The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Details and a record of the characters exploits, successes and failures within the Parallel Worlds.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 15, 2012 8:42 pm

Looking to you the group warily steps back up the slope, Freyan, Tiley and Zorranson duck as further stakes launch from their alcoves.
You also duck allowing the deadly missiles to carry down into the valley, hoisting Tailor up, you quickly follow the group.
I would like to invest in possibly learning astral projection.
Could you run up together a character sheet for Otto at this time so I can use him to the best of his ability?
I will keep the detection of the traps going as we progress up the hill.
The crags rise high above, your passage way becoming narrower and narrower, your footing precarious, made even more so by the fact that yourself and the other three alternate the carrying of Tailor between you.
Ominous forms circle in the air above, around broken peaks; you’re reminded of some bleak gothic painting.

Freyan becomes even more wary, his pace quickens, making travel with Tailor difficult.
The path begins to move upwards once again, as the path widens you see, what appears to be an enclave, nestled within the crags, walled behind spiked timbers.
The feeling of being watched becomes real, as you see further grey skinned people, some elves, others human, each the same hue as Freyan.
The grey elf breathes, "Welcome to Vato"
‘Somehow I think that is an overstatement Freyan, but I’m sure that I am wrong’ Otto grunts with the exertion of the weight of Tailor as he looks around dubiously.
I put on my best smile and wait for Freyan to greet the enclave, or should I say stockade?

A sense of impatience settles over you, as Freyan seems to silently communicate with his fellows.
Once this exhausting process finishes Freyan is permitted to enter, a hour passes, Tiley checks his equipment, then moves around restlessly, Zorranson keeps looking at the sky, warily scanning the ridges and peaks.
Eventually Freyan appears at the gates, he dusts himself off as you move past him into the spartan town, the rooftops have spikes upon them, vantage points are manned by grim faced guards.
You are quickly escorted to a cabin.

‘Its about time’ I whisper to Freyan ‘what with an injured person here.

How is Tailor? We carry him as slowly and a safely as we can.

‘Have you a healer here?’ Otto calls to grim faced villagers.
Setting Tailor down upon a cot, Freyan checks him, soon a grim faced, grey skinned human, balding, with nervous eyes arrives.
The doctor quickly assesses Tailors wounds, administering a thick salve across his shoulder, while getting him to imbibe several potions.

"He will have to rest for several days,” utters the physician, with which he stands and leaves, only turning to glance at Freyan.

‘Thank you very much for you help’ I say to the doctor as I look around the room.

‘Why is everyone so grim faced?’ I ask Freyan when the doctor has left.
"It is a hard life here, Otto, strangers are a sign of misfortune, and the only visitors who come to the village bring death"

A silent pause enters the room

"This night no-one must leave this room, do not open the doors or look from the windows!!"
With that Freyan stalks from the room.
‘Er… Righto Ferret’ Ottos eyes look suspiciously around the room. Then he hobbles over to the rickety chair adjacent to the rickety table in this rickety hut.
‘Is there any food in this unwelcoming town?’ he mutters. But before long he nods off to sleep in the chair.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 15, 2012 8:45 pm

"Otto" someone whispers, a finger is placed to your lips, silencing you before you start.
The lights in the room are out, as you become aware of your surroundings your headware sensors kick to active, beginning to scan the room and surroundings, you place Zorranson near the door, he is stooped as if ready, Tailor lies sedated upon his cot, while Tiley crouches before you.

Your audio sensors start to filter, sounds, around the outside of the cabin, alongside the windows, and outside the door you can hear shuffling, sniffing, shallow breathing and low growls.

Otto blinks an acknowledgement to Tiley and reaches down to his pistol. Staying where he is for now.
(Arcane Science of 19, Arcane Science of 22, Arcane Science of 27, Concentration of 16)

Code: Select all

 I stack a Cantrip (flash bang spell!) and two true strike spells.
Is this shack made out of wood?
Yes, heavy log planks
Beckon Tilley to me so I can whisper in his ear.

‘Get ready to make a dirty great big hole in the back of the cabin so we can have more than one exit if needs be mate.’
Gesture to Zorranson to come to me.
Tiley moves around you, positioning himself opposite the rear wall, Zorranson’s eyes flash as he moves quietly over to you.

I draw Z close and whisper in his ear ‘I don’t know what your problem is and frankly I wish you would entrust me with it. But all differences aside, trust me. If you have an idea of what is out there, I’m all ears!’
I level my gucchi revolver at the main door.
‘Zorranson, cover me and stay close to Tilley. If we need to make a quick exit I want you to make like a tree, and split. Understand?’ Otto whispers.
(Listen of 18)
"Perhaps when things have calmed down, we'll talk" he replies
The scratching continues, now a more frantic noise like a dog trying to open a door, something scrapes along the windows to your left.
Zorranson levels his SMG at the door and Tiley quietly disengages his safety.

The doors then swings open, a series of yellow eyes, look in from the darkness.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 15, 2012 8:48 pm

"SHRAU AMAUK SORR ROTH" cuts through the air

Then Freyan is within your doorway, facing the night "BEGONE!!"
With that the air becomes still, the apprehension and fear of the predator recedes.
Freyan looks battered, cuts and bruises mark his face, his eyes are also yellow and now dim.

I back off into the corner, my discomfiture very evident. I level the pistol at Freyan, keeping Z in my line of sight.
‘I think now is a very good time to explain what the fuck you are!’ He growls.
Freyan pushes the door to, and then waits for a long while, more watching for a return visit.
Turning he takes a deep breath, his eyes returning to their pale watery blue from a glowing yellow.
He sits, near to you but mindful of the revolver.

"A long time ago, monsters of darkest appetite in inhabited the old world, fiends, undead all manner of creatures that would happily bring about eternal night and consume every innocent soul"
"When the Adracian Empire formed!" Freyan pauses to spit in disgust
"They drove the savage races to the south, purging as many as they could, however some creatures were not so easily slain.
"The Empires armies satisfied they had driven the hordes back and routed the true enemy settled into conquering and building the Empire, however the darkest things still remained, because they looked like you and I"
"The church was not so easily satisfied and conducted its own inquisition, they burned many by the stake and put many more to the sword"
"The most powerful of these dark creatures agreed a pact, one which allowed their escape, to Scarathera"
"At the time Scarathera was a green and pleasant land, our ancestors lived simply and well"
"The islands were soon infected, not one of its inhabitants escaped without some form of taint"
"The majority of my human and elven ancestors willingly sought the protection of shape shifters and weres, better that than some deathly creature which lived on the blood of the living or some fiend from hell"
"My people are not shapeshifters Otto, but the blood still taints them, the beast still rises, such as what happens tonight!!"
‘Bloody hell!’ Otto exclaims softly as he lowers his revolver. ‘Is there anything I can do to help? After we have found the herb for my Arriana that is.’
He looks down at Tailor.
‘We have lost enough people as it is, so I want to make amends for my part.’
Freyan smiles, relaxing "Actually doctor, its the blood that keeps us alive"
"There is a healer further into the mountains that can look at Mr Tailor!"
‘Will this be the healer who will have the herbs for Arriana?’ Otto enquires.
Freyan looks at Zorranson, the latter who speaks
"Otto we have to find the orks who infected Adrianna"

"In the morning we will speak with the trackers, who scout the hills, they should give us an idea of the whereabouts and movements of the black orks"
Says Freyan
You literally collapse, returning to sleep.
Waking groggily, oddly Freyan and Zorranson are sitting opposite each other as if some kind of understanding has passed between them.
A breakfast of bread and sweet meat has been laid out for you on the table.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 15, 2012 8:50 pm

After eating, Freyan turns "The trackers have returned, Otto!"
‘Bout time’ Otto mutters between his mouthfuls of dried buttered bread. He stands and walks swiftly out of the hut, buttoning his shirt up.
‘And stop with the psychic shit Freyan!’ Otto shouts over his shoulder as he strides purposefully to find the trackers.
Freyan steps in behind you, he smiles, Zorranson hangs back not following, while Tiley follows.
The village seems different, children have appeared among the buildings, the villagers go about their chores, all the while you notice scratches and marks upon the woodwork of the cabins, dried blood mixed with the dirt.

You reach a rampart; a wooden construction that turns into a solid wooden staircase, heading downwards you notice that things become darker, your group turns into a stone passage cut through the stone on which the village is built.
The Tiley and yourself tense, the potential for a trap, pinned in beneath the ground is not lost on, as you move through the dim halls.
Bestial carvings adorn the walls, your own arcane knowledge quickly indicates that the symbols intermingled with the images are those of protection.

Freyan moves ahead, guiding you to a simple doorway.
Your sensors move to active, you brace yourself as you step in.
The room is one of cold stone, wooden beams and rafters, two of Freyan’s kinfolk stand solemnly by a huge wooden table, an older human looks to be in seniority.

Your attention however is drawn to the four figures moving furtively in the shadows of the room, Freyan moves to the side of his kinsmen, allowing you to step into the room. Another uncomfortable pause, then the older bearded man, coughs, which draws the figures from the shadows.

The four are bestial, human or elf mixed with the features of wolf, elk, snake or bat, sometimes several creatures in one being.
They shuffle as if uncomfortable with human company, sniffing the air, nudging each other for space no matter how small, occasionally baring their teeth (reminding you of SID).

"What did you find?” growls the elder
One with lupine features and rams horns growls, Freyan translates
"The orks are camped on the Scrimshaw Barrows" momentarily he stops to growl at the scout to his left
"Do they follow a standard?"
"They have met with one of the fell ones"
"Which one?" demands the elder.
"We do not know, the sky was full of darkwings"
The elder scowls at the scouts, then turns.
"Your orks are camped in the badlands to the north west, however that will take you into the territory of one of fell ones, you should go home, only your death waits for you!!"

Turning the elder dismisses the scouts to eat and rest, and walks past you.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 15, 2012 8:51 pm

Otto turns as the elder starts to leave, ‘That might be the case, but I plan to go on regardless. My companions can make their own decisions on this. However, any advice you can give me other than to go home will be greatly appreciated Chief’ I bow my head.
Poor buggers, Otto thinks as he sees the deformed scouts walk out.
‘What are the Fell Ones for a start?’ Otto asks.
Late afternoon arrives, before you are once again called before the elder.
You enter a circular stone building, the walls decorated with weapons, shields, tapestries, skulls, rugs and other relics of the past.
The woman who sits on a pile of rugs and cushions, looks easily beyond a century, her skin so creased that she appears a mummy.
In fact at first you think she is, your sensors pick up four heat signatures among the ornaments and furniture, large quadrupeds, a sense of territorialism creeps across your instincts.

Your attention drawn by the invisible guards, you start when she reaches out and touches your arm, the ends of her old withered fingers ending in black claws.
A shiver runs down your back, as she opens her eyes to reveal them to be completely black, her teeth are like needles when she smiles, as if you are to be dinner.

Her voice is like crushed leaves "The fell ones are the most powerful dark creatures upon Scarathera, creatures from the pits, the dead that walk"
"There are three types of creature upon Scarathera, the hunted, the hunters and the protected, the creatures you seek have allied themselves with one of the fell, and they offer tribute and service in return for protection"
‘So what are the Fell exactly?’ Otto says with a shudder as the sensation of her touch subsides.
"Creatures of darkness, vampires, fiends and other monsters, the creatures driven from the old world, those that brought darkness with them!" she replies
Her dark eyes seem to stare past you, a shadow moves from the darkness, remaining elusive, out of sight.

‘What, like the four fella’s hiding amongst your ornaments?’ Otto asks casually.

She smiles, as if responding to the smile the creatures move forwards into view.
Each is a large cat, leopard sized, however each has the face of an elf, 'Manticores' you shudder, remembering the battles that you had with these vicious beasts upon the Frontier.

Bloody horrible things! Otto thinks with distaste and pity.
‘Ok, so is there any way in which you can help us in our mission?’
‘Rather than us just doing one?’
She turns her head and looks at you, regarding you for a moment.
"It seems you are determined, the scouts will lead you safely to the Barrows, I will make sure you have suitable enchantments to help you, after that you will have to pray to whatever gods you revere"

Otto looks up to the ceiling as if he was addressing the higher powers. ‘I hope you are listening to this’.
Turning back to the woman, ‘we are determined ma’am, and we wish to succeed. If there is any way we can help you, let us know.’
‘Is there anything you could let us have to be able to detect evil?’
Solemnly the village gathers to watch you depart, they weep over Freyan.
You look at the assortment of items you have been given, a round blue gem that will glow upon the presence of darkness, each of you carries a large curved scimitar like short sword.
They have also given you several vials of potion.

