The Game Room 11-07-12

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The Game Room 11-07-12

Post by arcanus » Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:17 pm

(20:58:02) Reynolds: Where is the fop?
(20:59:15) Arcanus: He is having breakfast?
(21:01:12) Reynolds: I shall gather my companions to meet with the fop
(21:02:57) arcanus: In that case your erstwhile companions meet you around the breakfast table
(21:03:13) Otto: I would have asked for some elocution lessons from him or his staff, just to get a form of savoir faire. Also I would have asked if he could tailor me some finery befitting an Army Officer, and as much information on their Miitary as possible. Lt Colonel Harry Flashman needs to play the role well!
(21:04:24) Otto: I would have read up on as much historical background in his library as possible and eidetic memoried it for use.
(21:05:26) arcanus: Monsieur Gaultier is delighted with your request and has arranged for his sable master (a former cavalryman) to give you lessons following breakfast
(21:05:44) arcanus: Otto: Make a research roll?
(21:05:47) Otto: Lovely.
(21:07:50) ChatBot: Otto rolls 3d6 and gets 5,1,3.
(21:10:05) (Lord_Reynolds): try and guage through the conversation over breakfast the equivalent levels of aristocracy that will be attending the ball (compared to home!)
(21:10:28) Otto: Out of 17 mate
(21:12:37) arcanus: You have gathered quite a considerable level of detail regarding the military, the largest military is the Solar Empires, the Green ARCHIPELAGO has the strongest navy however (Otto may not know this but roughly comparable to Napoleonic militaries)
(21:13:37) arcanus: Reynolds make a Savoire Faire (High Society) roll?
(21:14:00) ChatBot: (Lord_Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 4,6,1.
(21:14:09) (Lord_Reynolds): 11 out of 15
(21:14:21) Otto: I would have also selected the politic option of who he served with, to prevent things going down badly at the do.
(21:16:04) Otto: Also I would have taken into consideration the racial differences etc between the different countries and adjusted to who I would fit into best.
(21:16:36) Otto: And then I would brush up on a birthplace etc.
(21:17:26) arcanus: I think that depends on where his Lordship is pretending to hail from?
(21:18:24) (Lord_Reynolds): whatever best suits my accent and most compares with GREAT Britain (did i mention it being great?)
(21:19:37) arcanus: Lord Reynolds: You manage to ascertain that the most senior aristocracy would be Baronette equivalents
(21:20:33) arcanus: The Green ARCHIPELAGO is the Britain equivalent
(21:20:34) Otto: We haven't got the dinero etc to pull that off.
(21:21:33) Otto: Well, its the Green ARCHIPELAGO for me then. And its Commander....
(21:23:44) (Lord_Reynolds): I shall continue on with the apparently inocuous conversation over breakfast then quietly despatch Sam into town to get the word from the street on these munchkins.
(21:24:09) (Lord_Reynolds): Is the ball happening in this town? I forget...
(21:24:10) arcanus: Fast Talk roll please +2 modifier
(21:25:11) ChatBot: (Lord_Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 6,2,4.
(21:25:21) (Lord_Reynolds): 12 out of 15
(21:26:00) arcanus: Sam sets off upon his mission
(21:27:08) (Lord_Reynolds): Is the ball happening in this town? I forget... again
(21:27:23) (Cdr_Flashman): We'll have to add the buzz about us hunting for that lost ship too.
(21:27:42) (Cdr_Flashman): And I hope Seb has brought his rubbers!
(21:28:01) arcanus: Upon the island, about 10 miles away from the manor
(21:28:47) arcanus: I think the aim was to start to discuss the ship at the Ball
(21:29:41) (Cdr_Flashman): Thats right, was just reminding everyone. >:-D
(21:30:22) (Cdr_Flashman): Does Gaultier have and blueprints/maps of the manor where the do is going to be?
(21:30:38) (Cdr_Flashman): In the library.
(21:31:28) ChatBot: (Cdr_Flashman) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,3,3.
(21:31:35) (Cdr_Flashman): Research
(21:39:50) (Lord_Reynolds): back
(21:44:27) (Lord_Reynolds): anyone there?
(21:44:45) arcanus: He dosen't possess the blueprints in his library
(21:45:37) (Lord_Reynolds): is there an equivalent of a bank in town?
