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The Game Room 07-09-12

Post by arcanus » Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:32 pm

(21:34:56) (GM): When last we played you had arrived at Lady Donna Beatrices Keep, Lord Reynolds reconnoitered the area, listening to the tradesman.
(21:35:44) (GM): Patrolling the grounds and gaining a feel for the area, Raz meanwhile busied himself in listening to the place and making himself look gorgeous
(21:36:26) (Reynolds): Ah yes...The Party was in full swing too.
(21:37:19) (GM): A Dinner party was announced where the society guests could introduce themselves, however it was shortly discovered after grand entrances that the Lady in question was not in attendance
(21:37:28) Raz: Ah yes, Reynolds was unusually popular...
(21:39:41) (Reynolds): What stage has the party progressed to now?
(21:41:10) (GM): As the hour draws late and the audience somewhat dazzled by Razs song mastery and Reynolds charm, the partygoers have sagged into seating circles
(21:42:45) (Reynolds): Once the moment seems right I shall start consuming alcohol at a proper pace rather than the sips i have been taking and see if Raz wants more.
(21:42:50) Raz: I think Reynolds had confided that he had seen the lady, had he not?
(21:43:13) (Reynolds): He had announced it in a rather stylish manner!
(21:43:35) (GM): He had and Raz had requested him to step outside where he admonished him for outstaging him :D
(21:43:51) Raz: "So, Mr popular... Do you think it's worth me trying to have a chat tonight?" (21:44:22) (Reynolds): Who with?
(21:44:50) (GM): Raz make a Perception roll (hearing)?
(21:44:56) (Reynolds): Sorry, I mean, with whom?
(21:45:41) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 6,4,4.
(21:45:55) Raz: 14 out of 18 for listening perception
(21:47:04) (GM): Throughout the evening occasionally you have been distracted from your adoring audience by the nagging feeling of being watched
(21:47:30) (GM): Reynolds make a Health roll?
(21:48:36) Raz: I expected to be watched, assuming the rumours are true and the Lady is a witch, but the large number of spirits are also a possible source of watchage
(21:48:48) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 4,5,5.
(21:49:01) (Reynolds): 14 out of 10 for health!
(21:49:20) (GM): Your Lordship is feeling a little warm inside
(21:49:47) (Reynolds): Tee Hee!
(21:50:43) Raz: "Reynolds... do you think it's worth me trying to speak with m'lady?"
(21:52:14) (Reynolds): Wouldn't bother today. Two surprise visits in one night might be a bit much, and wear our welcome thin! Here have a glass of this red, it is rather strong!
(21:53:09) ChatBot: (GM) rolls 3d6 and gets 1,4,5.
(21:54:06) Raz: "Don't mind if I do!" *slurp*
(21:54:34) Raz: "Mmm nice, not a patch on fey wine you understand, now that would knock you six ways from Sunday!"
(21:55:08) (Reynolds): Think we should make the party one to remember and let the rumours tomorrow fan the flames of our mysteriousness! Make her ladyship wish she had come tonight just so that she hadn't missed out on a great evening! Fey wine hey? Is it hard to get hold of?
(21:55:29) (GM): Raz roll 3d6
(21:55:43) (Reynolds): And how much does it sell for?
(21:58:07) Raz: "You won't find it here... unless...?"
(21:58:16) (Reynolds): I'd ask Otto to join us but he seems to be getting on rather well with the barmaid!! Dirty old goat!
(21:59:02) Raz: "Shall we see if we can liven this shindig up again?"
(21:59:36) Raz: Max, Strike up the bank again and this time layer a stronger spell to get people to.... relax a little, lose their inhibitions....
(22:00:06) (GM): Remember your roll?
(22:01:29) (Reynolds): Yes - a drinking game too . Lets make it a risque one just to enhance Raz's subliminal effects! We all know how the Aristocracy publically shuns such behaviour, but sectretly craves a bit of debauchery!!
(22:02:01) (Reynolds): Psst..... Raz! Roll yer 3d6!!
(22:02:29) Raz: I'll make another, cast a long, slow Influence into a song all about letting go, not caring, and having fun
(22:02:32) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 3,5,6.