Tailor is back on his feet, somewhat sore but capable, each of you is dressed in gothic combat armour.
Your weapons checked you follow the bestial scouts down the rampart stairs, down past the caverns into deeper tunnels that eventually lead out onto the broken landscape of inner Skarathera.
Accompanying you are large hounds, big beasts with smooth short fur, however a pleasant empathy seems held in their eyes.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 15, 2012 9:00 pm

You trudge west.
‘This doesn’t look too good!’ Otto mutters as he sees the emotion expressed from the villagers at Freyan.
He catches up with him.
‘I take it they don’t fancy our chances then?’ He says to Freyan
"The deeper we venture, the greater the power of the creatures we'll find, only the scouts venture into the interior, we'll have our work cut out for us"
The scouts move off at a pace, splitting up and ducking into shadows and areas of stealth.

Tiley moves at a steady march, alert and intent, Zorranson walks in a more relaxed manner, his brow lined with concentration, Tailor seems a little out of it, but keeps up.
The terrain changes from rocky steppe to twisted gorse and scrubland, still hilly, with great earthen trenches breaking the land up, as if some great worm had swam through the ground before becoming petrified or frozen.

The bones of huge creatures and uncomfortably the skeletons of humanoids are scattered around.
The hounds remain close, moving in a protective phalanx.
I’ll be keeping a good look out! (Make a Search Roll: Roll of 17)
Making your way down into the twisted earthworks, you see the haunted land, a grey miasma lies across it like some suffocating blanket.
You trek for several days, sleeping during the day and travelling by night, Freyan's thinking is to be awake at the same time as the beasts.

You round a series of ravines, where the ground just seems to have given up; within the mess of the landscape you see what appears to be a village, or the remnants of one.
Smoke rises from the timbers.

"This has been recently attacked,” observes Tiley

‘No shit’ Otto mutters.
He draws his Gucci pistol. ‘Lets have a look around, and see if any survivors can tell us who we are up against.’
He moves swiftly but cautiously down to the village.
Is it still dark?
There is a perpetual twilight.
Moving into the ruins, dim heat signatures of the dying heat from burnt timbers show up on your sensors.
The group with the exception of Freyan move cautiously into the remnants, there are no bodies.
(Make a Listen roll: Roll of 16)
Your sensors sweep across the wreckage, a tension has gripped the three of you.
From within the fallen timbers you can hear the signs of life.
‘Check your shots fella’s, there might be villagers alive amongst this hell’ Otto says
I level my pistol to aim.
What is the detect evil band doing?

In a very Tolkienesque way it is faintly glowing blue.

I will ensure the group stay close to each other, so we can cover each other and prevent anyone getting a drop on us.
Spot of 22
Moving cautiously through the ruins, you are startled by the odd rat, before you detect a little murmur.
Slowly lifting away beams and wreckage, you see that a small hidey hole has been made, within it is a baby, a boy wrapped warmly, his life signs are low, his skin pale.
Undoubtedly from malnutrition.
‘Freyan, to me’ Otto murmurs as he lifts the baby out.
First Aid of 20
Freyan bounds down the rocky slope to you, while Tiley with military thinking hastily moves to the top to replace him.
Silently the elf works, taking out some paste that he quickly mixes with water; he then pours a potion into the mix.
He hands you his wineskin filled with the solution.

"This will heal him and give him a night, but he needs milk,” says Freyan

"Aw ain't e a 'ickle charmer" dotes Tailor.
"Oh the fuck leaves a babe"
"A desperate parent who hope that their child will live while they do not" replies Zorranson quietly
"Such is life upon Scarathera,” mutters Freyan, as you all apart from Tiley stand transfixed around the baby.
I nod at Zorranson’s comment

‘All the more reason for us to get going isn’t it?’ Otto says as he checks around for bits to make a make shift carry sack for the baby.
‘We’ll need to hunt for a doe or something to get some milk’

Check the baby to see if there is any note etc. Boy or girl?
‘Keep your eyes peeled chaps!’ Otto warns.
You collectively make your way to the top of the ridge and move on quickly, howls rips through the night, accompanied by screams in the distance.
"This place is truly nightmarish,” whispers Tiley
"I will find a doe for milk,” states Zorranson

"It would be better if I went" replies Freyan

"No" replies the businessman "Your needed to keep everyone alive, Freyan"
"Mr Z, that ain't no good" warns Tailor
"I'll be fine Marcus" I hunted on the northern estate all the time.
Solemnly he takes off his pack, shakes everyone’s hand and makes his way off into the night.
Is the baby a boy or girl?
It is a baby boy!
‘Z, stay close though, and take one of our scouts with you’ Otto says as he cradles the little lad.
How bad a state is he in?
Zorranson nods, Freyan whistles and a figure lopes through the gloom.
This one looks like a mixture of weasel and human, he sniffs, constantly and waits silently for Freyan, the elf speaks in a grunting tone, the scout turns and heads off taking the lead before the businessman.
(Make a Treat Injury roll: Roll of 18)
The baby is stable, but exposure and malnutrition will claim him if he is not fed soon.
‘Right chaps, make camp.’ Otto lays the baby carefully on a blanket from his backpack and starts to build a fire using a location where it cannot be seen by prying eyes.

‘Everyone stay close, and be alert!’

Then I will sort out some form of swaddling for the infant.
"Otto, making camp now is dangerous, especially here," hisses Freyan, the grey elf resigns himself looking at you focus within your current task.
The baby is very cold; Tiley takes out his thermal sleeping bad and cuts it into a suitable blanket for the babe.
The fire illuminates the gloomy gully in which you are camped, your sensors scan in a paranoid sweep, and bloodcurdling screams cut through the air.
Still the baby is still, the three of watch in the fear that the little mite will slip away, during the night.

‘Not on my fucking watch’ Otto mutters.

‘We have to take a chance’ he whispers to Freyan as the howls echo around the ground, like they themselves are about to pounce and tear the group to pieces.

‘I want to have the chance to name this boy, and not have to bury him in the morning for the jackals to dig up’
‘Understand? Lets have done some good today for a change eh?’

‘Tilley, get some sleep if you can. Two hour watches’

The hours tick by, Tiley settles down along with Tailor, Freyan sits above you watching the surroundings.
In the early hours as the boys breathing becomes shallower and shallower, figures move out of the darkness, Zorranson stalks into the camp, his armour covered in rends and blood.
The scout looks worse for wear, but alive.

For a moment the businessman sits, obviously heavily exerted, his skin has a red tinge to it.

Turning he looks at you "Here is what you need, producing two wineskins, however we haven't much time we were followed!"
(Make a Listen Roll: Roll of 23)
I feed the child as quickly as I can, without choking or stressing the little fella.
Freyan whistles a signal and the scouts silently move, into the brush.
Your sensors move out to maximum distance, shapes moving rapidly, hungrily through the terrain.
A glow seems to fill Zorranson, he moves out to the perimeter.

"A little clichéd gentlemen, but lock and load" says Tiley
‘Too clichéd!’ Otto chuckles. He gently raises the child with his carrying harness on his back and primes his Gucci pistol.
‘Quick and quiet gents, quick and quiet!’ He whispers as they move out.
(Make a Move Silently and Hide Roll: Rolls of 17 & 18)

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 15, 2012 9:04 pm

Freyan takes you through a side track, as the scouts begin to bay and howl as they run a diversion.
Your sensors pick up fast loping movement, which occasionally stops and hunts, then lopes again.
"Aw shit" hisses Tailor as a large form lands with a thump, in the remnants of your camp.
‘Keep going lads, don’t panic! Keep calm’ Otto mutters trying to keep his cool himself
(Make a further Hide, Move Silently and leadership roll: Rolls of 18, 20 & 17)
The creature sniffs around the campsite as you slip away; the group takes your cue and slip through the earthworks.
The creature begins to slowly amble forward, following your trail through the earthworks.

Above others have joined the hunt, eagerly sniffing around.

Is there any water nearby?
Your sensors indicate that there is a stream running through the earthworks.

I make towards it and motion the others to do the same, but very quietly!!!
The group fan out, weapons raised and creep back through the intertwining earthworks.
As you make your way, junior begins to stir.
(Make a Move Silently and Hide roll: Rolls of 16 & 18)
I will take off the backpack and see if he’s going to wake………
Fetid breath pervades the earthen work tunnels; the creature resembles a warty skinned bear like body, a grotesque head with oversized jaw, fangs and tusks.
The most bizarre and hideous aspect of the creature is its legs, long spindly spider like appendages that seem to arch over its body only to come back down.
The baby stirs as you bring the pack round, slowly turning you become aware of a second slowly moving its way through the ridges to your left.
Otto gestures to Tailor and Freyan to target the creature to the ridges on the left, but not to fire until I say.
Otto then gestures to Zorranson to target the creature nearest to us. I will place the baby down in a safe sheltered area and prepare to target Zorranson’s creature.
‘Now comes the nerves of steel bit’ Otto thinks to himself as he waits for them to get a little closer.
Spot of 15; are there any more out there I haven’t seen?
Sensors indicate 1 on the ridge, one moving behind and the third ahead of you.
Which one out of the three are we not targeting at the moment?
I will only fire if they become a threat, and discover us. How is the little guy?

You pray almost mentally plead with the little one not to make a noise, the beasts’ close, your group tense, a mixture of anticipation and palatable fear.
Something so cold, it cuts to the core of your adamantium framed bones, passes across you and yours, as if a dread gaze from aware is suddenly aware.
The beasts sniff the air, then turn and charge into the night.
The group simultaneously seem to breath out, however Freyan looks troubled.
He does not answer your initial concern; only after thinking things through does he turn

"The creatures were warned away by the Fell, they may have sensed us, or" he pauses
"The boy!"

Spurred on by Freyan’s grim prophecy, the group single mindedly seek to escape the earthworks.

Travelling throughout the rest of the night as if the hounds of the 9 hells themselves were pursuing you, although it occurred that in this forsaken place that might very well be true.

In the grim grey twilight that mockingly called itself daybreak, you had snuck across the flatlands and into the thorny barrows.

‘Where are we Freyan?’ Otto mutters moodily through his teeth as he peers into the maze of hard cruel scrubland. He places the baby softly on the ground, the swaddling and makeshift backpack acting like a bed, and he looks down at the child and ponders on F’s words.

‘I’m going to call you Warden’ he whispers and smiles to the child alone.
‘I don’t want the crew thinking I’m going soft’ he thinks to himself.
Freyan is standing upon a mound, surveying the thick gorse and wrist thick brambles.
"The brier" he replies "the Black Orks encampment lies on the other side"
With that he regards the child for a while, "having a soft heart is also having a strong heart Otto" he says as he moves off.

'I wish you wouldn't bloody do that' He says to Freyan with unsettled irritation as he moves away.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 23, 2012 8:28 pm

I'll call the guys in together, so I can give them the plan………………
Freyan, Zorranson and Tailor move in closer, waiting!

The scouts move around in a searching pattern.

Otto gets down on his knees to keep Warden close. 'Right you chaps, the way it looks to me is that all we need to do is either kill or knock out one of these orks and get a blood sample. We are in no situation to be able to offer battle. If we do, we're dead. Its as simple as that.'

Otto looks at each one of the party in turn gauging their reactions.

'I want to hear your ideas'
Otto starts to feed and change Warden.

"You know Otto, fatherhood obviously suits you" says Tiley

Freyan orders the scouts to reconnoitre, the brier, the group waits before entering into their discussion.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 23, 2012 8:30 pm

After an hour the mongrel scouts lope out of the twisted foliage, and begin grunting to Freyan.

Returning to the group he squats "The Black Orks are encamped some 8 miles due north east, their camp is spread amongst a thorn forest"

As he finishes you recall something that the medical droid gave to you, drawing the item from your pocket it resembles a cerami-glass tube encased in an ornate and arcane gold sheath.
Contained within the vial is Adriana’s blood, which has grown warm, a milky scum seems to have formed within it and now swirls.
"There is one ork we must find Otto, the one who laid the curse,” states Freyan

"I agree with Otto,” says Zorranson "We are no match for the full war pack, we must sneak through their lines and locate the cursing ork"

"Dats goin to be tough if only Otto as the blawd"

'What did our scouts tell us about the orc war party numbers?' Otto asks Freyan as he finishes his ministrations and attempts to burp the little lad.

"They number some 60 strong,” says Freyan quietly
Make a Dex Roll
'Fuck!' Otto exclaims. 'Sixty?'
Dex of 14

'I have a plan of sorts………..' Otto mutters.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 23, 2012 8:32 pm

"Well don't keep us guessing, what is it?" demands Zorranson

'Keep your hair on Zorranson!' Or maybe I should rephrase that!' Otto looks at Zorranson with distaste knowing of Z's physical problem.

