The Game Room 29-11-12

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The Game Room 29-11-12

Post by arcanus » Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:33 pm

(21:32:26) arcanus: Shall I do a synopsis
(21:32:35) Raz: Please do....
(21:33:17) arcanus: If you recall the majority of your efforts were spent in communicating with the half elf who you eventually learned was named Nirie.
(21:34:05) Raz: Nirie, aye
(21:34:38) Raz: And then the beastie turned up
(21:35:12) arcanus: Managing to speak through yours and her song, eventually this was disrupted by the appearance of an aged farmer who at first you attempted to beguile as naughty lovers, however the arrival of the Martian Wyvern put pay to this and now it sat upon the farmhouse roof you are attempting to intimidate it.
(21:35:51) Raz: Ah yes, I was enquiring if I had any excellence points?
(21:37:03) arcanus: You have 10 points
(21:38:06) Raz: EXcellent.... I was thinking back to when Tiny was tamed.
(21:38:36) Raz: And what broke him, and made him realise that I was the boss was an overpowering chord
(21:38:56) Raz: so
(21:39:05) Raz: this Wyvern has issued a challenge
(21:39:23) Raz: and Raz must escalate it
(21:39:44) Raz: so
(21:41:07) Raz: While the worm is wriggling on the roof, Raz will breathe deep, flex his diaphragnm, and weave together TWO great voice chords
(21:41:45) Raz: He wants to expel them in a loud, long, LOUD chord, shaking the windows and the very core of the worm
(21:42:22) Raz: I'm willing to expend an excellence point on the actual song roll
(21:42:44) Raz: and make a concentrate roll to weave them together
(21:45:56) arcanus: Make the roll
(21:46:45) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,3,2.
(21:47:11) Raz: The Composition is 6 out of 16
(21:47:15) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,1,1.
(21:47:19) Raz: WoW!
(21:47:40) Raz: The song, which was already excellenced to a crit, has just rolled another crit!!
(21:48:13) Raz: So a double-bubble crit for the song! 2 great-voices, together!
(21:53:23) Raz:
(21:56:10) arcanus: Flippin heck, a peel of thunder seems to roll across the local skies, the Wyvern lays its head down as the roar of challenge slams into it.
(21:56:46) arcanus: Lantern hanging from its neck shatters and every window in the farmhouse shatters
(21:57:02) arcanus: Make a HT and Dex roll?
(21:57:29) Raz: Even Raz, who is normally aware of his power, feels his hairs stand up on the back of his neck, as the spheres align and an unholy amount of choral energy flows through him!
(21:57:35) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 3,6,2.
(21:57:38) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,5,5.
(21:58:08) Raz: Health: 11 out of 11
Dex: 11 out of 16
(22:07:12) arcanus: It seems that the entirity of your breath leaves your body with the chords, all strength leaves you and although you manage to remain standing, you are struggling to focus
(22:17:05) arcanus: The Wyvern remains in its vantage point upon the roof, watching you wearily
(22:18:01) Raz: Raz knows that it's crucial to capitalise on the wyvern's submissive state, so he slowly controls his breathing, breathing in slowly and taking slow, delberate steps towards the creature. He can't focus, but steps forward, praying to Jobe for the strength to spare this innocent creature
(22:18:50) Raz: As his breath slowly returns, he makes low, soothing noises. Nothing magical woven in, as his choral energy is drained
(22:19:23) Raz: but will hold his hands, empty, forward, toweards the Wyvern, and slowly step left... right... left...
(22:20:08) Raz: He's been drunk before... a lot, so is used to being unsteady and a bit blurry
(22:22:17) Raz: He needs to move forward, steady, and making calm noises
(22:25:24) arcanus: Will roll?
(22:29:17) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 3,5,3.
(22:29:29) Raz: Will: 11 out of 14
(22:29:58) Raz: Hopefully the pure need to move will spur him on, as failure could result in being eaten!
(22:34:11) arcanus: through sheer force of will you force yourself forwards, the great reptile eyeing you warily until you reach the farmhouse standing below it, the Wyvern slowly slithers down the side of the house and quietly hisses
(22:36:43) Raz: Slowly, and making every effort not to make a sudden movement, Raz will extend his hand while maintaining the quiet, low, pleasing hum, and try to get close enough to place a hand on the creature. It's snout, or neck. A light, tender caress.
(22:37:03) Raz: Was there a collar around it's neck where the lantern was?
(22:43:42) arcanus: I know that your Animal Handling skill is for dogs, however make a roll?
(22:44:06) arcanus: Yes a dark leather collar, with the remnants of a clasp that held the lantern