(22:02:41) Raz: 14 out of 20 for the singing
(22:03:24) (Reynolds): he's got me hard!
(22:03:58) (Reynolds): ew! I repulse myself!!
(22:04:01) (GM): Flippin eck and another 3d6 roll?
(22:05:45) (Reynolds): GM.... have i identified a slighty prim but attractive single lady amongst the group? Or maybe even a couple of young ladies, ones that might be together?
(22:06:00) (GM): Perception roll
(22:06:14) (Reynolds): not in the biblical sense (yet!)
(22:06:21) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 4,3,6.
(22:06:29) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,6,5.
(22:06:31) (Reynolds): 13 out of 16
(22:06:46) Raz: Group Performance: 12 out of Singing 20
(22:07:01) (Reynolds): actually 13 out of 13
(22:07:22) (GM): It occurs to Raz that he has a small shot of Fey Wine upon his person
(22:07:45) (GM): You have spied several members of the fairer sex
(22:09:06) Raz: Time to lace the wine supply with a drop of fey! a few drops should get this party started!!!
(22:09:31) (Reynolds): I shall begin mixing with them and chatting idly while steering the conversation very slowly round to more... adult themes
(22:09:48) Raz: Is this one of those posh do's where the wine on show is all crystal decanters, but in reality there's a barrel in the kitcheb
(22:11:01) (GM): Yes in large crystal decanters, which are however guarded by the Valets
(22:11:13) (GM): Reynolds roll 3D6+14
(22:12:01) Raz: I shall pick the weakest looking one, judging by his song, and sidle up to him, whisper in his ear, and BAM! hit him with a full on persuasion song to allow me to add the fey wine to the supply!
(22:12:04) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,1,2.
(22:12:22) Raz: 4 out of 20! That's a crit! This poor boy is mine!!!
(22:13:48) (GM): A mere tremor of charm creeps from your mouth and his eyes glaze, amusingly you also see the others eyes glaze, they even turn and unstopper the decanters
(22:14:40) Raz: Excellent, they shall do my bidding all night! Tell them to dim the hall lights to create an ambience!
(22:15:12) (GM): They quickly scurry off to dim the lights and return as equally rapidly
(22:17:00) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,4,6.
(22:17:10) (Reynolds): 29 (22:17:56) (GM): The mood of the partygoers creeps to one of scandal >:-D (22:18:15) Raz: Add the potent party popper to the decanters and give them a gentle swill, then tell my boys to fill everyone's glass. "We in the southern isles have a custom" Raz shall announce to the room. "At this hour, we all drink a toast to the host!" *glug* "CHEERS!"
(22:19:14) (Reynolds): excellent work Yago!!
(22:19:21) (GM): Health Rolls please
(22:19:30) ChatBot: (GM) rolls 3d6 and gets 2,3,1.
(22:19:56) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 3,3,6.
(22:20:16) Raz: 12 out of 10 for Razzy! But he has tried this wine before, and in a much more concentrated dose!
(22:20:58) (GM): Nether the less he staggers and has to grab a table to steady himself
(22:20:58) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 2,1,1.
(22:21:11) (Reynolds): 4 out of 10!!
(22:21:42) (Reynolds): Bloody good stuff this Raz!!
(22:22:48) (GM): Lord Reynolds on the otherhand weathers the head clearing blast he receives from the gulp and feels very good
(22:23:35) (Reynolds): Brilliant. How are my little harem coming on?
(22:26:26) (Reynolds): It is my intention to get several of the ladies and have them.... well, have them! Quite up for it if his elfship wants to bring along some fillies and ahve a proper good toff orgy!! Something to get tongues whispering about in the morning!!
(22:27:26) Raz: Sounds a good plan! We'll play some soothing grooves and entice some fillies back to our quarters!
(22:29:19) (GM): Sex Appeal rolls please?
(22:29:42) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 4,2,3.
(22:29:54) Raz: 9 out of 14 for t'elf
(22:35:56) (GM): The guests are falling about the place, several ladies land on their rear ends generally a state of disarray
(22:37:31) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 6,3,6.
(22:38:25) (Reynolds): 15 out of 14
(22:39:33) Raz: Help them up and Whoops! Their corsets have come undone!
