The Game Room 18-12-12

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The Game Room 18-12-12

Post by arcanus » Tue Dec 18, 2012 10:22 pm

Normandy 1945
(21:11:24) Keeper: Ok - he was waiting for his pick-up from that world - cursing the stiff Brit!
(21:12:37) arcanus: Okay, so thinking of continuing him in the same vein?
(21:13:19) Keeper: Yeah, his pick-up could be delayed? - or he could pretty much be stranded!
(21:14:10) ChatBot: Keeper is now known as (von_Geller).
(21:18:19) arcanus: Having fled from Berlin on the Luftwaffe jet bomber into Fascist Spain, Karl Von Geller had been eluded by the Toff Lord and his cohorts.
(21:20:16) arcanus: It was best to avoid the rapidly gathering Spanish police and he made for the hills
(21:21:00) (von_Geller): He is aiming to head for the rendezvous point in normandy.
(21:22:56) (von_Geller): ((new witch post up, btw!!))
(21:23:03) arcanus: Arriving in Normandy he found it to be occupied by British, American and now re-emerging French soldiers, however at a distinct loose end
(21:23:12) arcanus: (Cool)
(21:23:55) (von_Geller): Does he have all his army credentials on hims still?
(21:24:27) arcanus: He does indeed
(21:25:06) (von_Geller): How long til he should be picked up?
(21:26:16) arcanus: A few hours, he's found a B&B, its seven pm and pick up is ten
(21:26:49) (von_Geller): Ok then.....
(21:29:28) (von_Geller): Sergeant Major Karl von Geller, dressed in his Olive Green's strolls slowly down the creaky stairs of the B&B and into what was obviously the lounge, but what had now become the dining room. He takes a seat near the window and looks out, reaching for a pack of cigarettes.
(21:30:43) arcanus: Normandy is in a sorry state, a year on from the Allied assault the city still shows signs of extensive battle damage, pits, craters and bullet holes everywhere.
(21:32:50) arcanus: However the cities mood is lightened, people walking the streets once again, the red banners and fear finally gone
(21:34:08) (von_Geller): As he slips the Lucky Strike between his lips he gives a bemused chuckle as he recalls what Berlin had looked like only a week ago. He flicks his zippo several times before a flame sparks into life and draws heavily on the cigarette, glancing subcinsciously at his watch.
(21:35:31) (von_Geller): Satistfied, inhaling the thick smoke, he looks about for the land lord or lady.
(21:35:49) arcanus: The time ticks away, the Grey uniforms replaced by the olive green of the yank troops
(21:38:10) arcanus: Stepping out of the room he strolls down the stairs, until coming to the kitchen where the shrew like French landlady stirs a pot of Cock au van, the smell of the chicken and cream sauce permeating the small room
(21:38:43) arcanus: Von Geller wonders whether it really is chicken in these times
(21:39:44) (von_Geller): Shrugs, thinking further that he really couldn't care! He gives a little cough, announcing his presence.
(21:42:39) (von_Geller): "Er.. Ma'am? Could i get a coffee?"
(21:44:04) arcanus: The little shriveled woman turns suddenly, giving you a suspicious glare, her eyes widen looking at something behind you
(21:45:20) (von_Geller): From sheer gut instinct, von Geller tenses upon noticing her stare, but he turns slowly, following her gaze.
(21:48:17) arcanus: A man in an out of place 1960s suit, black with white edging stands in the hall "Time to go" he says
(21:49:33) (von_Geller): Does VG recognise him?
(21:50:45) arcanus: Vaguely but can't place him, nothing in headware either
(21:53:33) (von_Geller): There is only a slight flicker in one eye that gives away how on edge von Geller is. He turns his fully back towards the French woman, reaching into his pocket and taking out a crumpled ten dollar bill which he places on the counter. "Thank you ma'am. Merci!" He turns back to the suit. "I'll get my bag."
(21:56:51) arcanus: "Pah Filthy étrangers" she spits, the man smiles with slight embarrassment and steps aside, to allow VG to ascend the stairs to collect his things
(22:00:37) (von_Geller): All of his things are in a pack, ready to go, which von Geller scoops up and throws over one shoulder with a grunt. His M1 Garrand rifle he also hangs from his shoulder where it is obvious and relatively difficult to get to. His .45 he stuffs in the waistband of his combat trousers, pulling his jacket over it.
(22:01:25) (von_Geller): He makes his way back down to the suit. "Nice outfit," he quips.
(22:07:22) arcanus: The man smiles a warm smile of amusement, before gesturing to the front door, stepping outside you stroll through the now quiet streets of Normandy heading for the waterfront. Heading down onto the beach, the siege barricades still half buried in the sand, placing his hand upon the big mans shoulder, Von Geller see's strange markings scroll across the grey sand before he shudders
(22:08:56) arcanus: A moment of unpleasant warmness and disorientation and he looks around to see the same beach, but no sign of the man in the suit
(22:09:19) (von_Geller): Von Geller tenses once more, his hand reaching instinctively for the pistol, his own control just stopping him on the point of revealing the weapon.
(22:09:32) arcanus: Perception roll?
(22:09:55) ChatBot: (von_Geller) rolls 3d6 and gets 3,4,3.
(22:10:04) (von_Geller): 10 out of 18
(22:12:18) arcanus: The beach is subtly different the barricades sitting higher in the sand, barbwire strung across the open causeway, the moon in a different position
(22:14:12) (von_Geller): v Geller's eyes narrow as he drops to one knee, the pistol coming out now as he sweeps around looking for anything that looks like a threat.
(22:15:30) arcanus: Looking up the beach his night vision betrays fortifications and gun emplacements on the slopes above the beach

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The Game Room 09-01-13

Post by Otto » Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:03 pm

(21:52:56) (Dean): I have an idea for a character
(21:53:36) arcanus: What is it?
(21:53:37) (Dean): A hulking man called Yarl, who plays the fantasy equivalent of the Double Bass
(21:54:03) (Dean): A long bearded bear of a man
(21:54:13) arcanus: Almost viking like
(21:54:24) (Dean): But surprisingly gentle with it
(21:54:27) (Dean): yes
(21:54:54) (Dean): Slightly overweight
(21:55:00) arcanus: Sounds very good, keep that thought, like the double bass, imposing

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Re: The Game Room 18-12-12

Post by Otto » Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:38 pm

No, scratch that. I have a better idea.

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