2,1,6.
(23:18:42) Otto: 'See that floating barrel the the right there?' he points to the target.
(23:20:12) Raz: OK, same as before. Try and imbue a Thuderclap into an arrow and fire it at the barrel. "Which one, Otto?"
(23:20:16) Otto: 'You need to hit it at this point here!' he runs over, skidding through the gore of the first mate to show the place on a barrel onboard.
(23:20:35) arcanus: A peel of cannon fire erupts from the Pirate ship, a horrendous spliting of wood occurs as rounds smash through the cabins at the stern
(23:20:43) arcanus: Mathematics roll Otto?
(23:20:57) Otto: 'Just above the metal ringlet here!'
(23:21:06) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 2,1,1.
(23:21:09) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 2d6 and gets 3,1.
(23:21:11) Otto: ooh!
(23:21:14) Raz: "Small precise explosion, or big and bad?"
(23:21:38) arcanus: Everyone takes 4 points of damage from splintering wood from the gun whales and decks
(23:21:47) Otto: 'Precise mate, the big bang hopefully will come after.'
(23:22:14) (Reynolds): Annette's in there! Reynolds calls as he darts aft towards the cabins.
(23:22:36) Otto: 4 out of 15 Mate
(23:22:58) arcanus: Raz'real your rolls please
(23:23:04) Raz: OK, this calls for a Sound Jet, rather than a Thunderclap. Raz will focus, sing the Sound Jet song and tie it into the arrow, take aim, and fire...
(23:23:11) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 5,5,1.
(23:23:16) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 4,2,2.
(23:23:19) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 4,1,1.
(23:23:38) Otto: 'Ah dammit!' Otto shields his eyes from the flyng debris.
(23:23:56) Raz: Song for the Sound Jet: 11 / 20
Song to bind to the arrow: 8 / 23
Bow: 6 / 15
(23:24:07) arcanus: Otto your damage is fatigue rather than hit point, from impact
(23:24:28) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 1d6 and gets 1.
(23:24:35) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 1d6 and gets 5.
(23:26:19) Otto: Will attempt to etherically assist Raz in the targetting of the barrel.
(23:27:47) (Reynolds): did i miss something?
(23:28:19) Otto: Don't think so mate.
(23:28:24) arcanus: Reynolds vaults the stairway down onto the main deck, the main cabin door has been blown off its hinges. Charging into the cabin, he see's with horror that most of the stern wall has collasped, a pile of timber lies upon the floor a huge paw poking out from within it, miraculously despite the bed posts having been smashed by the cannon fire, Annette remains asleep unharmed
(23:29:11) arcanus: Otto Activate your Headband of Mental Pursuance?
(23:29:21) (Reynolds): Gents - it's that time - I'm afraid I have to call it a night! It has been a bloody good alternative to the proper game.
(23:29:36) Otto: Very Very good.
(23:29:45) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 3,1,2.
(23:29:47) Raz: Yes, very good!
(23:30:03) (Reynolds): well good night all
(23:30:09) arcanus: A good place to draw it to a close, night chaps
(23:30:15) Otto: 6 out of 16

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