(22:39:52) (Reynolds): Shocking!
(22:40:48) (GM): Without going into gory details the pair of you awaken with fuzzy heads and surrounded by a considerable amount of female attire
(22:41:14) Raz: Any tattoed skin?
(22:42:13) (Reynolds): lol
(22:42:26) Raz: :O
(22:42:27) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,2,4.
(22:42:31) Raz: >:-D
(22:43:04) (Reynolds): 11 out of 10 hmmm I think I'm going to be sick!
(22:43:42) (GM): No lack of tattoo palors
(22:44:01) (GM): And indeed Reynolds loses his dinner
(22:44:11) Raz: Any temporary tattoes drawn on with eye-liner?
(22:44:24) (GM): Oh very well (22:44:36) Raz: :D
(22:45:11) (GM): Your plans for the day ahead?
(22:46:12) Raz: I think tend to Tiny, get him some meat from the kitchen and perhaps cavort a little with the maidens. Then tonight we get to meet with the Lady,,,
(22:47:16) (GM): Both make Perception rolls?
(22:47:41) (Reynolds): Recover! and keep myself scarce. find out what Sam has discovered, if anything. Also go for a walk and try to find the master of the guards quarters.
(22:47:49) ChatBot: (Reynolds) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,1,5.
(22:48:00) (Reynolds): 11 out of 15 for perception
(22:48:19) (Reynolds): Doh! 11 out of 13!!!!
(22:49:00) (GM): It changes everytime, sure you slipped away for tea
(22:49:23) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 6,4,5.
(22:49:40) Raz: 15 out of 18 if listening, 15 out of 13 if seeing
(22:51:13) (Reynolds): Thinking the master of the guard is likely to have extensive plans of the castle and although it probably won't show her ladyship's vault, it might be the absence of rooms or catacombs in a place where it would make sense to have some that gives away their actual location away.
(22:52:12) (GM): Reynolds finally masters himself and departs for a walk, Raz finally switching from Rock God to dog owner notices a note slipped beneath the suites door
(22:53:00) Raz: What doth it say?
(22:53:59) (Reynolds): The blond girl is preganant with your triplets!
(22:54:16) Raz: My army is growing!
(22:54:51) (Reynolds): or is her ladyships prize porker up the duff?
(22:55:30) (GM): First Reynolds finds Sam, who is undertaking his exercise regime a number of savage squat thrusts and push ups, he is undertaking this on the grounds outside the gate
(22:55:50) (GM): Sam: "Sir" he says with a raised eyebrow
(22:56:37) (Reynolds): Ask him what he has heard from the staff etc.
(22:56:41) (GM): It reads "Your are in grave danger, trust not the shadows nor mirrors"
(22:58:24) (GM): "The staff are sullen, although from looser tongues last evening, it seems this mood has only settled since her ladyships return from the Empire!"
(22:59:21) Raz: "never trust a mirror after a night like that!" Raz mutters as he combs his hair back into something resembling style. He strolls back to the bed clutching the note, whistling a jolly tune as he goes. The tune carries with it his familiar song that learns the history of an item. Can Raz determine who wrote the note?
(22:59:36) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 5,6,1.
(22:59:45) Raz: 12 out of 20 for the song
(23:00:23) ChatBot: (GM) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,5,1.
(23:02:24) (GM): The Note dosen't reveal the identity of the author, it does reveal that the author is in fact an authoress
(23:03:48) Raz: OK, well, nothing like a bit of grave danger to bring out the best in someone. Could the writing be that of her ladyship?
(23:04:46) (GM): Unkown at this time as you haven't seen her handwriting
(23:05:09) Raz: Raz will apply liberal eyeliner to the back of his biggest sunglasses, to blank them out. The best way to not be scared of the shadows is to not see them. For the day he'll be "blindfolded", so he relies on his ears and radar only. That way he cannot be fooled by mirrors or shadows, as he'll know what is really there...
(23:05:23) Raz: Sneaky, or what! And it will look to everyone else like he's hungover
(23:05:48) (GM): Curiouser and curiouser said Alice
(23:06:30) Raz: He'll go about his day, seeing to Tiny etc, blindfolded, just listening.

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