'It involves this' he holds up the vial of Arianna's blood. 'If I can use my abilities I should be able to track down the orc that cursed her. My reckoning is that the bastard is a shaman or magic user, and maybe the war bands medicine man. All I need to do is mask my abilities presence, create a seeker beam using the poison in the plasma and I should be able to locate him.'
Otto stands up with the child in his arms. 'We locate him, wait until he is vulnerable with few guards etcetera and strike hard and fast.' And he puts Warden into his makeshift cot. 'I also have another plan within this, which is far from pleasant or easy but might prove to be the safest option. I will explain this in a moment…’

'Silence is the key, so afterwards we can buy ourselves some time to attempt to escape.' He walks back over and sits down by the boys. 'If we don't we will never make it back, we'll be tracked by every critter and beast on this god forsaken Isle. And that is not an exaggeration! This brings me on to this….'

'I need two volunteers to head back to Freyan’s camp and that's not a request. The more of us who are out here at the moment, it is only a matter of time before they track us down.'

'The lucky people going back, will be taking one of the scouts, and this bonny lad here' Otto points down at Warden.

'Who's it going to be?'

'And after we have resolved this, I will explain my plan within plan!'

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 23, 2012 8:33 pm

An uncomfortable silence falls and then squabbling with all four of the men, refusing to return.
Before you interject, it is Zorranson who cuts everybody off.

"This is the final word he says" his eyes seem to glow, holding everybody’s attention

"Tiley and Tailor will return"

He glares at each of them, daring them to object.

"Mr Tailor you have been my most faithful employee, and despite your claims to the contrary, you are here out of loyalty to me, I release you from that."

"You are already wounded and deserve at least a chance of a happy life, once you make it back to Centrum go to the Staff and Conservative Reserve Bank where a million Sovereigns has been deposited for you and you family"
"Tiley you came here as an old friend of Otto to help him, that means out of all of us Otto should trust you the most, so you will take Warden back with you, as no other can do so"

"Freyan originally came with Otto, I trust you wish to remain" Freyan nods
"Finally I feel responsible for what happened to Ottos wife and I must finally face my very real inner demons"

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 23, 2012 8:35 pm

Thats settled.

For a big half-ork Tailor is teary eyed when he hugs Zorranson and with a look on his face that he may never see his boss again, turns.
"Good luck Otto, if your in truly dire need break this" says Tiley, as he hands you a coin, on one side it has the motif of the Celestial Guard, on the other the Knights helm of the Warrior.
Again sadly Tiley shakes your hand and then turns.

"One of the scouts, Baro refuses to go" says Freyan

'That's fine Freyan, then Baro will be the one to come with us' Otto says, as he turns to Tilley.

'Tilley, make your way cautiously back to the village. Don't take any risks or chances ok? There are still the fell and the spider like creatures out there, I trust you and know that you'll lead them all safely back' He pats him on the back, 'Good Luck'.
Otto winks at Tailor, 'Zorranson will be coming back with us I assure you of that'

I go to see the scout who is going back, 'I am very honoured that you, against your better judgments came with us and helped us get this far unnoticed. Now take these people back to your home if you will, thank you for your help.'
I wait and help them get ready to go

"You too Otto" smiles Tiley, the weasel like scout grunts something unintelligible, which you take as thanks and then turns bounding off ahead.
Tiley consoles Warden, as they head off into the wasteland to hopeful safety.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 23, 2012 8:37 pm

"Right" says Z, lets get this done.

"So your plan within a plan" enquires Freyan

'My plan within plan is this, its risky but possible. If I can get a lock of some sort on this shaman, I could essentially be able to maybe transfuse some blood out of his body without having to get near to him at all!' Otto gives a wide smile, which is quite unusual!
'If it works we'll be straight behind Tilley et al!'
Max, I plan to conduct a ritual sorcery attack (ala Shadow run) and transfuse its blood without any more bloodshed!
How's that?!
You could certainly try, your knowledge of the Arcane is somewhat greater a year ahead as you are in this PBEM.
You will need to write the ritual, materials, how it will link and how it will draw the blood.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 23, 2012 8:40 pm

Freyan looks worried at your suggestion "This is a dark land Otto, filled with Dark Magic, are you really master enough to do this?"

'Its either that or potentially a very bloody encounter! Now what would you prefer?' Otto asks.
I'm treating future Otto as being level 10, so consider what the additional 2 levels would be for the purpose of this encounter.
Little more meat on the bone: You will need to think about the ritual in terms of its get up, how you will establish the link, how it draws the blood and where does it go?
It's quite confusing trying to work with Otto present and future, we're going to have to sit down sometime and draw the character up properly as I'm sure I'm not adding a lot of things he's achieved! Ha ha ha!
I'm thinking on the ritual now…………….
'Has anyone got any suggestions?' Otto asks as he ponders the ritual.

"During my studies into my families nature, I was inevitably drawn into an understanding of the ancient arcane arts,” says Zorranson
"Not that is to say, that I am a magician and nor do I pretend to be, however the basis of this working, would rely on their being something symbolic upon the target to link with, other than that your knowledge would be far greater than mine"

"Otto, if you are unsure of how to do this, then we will find another way,” says Freyan
"The problem is Freyan, other than being lambs to the slaughter, there may be no other way,” says Zorranson
Is it a poison in the blood of Arriana's? Or is it the Orks blood?

From what you were told one of the Black Orks blood was used to create a Cursed Infection, which was used to infect Arrianna.
So, essentially I have the black orks blood in this phial? An ideal ritual sorcery conduit?

No you have Arriannas infected blood
But it does have some of the Orks blood in it? Or no?
Bollocks. I'm at a loose end now then!
If you have no link, then perhaps being a technomancer/mechanist you could construct one!
I was considering the Dragon net as an alternative!

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 23, 2012 8:43 pm

Now we're getting interesting.
Right make the following rolls:
Computer Sciences
Research of 25
Spellcraft of 19
Computer of 22
Alchemy/Chemistry of 14
How long is it since Tailor went? I'll need to get a blood sample off him! As I want to be able to assess the DNA make up of his Orc blood so I can establish some link from it to this shaman/mystic/magic user/bastard (delete where applicable!)

I do have a form of a ritual for what I want to do, but it will be in the form of a spirit quest or net quest if you will

Tailor has been gone some 15 minutes
Scratch that idea then, what I will do is enter the dragon net/astral plane and try and locate the shaman. I will take my time and be very wary of any prying eyes.
What did my rolls achieve, if anything?
Arcane Mechanics of 15
Biotech of 30 a crit!
Hide of 19
I would have attempted to connect my hand held computer to my vital signs. So the guys could have monitored me from the real world and maybe administer first aid if needed. Also I would have made sure that we would have moved to a place where we could go to ground and avoid detection. Preferably somewhere that would be surrounded by water. A pit would need to have been dug and a camouflaged bivouac made.
Also, the disc that Freyan gave me, I will have attempted to connect it to my neural net ala mechanist/neuromantic skills.
This may come in handy in the real world and the dragon net world.
You incorporate the coin into the geometric symbol, the med scanner provided by Tiley hooked up to you and linked to your mem-ware.
As you prepare the ritual Freyan begins the camouflage, while Zorranson keeps watch.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 23, 2012 8:44 pm

The year since the Live Ship caper had taught you a great deal, you had found yourself concentrating specifically on the Arcane Engineering side of things, whereabouts you had resisted the lure of so called cheating in the past, the idea of 8th dimensional arcane sciences now fascinated you.
Taking and processing file upon file of said data from your headware, you draw out a large geometric symbol, in which you sit, linking to the mana pathways opened by the symbol and thecommand invocations you feel the gritty, grubby essence of Skarathera close around you like some smothering blanket.
Your uplink fires up into the heavens, over a year ago you had circumvented Gothica's supposed impregnable Net Security to face Alabaster, this had allowed you to discover certain backdoors.
(Make a Will Save, Concentration test and Net Stealth)
Will Save of 15
Concentration of 16
Net Stealth of 21
Slipping through virtua cracks in the immeasurably high walls, you enter a citadel of immense proportions.
The walls a virtua orange, its angles impossibly smooth and rounded created by the AI.

Walkways extend from the walls, spanning an expanse under which you'd expect to find an ocean or body of water, however instead there is only a fall into a field of stars.
Hulking armoured forms some smooth and edging in silver, others black, trimmed with blood red, covered in curved blades and spikes.
The bridges periodically join into cylindrical islands, on top of which stand dragons.

"Here they be dragons" you think

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 23, 2012 8:46 pm

'Now you're in the shit' Sting pipes up. 'And it always seems to involve me doesn't it you prick!'

'Shut your gabbing!' Otto hisses 'Unless you want to see the shit up close!'

'Looks like we are going to have to arsehole!' Sting whispers this time.

'Thanks for that' Otto mutters. 'Stating the fucking obvious!'

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed May 23, 2012 8:51 pm

Spot of 17, are these Dragons real? Or are they just nodes of some sort?
"Wanker!" hisses Sting

'I'll give you wanker!' Otto hisses in fury!
Net lore of 17
I'm not backing out this time Otto thinks………
The dragons appear to be Guardians.
(You can make a Net Lore Roll)
'Imperial Guardians! You don't stand a snowballs you fag!' Sting whispers unpleasantly.

'Remind me to change my own personality, I'm pretty unpleasant' Otto makes a mental note.
Am I actually on the wall Max?
You are indeed high on the outer wall.
I will camouflage myself into the new surroundings of the wall. I will remain in passive mode, checking for traps and security systems very, very thoroughly. I have all the time in the world and I would rather get my bearings of this world than lose it all when we are so close.
I will assess the personas of all of the programs, finding out how many there are and what they appear to be.
I will have created a virtual microphone, which when I speak into it the words I say will be relayed back onto my wrist computer and a Stephen Hawking like voice will come out of the speakers of it.
I will see which persona it would be easiest to imitate as well.
Computer use 18
Spot of 15
Web construction of 19
Anything else I need?

Your deep scan sweeps across the various walkways and programs patrolling them.
You settle upon one of the silver guardians, resembling smooth knights.
Immediately your form begins to liquefy and flow, become a biped and silvering.

"Goin for the big one" says a voice behind you, turning you see a figure barely visible against the orange walls, a figure seemingly made of swirling orange droplets.

Sting moves invisibly from within your new mantle, the figure seems to shift warily.

"Whoa, if I were a hunter then I'd have already dropped you"

'Erm, yes. You probably would at that' Otto replies awkwardly. 'But you haven't, so who are you?'
'Damn this place, I never feel safe at all here' Otto thinks.

"Names aren't important, numbers are!" replies the swirling figure "Its not safe to talk here, however there is a place of relative safety through here"

With that a doorway seems to open in the wall "Up to you" it says, "Who or what do you trust"
Then the figure steps through.

'Seeing you're the best conversation I've ever had in this place, I'll oblige.'
'Lead on Macduffigan' Otto gestures where the entity states there is a place of safety.
I attempt to scan him with an 18 for computers.

Your scan reveals nothing but pieces of code.
Stepping through the doorway, you enter what appears to be a virtual bar, quite gritty, filled with bizarre netshapes.

"A little more private" says the entity

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 29, 2012 7:05 pm

'Quite' Otto comments. 'Can I offer you a drink?' Otto walks up to the bar.

Does this thing appear to be a program?

Do the net shapes appear to be other programs?

It’s hard to tell, whether they are crawlers shrouded in programs or actual programs.

Does he want a drink? Otto gestures at the bar and tips his hand simulating a drink!

I'll activate a form of reality filter to make it a little bit easier for me!
I'll make it appear like a twentieth century Xerthian pub, it’s not much different from earth except that the drinks are ordered and served by the telekinetic bar staff! So the drinks fly around on trays to the punters. Also the dance floor is anti grav for 360 dancing.
The place is a sawdust joint, where large half insect half humanoid creatures skitter across the floor and clean the floors of all scraps of food and drink on it.

The lighting is very dim and the seating is a mixture of comfy sofas and tables and chairs.
Holographic images project and float around the room, and the music is a form of mellow Xerthian acid jazz. The walls are plastered with all sorts of posters, from art, pornography to advertising.

The bar shifts, it takes a few moments to finalise all of the details as pesky processes attempt to cling to conformity.
Your mysterious companion changes to a fellow Xerthian, distinguished and distracted by the stylish pornography posters.
Two drinks drift across to your table.

"Interesting facade" says the companion, again distracted by a huge bug that hoovers up a number of unidentified scraps.

