The Game Room 22-11-12

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The Game Room 22-11-12

Post by Raz » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:38 pm

(21:32:27) (Arcanus): If you recall you had boarded a flying machine which was fleeing from a large house in North London, the occupants were a lieutenant Tiley and the half elf, the machine ran out of steam and put down just outside of the Kent town of Crickley, your currently hiding out in a barn on the farmlands at the towns edge
(21:33:20) Raz: Ah yes, and despite Raz's best efforts he couldn't understand the mysterious lady...
(21:33:32) Raz: Which is where his new plan comes in
(21:34:53) Raz: They have a brief respite from the action, as they await the arrival of Reynolds in his sky-vessel
(21:36:23) Raz: Raz has a spell to understand anything written...
(21:36:37) Raz: so a sign or words in any language he can understand.
(21:36:57) Raz: He also has a spell to learn the history of an object
(21:37:13) Raz: and a spell to compel truth...
(21:38:16) Raz: so the plan is to spend a moment to focus, and to weave the 3 spells together (i think he can weave 3 in total?)
(21:39:55) Raz: Hopefully, the spells can transfer from written to spoken, and he's hoping to temporarily learn the language of the half elf
(21:44:00) arcanus: a okay fire away
(21:44:19) ChatBot: arcanus is now known as (Arcanus).
(21:45:10) Raz: so.... concentration: (defaulting to IQ)
(21:45:13) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 4,6,5.
(21:45:18) Raz: 15 out of 12
(21:45:35) Raz: songweave: /roll 3d6
(21:45:39) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,1,3.
(21:45:49) Raz: 5 out of 13 for the songweave skill
(21:45:51) Raz: nice
(21:46:03) Raz: Song
(21:46:11) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,3,5.
(21:46:17) Raz: 9 out of 21
(21:46:52) Raz: So concentrate 15/21
Songweave 5/13
Song 9/21
(21:47:09) (Arcanus): Are you getting her to write something down?
(21:47:11) Raz: Raz will sit opposite the lady, and try and encourage her to talk
(21:47:41) Raz: he wants to weave the spell with compel truth hoping that it will work on her spoken words, and not written words
(21:48:03) (Arcanus): Make a fast talk or diplomacy roll?
(21:48:27) Raz: all i can offer is group performance
(21:48:31) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 6,3,6.
(21:48:39) Raz: 15 out of 17
(21:48:52) Raz: will use hand signals to try and get her to talk first of all
(21:49:01) Raz: then, when she's talking, weave the songs together
(21:49:11) Raz: and sing softly
(21:49:11) ChatBot: (Arcanus) rolls 3d6 and gets 1,6,3.
(21:51:08) (Arcanus): While you are attempting to communicate Tiley explores the barn, finishing this exercise by clambering up into the hayloft
(21:52:13) Raz: Very Tilly, well done Tilly
(21:52:22) (Arcanus): The half elf looks at you quizzically, she looks tired but nether the less seems interested
(21:52:42) Raz: Does she continue talking?
(21:53:00) (Arcanus): She listens to you sing and then begins to hum softly
(21:53:17) Raz: try and make signs for her to talk
(21:54:24) (Arcanus): She laughs your gesturing and begins to sing herself
(21:54:46) Raz: That might work, if she's singing in her own language?
(21:57:25) Raz: Sustain the woven spells and try and apply it to her song
(21:57:39) (Arcanus): Do you continue singing?
(21:57:43) Raz: yes
(21:58:37) (Arcanus): Make a Music of the Spheres roll? What are you trying to find out from her?
(22:00:51) Raz: Trying to learn her language, temporarily. Idea is that the spell to understand written words woven with a truth spell and with the retrogression spell might magically allow him to understand/speak
(22:01:09) Raz: music of the spheres:
(22:01:14) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,2,5.
(22:01:31) Raz: 8 out of 22
(22:08:08) (Arcanus): An image opens in your mindseye one. It dissimilar to Telesial, of woodland homes, great forests and clean air
(22:08:30) (Arcanus): Not dissimilar
(22:08:55) Raz: Am I able to understand her?
(22:09:21) (Arcanus): Your not sure
(22:10:13) Raz: Try and ask a question in what I think might be her language...."Hey lady, can you understand me?"
(22:11:31) (Arcanus): Warze yrin sasz
(22:12:24) Raz: "Iza tryz see if'n youz iza lizzen warze m'rin sasz"
(22:13:10) (Arcanus): "Az itz" she relies
(22:14:09) (Arcanus): "We have company" Tiley hisses
(22:14:19) Raz: "Youz an me'z bot a longun wayz fruma da plasz calla Home"
(22:14:42) (Arcanus): Peeps
(22:14:52) Raz: "Hold them off Tilly, just a little longer..."
