Tom Chevron: Space Adventurer

Tales of exploration, trade and killing bad guys throughout the Milky Way
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Tom Chevron: Space Adventurer

Post by Adrift in Obscurity » Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:50 pm

My name is Tom Chevron. My pilot call-sign is 'Scrinsons'.

I found the word in an ancient copy of the Thesaurus Galacticus:

A word used in naval terminology for something you cannot describe or remember the name of, or to fill in a blank in a sentence.

Example: "Sharky could you pass me that scrinson over there"

I think the word suited my purpose well.

I am an adventurer, explorer and a jack of many trades. I style my reason to be in the vein of Marco Polo, Ernest Shackleton and 'Mad Bert' Twonkers.

Its a big old galaxy we inhabit, one hundred thousand light years across with approximately four hundred billion stars, with over one hundred billion planets therein. I wanted to discover some of them. Put it this way, I would have to be a bloody awful explorer if I couldn't find at least a few of them.

So far I have amassed enough money from my current endeavours to finally attempt an epic journey of some twenty five thousand light years to the centre of our galaxy. Where the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A sits, to me seemingly like one of the powerful terrifying god-like denizens described in the ancient texts translated by H. P. Sauce...

The journey is a long one, the potential for death or space madness high with the chances of getting laid, unlikely.

The chances of getting buggered by space pirates? Unfortunately not unheard of. It can get very lonely out there....

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