(21:45:53) arcanus: Yes their is a town treasury
(21:46:26) (Lord_Reynolds): wondering about making a withdrawal!
(21:47:01) arcanus: interesting
(21:48:04) (Lord_Reynolds): the Ambrose side of me fancies the distraction - but the Reynolds side urges caution on the eve of our social excursion!
(21:49:00) arcanus: Might provide some needed cash
(21:49:04) (Cdr_Flashman): Shame that. Does he have knowledge of the manor itself I can draw upon?
(21:50:11) arcanus: A mischievous twinkle appears in his eye "of course monseiur", what do you require? (21:52:10) (Cdr_Flashman): Just how it is set out and what to expect etc. Rooms, where the Lady sleeps etc..
(21:52:29) (Cdr_Flashman): Certain customs, et al.
(21:53:18) arcanus: (Are you refering to the Rose Court which he can provide you with or Lady Donna Beatrices castle of which he knows very little?)
(21:53:39) (Cdr_Flashman): Bugger, thats a fair point!
(21:54:01) (Cdr_Flashman): Disregard that then.
(21:54:20) (Cdr_Flashman): Was talking about the Castle.
(21:55:21) (Cdr_Flashman): But then again, what can we expect at this Rose Court? Eyes Wide Shut shit?
(21:56:32) arcanus: He nods and takes you through the customs, presentation, how things commence
(22:01:31) arcanus: He also takes you through what dances commence first and what not to say
(22:03:25) (Cdr_Flashman): Excellent. Any strange customs that could catch us on the hop? Not that it would faze Otto, his race is quite liberal!
(22:06:21) (Lord_Reynolds): sorry about the sudden departure!
(22:06:57) arcanus: Not really, more about strictness of certain things happening at certain times, courtsey at the appropriate time to whom, that bodyguards shouldn't speak to Ladies
(22:07:24) (Lord_Reynolds): I shall be listening to the conversation Otto is having with ponce!
(22:07:51) (Cdr_Flashman): Well, I really won't be a true body guard so to speak.
(22:08:15) arcanus: "What will you be?" he enquires
(22:08:49) (Lord_Reynolds): My aide de camp?
(22:08:58) (Cdr_Flashman): Aye
(22:09:44) (Lord_Reynolds): though i think Raz will be doing enough camp for the all of us
(22:09:49) arcanus: "Ah well in that case, you may speak to a lady once that lady has spoken to you, whereabouts his Lordship can speak to whom whenever he wishes"
(22:09:55) (Cdr_Flashman): What title are you settling for?
(22:10:08) (Cdr_Flashman): Seb?
(22:10:19) arcanus: "Such are the subtleties of Lord, Aid and servant!"
(22:10:46) (Cdr_Flashman): Just what I prefer. Good.
(22:11:45) (Lord_Reynolds): Max, using a bit of aristo - savvy where should i place myself in the grand scheme of things?
(22:14:40) (Lord_Reynolds): Is there a far flung corner of the archipelago where people are less likely to have heard of the wheelers and dealers? Somewhere a Baron Reynolds could hail from without falling into any social trap?
(22:17:39) arcanus: A Baron would be be a suitable role, it sounds as if the White Archipelago would be a better choice as the Green is run by a Parliment without a monarchy
(22:18:11) (Lord_Reynolds): Then Baron Reynolds it is!
(22:18:27) arcanus: Gaultier comments that most in Domania are ignorant of the Northern White Lands, other than their cold
(22:19:48) arcanus: He does posit that due to your accent you may be an exiled Green Noble who fled parliments reach and settled in the White archipelago.
(22:20:12) arcanus: Domanian aristocrats love romance and drama
(22:21:01) (Lord_Reynolds): Sounds like an excellent back story - and good reason for my families hidden riches to be languishing in the hold of a sunken ship!
(22:21:09) (Cdr_Flashman): Ok then,I will be Lt Colonel Harry Flashman of the 'insert regiment here' White Archipelago.
(22:21:29) arcanus: (You can name the regiment)
(22:21:37) (Lord_Reynolds): thought you were a commander?
(22:21:45) ChatBot: (Cdr_Flashman) is now known as (Lt_Col_Flashma).
(22:21:54) (Lord_Reynolds): ah ha!
(22:22:18) ChatBot: (Lt_Col_Flashma) is now known as (Col_Flashman).