'I've always thought so!' Otto thinks with a smirk that turns into a wistful expression. 'I haven't been home for over 10 years now, even longer if you think about the accident' he says more to himself.
Otto reaches out the chilled glass of Harvey Smashyafuckinbrainsin and takes a sip.

'I'm Otto by the way' as he shifts into a humanoid form that doesn't look at all like him, and extends his hand to shake its hand.

"I'm Trance,” replies the figure taking his hand "So your making the big run then?"

Otto winces and gestures to a seat. 'Personally I was hoping that it wasn't going to be that hard!'

Otto dodges deftly a tray of drinks to sit down in a big armchair.

'But obviously now I'm thinking it isn't so easy?' He gives Trance a questioning look.

"How hard it is depends on how good you are!" Trance sweeps its arm, "this lot couldn't do it, but then most of them are just datapushers from the tower looking for a thrill"

"Thing that’s puzzling me, is that your reg is all distorted, so you’re not from the tower?"

'The Tower? What is that?'
'Lets call it net running 1.01, indulge me!' Otto smiles.

What is the time difference in the net again mate?

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 29, 2012 7:08 pm

You've probably been in for 30 seconds now.
A simulated frown seems to cross Trances face "The High Tower of course, the platform that monitors Gothica"
"Your trace doesn’t originate from the Tower or its satellites, so where in the 9 hells are you from?"

'I'm from out of town as you might put it' Otto takes another sip of his drinks and orders some 'Bodees Hypernuts' from the psychic waiter at the bar with a sort of grimace of extreme concentration.

'I'm needing to get somewhere, its important and I could use some help. I could pay you in the knowledge of how I managed to get here if that would be of use to you?'

(Do I have the knowledge to impart to him how I managed to get in here Max?)

A huge bag of nuts shoot (the size of a sack of spuds) across the bar at high speed, colliding with a floating tray of drinks and subsequently bursting the bag. The nuts cascade everywhere in the bar and a large quantity are dragged up into the anti grav dance floor and float around, irritating the floating dancing folks. The small insect/humanoid creatures squeak in excitement of a free meal and start bolting around the floor at high speed to catch the nuts spilling everywhere and in the process a punter trips over one of them and falls head first into a table with a sickening thud and crunch.
Pandemonium ensues.

'You clumsy Bastard!' Otto bawls at the psiwaiter. 'I'm not paying for them!'

'Xerthians! They have no sense of scale! Where else can you buy a bag of nuts the size of a small planet I tell ya!' Otto mutters to himself.
'Now where was I?' Otto ponders somehow oblivious to the riot that ensues around him.

"So your either a deep beamer, that would mean your pretty hardcore" (You are aware that you have come from Gothica, which security wise is believed to be impossible)

A fight has now ensued with various Arcturian dancers now brawling with each other and the humanoid/bugs
"Okay I know a few backdoors, where are you from?" says Trance

I haven't really been in any situations where I can elaborate my surroundings. What better place than the net to craft a reality?
Incidentally the Arcturian ambience is exactly like Otto is picturing.
Otto is a Xert if you remember from Xertherus 3 (or was it 7?) that is the third (seventh?) moon of the Arcturus System.
(I don't really want to say Gothika to him as I feel I could cause some severe breaches that might put a lot of people in jeopardy. I will say another planet in the region, which would prove more believable)

'Relix Arcantus' Otto says. Bluff Roll of 17 'The small trading post on Imperial Planet 17982. There's not much there really, I was just passing through'
Trance seems to become distant "Thats 300 lightyears away, you are a deep linker, so why are you running on the inner tower?"
Does he believe me? Psychology of 24
Otto is pretty oblivious to the chaos that is around him and in fact seems to be enjoying it all immensely!

'Alright, here the deal' says Otto as he leans forward and opens his hands as if laying his cards on the table.

'I need to get somewhere to drag out some vital information that will save the life of my fiancée, the bastards have poisoned her and I need to do a high risk run to get the serum to save her life' Otto becomes animated with fear, anger and upset and utter rage which is not put on.

'I don't know you, you could be in fact the devil-digan himself but I could do with your help'
'It's not your run of the mill dragon-net deal (if ever there was one), we'll be crossing the boundaries of what you know or can dream of. Name your price and I'll see what I can do!'

'Excuse me please a moment' Otto drains his drink, stands up and puts his glass on the table. Brushes the nuts off his clothes and floors a bloke who was attempting to throttle an insect/humanoid.

'Pick on someone your own size you prick!' Otto bellows in the Arcturans ear.

'Here, have a nut little fella' Otto produces some nuts from his pocket for the insect/human.
'I love these guys!' Otto ruffles the hairy monstrosity and gets a swift kick in the rocks from the man he floored.
He collapses to his knees in digital pain!

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 29, 2012 7:11 pm

Trance stands and swings a tray into the attackers face, sending him reeling.
The attacker stands and but flies back as your almighty fist crashes into his chest, momentarily your arms metal over.

"If this is how things are going to be, I'm in,” says Trance as it sends the same tray frisbee style across the room to catch the attacker in the side of the head.
"Don'tcha love combat sub-routines"

A window opens in your right eyes field, visible to only you, you see Zorranson crouch beside you, and his poise indicates he is wary and ready to move.
Slowly he moves out of your camouflage.

"So what do I call you?” says Trance

'You can call me Otto' says Otto as he activates his internal vocal comms to the real world, and dodges another insect/humanoid that had been launched from somewhere!

'What's happening? What is wrong?' Otto's voice crackles quietly from his wrist computer on Gothika.

Zorranson starts, and turns, quietly he whispers "Black Ork scouts, we think its just a patrol but Freyan and Baros are watching"

"This way" says Trance, leading you from the confusing bar
You shimmer entering several different Nodes, before dropping through the ceiling of a tunnel; you notice that the tunnel is constructed of water.
"Careful" Trance says, "These backways are rigged up, so where are we trying to get to?"

'That's a bloody good question' Otto thinks to himself.
Will the dragon net be an accurate reflection of the real world? Similar to the astral plane mate?
Computer of 28 a crit!
How can I get where I want to go?
The Dragon Net is a purely technological entity, however as with all things in the empire things arcane do impinge on technology: technomagic.

Conceivably there would be arcane points within the Dragon-Net where technomagic systems are linked to the net as a whole.

'I need to find a map room Trance, a node that will take me where I need to go' Otto says decisively
I will as we move scan for any magical nodes that are in the vicinity. With a 16
"Look I'm no expert, but there’s rumours of a Programmer in the North Core who helps runners, or rather trades help"
Make a Net Search roll and a Computer roll
Net Search of 18
Computer of 14

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 29, 2012 7:14 pm

Its been a while you think to yourself, your net vision starts tracing the lines of the H20 walls, as you do this you begin to rewrite the framework of the corridor.
As you do so, lines of water like gossamer threads criss-cross the corridor, as Trace heads into them.

Activate a defensive program, to give us some protection if we are pressed on entering this doorway.
As Trance enters the watery strand, time seems to slow as the droplets wash across its orange form, a reverberation seems to ripple through the passage.
I'll whilst he isn't aware of it give this Trance an in depth scan. Computer of 21
Again it reveals only code, indicating either an advanced program or a user shrouded in a half decent stealth sub-routine.
Make a Search roll
Search of 16 mate.
Your code analysis allows you to see that both Trance and yourself are right in the middle of the watery strands.

Does this look like a node? Almost like a teleport area?
Make a Net Geography Roll
Net Geography of 26 a crit!
Your analysis indicates that you are in fact in the middle of a datastream heading to a node, however the watery strands are an alarm mechanism.

Can I isolate the mechanism, or put a delay on the alarm being set off until we are well away from this location? I doubt if we will be coming back this very way!
Computer of 19
Make a further Net Geography and Hide Roll
Geography 10
Hide 17
"FUCKING BASKETS" roars sting as he shoots out, plunging his teeth into the watery strands, immediately the strands seem to calcify or freeze.

"MOVE IT BASTARDS,” he shrieks, "AS IF WE'VE ALL DAY!!!!!!!"

Otto laughs silently at Stings comments even with the gravity of the current situation.
Do I know which way to go?
Make a Search roll
Search of 16
Make an initiative roll
Initiative of 12
A reverberation returns down the watery corridor. You realise a fraction too late, as the h20 strands thicken and then explode. The corridor immediately floods and picks both Otto and Trance up and sweeping you both off in a huge surge.

'Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt!!!' Otto yells as he tumbles pell mell down the corridor.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Tue May 29, 2012 7:17 pm

I will shift my persona to that of a fish and attempt to do the same for Trance, this will give me the opportunity to swim back through the blast of water and back up the submerged corridor and not just be swept along with the wave. Basically so we have more control over our descent.
Web usage of 16
As you hurriedly attempt to rewrite, it flashes Code Error, Code Error, 'Need more Rewrites' you think, amidst the screaming.

As you thrash around within the torrent, you see streaks of what appear to be ice shooting through the water from the direction you came.

"KARABUNGA, ARSE" bellows Sting.

I'll attempt a form of shield on our personas; I take it this ice is coming towards us with the torrent?

Is it ice as in chilly, ore ice as in attack programs?

You take correctly, as in both.
I will deploy diversionary tactics i.e. decoys. Chaff and Flare if you will.

Computer use of 19
Several Rewrites encode from your memory.

"HASTA LAVISTA BALLSACKS" again bellows Sting, as beams of electric blue code stream fro his serpentine maw, your form bulks up your plating becoming denser.

The ice shower strikes, exploding off your tech carapace.

As you turn you see the torrent has carried Trance further, towards an aperture.

As it cascades into the exit, the ice shards strike, several exploding through Trance, and then it disappears.

What disappears? The ice or Trance?

Trance after being hit by the ice.

Can I try and reform his program. Sort of like a regeneration of his code? I'll use a deed point if needs be.

You need to find Trance first; it has disappeared through the aperture.

Prepare more countermeasures and masking and a shield program and follow it into the aperture!

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:39 pm

Allowing the torrent to carry you, you are discharged out through the opening.

Immediately you feel the cold grip of the void, enshroud you; vapour begins to pour out of your joints, mouths and the creases in your carapace.

Although oxygen is not a concern in the net, you can feel your vital code streaming from your body.

I will quickly try and rewrite my vital code to accept the lack of oxygen.
Computer of 16
(Fortitude and Computer Rolls)
Fortitude of 13
Computer of 23
A quick rewrite and your carapace closes and seals.

Around you is a great crystal framework reminding you of some great glittering spiders web.

Deep down through the gaps of the mesh, lies a scattered cloud of Trance.
Otto peers into the menacing gloom, and makes a conscious effort to avoid the crystal framework. The primal fear of giant spiders firmly in his thought.

He finds a clear place and Otto starts to tap his feet and sing an old Arcturian bar song (mentioning 'Bodees Hypernuts' naturally!) and starts gesturing and shaping fractals and creating shapes out of thin air. As the program grows and shapes his actions and gestures become more frantic and energised. Imagine an orchestra conductor and Disney’s 'The Sorcerers apprentice' on acid! There will be accompanying music too!

I'm going to attempt to create a Henry the Hoover programme! Basically what it will do (with its extended hose) it will suck up all of the bits of Trance into the hoover.

The hoover will then action the subroutine of reforming Trance!!"
Computer of 24
Your plan works as you gather Trance, up into a transparent bag upon your side.

As Trance's components swirl around the container, you spy several forms seeming to swim through the void, towards you.

I'll grab the hoover handle and activate some diversionary subroutines. It will appear that my form is multiplied and shoots almost like a trid image around the space.
Computer of 12
Can I see anywhere to escape to? Spot of 15.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:17 pm

The area seems to resist your efforts to multiply.
However you do spot a route through the webwork.

I will reform into a snake like shape not unlike the same colours and shape as the web work (ala Sting) and make my swiftly but stealthily to the exit, using the web work as cover.
Net Geography & Hide Roll
As you slip through the webwork, you glance at the other reality.

You see a flurry of movement outside your camouflage, beyond your hearing capability; your sensors detect the sharp crack of a neck bone and the tearing of flesh.
Net Geography 17
Hide 21
I open a view window in my eye to see the real world.

Draconic Serpents slip through the webwork, their glowing eyes scanning the area.

Your now serpentine form moves along the lengths of the webwork.

Access Node identified, returns the analytical routine, it occurs to you that this node will have significant firewalls.

The flurry of movement continues in the bushes around the camo net, Freyan ducks under, his face sweaty, with some cuts and bruises.

"If you can hear me Otto, we encountered a scouting party, we may not have long!"

'Ok, I'm moving as fast as I can. Hold tight. If you are pressed leave me here and escape, hopefully the camouflage will buy me enough time to finish the job. I Repeat if you are pressed, leave me here and escape.' The intercom crackles on Otto's wrist comp to the real world.

