The Game Room 19-07-12

Background information for the Infinite Worlds.

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The Game Room 19-07-12

Post by arcanus » Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:46 am

(21:22:48) arcanus: Synopsis
(21:27:48) Black: After spending casting his mind out for any traces of Raz and Annette, Black found only a trace of the elf. He spent an hour sitting in the last detected position letting his mind roam, trying to follow any threads that might lead him to where Raz had gone.
(21:28:45) Black: He got one image - that of a Swastika.
(21:32:25) Black: He travelled back to Chicago and spent time searching through all the archives at Infinity, trying to find mentions of magic users that utilise sound, and also of jumpers. Having found very little, Black, against all his better judgement decided he would have to consult with an old and wise man he knew on Pheonix.
(21:37:09) arcanus: The concern of course what that Infinity was ultra paranoid regarding Pheonix, considering it ones of the greatest threats to The Secret. However their were routes to it, ones that Infinity were unaware of, ones that Black would have to uttilise.

(21:39:01) Black: How much do I know of these alternative routes?
(21:39:31) arcanus: (Roll 3d)
(21:40:04) ChatBot: Black rolls 3d6 and gets 4,2,1.
(21:40:14) Black: 7
(21:40:25) arcanus: (Whats his IQ)
(21:40:43) Black: 16
(21:45:44) arcanus: A year or so after his escape from Pheonix, he began to clandestinely look into how much was known of his World Line most was ultra classified and he had to steer clear or draw attention, however he did pick up rumours of a way in based in the Bering Sea.
(21:47:35) Black: Whilst considering the the consequences of his his decision, Black sends an email to Wallace: X is all he writes. From that point on he turns off his phone and leaves it in his appartment. (21:49:19) Black: "Russians!" he muses as he takes the El to a safety deposit repositary on the south side. there he removes his old Pheonix ID's and some money.
(21:50:36) arcanus: "You stink of Cop" purred the gravelly voice of the Russian sitting opposite him "Why should I even talk to you?"
(21:51:23) Black: Because I can pay...
(21:55:02) arcanus: As far as dens of iniquity went this one was pretty drab and depressing, a gambling den sat within the middle of the Southern Fish markets of Juneau, Alaska. The Russian grunted and drew heavily upon the short stubby cigar that never seemed to shrink, "Money is no good for a deadman!"
(21:56:27) Black: You are still breathing
(21:56:59) Black: Besides where i want to go is not exactly legal...
(21:57:34) arcanus: (Make a Fast Talk roll?)
(21:58:28) ChatBot: Black rolls 3d6 and gets 6,3,6.
(21:58:39) Black: 15 out of 14!!
(21:59:43) arcanus: "Sorry, you give me bad feeling, trouble, can't help you!"
(22:00:27) Black: Black sighs... then reaches out with his mind to the Russian.
(22:01:01) ChatBot: Black rolls 3d6 and gets 3,6,2.
(22:01:15) Black: 11 out of 15 for telesend.
(22:01:26) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 2d6 and gets 6,4.
(22:02:07) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 3,2,1.
(22:04:47) arcanus: The Russians mind is foggy, Homelines usual Inertia bears down, as subconciously he resists, his mind slipping and sliding beneath Blacks grasp
(22:27:52) Black: "Shit!" Black curses as he struggles to get a grasp on the Russian's mind. Is this the only contact he has?
(22:28:43) arcanus: Yes, he was very hard to trace, in terms of layers of secrecy it seems those who know of this are intensly paranoid
(22:30:27) Black: What sort of security has he brought with him?
(22:35:13) arcanus: There are at least ten goons of Slavic origin positioned at various places around the market
(22:38:22) Black: Listen... i have to get to Pheonix Black says with determination. And I have to do it without Infinity knowing.
(22:39:46) arcanus: The Russian winces as Blacks mind retreats from his own, now stood he narrows his eyes and regards Black
(22:40:04) arcanus: (Make a Diplomacy roll?)
(22:40:17) arcanus: (And a Telescan roll?)
(22:40:54) Black: No diplomacy!
(22:41:03) ChatBot: Black rolls 3d6 and gets 2,2,5.
(22:41:18) Black: 9 with an IQ if 16
(22:41:24) ChatBot: Black rolls 3d6 and gets 1,1,2.
(22:41:34) arcanus: (Figures :?)
(22:41:57) Black: 4 out of 13 for telescan
(22:42:45) Black: (Black's diplomacy is normally about 9mm in diameter!)
(22:43:42) arcanus: He closes his eyes again, rubbing his forehead and scratchs his wiry grey beard and sits back down on his crate
(22:45:40) arcanus: Black senses something amiss with is thought patterns
(22:46:17) Black: with his own thought patterns of with the Russians?
(22:46:36) Black: ... or with the Russians!
(22:47:10) arcanus: With the Russians thought patterns, nothing psychic as if something else were disturbing them
(22:47:34) ChatBot: Black rolls 3d6 and gets 5,6,6.
(22:48:06) Black: 17 out of 15 to try and get back in - but it's a no... i can tell!
(22:48:51) arcanus: Chuckle, his mind repels the attempt, however you have the feeling that it is something biological
(22:49:09) Black: What is wrong? Blacks asks in fluent Russian
(22:49:40) arcanus: "What" he replies looking confused
(22:50:25) Black: You seem.... distracted? Are you not well?
(22:50:49) Black: Again in Russian.
(22:50:53) arcanus: "I have a headache that is all" he grumbles
(22:53:11) Black: You and me both, and mine is I need to get somewhere, discreetly and you are the only person who can help.
(22:54:24) arcanus: Wearily he looks at you "You whine like a little girl, on and on and on!" (22:54:39) arcanus: "How much do you have?"
(22:55:01) Black: Did the change in his thought patterns come on suddenly or perhaps as a result of my attempts at probing?
(22:55:31) Black: How much do you want?
(22:56:02) arcanus: You think they were always there, however his headache seemed to grow worse as you initiated the Probe
(22:56:49) arcanus: $50,000 in unmarked notes
(22:57:30) Black: Do i have tht much?
(22:57:45) arcanus: Whats his Wealth?
(23:01:57) Black: Standard wealth - no advantages or disadvantages
(23:02:27) arcanus: Dosen't spend any money though if I remember?
(23:02:39) Black: No
(23:04:25) arcanus: He has £300K in savings
(23:05:32) Black: Thirty Black begins the bargaining.
(23:06:32) arcanus: He starts laughing
(23:07:39) Black: Shall we say $40K to save us the time
(23:08:28) arcanus: He takes a long draw on his stoogie "$45K, no more bargaining!"
(23:09:37) Black: If it means i don't have to whine any more!
(23:12:38) arcanus: "Da"
(23:14:28) Black: It'll take me a day or so to get the cash. Where do you want to meet?
(23:15:48) arcanus: He hands you a cheap mobile, "You have the money by noon tomorrow, this phone will ring and you have 30 minutes to get to where your told!"
(23:16:26) arcanus: "They will want more at the other end, a lot more" he frowns
(23:16:57) Black: "On Pheonix?
(23:18:56) Black: "
(23:19:18) arcanus: He shrugs, "Before you depart" he replied nonchalantly
(23:19:48) Black: How far is this Guy taking me?
(23:20:17) arcanus: "How do you mean?"
(23:21:17) Black: Is he saying that once i arrive on Pheonix I will have to pay the people at the other end?
(23:21:36) arcanus: "No that your dimensional taxi will also require payment!”

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