(22:22:26) (Col_Flashman): >:-D
(22:23:02) (Lord_Reynolds): your tailor is going to be going mad! and promotion seems to happen pretty quick in your regiment!!
(22:23:12) (Col_Flashman): Of the 3rd Snowdon Fusiliers.
(22:23:21) arcanus: Indeed, parliment disposed the monarch some 20 years ago, it was established by nobles, however they are very protective of their positions and seek to stamp out interlopers or those once related to the King
(22:23:46) arcanus: Many of the Royalists fled or were murdered
(22:24:02) (Col_Flashman): It was just so I could get his whole name in!
(22:24:55) (Lord_Reynolds): of course - i was just a child, but the memories of my parents worried faces as we fled north still haunt me to this day!
(22:25:22) (Col_Flashman): Classic codshit! Nice one!
(22:26:09) (Col_Flashman): I will obviouslt be using cantrip to change my facial appearance.
(22:26:27) arcanus: Gaultier smiles "I think this will be outragous fun"
(22:27:13) (Lord_Reynolds): I shall ask Gaultier if it might not be prudent just to meet with some of the local aristocracy that might be travelling to the ball as well - better than arriving as unheard of strangers?
(22:27:49) arcanus: Gaultier claps "Gentlemen and Madame" nodding to Annette "I will summon my tailors, we must ensure you fit your elaborate story"
(22:28:47) (Col_Flashman): The 3rd Snowdon Fusiliers, are renowned for their skirmishing abilities.
(22:29:28) (Lord_Reynolds): And what of my cousin, Raz?
(22:29:54) (Col_Flashman): With a name like Gaultier, I would like to think he could design some decent stuff. But if its anything like 'The Fifth Element', we're in trouble!
(22:30:26) (Col_Flashman): Just a soiled pair of pants and a half bottle of Thunderchild will do for him.
(22:31:03) arcanus: "An excellent idea I shall arrange a sourie for tomorrow evening, with a few of the Southern set who will be travelling in this direction anyway, they will be glad of the stop over in good surroundings"
(22:31:58) (Col_Flashman): A dry run eh? Sounds like a good idea.
(22:32:50) (Lord_Reynolds): I shall conduct a private conversation with Raz, when Gaultier is out of earshot - I want to know if Raz can alter Gaultier's memories so he doesn't realise that this is just a rouse - perhaps something that can be enacted after the ball?
(22:33:35) (Lord_Reynolds): In fact i shall ask Otto too as he has managed to project his thought into my head recently!
(22:35:13) arcanus: Raz replied that he has the power to charma and implant suggestions, however altering memories is another matter
(22:35:58) (Col_Flashman): <Don't you trust the chap? Or do you just want to make sure he's not implicated when we do a runner?>
(22:36:55) (Lord_Reynolds): No trust in the long term - and if we either return to this world or end up staying longer than planned then he is a loose end!
(22:37:00) (Col_Flashman): <Will be hard to do with the guests at the soiree tommorrow I reckon>
(22:37:52) (Lord_Reynolds): I was thinking after we have secured the letters - for the time being he is on side with the plan to help the emperor!
(22:38:04) arcanus: Raz comments that the guests need not realise its a rouse, in fact it would be better if they didn't
(22:38:08) (Col_Flashman): <Thats a bit mercenary, in fact I'm not sure I like where you may be leading>
(22:39:06) (Col_Flashman): <Seen you erase 'problems' before....>
(22:40:46) (Col_Flashman): <Bollocks to enemies, it makes life a lot interesting to be fair.>
(22:41:11) (Col_Flashman): <'An he seems to be enjoying himself.>
(22:41:34) (Lord_Reynolds): I'm into anything that keeps my head on my shoulders!
(22:41:56) (Col_Flashman) will consult Gaultier's library to brush up on infantry field tactics.
(22:42:17) (Col_Flashman): <I noticed...>
(22:44:40) (Col_Flashman): I'll be doing one in a mo guys, its getting late and I'm knackered!
(22:46:44) (Lord_Reynolds): Okay mate - think it might be an idea to leave the get-togethers til we hav a full house anyway - Raz's input is likely to be comical
(22:47:08) arcanus: No problems mate, think it would be good if we could catch up before next physical game to run the sourie
(22:47:35) (Col_Flashman): That would be very good. A sort of dry run as it were!
(22:47:46) (Lord_Reynolds): just put two new posts on Waterwitch too!

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