I will ascence the node passively. What can I see mate?
Computer of 19
There is no response, the Node does indeed have significant Firewalls, and it also has an alarm that you surmise will go straight to the dragon serpents.

Right, I'm going to attempt to slip through the firewall. Essentially becoming the Firewall and therefore not tripping the alarm! I will also prepare a counter to prevent the alarm going off if tripped.

Also I will have (with my perfect memory) traced the way I came so I can make a hasty retreat if I am successful or not.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:20 pm

I will use a deed point, and expend 3000 experience points in all of this.
Max, do I seem to be in the Orc Shamans body?
Analysing the Firewall you begin to decipher its code, in doing so your own code alters to match it.

Tentatively you approach and enter the wall, it ripples around you.

You wince as you hear each twinge or tinkle chime through the wall, however slowly as you like you slip through, at that point you are gripped as if suddenly caught by gravity

You rocket into a tube, hurtling down you arrive in an ornate entrance hall, glyphs and arcane writings adorn the walls in swirling gold set on emerald.

Fires jet up from ornate golden pipes set into the floor, giving the chamber a warm ethereal glow.

Knowing that haste is now paramount I will quickly scan the room. Can I decipher the glyphs?
Cryptography of 27
Spot of 1! Eeek!

Your vision pixelates.
I will try and debug myself with an 18.
You clear the rogue glitches out; the chambers the glyphs reveal that this is a gateway portal, leading to other secure nodes.
I scan this gateway for more traps etc. Computer of 21
Yes, there is a further alarm linked to the gateway.

I will attempt to blend in with the node as I did last time.

Are there any guardians around? Visible or Invisible?

I will not attempt to move until I'm certain.
(Make a Sensors Roll)
Sensors of 15
You sensors do not indicate anyone waiting, the walls of the hall glisten with the movement of the golden glyphs upon them.
Columns support a plain white ceiling, still the wall shimmers, as if constantly rewriting itself.
Trance's bits float absently within the container upon your shoulder, from your stealth point, Sting rises and silently looks around.
I'll attempt to reform Trance Computers of 21
Using a combination of Guerrilla Repair, Programming and Net Lore you visualise the pattern of Trances virtua makeup, weaving the parts back onto the invisible frame that now stands before you.

As you do so, the frame seems to become energised by a golden light, and Trance solidifies into the frame, instead of assuming the orange cloud form, assuming a more solid humanoid form, hard lines and few features.

"I thought I'd never get back in, it breathes, had to wait for you to open the way, that dump shorted all my bio-shunts!"

At that point an armoured figure steps out of the gold glyph wall.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:24 pm

The figures colour changes to a deep brass, appearing to be some form of knight made from armoured layers (Very similar to a samurai).
It immediately draws a sidearm and brings it to bear!
Make an Initiative Roll
Initiative of 17

I will attempt to divert the attacking programs attack.
Creating some form of force shield.
Programming & Ref Save
Programming 16
Ref of 12
You blur placing yourself between Trance and the attacker, two Code Ripper beams lance across the space, both reflect off your armour.

I will create a feedback so the beams deflect back onto the IC program
Computers of 15
The beams shoot wide, the IC moves into a move central position and fires again.
6 Points of damage

I'll move and close its position, I will power punch the IC and attempt to drains its power from it like a leech by keeping my fists inside it!
Computers of 18
Initiative and Attack rolls
Initiative of 16
Attack of 19
Roll 2D6+8 Damage
13 points
Your talons tear into the armoured figures chest; sparks and bits of code spew out, levelling its Codegun it fires again.
The beams cut into your left forward leg.
5 Pts Damage
I will grimace in pain, but I will steel myself and plunge into the epicentre of the IC. I will bodily lift it above my head and absorb its code into mine. Thus giving the security the impression I am one of its own when (or if) I can make it through the portal.
Computer of 18

What is Trance up to?
3D6+12 Damage
Its form shudders with the damage being wrought, you fail to lift it above your head.
Twisting its way from your grasp, it swings its leg up into your side, the impact absorbed by your armour, but enough to throw you back.

With the energy I have absorbed from it, I will throw the force back at it in a blast.
Computer of 18
A stream of cold code energy surges out from over your shoulder, blasting into the figure, it struggles.
On a sensory level you detect the beginnings of an alarm, from the falling opponent.

DOWN!!" Roars Sting

Freeze the alarm before it starts, by taking the persona of the IC and imitating it ala Tron.
I will use my hacking pool (if there is one!) to help freeze it.

'Shhhh Sting' Otto says quietly.
Computer of 18
A jolt of energy courses through the figure, as it stumbles to the floor.
A net of code sweeps out encompassing the alarm, the figure springs back to its feet driven by system resources.
It draws a long thick katana like sword and swings.
Initiative Roll
Initiative of 15
I will leap back from the blade, and when (or if) it sweeps past me I will rush in and grab the arm holding it. I will with the momentum the IC is making with the slash turn it around and use the katana in its hand cut its link with the system using the blade. I will be ready to hold the alarm from going off.
Make a Ref Save, attack roll and computer roll
Sparks explode around you as you fight, the glyphs upon the walls shimmer with Virtual energies. Trance watches trying to stay apart from the two of you.
Ref of 18
Attack of 15
Computer of 22

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:28 pm

Metallic spikes bristle across your code hide, exploding out into a net, filling the virtual atmosphere.
In the midst of it you battle, trading blows, until your paw whips around seizing the sword, immediately your swing slices through your opponents code, its form unravelling, with a unpleasant gurgling sound.
An alarm program flies into the ether, seized by the spines and dropping to the floor.

"Wow" says Trance

I will assimilate some of the code from the downed IC into myself, hopefully getting information about the system and using the IC signature to help my stealth program.
'Lets get out of here geezer!' He says to Trance.
Is the access point open? I'll scan it for security systems.

The Access Point is open, scanning reveals the alarms you identified previously, which are now each encased in metallic spikes, like iron filings stuck to a magnet.

You hurtle through the dataline beyond the Access Point; distantly you see the crystal spider’s web.
"Wow" exclaims Trance
Your reality judders sideways, as if driving a land vehicle you'd reached such a speed that you began to move sideways as well as forwards, you drop into a darker tube which rather than shooting along seems to drag you.

You break through some form of barrier, standing; you are within a conical chamber made of a combination of crystal and glass.
You senses geared toward Arcane Science identify various glyphs and runes.

In true Wizard of Oz stylee, a huge emerald green face, akin to a genie, appears within the largest deposit of crystal, its image mirrored hundreds of times around the chamber.


Trance falls to its knees, its amorphous arms holding the sides of its head.
Make a Will save
Will of 18
As your software screens the sonic code assault, your headware switches to multi-tasking.
Looking through your headware into the material world, you hear silence, and then spot blood.

Blood? What has happened? I'll check in the real world more in depth.

'I want to be able to access a person so I can save my fiancées life, I need a blood sample from it' Otto shouts above the sonic noise as he too sinks to his knees with forelegs and hind legs.
'And if you're going to help, sooner rather than later would be appreciated as it looks like trouble is upon us again in the material world'
'Yes or No? I need to know so I can either way get out of your domain!'

Your scans in the prime, indicate Ork blood, mana imprints indicate some form of charm around yourself, ramping up your amped hearing you detect the sounds of battle further away.

<Your virtua form is struck this time not by sound but by a probe some form of scan, as it does the crystals and glass around the chamber are illuminated with the scenes of yourself on Gothica, your heartache and then rejoice as you found Amdea once again, then your worry as she is afflicted.

Similarly Trance is scanned, to your combined puzzlement, amusement and pride to some degree, you see a teenaged girl, flicked out black hair sitting in a small manufactured room.
One immediately recognisable as a pre-fab in an orbital dwelling.

<"Tough kid" says Sting the quietest you've ever heard him>

In the prime, again your attention is drawn back; your medical sensors show a drop in temperature, an acceleration of your heartbeat and increase in adrenal levels - FEAR.

<A formidable, sinister black shape comes onto a crystal, not so much as a moving toward you, but floating, this movement in itself something abhorrent, unnatural.>

<Threat analysis significant - activate gene-heka sequence.
You hear in your mind>

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:35 pm

The figure reaches you, with a gesture of its alabaster hand, so smooth it seems to emit its own radiance, the ends of its fingers clawed like some avian.

The gesture is one for you to rise, you do so, floating to a standing position.
From the darkness of its face, a visage you do not want to see, 2 inch long fangs open in anticipation.


<Runes flood the chamber, golden light enshrouds everything>

Your sight returns, taking in your bearings you immediately silence any movement from yourself.
The tent you stand in is made from a framework of huge rib cages, with skin unlike that of something humanoid making its canvas.
Outside you can hear heavy footsteps moving around the tent, heavy breathing and a constant flow of curses in pigeon orkish.

Across the tent you see a large older ork, your headware draws a diagram over him
<Biological heka match>
<"Thats our FACKIN BOY" roar
s Sting much more in character>
<"What a ride" says Trance, both from somewhere inside you headware core>
Move silently roll
Concentration of 28 Crit!
Move silently of 19
Spot of 13
Recovering from your shock, you motivate yourself stepping across behind a pillar draped in furs.
The tent is a smelly affair, you forego the diagnostic of what those smells are, and best not to know you think to yourself.
There’s an odd silence within the camp, broken occasionally by the expected sound of fighting between the orks.

The big ork within the tent shuffles around, and then drops into a hammock like hide chair.
He sniffs the air then, then looks down at what appears to be a black parchment.

What is it reading?
Spot of 16
You can't tell the content, however mana readings bleed off from showing some unpleasant emotional content, a sense of pain is mingled with the energy, as well as the entropy bleeding off him.

Does he seem to be infected by the same disease that Arriana is?

Your scans indicate that there are similarities of the entropic patterns, but there is only one way to know for sure - Blood.

I will, with all the concentration and actions of a surgeon (Otto is as you know) Otto will produce a scalpel from a web program and slowly cut through the planes separating me from the orc (if there is any!)
I will do this carefully and slowly so as not to alert him to my presence.
Computer roll of 18
Surgery of 17
Cutting through, you step through, seeming to slide across the distance between you and the ork.

Further to the stealth roll, I will create some kind of anesthetic program in the form of a hypodermic needle that will inject itself into the orc. This will deaden the alarm (i.e. the pain sensors of the subject) and then I will withdraw some blood from it with the same (cpu disinfected) hypo. I suppose you could liken it to a mosquito bite but with even less irritation.
I will sneak slowly into range to do it, and then I will execute the programs.
Stealth 17
Surgery 27
Computers 23
<Threat analysis significant - activate gene-heka sequence>


Your form enshrouded by a golden nimbus of runes, you step through, the ork looks up in surprise and shock, as it attempts to burst to its feet a dart again enshrouded in a greenish mist lands in its throat.
A strangled gasp emits from its lips, as it stumbles toward the tent flap and then sinks to its knees.

A surge of anger runs through you, colouring your nimbus with dark red, this is the creature that afflicted Amdea.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:38 pm

<Activate remote gene-heka sequence - physical fluid transfer>


Blood flows out of its neck looping through a watery portal and back through the Dragon-Net.
Outside the tent a powerful entropic pattern arrives, commotion breaks out through the camp.

Have I got what I need mate?
Make an Initiative and Hide Roll
Initiative (I think it was +6 in the net) 15
Hide of 14

I will utilise my stealth programs and also mask Trance as well. I will use a deed point!

The nimbus around you colours to a dull blackish purple, swirling you spin avoiding a burly Black Ork who bursts into the tent, another tears in through the other side.
They look down at their unmoving leader, a howl tears from the lips of the second.
Your understanding of ork being not to bad you pick out their reference to the leader being dead, then the first beheads the leader.
The second turns as if something dawns upon him and stares right at you.

Otto must be appearing to them as almost like a Ghost of energy so thinking quickly Otto raises himself to full height and roars 'DEATH!!!' In Orkish at it! Howling and gibbering insanely!!!!

I must almost look like the ghost out of the beginning of Ghostbusters, but obviously a Chimera!
Intimidation of 12

Then I will enter the net again, and mask myself instantly.

The first of the two stumbles and falls into a heap, the other launches itself at you.
A microsecond thought whizzes through your head along the lines of too stupid to be fearful.
(Net Ref Save (+4)

Erm, I'm not too sure of my ref save in the net but I think it might be three.
So Ref of 18
Your form becomes broken with golden speed lines; a serpentine form lashes past you snapping at the ork.
<"GET US OUTTA HERE" shouts Trance>

<Activate remote gene-heka sequence - Recall To Primary Node>

Your code reassembles as the Black Orks axe passes through your porting form.