(22:15:31) (Arcanus): "I think it's a farmer" he mutters
(22:16:08) (Arcanus): "Alws wuz
(22:16:48) Raz: Then, to the lady, "Whazza did hap tuz tha youman youza wiz wiv de glass" (and make a couple of finger loops looking like glasses)
(22:17:33) (Arcanus): What was that last sentence?
(22:17:39) Raz: To tilly "is he armed?" (And are there any livestock in this barn?)
(22:17:55) Raz: (What happened to the human you were with, with the glasses?)
(22:18:46) (Arcanus): "Shotgun" Tiley replies sliding down the ladder ( no livestock)
(22:19:03) (Arcanus): She looks confused
(22:21:01) Raz: I'll smile at her, thinking this is getting nowhere. "Youzza name?" Raz says as he stands and moves towards the door where the farmer may enter...
(22:23:30) (Arcanus): "Maz ness itz Nieff" she replies
(22:24:27) Raz: "Nieff. Raz" Says Raz as he points to himself, then puts his finger to his lips "sssssh"
(22:25:19) (Arcanus): "Araz I Shuzz" she whispers
(22:26:17) Raz: Raz will move stealthily to the back of the door and wait for the farmer... is the farmer alone? or with mates?
(22:26:33) (Arcanus): Perception roll?
(22:26:42) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 4,6,4.
(22:27:07) Raz: 14 out of 13 for visual, although if he's listening it's 14 out of 18.
(22:28:41) (Arcanus): Peering through the gaps in the barn door you see the portly ,utter chopped farmer striding towards the barn, a colly dog trotting alongside him, he appears other than that to be alone
(22:30:10) Raz: Where's Tiny? did he come with us or stay with reynolds? I'm thinking reynolds as he wouldn't have jumped onto our little airship thing
(22:30:55) (Arcanus): Yes he remained with Reynolds
(22:32:39) Raz: OK, Raz has a plan, but doesn't want to hurt the old fella. Signal to Tilly for him to stay up in the loft out of sight, and wait for the farmer. Hoping he's going to call out from outside the barn
(22:32:52) (Arcanus): Lantern light spills across the threshold of the door
(22:33:47) Raz: make some fumbling noises and then noisily zip up raz's fly, on his trousers
(22:33:53) Raz: make some loud whispers
(22:35:17) (Arcanus): "ERRR OOS THERE?" calls a voice from outside
(22:36:12) Raz: Raz will raise his pitch an octave or two, to make himself sound younger.. "Er, Um, no-one sir! No-one... um, just me and me girl"
(22:36:57) Raz: "Please don't tell mister, 'er dad will skin me alive!"
(22:37:46) (Arcanus): A portly face peers around the door "up to shinnanigans?" he says
(22:39:49) Raz: Raz will adopt his "deer caught in headlights" look as he tucks his trademark shirt into his trousers "Shenani-? No sir, no, not like that sir, we're engaged, see, but her dad.. well. He don't think I'm right and that... banned me from seeing her, see?"
(22:42:59) (Arcanus): "Hmmm so you decided to abscond to my barn, young man, your. It from around here are you?"
(22:43:26) Raz: (Is that the ipod spell checker?)
(22:43:29) (Arcanus): (It should be not)
(22:43:45) (Arcanus): (Yes it was arse)
(22:44:32) Raz: "no sir, we're from the city, we've had to run away" Raz will say as he drops his gaze and looks a little sheepish, as if caught by the headmaster. "We're making our way to the coast. Didn't mean no harm, sir"
(22:44:55) Raz: (Strange how arse is perfectly fine, but it doesn't know "not" )
(22:47:12) (Arcanus): (don't forget it's American so dosen't understand the Queens English)
(22:47:49) (Arcanus): Make a Perception Roll (hearing)?
(22:48:11) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 6,5,6.
(22:48:24) Raz: oh dear, listening of 17 out of 18
(22:48:38) Raz: probably a bit distracted
(22:49:57) (Arcanus): "Right so you'll be on your way then?"
(22:51:37) Raz: "We will sir, right away, no problem" raz will say.. but won't actually move
(22:52:54) ChatBot: (Arcanus) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,3,1.
(22:53:21) (Arcanus): The colly suddenly starts barking frantically
(22:54:02) Raz: Strange... Raz will now actively listen to the chorus now, instead of being distracted.
(22:54:06) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,4,2.
(22:54:12) Raz: 7 out of 18
(22:54:19) Raz: do we have more company?