(22:44:13) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 6,6,1.
(22:44:29) Raz: 13 out of 11 for animal handling
(22:47:02) arcanus: Tens of miles away a trio of steam carriages hurtled through the night, a larger man suddenly cursed "Damn and blast"!
(22:48:15) Raz: Can I take the collar off?
(22:48:36) arcanus: "What is it?" replied a slighter but menacing man sat beside him, the broader man put down his telescope, "The lanterns out, we've lost her!"
(22:49:45) arcanus: It curls its back and hisses threateningly at you
(22:52:30) Raz: Change my tone from the calm, reassuring one back to an angry roar, the same as the one that was epic, but without the magic. Hoping the wyvern will recognise the same noise, and take it as a threat from me. Stand my ground. Keep eye contact. Remind it who is boss...
(22:54:30) arcanus: In the absence of Intimidation - A Song roll?
(22:54:39) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 4,6,6.
(22:54:49) Raz: 16 out of 21
(22:54:57) Raz: not as great as before
(22:55:08) Raz: but just need it to recognise Raz isn't happy
(22:55:43) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 1,1,1.
(22:55:52) Raz: buggar
(22:56:41) arcanus: The Wyvern rears up to its full height and roars at you, make a Dex roll?
(22:56:49) arcanus: (Not the roll you needed)
(22:56:58) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 6,6,5.
(22:57:14) Raz: Hmmm, this isn't going well anymore! 17 out of 16
(22:57:41) Raz: Although, in order to try and keep conrtol, I'm happy to spend another excellence point
(22:57:45) Raz: on this roll
(22:58:20) arcanus: Which roll?
(22:58:38) Raz: the terrible dex roll
(22:59:05) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 2,1,3.
(22:59:59) arcanus: Your head suddenly clear you sidestep its charge, its jaws crashing together several inches from your face
(23:00:25) Raz: give it a swift punch on the end of it's nose, and roar once more (without the magic)
(23:00:38) Raz: like tapping a bad dog on the nose
(23:00:56) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 3,1,3.
(23:01:12) Raz: 7 out of 16 for Brawl
(23:02:35) arcanus: Roll your impressive thrust damage of 2d6
(23:03:06) ChatBot: Raz rolls 2d6 and gets 2,2.
(23:03:10) Raz: only 4
(23:03:26) Raz: then roar
(23:03:41) Raz: "BAd Sky-snake!"
(23:04:42) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 2,5,2.
(23:05:06) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 2d6 and gets 2,5.
(23:06:40) arcanus: It growls another vibrating hiss
(23:06:42) arcanus: okay
(23:07:09) Raz: Stand my ground, make the bad noise. See what it does.
(23:07:55) Raz: Can I spend an excellence point to refresh my magic battery?
(23:08:21) arcanus: 5 points of damage as it lashes its tail into your back (Yes you can - you are recharged)
(23:11:48) Raz: Right, will be knocked a bit by the blow, but the knock has shook him back to his senses. Raz turns, growling to glare at the Wyvern, this roar is laced with potent magic. The first spell to reach out is Presence. Raz's aura will emit power. Power and anger. The next follow up song is a concussion chord, directed at it's head. It's intended to give it a nice magical SLAP!
(23:11:54) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 4,5,5.
(23:12:07) Raz: 14 out of 21 for the Presence
(23:12:09) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 1,4,6.
(23:12:21) Raz: 11 out of 21 for the concussion blast
(23:12:31) Raz: all the time maintaining that low, angry growl
(23:12:48) Raz: so it associates that growl with pain, and anger
(23:13:17) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 4,3,1.
(23:17:21) arcanus: The concussive blast bowls the Wyvern across the courtyard, it slowly lifts its head again regarding you with a renewed suspicious look
(23:19:06) Raz: Excellent... and now comes the nice bit. Change the tone to be the nice, friendly low hum, and cast Enchant upon the air. This low hum sounds different to the growl, and hopefully will become associated with friendly, and trust.
(23:19:08) ChatBot: Raz rolls 3d6 and gets 5,5,6.
(23:19:18) Raz: 16 out of 21 for the song
(23:19:34) arcanus: Remind me what does Enchant do?
(23:21:18) Raz: It make you appear as a friend, ally and someone to trust. When cast on people they want to please, want to make the caster happy, and when cast on animals it brings about trust, and comfort
(23:21:29) Raz: I don't have the actual maths to hand
(23:21:39) Raz: but it's like Charm
(23:21:59) ChatBot: arcanus rolls 3d6 and gets 3,2,4.
(23:22:21) arcanus: The Wyvern grumbles and slithers back towards you
(23:23:37) Raz: Back to slowly moving, holding a hand out, and try and get close. Make the same low happy hum, and try and stroke it's nose gently.

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