Your sensors indicate high quantities of blood in the air, the area smells stale, the smell of battle.

You slowly stand from your cover, there are bodies everywhere mostly ork, however amongst them lies Zorranson.
Moving to him his torso has been shredded, or at least the dermis on the front and his face torn open, oddly the recognisable part of his face seems at peace.

'Ya don't need to tell me twice!' Otto roars at Trance.
'Shat ap Sting!'
I'll draw up the diagrams of the way out back to my body'
Computer of 23

If the air could grow colder, it does.
Your motion sensors detect movement behind and up.
Slowly turning you feel your mouth dry and a lump in your throat.

On top of a large skeletal tree, stands a dark figure, its arms outstretch, then huge bat like wings unfold from the undersides of its arms.
It floats down toward you.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:45 pm

"Don't worry Champion, the pain of your life will soon be met with merciful release"

'Erm, my names not Champion.' Otto says as he thinks quickly.
'He went that way with Hero and Saviour!' pointing in a general direction.
Run up an evasion program with a 26
And also an attack program on him called Slow with a 21

With startling realisation you are aware of your disconnection from the Dragon-Net.
Darting sideways 'Shit' you mentally hiss, activating one of your Arcane technologies your Voltaic Coil, swinging your arm out you see the Glyph Circuit Glow with life, electrical fire illuminates the clearing.

A smoking form crashes into you, teeth and long dagger like fangs; its claws tear through your jacket (3 points of damage).

From your left another form hurtles toward you, as the first lays into you with animal savagery.

With a bestial rage born of fear and anger, I will grab the first form by the throat and physically lift it. Smashing the head of it into the other one who is moving in on me.
Strength roll of 19 (what is my current strength mate?)
Dexterity of 17

The first form is slightly quicker than you dodging your attempt to grab it.
However its attempt to hit you is clumsy your arm snapping around to seize it, power surges through your biomech arms as you bend your legs, pivot and slam the first form into the second.

A moment of shock passes you as you recognise the second form to be Zorranson.

The first form immediately begins to recover, hissing as it does.

<"Tough Bastard" says Sting from your headware>

"This way" turning you see a figure surrounded by an aurora of greenish light, a pale luminescence surrounds it, it extends its hand.

'Shit!' Otto exclaims in shock and mild relief.
With a moment’s hesitation, he grabs the hand.
'Where's Trance?' Otto murmurs with delirium and disorientation and promptly is sick over the figure.

A nauseous sensation passes over you; a wrenching sensation and you look up from your knees at a cold stone chamber.
Icy mist floats from your skin.

Across the chamber you see the figure more distinctly, its dressed in a long cloak, seemingly made up of brass, copper and silver metal disks, the form is female, the skin completely white and drawn so tight to her skull it would appear upon the verge of ripping, which indeed it has on her jaw.
Her eyes noir black, the scalp sparsely populated by thin hair.

She looks with interest from the castle window.

"So you are alone, all alone" she rasps, not looking away from the window.
Sensors indicate no living output from her form; the sounds of massed combat come from below.
As she speaks the heat seems to be drawn from your body, almost as if leeching away your life energy.


'You're not wrong.' Otto says to Sting.
'Who are you?' Otto asks with growing fury and impatience. 'Alone?' he stands upright.
'I'm never alone' He says defiantly as he taps his chest.
'What do you want with me?' he asks through gritted teeth.
Who is fighting below mate? Can I see? Spot of 16

The figure slowly turns her head toward you.
"Me?" she rasps
"I am Lady Lida Silaphinna, lady of this domain"
A deep core of menace seems to radiate from this being.

Further frosty vapour floats off you, toward her.

She makes attempt to stop you moving to another window, allowing yourself to orientate from momentary vertigo you realise that you are within a tower or similar building hundreds of feet above the plains below.

A battle rages below, Black Skinned orks clash with pale humanoid figures, the battle is carnage with ichor and dismemberment in every corner, but still the inhuman combatants murder on.

A quick assessment indicates that the orks are attempting to gain the lower reaches of the mountain.

'What do you want with me?’ Otto repeats with menace.
I will attempt to stop her vampiric draining of my energy.
Will of 16

The chill becomes a dull ache in your guts; instinctively you take one of the talismans that Freyan gave to you.
An aura closes over you.

"How Quaint" she breathes "What do I want, oh only to deny you from my enemies"

With that she sweeps past you, the heavy sense of oppressive age leaves the room as she glides down the stairs, from the chamber.

I pay her no heed mate.
I look closely out of the window. Who is attacking and who is defending?
Am I in the real world???

The orks are attacking the pale soldiers.
You are indeed in the real world, things have changed virtually though, you never used to have Sting in your Headware.

Run a diagnostics check, including a GPS check. (Similar check like on a sat-nav)
Computers of 21

Location wise you are smack bang in the middle of Skarathera, in the Taltos Mountains, the GPS marks this as an Extremely Dangerous Area.
Diagnostics indicate that your biomechanics are running at 95%, physically you are cut, bruised, tired to the point of exhaustion and extremely hungry.

<"To answer your question facknuts gobbleshite, Trance is still in the Net, unlike me she's not a fackin program">

Is the year the same?

'Well, we need to get her out facknats!' Otto says.

It is the same year.
<"FACK Trance is a girl, eeeew">

'Even more reason to rescue her then! And what the fack are you doing in me ead?' Otto asks.
'Do these folks mean me arm?'
<"Well when you did all that rubbish with jampin around, a door opened so stepped in and er I am">


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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:50 pm

'No, that's for sure!'
So here I am, in a tower like Rapunzelgan……………… Otto thinks………..
Where are Z and crew?

You begin to go through your meat memory, Zorranson, teeth, throat ripped out, coming for you, shit.
Freyan not sure, when you were in the Dragon-Net you lost track, Tiley you sent him back with the baby, same as Tailor.

You shiver again; slowly turning you see translucent forms floating around the top of the stairs, a quick switch to the mana-viewer in your eye reveals
High levels of entropic energy.
Do I in my academic arsenal have anything I could to change the entropic energy into living/positive energy?
Magic Theory of 23
I like the way you phrase that.
You do have two technology order templates one is Anti-Abnormality Field and the other Obliterate Abnormality, both of these templates can be incorporated into devices that you design or construct.
Try and access the Dragon Net. Computers of 27
The link is difficult, additional Firewalls have been placed on the main nodes via the Sat Links; they've also shut down several Back-Doors.

However you eventually (Several minutes in the prime) break through into what appears like an apartment, in some cyber-city.
Immediately (before you can stop him) Sting shouts "TRANCEY BABY, WHERE THE FACK ARE YOUSE"

The chrome door opens with the orange semi-amorphous form of Trance coming in; you notice a difference in that her once blank face has feminine features.

From Behind you hear

Break the link instantly and evade whatever is behind me.
Computers of 19
nitiative of 23 a crit
You don't so much spin around, but reappear facing the other way.
You have the link connection ready to disconnect.

A metallic blue figure stands before you; its form coalesces into a grey imperial uniform.

"Mr Von Weirdigan, wait, Lord Ivallian has sent me, to help!"

Upon the Prime the ghostly forms edge ever closer, other shadows seem to gather upon the stairs.

Taking in multiple events, you look toward the window.

The battle has intensified; large hulking forms have appeared from gullies in the mountain face, a shiver travels down your reinforced spine, as humanoid figures whose arms extend into huge bat like wings descend onto the battlefield.

Activate the Anti-Abnormality Field

'Who in the wide wide world of sports are you?!' Otto exclaims says to the figure.

<"I'm sergeant Strauss"> replies the metal soldier <"What assistance do you need? I can only help out in the DN">

<"FACK SHIT"> comments Sting helpfully

<’I need you to get this construct to a safe location Sergeant please.> Otto points at Trance.

<If that's ok that is?'>

<"She's a user sir, do mean in the DNZ or outside?">

I will attempt to use the Anti-Abnormality Field around myself; I will ground it into my belt on my clothing.

A series of Arcturian Tech runes flow from your hand merging with the buckle, the field shimmers around you, forcing the shades and shadows to withdraw, hesitantly moving to the stairs or below.

<Trance stands poised, her features now more feminine, her orange form shifting rapidly in agitation>
"Guest" a harsh breath of sound rather than a voice, reaches up the stairs "Come, join us"
Your head pounds, the command, the net, the battle, 'Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!'

Your A-A Field flickers, as mana traces wrap around you; the two energies battle until the mana stops attempting to enshroud you and instead enshrouds both you and the field.
Again a sickening sensation as you appear in a great stone, castle hall, the pale woman stands beside a large crystal orb in which play out the scenes of the battle.
Your enhanced vision allows you to zoom in on the battle, watching as a deathly armoured figure begins battle with the bat-winged figures. The unholy energies clash.

"He is interesting" rasps a voice from just behind you, not giving its bearer the satisfaction you allow it to step around you, unimpressed you look upon a partially decaying man dressed in cavalier finery, tendrils of shadowy, entropic energy reach out from him, the woman and a number of other deathly aristocracy within the room.

This time however the A-A Field wards off these tendrils.

"Yes he possesses a curious magic wrapped in the trappings of science,” replies the woman

"STEAM MAGE" spits another

This decaying female is silenced by a sinister look from the female Lord at the orb "He is something else, something entirely different" she replies looking at you with a hungry look you really don't appreciate.

(Make a Will Save)
Will of 17
'Really? Would you care to elaborate?' Otto asks buying time!!!

The female lord shoots over to you, her power bursting through your A-A Field, however the faithful field remains swirling around her.
You can feel her icy cold grip around your throat, as she attempts to draw your very lifeforce from you, her courtesans’ mill around the two of you with great excitement, with all of your willpower and Arcane Scientific ability you resist.

But for how long!

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:03 pm

'Inside the DNZ soldier, get her to a point where she can jack out of the system to outside' Otto says.
This multitasking is bloody dizzying!!!

"YES SIR" Trance starts to protest, but Strauss sweeps her up in his protection and motion programs, turning he salutes before exiting through a Node.

'Good lad!' I call into the void of the node. 'I want a full report on where she originates from please. And make sure she does jack out!'
'What a helpful bloke!' Otto exclaims.

'YA Shouda fahnd aht who sent him ya prick!!!!' Sting crackles irritatingly in Ottos ear.

'Bugger, you're right!' Otto exclaims again!

'I think I'm losing it here!'
Make a Fort Save
Fortitude save of 16
You feel faint as your life force is drawn from you; the feeling is as if lumps of ice are being dragged through your veins.
Your knees start to buckle, you can see your breath escaping and flowing to her.
Your eyes seem to shine much brighter.

<"OTTO, FACK, SHITE, NO, NO, NO" roars Sting>

The second field opens, then turns a dark grey, flashes of dark blue energy streak through the sphere, she screeches dropping you as she is
hurled backwards, her courtesans mill around in anger but wary of your newly demonstrated power.
She floats back to her feet, her face ravaged by the OA, terrible to behold, without the need of your sensors you can feel the build up of powerful magic.

Bracing yourself, you watch as she turns looking to the centre of the hall, a small plume of smoke rises from the paving stones; the smoke takes form exploding into a cloud of
bats, when they clear a preposterously powerfully built man stands shrouded in black, his hair pure white, his pale face bearing lupine features, his eyes burning flame orange.


"My dear, it is you who have broken the Fell Pact" he turns and looks upon you, currently on all fours trying to draw air into your lungs.
Her power builds once again; as does his, as they square up, other wisps of smoke begin to appear turning into the bat armed creatures, one appearing near you.

"KILL HIM" the Strilou Lord roars, as castle shattering power thunders between the two.

The creature moves within a blur, its pasty grey skinned mouth extending beyond human proportions to reveal a mouth of dagger like fangs.
It swings its foot into your stomach in an attempt to kick you across the hall, the force with which it delivers the blow enough to shatter bone, normal unbound bones that is.
The kick manages only to roll you over, it flies on top of you its claws raking across your face, however the yellowish energy of the A-A Field still stands and glances the blow aside.
It screams a blood-curdling roar of rage its fangs merely inches from your face.

Who is the Strilou Lord?

The vampire.

Draw my pistol and blow the bat that has materialised near me!
Initiative 17
Shot 0f 16

If you felt any fear, you seem somewhat detached, physically very weak.
However oddly you are aware of Sting seeming to be guarding your thoughts, fending the manic vampire off, you draw your gun; stick it in its face and fire.