(22:55:47) (Arcanus): You hear flapping upon the wind
(22:56:16) Raz: A familiar, animalistic sound like back in London?
(22:56:38) (Arcanus): Yes just like in London
(22:56:57) Raz: "TILLY!" yells Raz, the sheepus
(22:57:15) Raz: Sheepish boy now gone. "That worms back!"
(22:57:57) Raz: Then, to the farmer "Sir, the situation has changed and I'm afraid we're in danger. Please stay in the barn"
(22:58:35) Raz: Raz will then pick up his bow from it's leaning place against a wall and walk out of the barn, heading to greet the simple flying lizard
(22:58:50) (Arcanus): "WHATS FLAMING WELL GOING ON?" bellows the farmer somewhat distracted by his now frantic dog, he does however raise his shotgun in your direction
(22:59:16) (Arcanus): Intimidation roll?
(23:00:04) Raz: "Please sir, we're with the military. My man Tilly here will explain" Raz points to the uniformed Tilly, "Right now a martian banshee is outside and I must deal with it. If you'll excuse me..."
(23:00:11) Raz: Doesn't have intimidation
(23:04:53) arcanus: Tiley appears from the loft, the farmer blusters, and moves to prod you with the shotgun
(23:05:01) arcanus: Diplomacy roll?
(23:06:16) Raz: Doesn't have diplomacy either, will just have to rely on his "under estimated" edge, "Sir, please, allow me to deal with this creature first."
(23:07:51) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 1,5,6.
(23:09:44) arcanus: Tiley sweeps forwards as the farmer concentrates on you, he grabs the shotgun and stares at the man "By order of the Crown sir move aside!"
(23:09:50) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 5,1,2.
(23:10:10) Raz: Right, Raz will now step out of the barn, looking for the worm.
(23:10:28) Raz: He doesn't want to kill the innocent creature, so is going to give it one chance....
(23:10:44) Raz: once chance to behave, and then it's hammer time!!!
(23:12:26) Raz: where is the thingy\/
(23:12:38) Raz: the worm creature\/
(23:12:39) arcanus: The worm is easy to spot, it appears to have a lantern hanging from it as it pivots into an ariel turn and down towards the farm.
(23:12:40) Raz: ?
(23:13:06) Raz: Any other songs from that area? Like a rider perhaps?
(23:13:15) Raz: Or a controlling magical note?
(23:14:43) arcanus: No the song is the same out of place echo you sensed above London, no second songs or magical notes
(23:15:24) Raz: So it seems to be just a solo martian worm with a lantern on?
(23:15:40) arcanus: It appears so
(23:15:44) Raz: OK
(23:15:57) Raz: Raz will attempt to 'tame' it, to an extent.
(23:16:18) Raz: And using his animal handling will use a form of aversion therapy.
(23:17:01) arcanus: Sounds interesting or risky
(23:17:11) Raz: As it get's close he's going to hit it with an almighty, powerful note. Not planning to do damage, just a very powerful tone. Similar to when he tamed Tiny all those years ago on a different world,
(23:17:27) Raz: force the creature to accept raz as the dominant one
(23:18:14) Raz: He'll use his Great Voice spell to just screech a note laden with power
(23:18:29) Raz: if this creature is quite primitive, it should sense the power
(23:18:46) Raz: and will either react, or won't.
(23:19:16) Raz: So that's step one. Stand there, in a field, not moving, and emit this powerful note, very loud, and very high. And see what the worm does.
(23:19:43) Raz: Will do this so that if the worm doesn't react there is time to shoot it
(23:20:21) arcanus: It closes to a few hundred feet away
(23:20:42) Raz: Now seems a good time. Let's do it.
(23:21:00) arcanus: Make your roll?
(23:21:02) Raz: Screech away! Dripping with raw power...
(23:21:06) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 5,1,3.
(23:21:26) Raz: Singing: 9 out of 21
(23:23:20) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 4,2,1.
(23:23:30) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 3,2,4.
(23:26:33) arcanus: The worm circles and bellows in response, it snarls and then circles once again, finally landing on the slate roof of the farmhouse, where it unleashes a thunderous roar in challenge
(23:28:58) Raz: Turn and face it, making a few very slow, deliberate steps towards it. Never one to back away from a challenge, Raz conjures together 2 Great Voice songs, uttering a small prayer to Jobe to give him power to tame this innocent creature. (Do I have any excellence points?)
(23:32:14) arcanus: Let me just check
(23:32:19) Raz: Going to have to call it a night shortly
(23:32:32) Raz: could be a good place to pause things?
(23:36:08) arcanus: Okay, we'll call it a night here, you okay to copy everything and post under Game room?
(23:36:17) Raz: Yup

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