The Game Room 26-10-12

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The Game Room 26-10-12

Post by arcanus » Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:15 pm

(20:33:46) Synopsis: After a somewhat perturbing visit from an Infinity Inc Finance auditor one Terry Standing, and said Auditor realising that he had contravened his own rules and spent Company money, the pair set off on a knuckle biting plane journey into the storm ridden Bearing Sea.
The pair was set off on an ice flow, in which a ship was encased, the pair explored the vessel finding little in the way of habitation but Standing did manage to activate the boiler and get some heat working as well as curiously accessing the dormant computers.
So the pair now fined themselves on an isolated abandoned ship in the middle of storm wracked arctic waters.

(20:39:34) (Black): ((Black is having second thoughts about his current course. With Standing's arrival he feels that Infinity's gaze is too firmly fixed on him and to discreetly travel to Phoenix would now be detrimental to his plans.))
(20:42:05) arcanus: (Make a Psi scanning roll?)
(20:42:10) (Black): There is some degree of internal debate going on.... Black sighs, a mixture of frustration and resignation to the way fate plays out.
(20:42:24) ChatBot: (Black) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,3,4.
(20:42:43) (Black): 10 out of 17
(20:44:52) arcanus: (Also make a Detect Lies roll?)
(20:45:49) ChatBot: (Black) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,3,4.
(20:45:57) (Black): 10 out of 16
(20:48:04) (Black): "All right, Mister Standing," Black says with sudden vigour after his long moments of silence, staring out of the frosty bridge windows. "You may take me in."
(20:49:11) arcanus: Somewhat distracted it takes Standing a few moments to realise he's being spoken too "I'm sorry, what was that, ARSE!"
(20:53:12) (Black): "You must have been given instructions to detain me should you find my actions against company policy. Time to conduct whatever procedures you were instructed."
(20:54:58) arcanus: "Um err, BASTARD, err no, just to interview you about some irregularities with your receipts, arrest BOLLOCKS you, not sure I'm allowed too, do that!" (20:55:15) arcanus: Perception roll?
(20:55:35) ChatBot: (Black) rolls 3d6 and gets 2,4,2.
(20:55:51) (Black): 8 out of 16
(20:56:09) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 1,3,3.
(20:57:21) (Black): Black's hand absently moves to the deactivated satellite cell phone in his pocket. He did't like the thought of using it to call for aid. It felt as though it were an indication of him failing. (20:57:55) arcanus: As you contemplate his bemusing response, a faint clanging resonates within the bowels of the vessel
(20:59:38) (Black): Hand moves from phone to pistol, his eyes narrowing in suspicion. He glances at Standing to see if the bureaucrat has noticed.
(21:02:15) arcanus: Standing looks around the bridge his face having paled and he looks worried "What was that buggerballs?" he whispers
(21:05:07) (Black): "That, buggerballs, was probably the reason that Russian dropped us here. You stay here, lock and barricade the door. Let no one in. no matter what or who they say they are." He hands the Sat-Phone to Standing. "If I need you to, use that to call for help. I'll let you know if you need to!"
(21:05:47) arcanus: "Okay arseface" he replies meekly
(21:07:00) (Black): Black steps through the doorway, his gun already in his hand. He closes the door behind him and waits as he listens to Standing sliding the bolts across.
(21:07:36) arcanus: As you move out of the bridge, the air seems to thicken as if you'd suddenly reached a high altitude
(21:10:37) (Black): Black moves as silently as possible towards the ladder down to the next deck, his actions slow and deliberate his ears pricked for any sounds of movement coming from within the vessel.
(21:15:11) arcanus: Stealth roll?
(21:16:37) ChatBot: (Black) rolls 3d6 and gets 6,1,2.
(21:16:48) (Black): 9 out of 24
(21:20:42) arcanus: The bowels of the ship are eerily silent, a worrying twanging of metal from the hull occasionally breaks the solitude
(21:21:56) arcanus: You reach the next deck down
(21:22:40) (Black): Black stalks through the cold dark passageways waiting to hear the next clang, and slowly closing on its source.
(21:23:12) arcanus: Perception roll?
(21:23:29) ChatBot: (Black) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,5,6.
(21:23:39) (Black): 16 out of 16!!
(21:43:20) arcanus: You wait for what seems an eternity, although it is more like 10 minutes before you hear several clangs from the lower decks
(21:44:16) arcanus: Feels like despite the boilers running the temperature is dropping
(21:45:07) (Black): throwing caution to the wind Black proceeds with haste, whilst also coming to a decision. "Make the call..." He telesends to Standing.
(21:45:15) ChatBot: (Black) rolls 3d6 and gets 6,1,6.
(21:45:30) (Black): 13 out of 17 to send
(21:45:58) arcanus: Proceed to where?
(21:46:16) (Black): towards the source of the noise.
(21:47:33) arcanus: Make a climbing roll?
(21:48:58) ChatBot: (Black) rolls 3d6 and gets 5,2,3.
(21:49:14) (Black): 10 out of 13

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