Reinforce the A-A field, and then start firing off OA blasts from the field. That acts as protection and now an offensive weapon.
Sorcery of 24
How much power do you want to apply to the OA?
Make a Concentration Roll
Concentration of 19

The vampire's head rocks sideways, the right side caving in with the shot, it lashes back attempting to bring its fangs down into your throat.
It completely misses, as the OA activates once again, its scream is drowned out by the whoosh of the OA, as the Strilou is launched across the hall.
The undead gentry battle with the vampires, you roll away in a great deal of pain as a monumental surge of magic passes between the vampire lord and the lady of the castle.

As you struggle to catch your breath, you see a further two vampires dodge the arcane fires and rays to reach you.

I will maneuver myself so only one can attack at a time and they'll be getting in each other’s way.
I will then use my shocking grasp on one; seeing they're both tied up with each other they will both bear the brunt!!!!

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:08 pm

Hauling your way up onto your feet, Arcturian glyphs flash across your metal hand activating the Voltaic Gauntlet.
Before you get the chance, one of the vampires disappears in a cloud of fire and exploding masonry, as the wall adjacent to him ruptures inwards.
The second is floored by the blast, you manage to remain standing, thanking your reinforced limbs for compensating for weak muscle.

Further explosions rip through the wall, turning you see the undead lady seize the advantage a column of flesh coloured energy launches from her hands, ripping through the Strilou's
defences and plucking his heart from his chest, the vampire staggers backward, blood spewing from his mouth as he vanishes in a blast of black thunderous storm energy.

She turns to you; her face thunderous "YOU CAUSED THIS" dust falls with stone and wreckage.
Before she can do anything the rest of the wall collapses a steel gantry smashes through the rubble.
Figures in clockwork mechanical armour rush in, columns of whitish fire dart across the chamber, the remaining vampires are caught in these streams, forcing you to hit the ground.
The few remaining undead courtesans are similarly doused; the roar in the room is deafening machineguns, joining the affray tearing the creatures down.

Only the undead lady stands untouched, white fire, bullets and holy water washing harmlessly off her.

As she begins to retaliate, two huge metal boots, like those of a full plate suit of armour augmented by clockworks stride into your vision.

"Dr Spindle, its so nice to see you once again" says a familiar voice with just a little amount of menace
Looking up you look into the face of Captain Tarlan Haskin.

'I didn't cause fuck all love,' Otto pipes up to Strilou as he acknowledges Haskins presence.
'To be perfectly honest, I don't know what is going on!'
(I really don't mate!)
'Nice boots Haskin, what tailor do you use?'

Haskin sneers at you (It occurs to you that the last time you saw Haskin he died), unlike his men who appear to be dressed in mechanical armour, Haskin seems to be biologically connected
to his mechanical body.

"Never thought you and your worthless companions would prove useful,” he says as he backhands you across the face, the blow easily powerful enough to shatter a mans jaw, instead it splits your lip.
He leans in close "You fuckwits left me for dead" he hisses
"Still you being here finally got the Centrum Council to act against this abominable land"

Haskin is staggered by a horrendous rending of metal and rush of fire behind him, composing yourself you follow his line of sight to where his men had stood, now the Lady stands alone surrounded by smoking embers.

'Well' Ottos says as he wipes the blood off his face and shakes his head to clear it of the buzzing! He glances meaningfully at the bitch queen and then Haskin. 'I'll leave you to it then!'
He then dashes towards the open window and leaps out, casting featherfall!
Sorcery of 26
As you step towards one of the huge holes in the walls, you feel the gathering of power.
"NO" roars the bitch, Haskin is swatted aside as if his 7 foot, 400lb frame is a mere insignificance.

Oddly detached you stare at the enormity of the scene before you, the sky is full of Gothican Imperial Skyships, Dreadnaughts like the ones you first encountered upon arriving so long ago.
The skyships are dropping huge quantities of bombs, which have set the landscape on fire, huge cylinders are also dropped each sprouting legs, and these walkers then proceed to attack the various castles
now visible on distant mountains and hills.

"They've attacked the whole fucking island" you think.

Glancing back you see queen bitch slowly advancing upon you, distracted.

Then you jump.

You fall a massive 10 feet, before landing upon something unseen.

A field distorts granting you visibility of a DE Hull design, a hatch slides open Tilley's face appears, tired but smiling "You certainly know how to put us through our paces"

'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE???!!!!!!' Otto raises his head and shouts his voice into the sky as he picks himself up.
'AM I GOING INSANE!!!!!!!??????'

Otto blacks out!

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:23 pm

You awaken to find yourself lying upon a fold down bunk, various familiar but hi-tech auto-docs perch over you.

Tiley turns "Ah awake, its all going to hell down there"
Beside Tiley sits a human in a black uniform, his insignia bears the emblem of the Celestial Guard.

"You're aboard a stealth ship Otto, once I got back to a safe location I signalled it, this armada turning up to attack Skarathera served as the perfect cover"

'Haskin is up there' Otto croaks and gestures vaguely at the ceiling.
'What has been happening? I'm very confused.' He says weakly, closing his eyes.

An auto-injector manages to penetrate your reinforced epidermis, which floods your system with medicines. And with that your vision fades.
Regaining consciousness you feel better, getting a better bearing you see that you are still on the bunk, ahead of you is the cockpit, multiple images flash on the view screens.
The Gothican armada is all around; the ships pilot AI automatically manoeuvres the ship away from the various Sky Ships.

Making your way slowly to the cockpit you see Tiley turn to you "feeling better?"

You see that the pilot is someone you know, a human called 'Gundadd Nofil' a pilot within the ranks of the Celestial Guardsman, he has a curious ability to use arcane magic along with his piloting abilities.
Yourself and the group rescued him during a problematic episode on a planet called Oncer; you remember the fate of Oncer with much sadness.

"You need to take things slowly Otto" says Gundadd "You've taken a significant amount of soul damage"
Gundadd's eyes glow with a slivery fire, reflected upon which are the scenes of battle.
You can tell that he is using both his technological and magical abilities.

Sitting yourself in one of the rear navigation seats, Tiley explains that you were seized by one of the Liche Lords of the Fell, and that your presence seemed to tip the balance of some form of
pact, and everything went south, clicking a button on his console, he replays the visual sensor scans.
You see yourself upon the breach within the castle walls, as you turn and look back the ship propels itself down to float beneath you and then quickly moves up, the Liche Lady fires upon the ship, her magical power reflecting off its hull, the ship returns fire its cannons ripping through the walls.
As the ship moves to a safe distance, you see within the remnants of the castle, the Liche turn and looks upon something, she glides across and picks it up, to your horror you realise it is
a baby.
You see her hold it above her head as if an offering and then things change, there is a flash of golden light, the baby is gone and standing before her is a blue skinned angel, the Liche seems to laugh and
in one clean movement the angel severs her head, the angel turns, salutes the ship and then vanishes.

"That angel was the baby you rescued Otto, its seems your act inspired it, a test of sorts" says Tiley
"Got him" says Gundadd
"Who" you automatically respond
"Freyan! when I left with the baby I placed trackers on all of you" replies Tiley "we haven't managed to trace Zorranson though"

"Lets go get him" says Tiley

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:27 pm

(Make a Freefall Check and Con Roll)

Freefall of 19
Con of 21

Ordinarily an atmospheric dive wouldn't have even raised your attention, however your current condition dictated otherwise.
You feel the Gs seize your head, as Gundadd shoots the ship into a near vertical diagonal descent pushing 3000 KPH, the descent becomes even more vertical to the point of falling, man you
love Hi-vel piloting.

"4 Hostiles closing on the marker" reports Tiley
Gundadd shifts his attention momentarily; Tiley punches a number of pads that you immediately recognise as weapons systems.
"Remember low yield, if you go ship to ship you'll vapourise the whole area, including Freyan!"

'Anything I can do to help?' I ask Gundadd.

"I knew you couldn't be a backseat driver for long" he replies
A console swings around to you, your eyes light up as a minority report stylee virtual console comes online, and weapon systems appear.
"I need you to remove those hostiles, while Tiley keeps the lock on Freyan!"

'Consider it done!' Otto says as he plugs himself into the console.
Computers of 17

Instantly your vision is filled with targeting circles floating over targets.
The ship a Foxhawk, screams down through the night sky, rain drives past it like spears, lashing into the view screens as you descend.
Your Headware marks the blue form as Freyan either lying prone or crouching, 5 other figures are clambering up the hillside towards him, each marked as red.
Sensory input indicates each stands some 14 to 15 feet tall, as you lock on them; one of them hurls a projectile into the air.
Another launches one at the ship.

"Incoming" says Gundadd quietly, without emotion.

Your sensors indicate that some form of magical power accelerates the projectile.
You have 2 Neutron Cannons (1 to 10D8), 20 HE Missiles (6D10), 10 Point Defence lasers (Not offensive, designed to disable small asteroids, missiles etc) and 4 slug thrower assault cannons (Looks like they've recently been retrofitted), the targeting systems give you a +3 to your gunnery.
Your internal HUD indicates you have 2 seconds to collision/impact!
Use the point defence lasers to take out the magical projectile. Computers of 19 I will create a wall of beam laser bolts (not unlike a minigun or goalkeeper) that cuts a box out of the sky and destroys the missile so to speak.
I will pepper the creatures on the hillside with the slug throwers Computer of 24
And use one HE Missile to hit behind them where the blast radius will not get Freyan but will mess them up!!!!. Computers of 26
The rock enshrouded by purple fire spins away, struck by 4 of the point defence lasers.
The autoguns open up; orange flashes cutting through the downpour Two of the figures collapse under the barrage, the hillside erupts in a circle of fire, which takes out
the ground below the lower giants.

"Wow" exclaims Tiley, momentarily turning your attention, another window opens in your head, and you gain a vision of the battlefield above.
The Fell seem to be fighting back, several of the flaming rocks hurtle into the sky, one smashes through the side of a Gothica Dreadnaught, a larger explosion rips along the area of impact.

Streams of dark sorcery lance into the sky, ripping through several gunboats, a frigate is torn in half.
The counter attack is short lived; a renewed volley from the Dreadnaughts and Frigates turns the positions of the Fell into burning rubble.

At gut wrenching velocity Gundadd brings the Foxhawk to hover a meter off the side of the hill.

Create an umbrella of fire with the defence lasers and the slug throwers around the area of the ship and Freyan so no bad guys can get through.

Another boulder hurtles towards the floating ship, the PDLs blowing enough off it to ensure that rubble strikes the armour.
You get a clearer image of the attackers, some form of giant, however their faces far more bestial, their skin charcoal black and heavily scaled.
You open the autoguns up, one of the nearest that you shot has got up again, a further wall of depleted vanadium covers the area knocking it down.

"Won't be a mo" says Tiley in a particularly Enailis manner, as he dons his armour and hefts his HVSMG, then scrambles out into the gloom.

'Be careful ya prick!!!' Otto croaks, obviously feeling a bit better!

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:31 pm

The vector thrusts create a fan of rain and dust, and sensors monitor the movement.
It is then that you see the fire from a HV weapon and Tiley dancing around avoiding a giant attacker.

I lock on carefully with the slug thrower on the attacker, taking my time to protect Freyan.
Concentration of 18
Gunnery (remember your +3 and spot rolls)
Gunnery of 13
Gundadd swings the Foxhawk around as strong winds tear across the hillside.
You swing the front of the ship into view, but your targeting vectors aren't accurate enough to avoid hitting either Tiley or Freyan.

As you hiss in frustration you see Tiley knocked to the floor by the impact of a near miss, from a giants fist.

'Let me down there Gundadd!' I'll cover their exit!' Otto says as he sets the guns on IFF auto.

Silently he responds, swinging the craft around to give you a vantage point, the auto-doc injects you with a cocktail of adrenal boosters.

"Body Armour" Gundadd says absently, as he redirects the auto cannons "Take the heavy blaster, the storm will cover any discharge"

The craft is bounced sideways by another boulder smashing past the PDLs, Gundadd corrects and brings the Foxhawk level once again.
Make a or Jump or Tumble roll to disembark
Jump of 11
You leap out into the swirling rain, your headware switches to identifying your comrades’ markers.
You see Tiley move away from a large heat source and a transponder chiming, hopefully identifying Freyan.
Make a Ref Save
From out of the swirling cloud of droplets, a huge shape as black as night looms.

Have I sighted Tilley and Freyan?

pot of 18
"Guess who just got back today?
Them wild-eyed boys that had been away
Haven't changed, haven't much to say
But man, I still think them cats are crazy

The boys are back in town
The boys are back in town"

The adrenal boost kicks in, almost subconsciously stepping you sideways, as a huge blackened tree trunk smashes into the rocky surface of the hill.

Staring at the glistening black skinned giant, your headware sweeps, rapid thermo spots signify the tracer fire of Tilley’s HI-VMG, its almost silent fire lost in the maelstrom.

A circular pattern of scanning pulse, signified as a halo of blue lines radiating from your head, three of them hit a green object some 50 meters to your north northeast.

What is the green object to my NNE?

Sensors indicate it to be Freyan
Ref Roll
Ref of 19

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:34 pm

Again you manoeuvre as the great black mass of the tree trunk slams into the hillside, the blow is jarring knocking you backwards.

I will sight up on the giant, and I'll blow its kneecaps off!
Computers of 29
Ranged attack of 19
Concentration of 18
Plus any bonuses for my computer targeting.
Cold computer clarity replaces any degree of pain or fatigue, removing the wall of black rain.

The Hi-VMG silently sends its stream of death through the rain, the area is illuminated by flame orange tracer fire as it impacts with the black giants knees.

Pitch blackness and rain obscure the gorier details, other than that the giants lower legs are sent flying down the hill, the immense torso crashes forwards, in one last ditch effort of brutish vengeance it swings its tree trunk catching you across your left side, you barely acknowledge any degree of pain as the club strikes mostly adamantium.

The area is covered in blood and mud.
7 points of damage
Otto ignores the giant’s enraged and desperate attack and rushes towards Freyan, fearing for his friend’s life.
'TILLEY!!!!!' Otto roars, 'GET BACK TO THE SHIP!!!!'

The wind and rain slashes his face like a cat of nine tails.
Spot of 13; are there any more dangers to hand?
Freyan is curled in a hollow, a faint bluish enchantment flitters across his embryonic form.
Gently pulling him out, you turn to see a huge black figure loom up the hill toward you, then tumbles back, a blast of water spray strikes you as the Foxhawk's cannons pulse,
sweeping the remaining giants off the hillside.

A bedraggled Tiley stumbles over to you, his shouting not distinguishable over the roar of the wind.
The two of you haul Freyan up and carry him to the ship.

Gundadd manoeuvres the ship as you climb aboard.

"We have a hitchhiker,” says Gundadd, his voice emanating from the machine.

Over in the corner sits a filthy, blood streaked figure, his arms curled around his knees.

The ship rotates, avoiding an arcane pulse that races across the landscape.

The ship rockets up into the night sky, as the ship moves out between the Dreadnaughts and then breaks the coastline; you see what appears to be a fleet of ships approaching the island from the north.

But for now all you can think of is closing your eyes with a weariness, coupled with a strong sense of relief that you have never experienced before as the Foxhawk roars to safety away from the continuing bloody battle.

‘It is done’ you think as you drift off into unconsciousness.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:40 pm


The Mechanist Empires Ambassadorial Flagship hung like some opulent floating palace.
It sat suspended by elemental powers above Zorranson’s racetrack.

Below the new steam cars rocketed round at an unheard of pace of 50 mph, clearing the fastest speed of conventional engines by some 25 mph.

Along the sides of the third deck of 6, lay great glass domed, encapsulated balconies.
20 expensive circular tables and chairs were positioned along the promenade, your party of course had to have a longer table, seated beside you was a recovering Adrianna, who had scolded you for fussing her too much.

The blood had been immediately synthesised and incorporated into the ritual, thus freeing her, her recovery had been slow but she had made good progress.

Upon the other side was Ivelliian, accompanied by his wife; in addition to this was Tilley, Zorranson, Tailor and Colonel Gadus.
Dotted around you were some of the most important power brokers in the Empire.

The last month had been a blur, the wretched figure had turned out to be Zorranson, who miraculously had survived, medical checks had confirmed him as completely clean of vampiric taint, Freyan had been in a bad way, despite his physical recovery he had become lost in sorrow, it had turned out that his village had been one of the places assaulted by the Mechanism forces.

So you had returned to the Empire, watched Adrianna recover, care for her and recuperate.

The fleet you had observed, was a large force belonging to the Musuu Empire an Oriental empire, the fleet took up positions off the north coast of Skarathera.
Shortly within the month threats and ultimatums had followed, followed by some land skirmishing upon the island and naval skirmishing on various oceanic routes, the political climate of Gothica had changed dramatically.

Which made sitting watching the steam racing cars hare around the track all the more bizarre, the powerbrokers sat here, conducting themselves as if everything were fine and dandy.

Qesemet System Lord Linnorn, felt the low station of the High Tower the Imperial base of operations for Gothica.
Sat in the great rectangular chamber along a great table, various Imperial Dignitaries associated with Gothica sat, squabbling.

Lord General Aralol, supreme military officer for the system, sat to his left, to elven commanders left was his aid General Thorkell.
Ahead of him on the table were the Continental Governors of Adracia and Musuu, in any ancient world Emperors of immense kingdoms, here important servants of the Dragon Empire.

Servants who were currently squabbling, normally business would be conducted by holo-com, however this situation warranted face to face discussion, after all this was the first time Gothica stood upon the brink of an inter-continental war.

Linnorn stood, he allowed his Draconic presence to extend itself, settling over the table, until the Governors stood their heated discussion and turned.

"It occurs to me that all of you have become too close to your native populations, that upon reflection having gone native you need to be replaced!!!"

Stunned silence greeted him.

"Lord General Aralol, please outline timelines to the Governors!"

A hard faced elf, with two and a half centuries of service within the First Silver Legion, Aralol stood and mentally sequenced the table to come alive with holographic imagery. The images showed the possible conflict erupting.
"The Adracian Mechanist Empire is technologically the more advanced", Aralol looked straight at the Adracian Governor destroying any signs of smugness before it manifest.
"However Musuu are the magically greater, meaning that full military engagement would be bloody and losses on both sides significant!" A further mental command caused a multitude of statistics and tables to manifest in mid-air above the table, in 3D rendering.

"Aside from humanoid loss, the collateral damage is immense, both Empires have the capability to strike at each others heartlands, the Musuu could strike at the Eterran platforms within 72 hours of engagement"

Linnorn once again extended his aura "Just so that nobody is in any doubts as to severity or consequence, we will not allow that to occur, the Third Silver Fleet and Second and Fifth Silver Legions are now in battle readiness"

"Surely that’s a gross over reaction, this is a Colonial conflict, Charter dictates.... "
"The Charter dictates that the Empire protects its finances as well as its colonies, first and foremost, either we deal with this or the Imperial Council does it for us and we have Asamet troops on Gothican soil within the week"
"Gentlemen you have 48 hours to contain and neutralise this situation, before you lose your positions and this becomes a galactic issue!"

Colonel Gadus knew that the situation was now of the utmost seriousness, in being summoned to the High Tower to see the System Lord marked this as a matter of urgency, officers of his rank never encountered the System Lord, his Commanding Officer would be present, as would his and then his.

Gadus was teleported straight from the shuttle office on the outside of the landing bay straight to the High Command Chambers.
His eyes widened slightly as he spied no less than 10 of his counterparts all sitting outside the chambers, the Musuu Capitol Liaison appeared at the chamber doors, hurried past him, a flea definitely in his ear.

"Colonel Gadus" said General Thorkell his COs, CO immediately summoned him, moving immediately to the head of the queue, he stepped in.

"Colonel, you can appreciate the urgency in your summoning" said Linnorn
"My Lord"
"Your analysis of the situation in Centrum City, Colonel" said Lord General Aralol
"Mechanist Capitol government is gearing for war, my Lord, there’s a considerable amount of sabre rattling and ambitious eyes towards territorial gains" replied Gadus

"This situation needs to be contained and stopped Colonel" replied Aralol
Gadus thought for a moment "With all due respect My Lords is that not the authority of the Adracian Governor?"
"Everybody needs to play a part Colonel,” replied Thorkell

Aralol turned to his fellow Lords and COs "This would serve as an ideal time to replace members of the Mechanist Government, who are not condusive to Imperial goals, Lord Ivelliian comes to mind"
"Ivelliian sir?" enquired Thorkell
"The mans loyalties have become partisan, I do not think he can be fully trusted, considering that he is the Minister in charge of the Mines" replied Aralol

"What is your opinion Colonel?" interjected Linnorn
"Sir" replied Gadus not a little surprised
"You liase with Ivelliian and the other Ministers, what do you think?"

"Ahem" Gadus cleared his throat "Some of the ministers will almost certainly attempt to further their own agendas, my personal opinion is that Ivelliian could now be our greatest asset in resolving this situation"
"Nonsense" replied Aralol; the Lord General was silenced by a look from Linnorn
"Go on" replied the System Lord

"I can understand why intelligence would interpret Ivelliian as a partisan, however that’s because Ivelliian is a patriot, he will act for the greater good of Adracia and Gothica, he is also level headed and calm, something that we will need within the government chambers if we seek a peaceful resolution"

The Lords and COs considered this for what seemed to the Colonel to be forever
"Very good Colonel, appraise Lord Ivelliian of our wishes and aims and begin to move the Mechanist Government to a peaceful solution!" Linnorn quietly commanded

A beep came from a console, surely a high priority communication.
A moment later a senior voice came through on the com "High Lord, the Mechanist Order of the Emperors Ariel fleet has just engaged the Musuu Dragon Flock over the Scarp Straits"

"No time like the present Colonel" said Linnorn, but Gadus was already moving for the doors.

Gadus managed to make it to one of the High Towers observation decks; ignoring the officer on watch he ordered the battle over the Scarpa Straits to be put onscreen.

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Re: The Travellers Tales of Otto Von Weirdigan

Post by Otto » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:43 pm

Two armadas drifted almost lazily toward each other, The Mechanist Order of the Emperors Ariel Fleet was made up of the huge swollen Dreadnaughts, Frigates and Gunboats, steam and steel.

The Musuu Dragon Flock, consisted of wooden vessels suspended beneath huge slatted bamboo kites, exquisitely painted upon each kite was a long serpentine dragon.

For what seemed like a long time the two fleets stood facing each other, on the satellite it had the perception of a face off, even though they were slowing moving toward each other.

Then the first shots rang out and the battle accelerated.

The Flock attacked first with a fusillade of multi-coloured rockets screamed across the air, exploding in a display of deadly fireworks, but reflected harmlessly off the iron hulls of the Mechanist Fleet.

The retaliation was awesome, as 6, 8 and 12 pound guns replied, smashing the forward kites into matchwood, as each was torn apart a ghostly dragon seemed to rise from the painting and ascend into the heavens.

Fleet Admiral Tennet-Bowman surveyed the scene.
"These bloody wogs will regret their impertinence,” barked the Admiral, his First Officer Captain Gladstone watched, the viewing pipes a network of telescopic lenses dotted across the Dreadnaughts hull allowed him to take in the immense battle.

The Gunboats and frigates moved into the flock, broadsiding the kites, however the wooden vessels seemed now to repel the fire, despite their inferior armour, only a few were sent to the ocean below.
Further volleys of rockets clouded the sky, exploding against the frigates and a Dreadnaught.
Again nothing happened.

"Ridiculous, do they not realise their weapons are useless against Mechanist Steel" gloated the Admiral
"Sir" said the captain
"Just look at the folly" the Admiral went on
"Sir" repeated the captain "ADMIRAL" roared Gladstone

Tennet-Bowman turned on his subordinate, but his rebuke was cut short, several of the fired upon frigates were spinning out of control, their helmsmen having clearly gone mad.

A volley of orange orbs launched across the sky, crashing into frigates and Dreadnaughts, each airship struck immediately began to drop like a stone, spiralling down to the ocean.

"Torpedoes" roared Captain Gladstone "Telephonist, order the fleet, FILL THE SKY"

A large Musuu Kite dipped low and seemed to drop a shower of glass into the ocean below, immediately the ocean boiled and exploded, an immense geyser rocketed up striking another Dreadnaught, punching through its keel, the ship in the midst of launching its torpedoes bucked, its lower bow torn off by trapped munitions.

"The ministry will not be happy at this development,” stated the First Chaplin for the Maker, aboard the flagships bridge
"Balls" replied the now composed Admiral "Marine, remove the god botherer from my bridge" the priest started but was roughly manhandled through the bulkhead.

Hurricane like winds tore through the fleet, careering some of the lighter gunboats into each other.

Torpedoes tore into the Flock, whatever protection they had against shells didn't fare so well as explosions ripped through them.

"Captain order the fleet to ascend, now!" barked Tennet-Bowman
"Aye sir" the order relayed the Mechanist ships began to power their Air Elemental engines, rising above the Flock.
"Strafe them" again barked the Admiral

The Frigates tore ahead, lines of munitions falling from their bomb bays, kites exploding it a ghastly picture that covered the ocean with a carpet of driftwood and flesh.

In retaliation lightning tore out of cloudless skies, tearing through frigates and puncturing Dreadnaughts.

Both fleets begin to withdraw.

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